Conflict of OCR?

I just bought a ScanJet G4050, and I find that it includes OCR IRIScan software. I already have a Nuance OmniPage OCR on my PC software, which I prefer over the IRIScan product... These two programs can coexist on the same system? If not, can I install ScanJet G4050 without the IRIScan function?

Hi there conradmetz,

I saw your inquiry about wanting to keep the OCR software, you already have on your PC, and do not install any additional OCR software. I would only install the base for your Scanjet G4050 driver. I'll post a link for you below to access the drivers, select driver and click on 'basic drivers.

I hope that works for you!

Kind regards

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    It happened now on three different occasions: I did nothing in particular on my Macbook Pro (El Capitan 10.11.5; 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, SSD 256 GB DDR) in collaboration with some files in a folder, when suddenly the folder containing these files was empty.

    For example once I was renaming a folder and then open it and print a pdf in this folder. After successfully printing file, I closed and switched back to Finder - to meet the folder above to be empty and the file printed pdf just disappeared, as well as all the other files which are used to be in this folder. Then I noticed that the folder was suddenly his previous name (one than what it used to be before I changed it). I found the files missing in the trash and lost in the folder files superior (to the strange abnormal behavior) with 'conflict' and a long series of numbers preceding its actual file name.

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    Your car could be at fault. Avoid any race condition that you can induce the wise software you use that would result in the disappearance of files.

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    Disconnect all external devices

    start in safe mode and log on to the account

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

    Open utility disk (macintosh utility HD/applications/utilities/disk)

    Select the boot hard drive, click on repair permissions (if you misrepresented your last "10.10" instead of El Capitan 10.11.x OS then it will not be available in disk utility.)

    You can also start on the child's account and access your account files by changing the permissions that should not be taken by chance and probably not tempted until find you what the problem is with your backup. If you want to specify to include the details in this thread.

    In any case, that you can target your mac to another computer on disk and access the drive from another computer.

    Share files between two computers with target - Apple Support disk mode

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    Is back from vacay to an IP conflict on my mid 2007 iMac error message. My TC Airport caught the iMac IP and will not let go. Any other device on the network wireless can enter an IP address. We have AppleTV, iPhone, iPad, even a G5 which are humming and I'm dead in the water. Cannot use a static IP address to circumvent the problem, as I previously for other problems. I'm under El captain now 10.11.5 I rebooted all dozens of times, even deleted my AirPort Extreme Extender to eliminate as a possible source of problems. My ISP don't touch anything Macintosh, but they confirmed with other devices running, it must be the iMac. I tried to change the password on the TC so that any unauthorized connection would fall, but failed. Do I have to reset the TC? If I do I will lose my backups? The iMac and the G5 were both using the TC for backups.

    My TC Airport caught the iMac IP and will not let go.

    Try the following to release and refresh the IP address provided to your iMac to the Time Capsule (TC):

    • System Preferences > network > Wi - Fi > advanced > TCP/IP tab
    • Note the value for the IPv4 address
    • Click on the button "renew the DHCP lease.
    • Again, check the value of the IPv4. It changed?

    You should not have to reset the TC to solve this problem... but if you do, any of the types of discount to zero (soft, hard, or default) will erase all the data on the internal drive of the TC or any drive connected to its USB port.

  • Conflict of appearance of Firefox

    Evening everyone.

    I've recently been tweaking my general theme to the Windows 7 desktop. I found a theme that I really like, but I seem to have a conflict with only Firefox. The theme is darker, with a clear background to help read the words. However, the default theme of Firefox, a kind of light background and foreground, make it almost impossible to read the tabs, but also to encroach on the window at the top function keys on the right. I'm trying to understand if there is a way to give the control of my theme in this application or if there is anything that I can to remove this conflict.

    Example: (also attached)

    Thank you!

    Clinton Bogacki

    said jscher2000

    What is the name of this theme and if you downloaded it, where it comes? In case, someone has desire to try to get the 'practice' with her.

    I've since changed themes to test different variants, but the theme was VS steam I think. Of Deviant Art. This problem occurs with all the themes I've used. I think I solved the problem, however, by opening a command prompt and using the command: sfc/scannow

    The command only runs all the system files and restores all handles the files in their original state. I have handled my ExplorerFrame.dll at one point leading to this problem.

  • Does conflict ghostery add-on, and what is the difference?

    I installed ghostery, but now Firefox tells me "add-on" is available. What is the difference and they will come into conflict?

    As far as I KNOW, Ghostery and Lightbeam match a little at work. What a difference I know that ghostery have some features integrated to block or whitelist of Web sites you visit.
    While lightbeam just likes to Watch supervisors and tell you graphically about third-party connections.
    so, if you use ghostery then it can useful for a faster loading Web sites because you block unusual food extracted from Web site, while lightbeam cannot do something with the site.

    Firefox is add-on cause reviews of >'s done it with our great
    developers, completely understand the part of the user experience.
    > because it is nothing to do with the Web sites, so a Web site owner perspective, you can display ads on your browser, without the authorization of changes external.
    Monitoring and privacy framework.
    Take a look at find out about Ghostery and Lightbeam is accessible via .

  • 4 Apple TV on my office network, get conflicts of IP addresses between them despite being assigned to the reserved addresses.

    4 Apple TV on my office network, get conflicts of IP addresses between them despite being assigned to different addresses reserved in DHCP

    Although it seems that they realize and correct this means my network notifify me of the conflict and that can mean more than 30 emails per day... and on a long weekend which means 90 more e-mails to remove after it making sure it is the same 4 mac address having problems... How can I do that, go away

    Given that you are reserving DHCP addresses, I suppose that you have set the ATV to get automatically addresses. That should work.

    Are there opportunities that they are waking up on WiFi and Ethernet switching? On may switch from one WiFi network to another?

    Do you really need fixed IPs?

    The alternative to the reserved addresses would be to reduce the size of the DHCP pool and set the address, staticly ATV.

    Just by the way, have you given the names of different ATV? This is necessary for the Apple protocols.

    Can you identify the versions of your ATV, see identify your model of Apple TV - Apple Support?

  • iPhone 5 s upper half part replacment could cause conflicts

    Hey guys,.

    I just replaced my phone i 5 s screen the whole screen (including the button "home", the front-facing camera, etc.) with another form of half original part another iphone 5s, broken for touch ID, I know that each ID contact could only work on original iphone, so despite Touch ID, could all thing in my iphone will have problems as the conflict could damage the logic boards and either Incidentally, I restored the iphone by itunes with the latest IOS and everything recognized in well except Touch ID

    I'm sorry. Your phone is unbearable now that it's been tampered with.

  • Firefox is in conflict with pxhlpa64.sys

    (1) installed firefox 25 and auditor of race and got the 1st BSOD pxhlpa64.sys

    (2) installed run fix automatix and fix all clicked again.

    (3) restarted with the Auditor, got the 2nd pxhlpa64.sys BSOD

    (4) automatic fix does not resolve pxhlpa64.sys.

    (5) Firefox uninstalled, run the checker no. BSOD

    100000% sure for my conclusion that firefox is in conflict with pxhlpa64.sys.

    With firefox installed, two of my discs were read and write, but not safe for writing perfect.

    Fix it please I run win7 64 bit, registered.

  • I have internet explorer 9 as my browser and I also download firefox to access my company page of yahoo. they will come into conflict?

    IE 9 is not supported by yahoo. What happens when I download firefox? and then how to remove?

    Internet Explorer and Firefox will come into conflict with each other.

    You can have multiple Web browsers installed on your computer without any problem.

  • conflicts in the folder for iMovie


    I have trouble with iMovie pending and iMovie gurus told me I should be a conflict with something in my file and recommend me to post in the forums of OS. That's why I'm here :-).

    iMovie starts new project, starting new projects, he made mistake: 'action could be done. There is no additional information on the issue".

    This happens with my user only (and I'm the admin), while this works very well with the other user.

    I already tried to reinstall iMovie, tried to remove preferences and also to restart in safe mode too (in this case iMove don't even start to say this unexpected program close), but he did not set.

    The guru of iMovie finally recommended 'another option is to go to your user library in finder and drag the preferences on the desktop folder and then restore the folder check iMovie.If which corrects iMovie and start moving individual desktop preferences and the verification of iMovie. " Fixing/rebuild files home is not my forte so you should post in the forum of discussion of El Capitan, where BONE gurus hang out. »

    (iMovie 10.1.1 - El Capitan 10.11.4 - retina 4K, 21.5 inches, end15, 3.1 GHz iMac intel 5, 16 GB of DDR3 memory)

    Can someone help me? I'm not really familiar with the preferences...

    Thanks in advance.


    Please launch the Console application in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

    ☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

    The title of the Console window should be all Messages. If it isn't, select

    SYSTEM LOG QUERIES ▹ all Messages

    in the list of logs on the left. If you don't see this list, select

    List of newspapers seen ▹ display

    in the menu at the top of the screen bar.

    Click on the clear view icon in the toolbar. Then take an action that does not work the way you expect. Select all of the lines that appear in the Console window. Copy to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. Paste into a reply to this message by pressing command + V.

    The journal contains a large amount of information, almost everything that is not relevant to solve a particular problem. When you post a journal excerpt, be selective. A few dozen lines are almost always more than enough.

    Please don't dump blindly thousands of lines in the journal in this discussion.

    Please do not post screenshots of log messages - text poster.

    Some private information, such as your name or e-mail address, can appear in the log. Anonymize before posting.

    When you post the journal excerpt, an error message may appear on the web page: "you include content in your post that is not allowed", or "the message contains invalid characters." It's a bug in the forum software. Thanks for posting the text on Pastebin, then post here a link to the page you created.

    If you have an account on Pastebin, please do not select private in exposure menu to paste on the page, because no one else that you will be able to see it.

  • How to get OCR working


    Anyone can guide me please you the steps to make the work of OCR in document scan.

    I scan the document, but can see an option that can enable or show me OCR in action.

    Thank you


    Yes, the instructions are terribly poor - quite remarkable really. I looked through tons of videos on YouTube to pick up some basics. As far as I can see the OCR works only in Office, Word, and Powerpoint. In Word, go to the Insert tab, then on the far right you will see two new buttons that are Sprout, Capture and text plugins. Choose the text and which will capture your touchmat text and perform the OCR.

    Not sure if there is another way to do it. I do not understand why there seems to be a complete lack of tutorials beyond 6 or 7 very simple videos. The manual doesn't help much with the software.

  • Windows Media Center "to listen or look at a conflict"... does not recognize the TV tuner

    I have completely exhausted the forum Windows Media Center for response to the resolution of this problem. I replaced my unit ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Ready, as well as my graphics card tuner, and WMC still says 'No TV Tuner Found"and the message" listen or look at a conflict - no tuner available to meet the current demand "when I try to watch live TV. I have also a "no tuner hardware detected... Please ensure equipment is installed correctly...» "if I try to set up the TV Tuner again.

    I don't think that my answer lies in Windows Media Center or hardware from ATI. I'm now trying to figure out if it involves this feature installed at the factory of HP listed on the bottom of my computer: "GENUINE WINDOWS VISTA HOME Premium TUNER DIGITAL". I understand that it is the software and hardware.

    I would be grateful if anyone has answers. If anyone knows what this function is that was installed at the factory, and how I can uninstall and reinstall the software and replace the hardware, I understand that too.

    Thank you

    After unsuccessfully trying everything I could find that had the potential to solve my problem, I finally solved the problem myself.

    It's actually a corrupted Windows file that allows my TV tuner, which caused all my problems. I reinstalled my Vista operating system to its original state, and now the ATI TV tuner works fine. Easier said than done.

    Mr. Fix It

  • keyboard shortcut conflict


    I use things to manage tasks on my iMac (OS X El Capitan, up-to-date).

    Things has a quick entry hotkey-based function to add tasks with AutoFill from anywhere on the Mac.

    For example, you can press ⌘⌥⎵ to create a new task with a link to e-mail, you're on.

    The problem: from, pressing ⌘⌥⎵ opens the new autofilled task windows and the activity of window, even if the shortcut for activity is ⌘⌥0.

    I tried to change the shortcut in things, but the problem is still there, regardless of the shortcut.

    I went into Preferences > keyboard > shortcut and there is no declared conflicts.

    So I tried to add manually (overwrite) the ⌘⌥0 shortcut for the activity window in - no way.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you.


    Check this:

    Essentially, only assign a new shortcut key for activity in, restarting, and you should be good to go.

  • Satellite A10: modem port conflicts - error: 633


    I currently have a laptop satellite A10 but im having trouble to connect to internet via modem, I have installed a new driver for my modem (modem psi) and when I try to dial up right now get error: 633 could not open port due to a conflict of port or its propaly not configured, I downloaded a new driver, but still nothing.

    I checked the ports/Device Manager and there is no port for the modem only a port for a printer of suggestions on how to solve this problem?

    Hi guys

    I ve searched and studied a lot and found this solution provided on the Microsoft Knowledge base.

    Check this document:

    * + Error message: the Modem is not installed or configured for + *.

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