Connection option removed PIN when adding the exchange account

Initially, I set up my account and added a PIN. Next, I added my work exchange account (which has a policy active sync which disables any connection other than the code pin and password). I accepted additional restrictions, but the option to connect via a pin code has been removed.

So two questions:

* Is the login to pin on a surface treated differently the PIN on a phone connection

* Remove my OWA account has no restrictions from field. How can I remove them completely?

Thank you


Hello DarganR,

Thank you for the question!

I'm sorry to know that have problems you with the Exchange account. As I understand it, you need to remove the domain restrictions.

The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums. You can follow the link to your question:

Meet us if you face any problem of Windows, and I'd be happy to help you again and try to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Good day!

Hope this information helps.

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    It is as expected. The CS6 (build 6006) version only have mobile JQ. JQ UI is introduced in DW CC(build 6390).

    You must install the CC version to access the functionality as well. DW CC was released on June 17, 2013.

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    To configure the POP3/SMTP to Hotmail/MSN/ access accounts in Windows Mail, use these settings:
    Make sure that all of your settings agree thereby. If you get an error message, do a right click on your error message, copy, then paste it into an answer here. We cannot do a lot of troubleshooting without the full error message.
    To give you a little history, Windows Mail does not support the HTTP messaging, which for a long time was the only authorized method of access for free Hotmail accounts. In addition, given that the development of Windows Mail was frozen in July 2006, there no knowledge that Microsoft has enabled POP access for free Hotmail/Live/MSN accounts in February 2009. Therefore, the Windows Mail Account Setup Wizard is hardcoded to reject the Hotmail and MSN addresses. To work around this limitation, when you enter your Hotmail/MSN email address, initially, use a fake domain, such as * address email is removed from the privacy *. After the account setup is complete, you can go back into the settings and correct your email address.
    Gary van, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

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    This is the mail of the window, it has been upgraded to manage Hotmail.  The error code indicates "connect to the mobile information server end." I came across this problem with Outlook Express similar years when Microsoft decided that Outlook cannot access Hotmail accounts on subscription.  Email client has no connection to Google problem.  Thank you

    Gary van, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

  • Problems adding the Yahoo account to Messages

    When I try to add my Yahoo account for Messages I get this message but the account is not added in preferences accounts. Any ideas how I can add my Yahoo account to Messages?

    Hi dcwy,

    There is a lightweight process is troubleshooting this small setback. If all goes well, this should do the trick!

    Thus, you must connect to your yahoo account (using a browser like Safari)

    Go to settings > account security > passwords for the App manage (create a new password here)

    Then jump on the mail app which is the application of default e-mail on your Mac, and he must ask your new password.

    Now, when you open iMessage, this app should also request your password or if you click on "available yahoo" it should ask for a password and you put this password and it will work. If all goes well.

    Please reply if this is problem.

    Good luck!

  • Cannot configure the Exchange account on the iPhone 6

    I have an iPhone installed 6 9.3.2. I tried to add my work Exchange account to the native application and the Outlook application and will not work. He says no more it cannot check account details or it asks me to check the user name and password. My exchange account will not also add to my old iPhone 4S or iPad 3.

    Other users of the iPhone to work added to their Exchange accounts without problem. Mine is the only one Exchange is aware of this does not work. They were not able to help. There is no IMAP settings, so I can only add an Exchange account.

    I tried to reset the network settings, but that didn't help. I even tried the soft CloudMail and does not work either.

    Any ideas?

    I saw a few times at my work. Cause is more than likely the local rather than on iPhone, mail server because it does not work in the Mail as Outlook App application.

    It could be that the settings on the e-mail server does not have Activesync devices – might be useful to check with HER to see if they enabled that.

  • Adding the new account in financials


    I want to know the steps to add a new account created for OLIVIER Financials.

    I added 4 entries for new accounts in file_group_acct_codes.csv manually & them mapped to GROUP_ACCT_NUM (CASH) and run load incremental, but in the trial balance reports, are mapped under OTHERS.

    GROUP_ACCT_NUM as the CASH is already present in the olive TREE.

    An obtained account mapped to CASH & others.

    Anyone know what went wrong?

    Thank you

    When you change the group accounts, you may need to run the "GROUP ACCOUNT CLEANING" process to correct historical data.

    Please see the next section in the configuration for 7963 guide: How to modify accordingly the number of group account Configuration

    so useful, pls correct brand

  • network connection is not available when using the photos on apple tv

    While using Apple TV and pictures, I get a message that says don't: no available network connection.  I check other programs and they have an available network connection and all is well.  This happens intermittently, but once it happens, you will need to restart the apple tv several times and I hope that solves the problem.  I use icloud photo library and I am trying to access my photos.  Is this a known issue?

    This could be one of those cases where the message is just a generic "connection failed" message. So he doesn't mean what he says, just that it cannot connect to the server iCloud.

    Together there is automatic DNS in your network ATV settings?

    Are you sure that there is no interference from WiFi? If there is no interference, a reboot should be enough.

    When photos fails, you can use another application that uses the internet?

  • root properties in the connected data store: error when accessing the date/time storage

    When you browse the properties my connected data store I get an error message when you try to read the value of the property of 'storage date/time': object doesn't support this property or method.

    Here is a minimal example:

    Dim oMyDataStore, MyProperty, oMyProperties
    Set oMyDataStore = Navigator.ConnectDataStoreByParameter ("TOC", "" & "C:\Program Files (x 86) \National 2012\Examples\Data\Example_data.tdm" & "" ')
    Set oMyProperties = oMyDataStore.RootElements (1). Properties
    For each MyProperty in oMyProperties
    Call MsgBoxDisp ("property name:" & MyProperty.Name & + "\n"&"property value:" & MyProperty.Value "")

    Why can I not access this particular property by default?

    Hi Phex,

    for the date/time properties, an object called UsiTimeDisp is returned. This object allows to that extend features of service as access to each part separately (day, year, hour, seconds,...) of your date/time value. If you want to print the value of time with MessageBoxDisp, you can use the VariantDate this object property.

    Your code might look like this then:

    Dim oMyDataStore, MyProperty, oMyProperties
    Set oMyDataStore = Navigator.ConnectDataStoreByParameter ("TOC", "" & "C:\Program Files (x 86) \National 2012\Examples\Data\Example_data.tdm" & "" ')
    Set oMyProperties = oMyDataStore.RootElements (1). Properties
    For each MyProperty in oMyProperties
    MyProperty.DataType = eTime Then
    Call MsgBoxDisp ("property name:" & MyProperty.Name & + "\n"&"property value:" & MyProperty.Value. ' ") VariantDate)
    On the other
    Call MsgBoxDisp ("property name:" & MyProperty.Name & + "\n"&"property value:" & MyProperty.Value "")
    End If

    I hope this helps.

    Good day


  • When adding the AP SSID

    When you add an ot of one access point wireless network filter that you are using the same SSID?

    That's why I'm asking.

    For a piece, the iphone is connected to the network, when I move to a new room (which could be using the WAP610N access point, I have to reconnect as if it were a different network.

    I'd love to have my iphone always connected to the network, to walk in the House.

    I should rename the SSID in a?

    The wireless router and the access point currently have the same SSID, the channel is different. 1 vs 2

    Access point is a WAP610N

    Wireless router is a WRT610N

    The two wpa2 Personal

    Any suggestions welcome

    Make sure that all the wireless settings (SSID, channel, security and the security key mode) on both devices are same even channels.

  • Receiver error message: network connection has timed out when downloading the software iTouch 5.01.

    Original title: software update for my i touch

    I am trying to download the 5.01 update software for my Apple i-touch. However, the download is so long that I get an error message indicating that my network connection has expired and the downlopad do nt go through. How to solve this?

    Hi Gary,.

    What virus protection software is installed on the system?

    I suggest you temporarily disable antivirus software (and any other security such as anti-malware software, etc.) and the firewall on the computer and see if that fixes the problem.

    Note: Make sure that you enable the antivirus software, other security and firewall after the test programs.

    If you still experience the problem, you could get in contact with Apple support for further assistance.

    Apple support

  • Receive error message when adding the control of signature on the screens of the Interview with the OPA

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    We have an obligation to add electronic signature on multiple screens of interview.

    I tried to add the control of Signature in the form of the interview, but I get the error message below. We use the OPA 12.2 version November cloud.

    "Current data mapping settings do not support file attachments. File upload controls is no longer valid. (OPA-E00538)

    Thank you


    Yes. And make sure that you submit to a Service Cloud FileAttachments active or item by using a connection to the web service that supports attachments for the entities mapped on a.

  • Nested ESXi - problem when adding the cloned ESXi hosts to the same data center in vCenter

    Hi all

    I installed a VM ESXi5.5 on top of WOrkstation10 and made a clone of it. Two of them are accessible and functioning very well themselves.

    However, when trying a add these hosts to vCenter, he begins to complain that:

    "Data store"datastore1"is in conflict with a store of data that exists in the data center which has the same url.

    and will not let me add the second host. Is there a way to fix this?

    Any help would be appreciated...

    Try to delete the local data store and re-create it.

  • Son not synchronized when adding the video loop of JPanel

    I'm working on a project for the school at the time where I am trying to create an image gallery and video player. In the Welcome window, I created two JPanels with MouseListeners, one to hold an image and one to hold a video loop of 5 seconds. Initially, I used this:

    SerializableAttribute public class WelcomeVideoLoader extends JPanel implements Runnable {}

    Player MediaPlayer;
    MediaView view;
    JFXPanel jfxPanel;
    Dimension d;
    DoubleProperty width;
    DoubleProperty height;
    Root group;

    public WelcomeVideoLoader (file, Dimension d) {}

    This.d = d;
    Media = new Media (file.toURI () m:System.NET.SocketAddress.ToString ());

    jfxPanel = new JFXPanel();



    private void playAndLoopVideo() {}

    root = new Group();

    reader = new MediaPlayer (media);
    Player.Play ();
    player.setMute (true);
    view = new MediaView (player);

    DoubleProperty width = view.fitWidthProperty ();
    DoubleProperty height = view.fitHeightProperty ();

    Width.bind (Bindings.selectDouble (View.sceneProperty (), "width"));
    Height.bind (Bindings.selectDouble (View.sceneProperty (), 'height'));

    view.setPreserveRatio (true);
    root.getChildren () .add (view);
    player.setOnEndOfMedia (this);

    () Platform.runLater
    new Runnable() {}
    public void run() {}
    Scene = new scene (root, d.getWidth (), d.getHeight ());
    jfxPanel.setScene (scene);

    Super.Add (jfxPanel);

    public void run() {}
    Player.Stop ();

    It comes to stacktrace:

    Exception in the executable
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: [email protected][styleClass=root]is already defined as root to another scene
    to javafx.scene.Scene$ 10.invalidated(
    at javafx.scene.Scene.setRoot(
    to javafx.scene.Scene. < init > (
    to javafx.scene.Scene. < init > (
    to com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl$ $4
    to com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl$ $4
    at (Native Method)
    to com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl$
    to$ (

    Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
    to javafx.embed.swing.JFXPanel$ HostContainer$
    at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(
    at $200 ( java.awt.EventQueue.access
    in java.awt.EventQueue$
    in java.awt.EventQueue$
    at (Native Method)
    in$ 1.doIntersectionPrivilege(
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(

    It works for maybe 6-7 loops, but then he out craps. So I tried to create an ArrayList of the Group and creation of 100 of them and passing to the following for each loop, to see if it worked. There can be no. It turns out that my son work independently one from the other and after awhile, they get confused upward.

    I'm still new to programming and can't seem to find much on the subject, as I understand, everything seems to be written for people with years of experience. I have a feeling that javafx.concurrent is the way to go, but I can't understand how to implement it in my code. I worked on this for 2 days in a row, without success and would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you.

    So you're making it much more complex that it must be (what happens when you're a new programmer).

    First of all, do you need to use Swing? The incorporation of JavaFX in Swing is delicate and creates complex multithreaded processing problems that you need to manage in a relatively small way. Unless there are other requirements, you have not mentioned, you should be able to do these things in JavaFX. Hello World example [url] gives a simple example; Then, look at the layout [url] tutorial to see how to make some simple page layouts.

    To create a video loop, you do not need to reboot it by hand, as you try to do it with the earphone for the end of the media. Just use


    and it will loop indefinitely. You can always meet this reboot (if you want to do something else, like changing the image) by registering a listener for changes with the currentCount to the mediaPlayer property.

  • Need help to remove CS4 when getting the error: the required files are missing

    Attempt to delete CS4 turned off my computer.

    The uninstall program will not start on any program - I get an error indicating that the required files are missing to launch the programs.

    Anyone know a work around? I know I can drag files of applications to the trash, but I want to get everything in all areas of the computer, since I am recovering used HD storage.  I'm on a Macbook, OS 10.10.2

    Thank you


    Irrelevant. Your installation is never worked first place right after the upgrade to 10.10... Simply trash the files.


  • How to choose IMAP or POP, when adding another email account

    Recently, I wanted to add another (IMAP) e-mail account in the mail. I opened the mail, choose Add account in Messaging menu and then a different e-mail account. In earlier versions of the mail, you can choose the type of account in the first step, but in version 9.3 (3124) you are prompted to type only the username, your email address and your password. If you then click Next, mail adds an account without having to ask for the account type. In my case the added mail always one account pop. I couldn't change the account type in the account properties. The field for the incoming mail server shows gray the pop mail server. The only way to add an IMAP account type in incorrect parameters in the first step. Then, a window opens where I could type in the incoming and outgoing mail server settings. Same behavior on my iPhone with iOS 9.3.2 5s (13F69).

    Best regards Lutz

    Well at some point you can hold down the option key after completing the first screen and then press the continue Option, but it seems that no longer works.

    So now, when you add a new account, put in incorrect information in the user name or password, or both. Which will cause a failure and make up the most advanced screen, where you can choose the type of account that you are interested in.

Maybe you are looking for