Collect data from specific frequency of the power spectrum


I want to know how to collect data from specific frequency of power spectrum file. I'm trying to separate data from specific frequency of the original file.

This will depend on much how your data is stored. You will need a way to read the file in LabVIEW and then a way to identify the data you want. I often record data in a .csv file, then I use "Reading worksheet" to get the data in a table. Then, you can simply use 'Index Array' to get the datapoints you need.

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  • Get the value of the frequency of the power spectrum

    I'm rather new to LabView and want to measure the frequency of the peak in a spectrum of power of a real signal. In addition, I want this value of frequency and amplitude to save to a file. Right now I am able to trace a spectrum of power using an express VI, which gives me the correct frequency value in the graph.

    However, I'm not able to extract the value of the frequency with different screws, I found in LabView after browsing through the various discussions in this forum. Can someone tell me please in the right direction? I use a digitizer NI PXI-5124 to record the signal in a rack of NOR.

    If it is the dominant frequency you are looking for you can use the vi extracted a single signal. You can also change this vi to include the details of the search if it isn't the dominant frequency, I have not included it in my example, but you can check it in the help file.


  • My verse ATT modem (non apple devices to use this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs Time Capsule use) via ethernet Uverse.) Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    My verse ATT modem ({use of devices not apple wifi of this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs use the wifi of the time Capsule) and connect to the Uverse modem via ethernet.)

    Both devices are set to the highest security and each uses separate passwords.

    Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    With a bit of work by someone who knows how to do such things, not Apple computers could read some files on the Mac if file sharing is configured on the network... devices non-Apple and... He knew the device passwords or administrator for Macs.

    Mac could also play the files on other Macs if file sharing has been implemented and the device password or admin was known.

    If you ask if a PC can read the files on the Time Capsule, the answer is Yes, without doubt, assuming that the PC knew the password of device for the time Capsule.

  • Strange behavior when using Labview to collect data from Tektronix oscilloscope tds8200

    I hit a wall in trying to understand this one. The problem I have is that my application will not start the oscilloscope when it should.

    I use an oscilloscope Tektronix TDS8200. My goal is to collect data from the oscilloscope using Labview waveform. First of all, my program initializes and configures the oscilloscope; This part of the program works very well.

    The second part of the program begins the acquisition of data with the function 'Tktds8k Start or Stop', which is to press the button run on the scope. The function "tktds8k to" is used and should ideally return data, which I connected to a waveform playback graph.

    When I run my program, the first part runs without a problem, but as soon as the program comes to the service get the waveform, the run button in the scope, which is green when running, turns off; the program then expires, and no data is collected.

    Here is where it gets weird. I went through the debugging to try to understand this point, and I put breakpoints on the beginning and get shape wave functions so that I could scroll through the last part of the program. The program continues with the departure function, and the button run in scope is green. The breakpoint for the function get the waveform is reached and when I press on continue, turns the Run button and turns it off then back on almost immediately. data are collected, the waveform graph appears and the program ends without error.

    I thought that the timetable could be the problem, so I did the program wait as long as five seconds between the functions of start and get the waveform and that did not work. I also tried to move the start function to before the configuration functions and remove start completely; no method worked.

    is there any ideas on why, the program works when I enabled breakpoints and isn't when breakpoints are disabled? I'm sure there is an easy solution, but I was not able to find a solution.

    I have attached a pdf that contains information about the functions of the Oscilloscope (tktds8k.pdf), and I have also attached my program.

  • Can hyperic agents collect metrics from a server where the 'root' FS went to ' read-only '?


    Can agent hyperic able to collect measures from a server where the 'root' FS went to ' read-only '?

    IE will be hyperic monitoring work if 'root' FS managed server went to fashion 'read only '?

    Thank you

    The agent record metric data in the local server in the data directory.

    These data will be sent to the Hyperic server.

    As a result, the agent must write permissions on local storage.

  • the analysis of data from a legacy in the form of bytes bluetooth

    Hi, Iam execution of java for MYGlucoHealth code monitor. I have to catch the bluetooth through my application data and analyze format. (later I store in the SQLite database). But according to the specification of the Protocol had, I do not understand how to read and analyze. I know how to pair the device to my request. But I do not know how to parse the bytes of data according to the Protocol of the device specification.

    Can someone tell me how to do this. All done with this kind of coding?

    Thnaks in advance,


    Published by: 798686 on November 2, 2010 02:38

    798686 wrote:
    Ok.. Thank you

    Tips for the facilitator: don't double post. I've locked the new thread.
    the analysis of data from a legacy in the form of bytes bluetooth
    Please continue here.


  • Import data from a spreadsheet on the web to the Numbers worksheet

    How can I import data from a spreadsheet on the net in a Numbers spreadsheet, keeping its original format? It is not a problem when you use Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheet and had no problem when I was with Appleworks6. When I try in number, however, the data which is along a line on the original worksheet comes to the bottom of the left column, which is completely useless.

    copy the line then pasted in numbers (command C and V command) has always worked well.

    The line of values must be copied from a continuous row of cells.

    If you provide a link to a spreadsheet, I can test it on my machine.

  • 'power' and 'size' in the power spectrum?

    When I choose "power at the stage of the power spectrum, numbers in my data were negative. I don't understand why. What is the difference between "power" and "ten factor"?

    And what are the "dB" and "linear" in the average of actual size selection? "DB" means the following equation? Vnorm = 20 * log10 (Vnorm)? 'Linear' means greatness?

    Thank you very much!

  • Unit of the y-axis of the power spectrum


    I am acquisition of acceleration of an IEPE accelerometer. Units of the axis y of the signal in the time domain are in (g). The signal in the time domain is then injected into the Spectral VI Express measures to obtain the power spectrum of the signal. In the Spectral Measurements Express VI, I put the results of linear and the window (Hanning). My very basic question is: what will be the units of the axis y with the linear option power spectrum and how can convert their return to unit (g). If you provide an example of calculation that would be very appreicated. One of my simple code is attached.


    Unit Conversion VI spectrum lie in LabVIEW palettes: functions > Signal Processing > spectrum analysis

  • How can I change [frequency] on the audio spectrum?

    How can I change [frequency] on the audio spectrum? I really need an easy way to solve this problem

    After Effects has a very limited set of audio tools. Your only option to change the Equalization inside AE is to apply one of the equalizer and then before dialing the audio track that you use to the reader of the Audio spectrum. It's a little awkward, but it keeps all the controls inside the AE and keep them editable.

    Personally, if I want to isolate the frequencies I always use the hearing to create an audio layer duplicate that has been optimized for the effect that I need to generate audio.

  • We get an error when I try to collect data from vCenter Server. But the Collection of Cluster works!


    I m getting a strange errormessage when he tries to load my vCenter Server inventory.

    I have configured my vCenter Server as the endpoint server and I was able to load the Clusters. When I klick collection of data in a Cluster (Cluster of EQL 1) I can load all the data and the State is 'successful', but when I try to load the inventory FRO the vCenter Server (to get the models) im getting this error message:

    The treatment [inventory], error details error: illegal managed object reference type, folder.

    The same schows Agent logs:

    [26.08.2014 16:48:16] [Info]: start: treatment Workitem ID [2e38598e-4385-4b2d-bc88-fd2b773d1f98] [inventory]

    [26.08.2014 16:48:16] [Debug]: [[inventory]] [inventory] VirtualMachine.Admin.Hostname = vCenter

    [26.08.2014 16:48:16] [Debug]: [[inventory]] VirtualMachine.Admin.ParentIdentity = [inventory]

    [26.08.2014 16:48:16] [Debug]: [[inventory]] [inventory] VirtualMachine.ManagementEndpoint.Name = vCenter

    [26.08.2014 16:48:16] [Debug]: [[inventory]] VirtualMachine.ManagementEndpoint.Identity = [inventory]

    [26.08.2014 16:48:16] [Debug]: [[inventory]] [inventory] VirtualMachine.ManagementEndpoint.Endpoint0 = vCenter

    [26.08.2014 16:48:16] [Debug]: [[inventory]] [inventory] VirtualMachine.Admin.Name = inventory

    [26.08.2014 16:48:16] [Error]: <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-16"? >

    < Boolean > false < / Boolean >

    Error parsing [inventory], details of the error:

    System.ArgumentException: Illegal managed object reference type, folder.

    at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereGetHostsRequest.ExecuteImpl)

    at DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereHypervisorServiceProvider.GetHosts (ManagementEndpoint managementEndpoint)

    to DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.Collector'3.get_Hosts)

    to DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.Collector'3.CollectManagementEndpoints)

    to DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.CollectInventory'3.Collect)

    to DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.BaseHypervisorAgent'3.EnumerateHypervisorResources (collector collector 3, WorkItem workItem, PropertyBagHelper propertyBagHelper)

    to DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.BaseHypervisorAgent'3.ProcessWorkitem (WorkItem workItem, task of the chain, PropertyBagHelper propertyBag)

    to DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.vSphere.VSphereAgentService.ProcessWorkitem (WorkItem workItem, task of the chain, PropertyBagHelper propertyBag)

    to DynamicOps.Vrm.Agent.BaseAgent.ProcessWorkitem (WorkItem workItem)

    I hope that someone had an idea, im out of ideas.

    THX Steven

    There is no data for the endpoint collection... And I'm not entirely sure of how you added the vCenter object it... y at - it a calculation object named "vCenter? To answer your specific questions about the models, however, they must be stored on a cluster that is part of the tissue group for data collection to pick them up... They are not considered as a global entity (as a resource calculation). Add models to one of the clusters and then to collect data on it, and you should be fine.

  • B2B is collecting data from the IP_IN_QUEUE

    We have 810 process dating to the doc revision number 5010. Although we pass all required header required by B2B settings, then too is not the collection of data from the IP_IN_QUEUE.
    The data is generated from Oracle Apps and passed to SOA that sends data in this B2B Queue.FRom this queue server B2B should choose the data automatically and treat, but this isn't the case.
    We are too ignorant as any error in the logs of B2B.
    Please share your ideas.


    Hi Mary,

    then too is not the collection of data from the IP_IN_QUEUE

    B2B selects data from IP_OUT_QUEUE. Please configure consequence. IP_IN_QUEUE is for incoming messages.

    Kind regards

  • How to increase frequency resolution in the power spectrum?


    I work on the analysis of data GET vi, and manage mucho when it comes to display a simple power spectrum which gives a precise simulation of sine wave frequency I use now.  Most of the brain waves are between 1 to 50 Hz, and so I try to get a resolution of at least 1 Hz frequency.  However, no matter what I do (increase the sampling frequency, use different sub vi and blocks), the chart plot only in frequency of 10 Hz increments.  I know this must be a simple problem, but I can not find good documentation on this and would appreciate any advice anyone could give on this problem.  I'm racking my brain here!


    You need to acquire a second data to get the 1 Hz resolution.  The increase in sampling rate only increases the bandwidth that covers the FFT.

    Frequency resolution = 1/sampling

    Scale of frequency rate of sampling/2 =

    For your application, you will need to have a sample of at least 100 Hz rate.  At this rate, you must purchase 100 samples to get the 1 Hz resolution.  At the 1 kHz sampling rate, you will need to acquire 1000 points for the 1 Hz resolution.

  • Collect data through HTML form using the Web content viewer?

    I have a folio that is perceived through the content viewer Adobe, built with Digital Publishing Suite. I have a registration form where I'll need to collect responses from people and their contact information. I have a HTML file that I placed in InDesign, and rail shape. But how can we content submitted through sending form through my email? I need a PHP file as well?

    If you create a form, for example, with action = "mailto:[email protected]" method = "POST" all elements inside the form entry will be enters the body of the message.

    However, the disadvantage is that the user will have its own program by default mail which will open (focus) web viewer and try to send the mail + which is more annoying, is that data are in the post office, so that you can not use automatically.

    a form to a php file action would be something more useful (and would also be an approach I would do).

  • With the help of the socket object to retrieve data from web application without the html files

    I tried to use the socket object to retrieve data from a web application (I just control script version vs version online). So all I want to do is access that returns me the current version of the application (such as a simple string) in order to compare it in my script and then notifies the user accordingly. I have just a few problems using the socket object. I used this code from the Adobe Javascript Tools Guide:

    reply = "";
    conn = new Socket;
    // access Adobe’s home page
    if ( ("")) {
    // send a HTTP GET request
    conn.write ("GET /index.html HTTP/1.0\n\n");
    // and read the server’s reply
    reply =;

    ... that I then adapted as:

    reply = "";
    conn = new Socket;
    if ( ("")) {
      conn.write ("GET /version HTTP/1.0\n\n");
      reply =; 

    And here is what I get:

    HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
    Content-Length: 225
    Content-Type: text/html
    Server: Pagodabox-Routing-Mesh

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

    Résultat : true

    I don't know a lot about HTTP requests, but I wondered if it was related to the fact that I am not pointing to a specific HTML file and the type of request was wrong or if I should rather check if there is something wrong with my host?

    The site/app is PHP and is hosted on PagodaBox if it helps.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Sebastien Lavoie,

    It should work

    var HTTPFile = function (url, port) {}

    If (arguments.length == 1) {}

    URL = arguments [0];

    port = 80;


    This.url = url;

    This.port = port;

    this.httpPrefix = this.url.match(/http:\/\//);

    This.Domain = this.httpPrefix is nothing? This.URL.Split("/") [0] + ":" + this.port: this .url .split ("/") [2] +":" + this.port;

    This.Call = ' GET ' + (this.httpPrefix == null? ' "). " http://" (+ this.url: this.url) + "HTTP/1.0\r\nHost: ' + (this.httpPrefix is nothing? "This.URL.Split("/ ") [0]: this .url .split (" / ") [2]) +" \r\nConnection: close\r\n\r\n ";

    This.Reply = new String();

    This.Conn = new Socket();

    This.Conn.Encoding = "binary";

    HTTPFile.prototype.getFile = {function (f)}

    var typeMatch = this.url.match(/(\.) (\w{3,4}\b)/g);

    If ( (this.domain, "binary")) {}

    This.Conn.Write (this.) Call);

    This.Reply = (9999999999);

    This.Conn.Close ();

    } else {}

    This.Reply = "";


    (Return this.reply.substr(this.reply.indexOf("\r\n\r\n")+4);



    Hyle var = new HTTPFile ("");

    Alert (hyle. GetFile());

    And by the way, I like the idea of ''. Can you give me your email address, I want to learn more about this Web site.

    Please send me an email to [email protected]

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