network connection is not available when using the photos on apple tv

While using Apple TV and pictures, I get a message that says don't: no available network connection.  I check other programs and they have an available network connection and all is well.  This happens intermittently, but once it happens, you will need to restart the apple tv several times and I hope that solves the problem.  I use icloud photo library and I am trying to access my photos.  Is this a known issue?


This could be one of those cases where the message is just a generic "connection failed" message. So he doesn't mean what he says, just that it cannot connect to the server iCloud.

Together there is automatic DNS in your network ATV settings?

Are you sure that there is no interference from WiFi? If there is no interference, a reboot should be enough.

When photos fails, you can use another application that uses the internet?

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  • No links to the local area network connection. But how to use the Internet again, please help establish a LAN connection.

    Original title: no local network connection

    No links to the local area network connection. But how to use the Internet again, please help establish a LAN connection.

    Hi H.mustafaakyurek,

    ·         What operating system is installed on your computer?

    You can view the following items on the creation of a network connection:

    Setting up a network home


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    Hope this information helps.

  • Why e-mail is-address is not available for use as a new Apple ID?

    Try to put in place the new Apple ID for my wife. His e-mail address IS NOT currently used as identification code of Apple however, I get a message "this e-mail address is not available for use as a new Apple ID." I tried the routine julien inconu and only checked no apple ID used for this email address. Anyone has any ideas what would cause this and how to release this email address, it can be used?

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    The e-mail address is not used an additional/alternate e-mail on your account (

  • H.239 does not work when using the way Express of VCS.


    on my network, I have control of VCS Cisco and Cisco Expressway to connect the external endpoin (endpoint with the public IP for example point)

    The problem is that when the network interior, I send a content (using the H.329) point public endpoints receive a presentation, but not H239.

    If I go into windows thestatists in the MCU, I don't see all the data.

    Internal endpoint static is present.

    I can do a configuration especially in the way Cisco Express to use the H.239 in internet?

    Thanks for your help.


    Radvision endpoints both Polycon use radvision H.323 stack, while Tandberg endpoints use a single H.323 stack.

    H.323 endpoint outside the firewall/NAT must apply directly to the controller of H.460.18/19 border instead of a doorman. If you could provide file OCAP for your case, that will be useful.

  • Theme not copied when using the application creation wizard

    Environment: -.
    Request Express
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    We store themes standardized in a fictitious application for use in the development of new applications. We no longer seem to be able to copy these themes in an application when you use the create application wizard. A completely different theme is copied to the new application than the one selected in the wizard.

    Process: -.
    The steps in the wizard to create an Application are: -.
    Step 1 method - database
    Name of the step 2 - accept default
    Step 3 Pages - accept default values
    Step 4 shared - components check the "copy shared components. Choose an application with several themes in there and let "User Interface issues".
    Step 5 themes of components shared - select a standard theme by default, validate Yes
    Step 6 attributes – accept the default values
    Create the Application.

    The copied into the shared components in the new application is theme 26 productivity, not the theme selected in step 5. Productivity 26 theme was not a theme in the original application. In other tested environments, 21 Scarlet has been copied to the new application (even if 21 Scarlet does not exist in the original application).

    I can reliable reproduce this in a number of different test and development system, using different browsers. I can reproduce the problem on using a sample application as the source application (although if you select theme 25 you will need enable validation off in step 5 theme 25 will not be successful validation due to lack of a model of login page - which seems to be a separate issue).

    Is this a problem known elsewhere, is a generic problem in 4.2.1?



    Hi Paul,.

    Thank you for raising this issue. He has already been addressed in development, and is followed with bug * 16607687 *. The fix will be available in our next release, 4.2.2.

    Kind regards

  • Receiver error message: network connection has timed out when downloading the software iTouch 5.01.

    Original title: software update for my i touch

    I am trying to download the 5.01 update software for my Apple i-touch. However, the download is so long that I get an error message indicating that my network connection has expired and the downlopad do nt go through. How to solve this?

    Hi Gary,.

    What virus protection software is installed on the system?

    I suggest you temporarily disable antivirus software (and any other security such as anti-malware software, etc.) and the firewall on the computer and see if that fixes the problem.

    Note: Make sure that you enable the antivirus software, other security and firewall after the test programs.

    If you still experience the problem, you could get in contact with Apple support for further assistance.

    Apple support

  • "No signal not detected" when using the monitor.

    Original title: Second just conked monitor

    I have two LG monitors with a desktop Acer running Win7Pro: Monitor1 (M1) = W2253 Monitor 2 (M2) = 23MP65HQ. All of a sudden yesterday stopped M2 display. It is said 'No signal detected' and goes to sleep. In the devices list, it is displayed as generic PnP monitor. When I check the resolution of the screen, it shows M2 in a small gray square, but it is not identifiable or traceable.

    It is the monitor or the cable. When I unplug M1, M2 is functioning normally.  So it seems that I can't use the two together no more. Except for a little while after the blackout. I opened a program had been posted on M2 before the failure of current and for a short time while M2 has been reactivated, but with a bad resolution. When I tried to set the resolution, the screen went black again and has stay black since. The display resolution is a constant problem before that. Sometimes he'd lose the setting and I reach the screen resolution and to detect and it would be fixed - just not always. An occasional pain but is not debilitating.

    There were no cases leading up to black screen - except a Windows Update. I didn't do any cleaning, moving, or adjustment of any sort, no power bumps or other external event. He became all black while I was doing a regular job. This is my work computer and I'm the only person who uses it.


    Click on the following link and check if it helps.

    Update a hardware driver that is not working properly.

  • Firepower does not work when using the Active Directory group as a rule filter access control

    I am PoV of Cisco ASA with the power of fire with my client. I would like to integrate the power of fire to MS Active Directory. Everything seems to work properly.

    -Fire power user agent installation to complete successfully. Connection to AD work fine. The newspaper is GREEN.

    -J' created a Kingdom in FireSight and you can download users and groups from Active Directory.

    -J' created a politics of identity with passive authentication (using the field I created)

    -Can I use the AD account "user" as a filter in access control rule and it work very well.

    However, if I create the rule of access control with AD Group', the rule never get match. I'm sure that the user that I test is a member of the group. Connection event show the system to ignore this rule and the traffic is blocked by the default action below. It doesn't look like the firepower doesn't know that the user belongs to the group.

    I use

    -User agent firepower for Active Directory v2.3 build 10.

    -ASA 5515 software Version 9.5 (2)

    -Fire version 6.0.0 - 1005 power module

    -Firepower for VMWare Management Center

    Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    You should check the download user under domain option. Download the users once belonging to a group is specified on the ad and then test the connection.

    Thank you


  • Mouse not active when using the tools I refine my selection

    I have re-installed CS5 on a new computer Windows 10 PC and apply the updates by using the discussion forum contact.

    I open a file of image psd and make a quick selection on a part.

    I hit edge tool refine and move the mouse over the image.

    The mouse pointer turns into a circle with a line diagonally crossing (apparently, saying that the use of the mouse is not allowed).

    My eyebrows raised as I say to myself 'it's new

    I have reset the tools presets and refining tool options... no luck.

    What can I do to benefit from the features of the mouse while using edge tool I refine my selection?

    Thanks for the update.

    You must uncheck "Show the Original" in the refine edge of window and then you should be able to use it.

  • I have a problem in direct charge of path where the default values are not met when using the CSV file to load into the database while his is filled everything in plain insert queries

    -The header of the control file, I added a load direct method(append mode)








    Col n-2


    Try to use the classic path instead.  With the direct path, many constraints and triggers, and others are disabled.  Please see the next section of the online documentation.

  • IP not allowed when using the developer

    I know that the developer side of CF allows you to have 2 other users. the system is locked on 2 ip addresses, but among people who do tests had the ip address change. How to delete ip addresses in administrator so I can get the new ip address to work on the site of the developers?

    Thank you


    Just restart coldfusion or reboot server application service that both will work to reset authorized intellectual property


  • Network accounts are not available


    I work in a corporate environment that is mainly based on Windows, but also have a handful of Macs and a Mac server. The question I have is that the MacBook display the prompt "network accounts are not available" when connecting. This message disappears when the VLAN from requiring authentication on our firewall device, MACs are to be excluded.

    I thought my our support company firewall that Macs are a kind of test at startup. If they do not have full access to internet NETWORK card wireless goes into a State of semi functioning. It is only when they have access to the internet it goes into a fully operational.

    It makes sense when the "network accounts are unavailable" message, I can't SSH in the Mac, but can't ping the IP addresses of our DC, ping any name FULL domain or ping any device outside the VIRTUAL LAN. Does exactly the same as this -after-reboot-no-route-to-host

    Our company firewall just remember exactly what service performs this function on the Mac. Anyone know what it's called?

    Kind regards


    Any help here...

    During his execution, rc.boot and the other rc source of scripts /etc/rc.common , a shellscript that contains utility functions, such as CheckForNetwork() (check if the network is in place), GetPID() , purgedir() (Directory deletes the content only, not the structure), etc.

    • rc.bootfigures on the startup type (Multi-User, Safe, CD-ROM, network etc.). In the case of a network boot (the sysctl variable kern.netboot has the value 1 in this case), it works /etc/rc.netboot with a start argument.

    /etc/rc.netbootmanages all aspects of the network boot. For example, it runs the network and (as applicable) supports the. It also calls /usr/bin/nbst to associate a file of the shadow in the image of disk used as a root device. The idea is to redirect the entries in the file of the shadow, which hopefully is local storage.

    • rc.bootnumbers if a file system consistency check is necessary. Boots single user and CD-ROM does not run fsck. SafeBoot is still running fsck. rc.bootmanages fsck and return status.
    • If rc.boot has finished successfully./etc/rc


  • Unable to connect to the Internet using Auntie Photon, it shows the device has been disconnected or is not available when clicking on the button connect

    Original title: Auntie Photon

    Hi all

    I use Auntie Photon on windows platform 8, and it shows the device has been disconnected or is not available when clicking on the button connect. For this reason, I am not able to use internet on my Laptop.I also in contact with the customer service and they told me to take the laptop to any engineer to solve this problem.

    Help, please.

    Hi Varun,

    Thanks for posting on Microsoft Community. I understand that you are not able to connect to the Internet using the dongle Auntie Photon. Let us work together as a team and try to get this fixed number.

    Please help me with the following information related to this issue:

    1. You have installed the required software on your computer which came with Auntie Photon?
    2. Do you see an error or exclamation point in Device Manager when you connect Auntie Photon dongle? See the steps to check:
    • Press Windows Key + X.
    • Select Device Manager.
    • Check if there is no error or exclamation point under Auntie Photon.

    This problem can occur if device drivers are not get detected or due to missing/corrupt device drivers.

    Please follow the steps mentioned below:

    Method 1: Run the hardware troubleshooter

    The convenience store is an automated tool that checks the hardware attached to the computer for known problems and provides details on how to correct them. Follow these steps to run the troubleshooter.

    1. Press Windows key + W on the keyboard.
    2. Type the Troubleshooting in the search bar and press Enter.
    3. In the Troubleshooting window, click show all in the left pane.
    4. Click hardware and devices.
    5. Click right on material and devices and and select run as administrator.
    6. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process troubleshooting.

    If the troubleshooter could not find and fix the problem, I would suggest trying the following method and check.

    Method 2:

    Note: Make sure that the Auntie Photon dongle is plugged.

    Step 1: You can try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers of Auntie Photon and check. Follow these steps:

    1. Press Windows key + X on the screen.
    2. Select Device Manager.
    3. Expand the network adapter and right click on driver and select Uninstall.
    4. Restart the computer.
    5. Windows will automatically load the drivers.

    Step 2:

    You can also try to launch the Windows updates and install all the updates that are available including the driver in option and the updates of the firmware.

    Windows Update: frequently asked Questions

    You can also get in touch with Auntie Support and check the updates to driver for Windows 8.

    Please answer us on the State of the question to help you further.

  • delete a block - my computer won't let me use google chrome as a browser. It indicates that the internet connection is not available.

    When you use the internet, my virus detector asked if I would allow google chrome to download a newer version. I clicked on the decline, and then my internet has stopped working. I finally got back on, but now my computer won't let me use google chrome as a browser. It indicates that the internet connection is not available. I was able to use other browsers, but not Google. I tried disabling my firewall to see if it would work then, but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? I'm afraid, that I blocked it somehow. Thank you!!


    I suggest you post your question in the Google Chrome forums here:

    This looks like a problem with this specific program and not with Windows. I hope this helps!

Maybe you are looking for

  • Compaq 6510 b: bootmgr is missing and I don't have a CD/USB

    Hello My HP Compaq 6510 b has been infected by the virus of defense crypto. I searched like crazy and could not find any solution and decided to sacrifice my photos and videos. But turned out even restore the laptop is not easily possible. AFAIK, the

  • Why can't windows live mail foreword embedded images

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  • HP Pavilion dv6 baglantisorunu Cam

    Merhaba! HP laptopumla Cam baglanırken baglanamaz oldu biden. Her seyi denedim. Baglantı var - baglanmadı uyarısı alıyorum. BU bilgisayardaki ag agın gereksinimlerini Kasılamıyor.Uyarisi aldım Files. BirdeAg tanılama calışmıyor uyarisi aliyorum ilkes

  • M3201desktop CPU heatsink/fan runs very fast to boot the system.

    Hi I have a desktop Aspire m3201 and I straightened the pins of the processor as directed by my first original post and I also fixed the heatsink / cpu fan who had a broken wing. Now when I boot the p.c.the HSK/fan works at very high speed, so I had

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