Canon 1200D: pictures come out green

So basically, I got this camera from my family about a month ago and it has just worked well. Yesterdey now when I went out to take some pictures of twilight, they came out white. Even in automatic mode. Today, I took a few photos also and they came out green. And I don't think that sth wrong with the balance of whites etc bcause these photos look really weird...

Hikari says:
So basically, I got this camera from my family about a month ago and it has just worked well. Yesterdey now when I went out to take some pictures of twilight, they came out white. Even in automatic mode. Today, I took a few photos also and they came out green. And I don't think that sth wrong with the balance of whites etc bcause these photos look really weird...

It could be a white balance issue.  It could be something else entirely.  The only way to know for sure is to go into the menus of the unit and check the settings for the white balance.  You have a copy of the manual?

You can visit the page above to find the support page for your camera.  Simply type the name of the model, T5 of rebels in the area.  The manual also contains instructions on how to find the two locations in menus where you can reset the camera.

For any additional help, I would advise to contact Canon US Support at 1-800-OK-CANON.

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    The application that prints photos in the photo library maintains its own set of settings of the printer, separate from what can be defined elsewhere.  Select a photo, click on print and then click on 'options' in the bottom right.  From there you should be able to select the appropriate paper type and color printing.

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    Office Word 2003 is no longer supported.  File Windows 10 libraries system files and the links that connect dependencies (programs needed by desktop software and printer) changed - 'something' may be missing or damaged.

    Regardless of the new file system Windows 10 and how he 'sees' a Word 2003 document, the question could be attributed to the program from the printer itself - a tiny missing statement which translates not correctly size the image, position, limits.

    One or more of the following could reverberate - results, of course, depend on the cause of the problem (still unknown).  If one of the changes to trigger a file change internal - or how the document and the image are translated by the printing software - while change can help solve the problem.

    Ideas - I hope that these apply to your Word Vintage:

    • If you have not done so, check the spacing of lines on each side of the image - Dragon document mention this (if I remember) provides an example.
    • Copy the image to a new name .jpg file > open the image in Paint (paint real, not 'fresh') > set up as if you are going to print and check the size, boundaries, the parameters.  Why use Paint instead of Picasso?  The painting is Windows.  Picasso is not.  If you want, print the image (although I doubt it will be necessary).  Place (insert) of the 'new' file in your document in place of the original image.
    • Try to temporarily remove the image > save close the document > open and insert the image in place.  If the image is small enough (fits left margins / right), left click on the image and use the arrows "decrease / increase indent ' to drag the image a little to one side or the other.
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    Method 2: If this does not help, you many need to update the display driver and check.

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