Carpet * UJ - 831S DVD-ROM slows down by Satellite M40X 118

the secondary IDE channel is in PIO mode, is this normal (shouldn't too much would it in DMA mode?) and can it be the source of the problem?

When dvd - rom does not work only the computer is slower but usb transfers becomes almost impossible... bytes per minute

On my laptop (primary and secondary) IDE channels is on DMA if available.
It s an auto setting. But I can choose between PIO only and DMA if available.
I guess you should be able to change also.

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  • Driver cd-rw/DVD-ROM looking for a satellite Pro 2100


    I'm looking for the driver for the cd-rw/DVD-ROM
    I installed XP Professional
    I'm enregistred the Toshiba site and download all the drivers I
    can to my laptop
    but I don't have the driver for the cd-rw/DVD-ROM

    Default xp installed this driver
    Toshiba DVD - ROM SD-C2502 V1313
    but just do dvdrom and I can't use the CD - RW
    Could you please help to have the driver
    I downloaded all the drivers for the toshiba support site
    But no nothing no driver for cd-rw/DVD-ROM

    HI Ab,

    There is no special driver for the optical drive of your computer laptop just the drivers Microsoft standard supplied with the XP operating system.

    Make sure you have the "Enable CD writing on this drive" box checked for your optical drive. You can check this by selecting my computer then right click on the optical drive, select properties and then click the recording tab.

    Kind regards

  • Slow down the Satellite A40 - how to set factory settings

    I have a Satellite A40 series and over time it began to slow down. I want to do is go back to its factory settings.

    Everyone there of suggestions on how to get there.

    Thanking you in advance.

    You want to redefine the laptop to factory settings?

    Well, it's very easy why you n t use the Toshiba Recovery CD?
    This CD contains an image of Toshiba, which has been preinstalled on the laptop at the beginning.

    Just boot from the recovery CD and follow the instructions on the screen

    But note; the recovery CD would format the whole HARD drive. So you backup important data first if you need it at a later time.

    Good bye

  • DVD drive does not write - Satellite M40X-175

    Im having a problem with my dvd. I tried to burn my movies, music and my files on a dvdr or cdr, I tried DVD - RW and CD - RW but I do it every time gives error "d:\ is not accessible incorrect function". but when I try to watch a dvd movie or use my music cd, it does not work. He reads. Does this mean that my dvd drive cannot be read and not write?

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    Satellite M40X sounds new enough to have CDs of feature writing. Seems to me a HW question but you can try:
    1 - Clean the blank CD with a cloth dry
    2 - blow to the goal and do not forget that there is no dust
    3. you can uninstall the driver from
    -> Panel-> system-> hardware-> Device Manager-> DVD - RAM-> (right click) properties--> driver uninstall-> restarting your laptop.

    If they do not contribute, you can contact a Toshiba authorized Service partner. You can find the one nearest to

  • Iolo System Mechanic slows down my Satellite C50A-1

    I got a mailing or some kind of alert to Toshiba to try the Iolo System Mechanic tune up tool recently.
    When I installed it, I found it slowed my laptop rather than to speed because of the TSR 3 he was running in the background all the time. I asked Iolo support if I could disable these but they have never provided a solution, so I uninstalled.

    The thing was that my laptop still felt sluggish. So next I wiped my HDD and restored to factory settings, but it feels always sluggish.

    Is it possible to System Mechanic has damaged my hardware somehow?

    I recommend you do backup recovery. With other words, create a recovery (DVD or USB) media. After that, you can use it to completely erase the HARD drive and reinstall the original recovery image.
    Also set default BIOS. After having done that, your machine must be running as for the first day after the first start.

  • Slow down the Satellite C660 - physical memory 93%


    Asked me to replace a screen on my Satellite C660 sons, of whom one.
    After testing the laptop, I noticed that it was incredible slow. I asked him why he was so slow, and he says he was always slow because he bought 10 months ago to Argos (it s her first laptop and it is not very computer savvy)

    In any case, I ran a scam and spyware anti-virus and nothing was found.
    So I decided to do a factory reset (f8) but the problem is still there.
    My other son who lives with me as the same laptop (only difference is a pro) and the difference between then as night and day.

    I noticed that physical memory is always about 93% without anything running in the Task Manager and its fan is constantly every minute or so.

    Suggestions regards D

    What is the exact model number Satellite C660-xxx
    RAM memory how this laptop stand?

    For most system runs slowly because of the high amount of processes that are running in the background.
    It s advisable to check the MSCONFIG Startup tab and disable some really important processes.
    I also recommend cleaning with CCLeaner system and possibly the RAM should be improved if it s too low.

  • SAT S1800-614: need for education for the replacement DVD-Rom


    can someone tell me if there are the replacement instructions on the net for the replacement of the parts for computers laptop toshiba? And where can I find them?

    Or can someone tell me how to replace the DVD - Rom drive in a Satellite S1800-614?

    Thanks in advance,



    I put t think that you find on the Web from Toshiba sites instructions how to fix a laptop or readers. ASP (certified partner) is responsible for the replacement or repair equipment. In this case, you can ask for opinion or statement ASP.

    Good bye

  • Compatible DVD - ROM for Satellite Pro 4320

    Hi guys!

    I want to put in a DVD - ROM drive in my Satellite Pro series 4300 (SP4320) to replace the current cd-rom installed TEAC. I was wondering what dvd - rom readers would be appropriate.

    Would be especially drive DVD TOSHIBA sd-c2302 model and the drive DVD Teac DV - 28F be compatible with my laptop? Sites, I checked that the TEAC seems to be cheaper...

    In any case thanks for any advice!


    Hi Faisal

    I m not, of course, what car models are compatible with your device. In my opinion the best thing you can do is to contact a Service partner and ask for more information.

    Reach - Supports & downloads you will find a list of all the European partners in Service.

    Good bye

  • S1800-814 DVD-ROM replacement

    I would ask you whether it is possible to replace the DVD - ROM drive on my satellite 1800-814. I want to buy a DVD - RW (for example NEc 6500 has), but I'm not sure of the compatibility.

    Thank you


    As much as I know there is no public information about it. In my opinion, you should try to pick up some information of service partners. I'm pretty sure that can give you correct information.

    You can also try with the external solution but the problem is that your camera has just USB 1.1 and data transfer will be very fast.

  • What CD/DVD drive is compatible with Satellite 1400-103


    I've been looking for A replacement Dvd Rom for my Toshiba Satellite 1400-103 and I can't find one.
    Because she was so old so I was wondering if there is some other Dvd Compatible disks that I can buy for my laptop?

    Thank you

    I think this CD/DVD drive could be compatible:

    -Toshiba SD-R2102
    -Matsu * a UJDA720 *.
    -TEAC DW-28TH *.
    -Toshiba SD-C2502 *.
    -TEAC DV-28-B34
    -Hitachi GDR-8081N-ATAB *.

    All readers of this I found in the manual for the Sat 1400-103

    PS: Operating instructions can be downloaded from the Toshiba page too ;)

  • Is it better to slow down the DVD recorder for best results?

    I read somewhere that it is better to slow down your burner DVD 16 x, 2 x or 3 x for best results.

    Isn't anyone agree with this?

    I burned several disks now and had trouble with them. (using less expensive DVD-R discs)

    I also heard that I should use DVD + R.


    I use high quality DVD + R media and burn at a speed included between 2 and 4 X. Didn't have a bad burn in the last 4 years.

    Also in the past a marginal DVD burner (was running out) was also a headache for a short period of time.

    J W Stuart:

  • Carpet * a DVD-Rom [Toshiba Satellite 1950 S902] drive

    Hi all
    My DVD Drive Does not read the DVD + R and therefore does not write on them. I wonder if there is no frameware or something, or maybe my drive supports DVD + R. It supports DVD-R only.

    Thank you...

    Hi Hossam Aldin,

    Sorry, I have to tell you that your DVD burner only supports the following features

    CD-ROM, CD - R 24xMax
    CD - RW 12xMax
    DVD-ROM 8xMax
    DVD - R, DVD - RW 8xMax
    DVD-RAM 2xMax
    To write:
    CD - R 16xMax
    CD - RW 4xMax
    DVD-R 1xMax
    DVD - RW 1xMax
    DVD-RAM 2xMax

    If you could see there is no /AR DVD + R support to read and write!

    Bob77 Bye

  • Carpet * a DVD-ROM UJ841S firmware?

    Poor, DVD support, no new mat * a DVD-ROM UJ841S firmware. All the solutions for this?


    Have you checked the page of the Toshiba driver for the update of the firmware?
    Usually on the Toshiba driver page, you will find the update of the firmware.
    I don't know what phone you use, but in the user manual, you will find information on tested and compatible CDs and DVDs.
    You should try different DVD media. You should also know that not all brands of DVD are compatible with different readers.

  • Games slow down a computer?

    I played Command and Conquer 4 on my computer very old. It can be played, but the graphics are bad and it is very slow. If I continue to play the computer may crash. So I had planned to play on my new computer. But my parents do not allow that. Reasons are

    1. Games can have viruses.
    2. Viruses can hack into my computer and get information, such as bank accounts. (I installed Bitdefender 2010 IPSec)
    3. Games make my computer unreliable and slow.

    Can you check for me if these reasons are true. I know too many games running at the same TIME will be a slow computer. But what happens if my requirements meet the minimum requirements for the games, it slows down the computer? Also, I defrag and cleaning my PC regularly so do not understand that my computer will do to appear slowly over a short period of time (1 year).

    Operating system
    MS Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
    Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P8600 @ 2.40 GHz
    45nm Penryn technology
    4.0 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 399 MHz (5-6-6-18)
    Compal 30F8 (CPU)
    Generic PnP monitor @ 1280 x 800
    NVIDIA GeForce G 105M
    Hard drives
    313GB Hitachi Hitachi peripheral HTS543232L9A300 ATA (IDE) 47 ° C
    Optical drives
    IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

    Hello TechKid.  Feel free to forward this message to your parents *.

    (1) their original CD-ROM or DVD-ROM games will not have the virus.  Back in the olden days where game was on a disk that it was possible that a set of second hand could have been infected, simply because the disks could be written after the fact.  Actually I've ever met.

    (2) a bit, (but still once falsely assume original games of detail will virus), in practice, they are much more wet than that.  Decent anti-malware and ensuring your machine and all the software connected to the internet is updated will solve this problem.

    (3) not true.  While the game is running, they are obviously fewer resources for other things.  But once the game has been closed it will not use all of the system resources.  In regard to making them unreliable, more wrong.

    * It won't do anything, they don't want to play you games on this machine, they will come with any excuse for this purpose.

    Anyway on this system, I think that you should always keep the graphics on their low settings, the graphics card is a budget card, not suitable for games.

    Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Detachment Aldershot, United Kingdom. On the internet Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :) And if a response is useful mark it as such. :)

  • My CD-ROM/DVD-Rom drive & the Bison Webcam built into my laptop. Does not work after I upgraded from Vista home premium to Windows 7 Home premium.

    My readers Optiarc DVD - RW AD-7530 ATA Device DVD/CD-ROM & the Bison Webcam built into my laptop. Does not work after I upgraded from Vista home premium to Windows 7 Home premium.
    Although of course, the CD-ROM drive worked during the upgrade.
    I noticed that when I turn firstly on the laptop, the last two lines of the front entry from Windows 7 are the following.
    PXE - E6i:Media Test Failure, Check Cable
    PXE - MOF: Exit PXE Rom
    During the audit of each Properties in Device Manager devices", I learned that they both work correctly.  In the list in the printers and the @Devices the only Webcam shown is also a "USB 2.0 Camera"
    Can someone help me please?
    Best regards

    Besides what abdelhak says:

    The message of PXE boot that you receive when you start your computer has nothing to do with your CD/DVD-Rom drive. Your computer uses a PXE boot method to attempt to load Windows from a location on your network. Since you do not have this configuration, it is safe to ignore it. If it slows down the startup time of your system, contact your manufacturer and ask them for instructions on how to "disable PXE Network Boot of the BIOS.

    Hope this helps,

    Thank you! Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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