COM/ActiveX by default or non-specific interface

Let's say I have a non-Visual activex control that implements 2 interfaces: IStuffInterface and IStuffInterface2.

IStuffInterface2 derives from IStuffInterface and adds a little more functions.

+ - Property2a
+ - Property2b
+ - Method2a
+ - IStuffInterface
+- + Property1a
+- + Property1b
+- + Property1c

In applications VC ++ I can usually try an IStuffInterface2 query and use it. If this is NOT available, I can do plan-B and try to mark for older, IStuffInterface and IStuffInterface2 to disable the related application functions. Even simpler, if the VC application ++ doesn't require something IStuffInterface2 I know that there will be held will be of all versions of the control.

How do you do this in LabVIEW? So far, of what I learned about LV if you put a control or an activex on a panel refnum is somehow BINDED to a specific type library and the interface. He seems to want to say that if I create a LV application with the version of the most up-to-date activex control, the LV application does not work on a system with an earlier version (even if technically the old control can fill in the application control contract). Even if I don't do the application of LV uses only the methods and properties of the original IStuffInterface it seems unable to use the old interface if a more recent version, there is one on the system.

How to make sure that an existing LabVIEW application will run with what version of the control is present on the system?

What LabVIEW unconditionally with default COM interface?

You can choose a particular interface programmatically? Then how configure you the pre-wired VI as the type information are unknown?

Thank you


Tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe that what you're looking for is cast... you can find a lot of information about it searching around the forums and knowledge bases, but these will probably help:

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    This seems to be a problem when you build a new exe. If you use the included UI (Full Featured) in TestStand it appears correctly.

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    Note that the manifest file must have the same name as your executable file LabVIEW UI. For example, if you name your user interface, "MyCustomTSUI.exe", you will need to name the manifest file 'MyCustomTSUI.exe.manifest '.

    Please let me know if this solves your problem or if you have other questions. Thank you!

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    I am currently editing the user supplied with Teststand 2013 Simple interface in order to access the global variables of the station through LabVIEW.  A simple test, I'm trying to access the value of username.  When I run the VI for the first time after the opening of LabVIEW, I get no error message and the program works as required.  Stop the running VI will return no error, but when I try to run the VI and rerun the Teststand, stalls the execution sequence and I get a wait status.  I then have to close running VI by killing all threads in Teststand, I think that the PropertyObjects do not come out properly and I find the structure of the event quite confusing to deal with.

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    Doug is correct if you open references in a loop, you should also be closing them in the loop. For example, this code open a reference to the engine and the Globals PropertyObject. Two of these references must be closed each time that the loop is executed with the current code.

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    Hope this helps and let us know if you have other questions about this!

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    will it work for you (as just the screen between 851 and 1051 change)

    Best regards

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    As it is right now that you will not use the same interface you have road to terminate remote access unless you know their IP addresses by default.

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    -ID help


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    This is an open forum, Adobe support... you need Adobe personnel to help

    Adobe contact information -

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