Change the language using the cover of keyboard to excite Pro AT10LE-A-108


I bought a Toshiba * excite pro AT10LE-A-108 / PDA0EE tablet (Android 4.2) *,.
It's Toshiba * UK cover of keyboard (English keyboard) / PA5132E-1EKB *.

I want to change the language by using the keyboard from English into Greek.

The tablet includes Greek for the supported languages, I can write about it in Greek
but I can't change it is + keypad +.

Can someone help me to do?

I assume that you have not configured the settings for the external keyboard.
In Android settings: language and entrance you need to find the option to set up the input method

Downstairs, you will get the option for physical keyboards.
Him that you have to touch the Bluetooth keyboard. Then you should be able to choose the keyboard configuration. Now select the language of the keyboard.

In the new window, you will find the advanced option
Here, you can also choose the layout for external keyboards

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    Then I got a brand new Toshiba excites Pro AT10LE-A-108.
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    I don t think that it is a case of some incorrect settings.
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    I think you have two options for a fix: you can try to get another new AT10LE-A feature from a dealer or you can contact the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country for a fix.

    On Toshiba supports support ASP page, you can find the service partner in your country in the region.

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    [Keyboard Type |]

    Okay, please, I want to downgrade 4.2 JB for this tablet, it's possible?

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    For the keyboard, I had the choice of 3 types:
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    -dot Belgian (or point?)
    -Belgian french
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    However, later in the installation process I was able to test response of the keys on the keyboard with this configuration.
    It was the wrong setting.

    How can I change to "Belgian point" or "Belgian french.
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    It is not very complicated:
    Press the Windows key + C to open your charms... Then select the charm of settings and then click Change PC settings. Click the time and language, and then select the language and region. On the right, select your language, and then click Options. Click Add a keyboard, and then select the keyboard you want in the list.
    This will add your selection to the list of keyboards.
    You can remove a keyboard by clicking on it and click on delete.
    In addition, you can also add several keyboard layouts and switch between them when necessary.

    You can switch between your keyboard layouts by clicking on the language and the keyboard at the bottom right and then select a keyboard layout. Or you can use the 2nd method: on your desktop, you will see your current language in the lower right corner next to the clock. Click on your current language and choose a keyboard layout.

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    You can try ukulele

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    For example, on my old keyboard up/down volume was F1/F2, whereas this keyboard is it mapped to the arrow keys left and right. The function F1 on this new keyboard is a Crescent Moon, which is worrying as it could trigger my dormant Lycanthropy.

    I checked and verified the purchase order, and it confirms that it is of the "we Layout", who must say that my previous keyboard and, therefore, the parameters of this laptop is configured for, was not the layout we. My questions are the following:

    (1) how the divine to the TRUE nature of this new presentation?

    (2) how can I change the settings to account for this revolution of edge nine, bleeding in keyboarding?

    Please check number of RUF of the old & new keyboard.

    You can't remap shortcuts, try using safe mode to check if the problem still persists.

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    and I can't 0163 alt to create a symbol of the book, although it doesn't let me do in this post?  Is there a way I can change the settings of the keyboard in the UK please.

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    UT it does on th

    is the forum see!  It also does in my emails which is hotmail.  Can someone help me please?

    Moderator edit: matched subject to question.

    I do not know if I understand, but you are looking for how to change the keyboard from US to UK in Windows? If this is the case, go into the control panel and the locale. There, you should be able to add any other keyboard layouts or remove them as well as set a default value. Under regional settings, there are other parameters that you can change if you are in the United Kingdom.


  • change the type of keyboard to the administrator account on the other account

    I have a Terminal Company (computer with Windows 7) and two accounts in this regard:
    (1) Director
    (2) user which is very restricted account

    I need to change permanently keyboard by default on the user account, but the language bar is disabled on this account, so I can't finish the process described here: (step 9 for Windows 7 process).

    I have access to the administrator account, but I don't know how to permanently change the keyboard layout default to the user account for the administrator account.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    see you soon,
    Aleksander Kaczor

    If the language bar is disabled then it's because there is a policy setting in your domain that prevents users from switching keyboards.

  • Change the cover Photo in the Photo Albums


    My message all in the apple community.

    New amounted to apple, and my first purchase is an iPhone 7. Loving the camera and he can do with photos.

    How can I change the picture of an album cover that I created...?

    I've read a lot online, but all did not work, so my first stop here.

    Thanks in advance


    Control (right) - click on the photo you want as the key photo and select 'Make the button Photo' in the context menu:

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    After you install a clean install of Windows 7 Professional I can't get resolution, more than 800 x 600.
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    After a reboot, still nothing happens and I can't change the resolution.
    Trying to open the Catalyst Control Center results in nothing: I can't seem to open it.

    I spent hours and hours trying to solve this problem, but need help at the moment.

    See you soon,.


    NB550D-111 has AMD HD graphics card 6250 and the same Satellite C660D (PSC1YE) or Satellite L775D (PSK5PE) then you can try using the display drivers for these laptops.

    I n t have experience with NBs and cannot confirm this will help, but you can try it and send feedback.

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    I know how to change the settings of the printer on my PC, but cannot find out how to change the COPY settings. Help!

    Whenever COPY us what it is, he must adjust to the face 1 copy.

    Hello suepehrand welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I see that you are looking in your copy settings.  I would like to help!

    I recommend to select the option copy on the front panel of the printer and selecting settings.  Under settings, select copy 1:1 (one face, one side original).  Then, scroll through the settings menu to copy and select Save as new default. Who should install the printer to default a back copies.

    Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting operations. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

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    Is there a button right in the Mc Pro touchpad

    How can I change the password in new Mc Pro.


    Is there a button right in the Mc Pro touchpad

    Yes, if you use a Magic Trackpad make your selection as follows

    You might find the gesture of tap two fingers easier to use though, so try it both ways.

  • Cannot change the license OEM keys in XP Pro

    I installed XP Pro on a laptop of Levovo using Lenovo recovery media, no tricks all 100% according to the rules. Now, I want to change the license key of the OEM key to our valid XP Pro volume license key.and get the incorrect product key. We have a handful of laptops that need XP and they get to slow down and want to reload with Lenovo XP.

    You * may * be able to use the product key update tool - it usually works the other way around (from Volume to the retail/OEM), but it can also act the way you want.

    Normally, however, you must install a Volume with Volume media license - especially in WIn XP.

    Also note that a Volume license can only upgrade a valid original OS - Win XP Pro in this case.

Maybe you are looking for

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