Comparing 2 jpeg using Labwindows

Hi guys,.

Is there a way to compare 2 JPG files and determine if tey are different?


Hello again,

I looked into this again this morning.  If you open the help of LabWindows CVI and search for "jpg". You get a handful of results.  You will want to click on the article titled, "with the help of Bitmap objects.  The Bitmap is a two-dimensional pixel grid that represents an image and a bitmap can be created in multiple types of images (including the .jgp).  You want to create a bitmap for each file .jpg and trace through each value in the grid programmatically, subtracting each value of its corresponding value bitmap and store the result in a new array of result.  Then just check the new bitmap that stores the result of the subtraction for values not null determine if files match and to what extent.

Try that and let me know how it goes!

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    Hi people,

    I have an IP camera and I need to take two pictures and compare them, and then my program must return if there is something different about the image. Taking pictures is not a problem, using an activex with the library of camera control I can use a function that writes a JPEG disc. The real problem is to compare these images. I tried to hide them, but given that the sensor is a CMOS, there is a lot of noise, and even if I take two pictures without moving anything, when I subtracted the pictures it's not not empty (black). Then I tried to use Vision Assistent or the gold model, but I could not use them because of two problems:

    -first of all, most of the functions on Vision Assistent can only deal with 8-bit binary images. Does anyone knows how to convert a JPEG in this format?

    -Second, when I tried to open images to use the functions of the IMAQ on my own vi, I used the image.ctl IMAQ and typed the path to images and linked to service them, but whenever I run thid kind of VI, it returns an error indicating that the file is not an image.

    If you know how to solve one of these questions, or if you think of another method to compare the jpeg, please let me know!

    Kind regards


    Hello. Here is the solution. Simply define a level of similarity (for example 1%) and use this VI. Take care.

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    I have a vector Network Analyzer Keysight Technologies / Agilent Technologies N5230A. I want to run it with the LabWindows/CVI and measure channel 40 GHz. I want to interface the AVI with the PC using LabWindows/CVI. It is really essential to me, and I have no experience in doing these things. Would you please direct me to the track better, easy and correct these work? I'm really conscious of the fact that and thank you for your time and concern.


  • compare two PDFs using acrobat to adobe via command line

    Does anyone know how to compare two PDFs using acrobat to adobe via command line. I want to do this via command line, because we want to compare hundreds of files each day through some automated tasks in windows.

    If the command line option is not available in acrobat format, then it is possible to use acrobat javascript API to perform this task?

    Any kind of help will be greatly.

    Command line: not possible.

    JavaScript: Possible, but very limited. Basically, the only thing you can do is simulate the clicking Compare Documents. The rest must be done manually.

    However, it * might * be possible to automate this process a bit more using a plugin. Ask for more at the Acrobat SDK forum for more information...

  • Pink and green lines when jpeg used in iMovie

    Hi all

    I have a strange problem that I can't find an answer to the internet. Whenever I used a file jpeg or png as a background or a picture in picture during a movie, to export the movie space where was the image file is replaced by a series of pink and green "buzzing" or flicking of horizontal lines. I just made that I have updated to the latest version of El Capitan and iMovie (10.1.1). An example of a jpeg file used as background and what looks like the export is attached. It looks good in the iMovie preview.

    Here I use the green screen feature, and it was a video test with just a microphone stand, move around.

    Thanks for any help!

    This type of problem has been tested with iMovie 11 running on El Capitan, but not with iMovie 10.1.1. You said that you went to 10.1.1 and are still seeing this problem. Try to create a new library and new project and see if you can reproduce the problem. Maybe your library 11 iMovie did not upgraded to 10.1.1 correctly.

  • Is it possible to compare two PDFs using labview?

    I was wondering if it was possible to use LabVIEW to compare two PDF files (that contain images as well as text) to another. I know that Bluebeam PDF viewer can do, so I was hoping there was a way to do it with LabVIEW.

    Read each file as a simple string, and then compare the two strings for equality.

    (You can also do a few tests before, for example just to see if the sizes are equal)

  • E:, HP ENVY, HP ENVY 4500 4500 don't scan pdf for MAC, only jpeg; used to work properly.

    HP ENVY 4500 worked fine a month previously, now don't scan pdf for MAC, jpeg only.  Also do not accept the file name.  Is there a doctor of printing & scanning HP for MAC?

    Hi Maryjon , thanks for getting back to me!

    I appreciate the info.

    I suggest to remove the printer from your printing system, using this document: uninstalling the software of the printer.

    Once you have deleted, I suggest to check and repair disk permissions: function to fix the permissions of all utility disk drive.

    I also run your Apple updates: OS x: Mac App Store apps and OS X update

    After the updates, I recommend you to reinstall the series HP ENVY 4500 full feature software and drivers.

    Good luck and please let me know how it goes!

  • How to check an Application/process running using Labwindows


    How can I check if a process or Application is running or not with CVI?

    I used to try this in Labview, and to check the application, it is a VI in the Web site of NOR. But I have no idea on the use of CVI for this.

    And also, how can I check if a file is opened or help? I want to rename foder in my code, if it is open (perhaps a file in the folder are open), the action to rename will go wrong.

    Thanks in advance


    using forum search I found the following thread discuss your topic:

  • Compare Windows (Snap) using two monitors

    Using Vista and XP Pro, I open two instances of Windows Explorer and organize their visualization side by side, allowing me to move conveniently files manually.

    Windows 7 automates this task through its component feature snap, a feature that allows windows to be compared next by simply dragging an instance of the window on one side of the screen.

    I use two monitors 24 ".

    When I drag a window, like a version of the Windows Explorer, on the left side of the screen of the monitor 1, it fits perfectly and has a width of about 1/2 of the monitor on my left. Allows me to save a lot of time.

    When I drag another window on the right side of the monitor 1, he continues to travel to monitor 2. The window I want to compare not follow until it reaches the right side of the monitor 2.

    Is there a setting that allows the functionality of the component snap to recognize I want the additional window to align on the same screen as the window broken - left?

    Hello Stephenbuck415,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.
    Breaking of Windows works as expected, it will jump to the left edge and the right edge of the desktop. As you said, you extended your desktop on both screens, so the left edge of your desktop on the left edge of the display 1 and the right edge of your office is the right edge of display 2.
    You can use the WIN + l/r arrow in order to place your windows on each monitor.
    Hope this helps

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • vSphere networking performance counters - Teddy bear use of flow compared to its use

    I am responsible for a vSphere 5.1 environment that uses NFS data warehouses and I'm trying to collect metrics on how much bandwidth is used to access NFS data stores.  When I did it first a week ago, I ran esxtop and looked at network and sort by Mbps passed parameters and what he was able to indicate what vmnic NFS vmkernel was linked to.  I then took a look at the usage meter vmnic for a total of send/receive KB/s.  During my research, I ran across another counter: "use of flow rates for NFS Teddy."  Here's the problem, when we look at the use and Teddy flow using the counters from NFS on the same vmnic over the same period of time, the use of flow for meter NFS shows bandwidth much higher than that of the meter use (see image).  What gives?

    What I forgot to mention, is that measures to counter throughput.usage.nfs report a higher flow rate than the physical NETWORK adapter can handle.  The highest Summit on the graph shows about a flow of 13 GB/s on a network card 1 GB.  I spoke with a VMware engineer friend and he said it looks like the meter is mislabeled in vCenter.  I verified this by looking at the use of the NFS in vCenter Operations Manager metric and compared to the metric of its use on the same physical NETWORK adapter and the metric NFS for the NIC I was looking at showed approximately 23.8 MB/s (if I assume that the unit of measure of labelling was supposed to be B/s and not KB/s) and usage was about 24.2 MB / s.  The metric of higher use is due to the fact that the environment is badly designed by my predecessor and the NFS Sharing vmkernel rising with VM networks (something that I am trying to solve).

  • Save a PDF to JPEG using photoshop elements II

    I've been using PSE II with my pc and was able to design a simple flyer, save it as a pdf and then open it in PSE II and save it in jpeg format.

    I recently got a macbook pro. I have PSE II on my mac and it worked fine. Until I tried to save the pdf to JPEG in PSE II. When I try to do, the thumbnail appears, but when it opens, all I see is a grey and white checkerboard. This used to happen with PSE II on a pc, but I've learned to put a white text box behind the design before opening PSE II and that solved the problem. But now on my macbook pro, even this does not help. I always get the gray and white checkerboard.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you


    Open Preview (it should be in your dock if you don't delete - this is the icon):

    Open the pdf file or right click on pdf file closed and choose Preview in the options to open it in.

    Then go to file > duplicate and save the double as a jpg. Or if you have forced registration enabled, use the export command in the preview and choose jpg.

  • How to convert pdf to jpeg using acrobat

    Often, I need to change the pdf to jpeg file to use this file in word, by directly changing the word Exchange available if tables and is difficult to redo the tables to how they should be. The best way is to transfer the file from pdf to jpeg format and insert the file in word to jpeg. Acrobat do this or not.

    Yes: File - save as other - Image - JPEG

  • Complex Web Services (WSDL) data using Labwindows/CVI 8.1 and SOAP Toolkit 3.0




    Success that I built a client for the service .NET assembly generated a DLL and use the controller .NET Wrapper as suggested and was able to successfully access the servce sea functions.

    Thank you...

  • How can I transfer content from an XML file in a MS SQL database of the stored procedure using LabWindows/CVI SQL Toolkit?


    I have a problem to transfer content to an XML file in a MS SQL database through a stored procedure data/fixed. I am able to transfer the content of the file using method...

    HSTMT = DBPrepareSQL (hdbc, EXEC usp_InsertReport " ... ");

    resCode = DBExecutePreparedSQL (hstmt);

    resCode = DBClosePreparedSQL (hstmt);

    ... but in this case, I am not able to read the return value of the stored procedure.

    I tried to follow the example of the stored procedure in the help documentation (DBPrepareSQL), but I miss a xml data type?

    No idea how to solve my problem?

    Cake of KR

    DianaS salvation,

    Thanks for your comments. During this time I found another way which fullfill my needs:

    resCode = DBSetAttributeDefault (hdbc, ATTR_DB_COMMAND_TYPE, DB_COMMAND_TEXT);

    sprintf (sz_SqlStatement, "DECLARE @TESTID INT EXEC @TESTID = usp_InsertReport ' SELECT 'RetVal' %s = @TESTID", sz_Buffer ");
    HSTMT = DBActivateSQL (hdbc, sz_SqlStatement);

    While ((resCode = DBFetchNext (hstmt)) == DB_SUCCESS)


    / * Enter values in the record. */

    resCode = DBGetColInt (hstmt, 1, & s32_TestId);

    resCode = DBDeactivateSQL (hstmt);

    sz_Buffer is the content of the XML file.

    Cake of KR

  • Personal license contract compared to commercial use

    Can I use a Creative personal license cloud to pay freelance web development? I don't have a company, but I get paid for my work. What license should I watch? Thank you.

    All plans of cloud (including plans of the student and the teacher) can be used for commercial work.

    The work Plan (which might have a clearer name) refers to the administration of licenses for Cloud in a collaborative organization, deploying software Adobe cloud of many workstations. It provides a central console to manage licenses for example makes it easier to revoke the permit when people leave and add new licenses when new people join.

    Most of the freelancers working alone using one of the individual plans Cloud.

Maybe you are looking for