Changing name trouble

I just bought a used laptop and want to change the user name. I created a new user and spent by the name change to the procedures of the computer without success to remove the old name. Also, I can not get the high status and is also experiencing the following issues, "Activex/comissue HKCR\SkyDriveClient.SkyDriveClient. KC is the name that was on the computer when I got it. Help please.


With a used PC, your best bet is to do a factory restore. It is risky to use the machine in its current state. He might have more viruses that a dog has fleas, and if your friends get emails with infected attachments so your popularity will be a dip suddenly. Worse, if the computer has been hacked or if the previous owner installed a key logger then you can expect interesting things in E-banking.

See the manufacturer's web page for detailed instructions for the factory restore.

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    Thank you for using the HP forum.

    1. Firstly, you must ensure that you have your software FULL of features installed.

    2. open the HP printer Assistant

    3. go to scan a Document

    4. go into 'advanced settings '.

    6. go to 'File' (or Destination)

    There should be an option to change the generic name.

    Hope that helps!

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    Ask want you many to contact adobe for more information support:

    Contact the customer service

    * Be sure to stay connected with your Adobe ID before accessing the link above *.

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    I Inline a photo but apparently dropbox is prohibited...

    When you create a Microsoft account using this e-mail address as [email protected], you automatically get assigned a Skype name like on-line: unnom. You cannot use Skype as your login ID name and you cannot change it. The only one you can change is your full name, which is your first and last name.

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    You can change the name of the House from any application that you have downloaded to control your HomeKit compatible devices.

    This peripheral HomeKit or applications that you have installed. I can help you if you let me know what applications you use.

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    What is a podcast that you post?

    What is the site for your podcast and what is the iTunes page?

  • Change name on iPad (iCloud account)

    I'm trying to figure out how to change my name on the account on the iPad iCloud.  It is true, when I go into "manage Apple ID" online.  I got divorced 4 years ago.  On the iPad, it shows the old family name.  I changed the name to address email correctly, but the account itself still shows the old name.

    On the iPad, I clicked on 'settings', then in iCloud.  I click on my name and see the options to change.  See the photo below.  When I click on "contact information", there is no option to change the name.  Where and how can I do this?

    When you change the data on your Apple ID, you may need to log out and then log in again on each device. Last year, I changed the information on mine and it worked, but the process is annoying if you use several services (such as iCloud, iMessage, iTunes, etc.) because you need to disconnect from each of them individually.

  • Recently unable to change names of files Windows XP

    For two months each time I try to rename a file such as a photo or a document to make them personal or memorable, I get the warning message:
    "If you change a file name extension may become unusable.
    And believe me, it does!
    I never had this problem before.
    Help, please!

    OK, it's because you're unintentionally also change the file extension. Go to Folder Options, as I have said and check "Hide extensions of known file types". Click OK and you will not see the behavior.

  • How to change name of registered owners on the splash screen in Visual Studio 2010 using Vista

    I recently bought VS 2010 Professional upgrade version (see VB2010 Express loaded onto PC, I had). On the VS2010 splash screen, it says recorded in: Don. All I want to do is display my full name. I managed to change my name to my name and surname on the screen about but nothing that I tried to change the splash screen... Any help would be greatly appreciated


    I suggest you to send your request from the link and check.

  • Changing names of ACS group

    I work at a customer site that is running a fairly recent version of ACS.  They have a few old group under network names that they want to change than their more valid descriptions.  Is it possible to change the names of ACS network device group?  How do you change just "group names".

    Thank you


    Hey Kevin,

    It seems that you may have about ACS 4.x. IF this is the case, then Yes, we can change the name NDG.

    Editing a group of network devices

    To change a NDG, you must first access the NDG. To do this, click the name of the NDG in the table of groups of network devices. Click change properties at the bottom of the page.

    To change the individual aaa client we remove and it readd.

    Kind regards

    ~ JG

    Note the useful messages

  • Changing names

    So I try to change the names of things on my laptop. When I got the laptop I used what was my legal name to be nice in front of my uncle who bought it for me. I'm going by a different name. The computer is called so, it's the tag of the author and all, but sometimes, when I try to save or open a file it always says users/old name or something like the location. I changed the name of the account, the name of the computer, that I can find but cannot understand this. I have to make a new account and remove it or something? And if I have to do, is it possible to copy files, programs and so on?

    Take a look at this link.

    I hope this helps.

  • changed name of computer on the network, but an old still appears

    My computer on the network was named with an employee of the previous.  I went and changed my computer name, how ever the old computer name is also still on our network.  I can not connect, so I know that it does not work and my new named a.  But how can I remove the old named computer, so it does not appear on our network.

    It will disappear in a short time.

  • How to change name (label) text dynamically in oracle forms

    My requirement is, I want to change the name of text dynamically in the form of oracle. How can do us?  (Not the label of the button (or) box... Looking for a title of text element...)

    Dear Sir

    You cannot change the properties of TEXT elements. Instead, you can use the TEXT_ITEM guests to display the legend.


  • Change name of 12 c earpiece Windows Service - OracleOraDb12cTNSListener

    Hi, I work with Oracle on Windows 64-bit (2008/2012).

    I need to have a different name of the Windows service for the listener to the DB. NETCA creates the service windows with the default name "OracleOraDb12cTNSListener".

    I know that I can change the display name of the service in the windows registry in the DisplayName subkey. But, I have to create this different name when creating listener netca.  I looked at netca.rsp, but did not find an option to set the display name of the windows service.

    Does anyone know the setting/set option so that netca will create the windows service of listening with a display name by default?

    Thank you.

    Thank you all. I found my answer.  The name of the windows listener service is based on the environment variable 'ORACLE_HOME_NAME '.  This allows us to name the listening service, as desired.

    The development team wants to leave the disabled listener and creating the new headset with a different name for purposes of restoration.  All this is packaged in an auto-install process.

    Thanks for all the comments.

  • change name short name FQDN

    How can I change the NAME of my host name RUNS to his FQDM.

    $short = disney


    $FQDN =

    Thank you

    Have you tried with the Set-VMHostNetwork cmdlet?

    Something like

    Get-VMHost MyESx | Get-VMHostNetwork | Set-VMHostNetwork -DomainName ""

Maybe you are looking for

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