changes to document does not print

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A user using Acrobat 9.0 (Standard / Professional etc. unknown but it can be discovered) who received a PDF file as an attachment in an email. When it opens, the changes that have been made by a previous user to the issuance of document in the document. When she goes to print, the preview does not display the changes, and if it is printed out, the changes do not print. This is not the same for all the documents that it receives, some are fine, and the changes appear in the preview and print it correctly). They are all created by the same user and therefore the software. There are 3 other users who receive the email even (they are all cc has had on the same email) and they have all the same symptoms. It is believed that they all use the same version of Acrobat.

Can someone put a suggestion forward as to why some would be OK and others not?

Just to be sure, when printing documents and checking markup?

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    Hello Pamelia

    Which application use? Have you tried to use Wordpad or another application with highlights?

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    Go to control panel (Classic view) - administrative tools - services - double click on print spooler - stop restarting the computer service

    Try it and see if it works

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    I read the user guide. I looked on the web under hp support. I looked through the forums.  Unable to find a response to this recurring problem.   What I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for any response.


    Please try the following configuration, but before that, he must know its IP address and your IP range

    A. get his IP and reassign to a new address

    • Touch a symbol on the printer wireless, the first line is its CURRENT IP address,
    • Note the number, for example (yours may be the same)
    • Assign a new number to it (you can reuse but try a higher number. Keep the first 3 even, increase only the last number)

    Manuel B. assign the new IP address:

    • Tap Settings,
    • Tap the arrow down,
    • Press IP settings and set to manual.
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    • On the line of subnet mask, type
    • Line in the show The default gateway enter the first 3 even as the IP address and the last 1 (IE

    Kind regards.

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    I tried the solutions... ended up sending back. as I had warranty... Buy a new... and already have my refund...

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    Hi alans25325228,

    Try the following: open Adobe Acrobat/Reader navigate to edit-> Preferences menu

    • under Documents, change "Show the documents in PDF/A mode" Never
    • under the (enhanced) protection, clear protected at Startup Mode

    Click OK to confirm the changes.

    Restart Acrobat/Reader, now, try to print the PDF file.

    I would like to know if it works.

    Kind regards


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  • Printer HP Photosmart Injet print not in copy mode? Change cartridges still does not print.

    Trying to make copies of information and impressions empty.  Scanned article on the computer and printed on the same Copier and it printed. light but still printed.


    1 have had any changes made to your computer before this problem?

    2. What is the number of the printer model?

    3. is your printer connected to a network?

    4. what operating system do you use?

    I suggest you try the methods mentioned below and check if it helps:

    Method 1:

    Open the printer Troubleshooter

    Method 2:

    Printer in Windows problems

    You can download the drivers from the HP Web site at the following address.

    It will be useful.

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    I ask you to print from the printer itself by using the memory card.

  • HP Deskjet 3050: deskjet 3050 does not print the JPG files in color - all other documents are printed only in black and white

    Dear all,

    I have a problem with my Printer 3050 Deskjet. (USB connected with my laptop).

    My printer does not print documents colors in color, but only in black and white (with the exception of JPGs (photographs) which are printed in color.

    Word or PDF documents (for example) are always printed in black and white - even if they are in color.

    Copy of pages in color on my printer is not a problem.

    This works perfectly well. The printer is connected to my PC via USB.

    Cartridges (color and black and white) are practically new and original HP cartridges.

    Could the problem be associated I could have changed by accident print settings.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.


    Hi Cheticamp,

    In controlling panrl → devices and printers.
    Right-click on the printer and select Printing Preferences.
    Cot the Advanced button and make sure that grayscale printing is set as stop and confirm.

    From within Word, click file > print and click settings.
    You will see the screen Lady printing preferences.
    Press Advanced Options and check the optio grayscale is set as off for Word as well.

    Hope that helps,

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    There is a document about the lack of color of the issues on the printer Deskjet 710C that can be found here.

    I hope this helps!

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    Hi DirkjeAbma,

    1. When did you start to question?

    2. you remember to make changes to the computer before this problem?

    3 color printing fails all printing applications?

    You can see the following HP support article and check if it helps to solve the problem:

    HP Color LaserJet CP2020 printer - image quality problems

    You can also read the following article and check:

    How can I check my ink or toner levels?

    Hope this information is useful.

  • HP printer does not print the document I try to print, it prints something else.

    Original title: problem in printing a doc.

    Whenever I print a document from my HP printer it does not print the data of the actual document but it prints the file information
    For example,.
    I have printed a document named as G-Life, I wrote a letter to the company in but print the following things in the doc
    File name: G-Life
    Directory: C:\Users\kartik\documents
    Model: C:\kartik\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Normal.dotm
    Author: kitenge
    Creation date: 28/05/2013 12:53
    Change number: 3
    Last saved on: 28/05/2013-16:45
    Last saved by: kitenge
    Total editing time: 25Minutes
    from the last full print
    Number of Pages: 1
    Number of words: 65 (approx.)
    Number of characters: 373 (approx.)
    These got printed on my printer, while the actual document is something else.
    If anyone can help me to get rid of it, I'll be very grateful.
    Thank you

    You don't mention the Word version

    In Word 2010, for this doc, file > Options > display

    Highlight print options

    Uncheck "print doc properties.

    If it occurs for all documents, with Word closed, locate and remove the normal.dotm template, it will be re-created the next time that you start Word

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    If you are able to print from other programs without any problems. Then we can reduce it down to the site you are using.

    Are you able to download and save the document or statement on your computer and then try and print it?

    I suggest to check on the website of the Bank and see if they have a troubleshooting section that might offer assistance.

    Thanks again,

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    Thank you!!! Great help!

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