Copyright infringement by Indian firm "Jingle Bells."

The Indian firm called bells, based in Noida, commits a gross violation of copyright of Apple and uses its own brand image on Apple patented material, claiming that to be their own. He has recently released a phone, nicknamed "freedom 251', below the price of US$ 4, but the company released a rip off material Apple. The phone incorporates the Safari icon for its icon by default, and the form factor of the phone looks like the iPhone 3G / iPhone 4. The society's Web site says that everything they have belongs to the company. But obviously, this is not true.

All I know is that the bells ring copy of Apple hardware is certainly ring bells in my head. The link to the terms of use for the company is located in makes it clear that whatever content is displayed by them, is theirs.

And what's your problem? This concern for Apple is not yours.

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    My paintings have been validated on Windows Live without my permission.  As a result, I learned that digital images are now available as a screen saver.  This is clearly in violation of the copyright laws.  I work in the legal field.

    According to me, that these photos come from an exhibition that I went in March 2012.  I sent my digital photo for the race Director.  If it uses Microsoft Windows and posted for the public to view, which is in violation of the rules on the exhibitors, what kind of action should I take?

    Hello Nake1,

    This forum would not be able to advise you on these issues that we deal only with issues related to the Windows operating system. Copyright issues are a legal issue and you should contact a qualified copyright lawyer to provide advice on the issue.

    However, you should contact the webmaster of the site that published your paint and ask them to stop and refrain from new publication. They are perhaps not aware that it is a copyrighted material they publish.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

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    Thank you


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    I received a communication from Utube.
    "Your video may have content that is owned or licensee by Rumblefish.
    No action is required on your part."
    "They claimed that it is" associated content ID ".

    I used one of the soundtracks provided by Windows Movie Maker to make the video.
    the track is one of the old classic Beethoven or Bach, I thought "public domain".

    Don't know what to do,
    Please notify.

    Cynthia Ann

    You must take this with YouTube respect the rights and the Copyright infringements in place.

    Corresponding content ID:

    Thank you

  • Sources of graphics of the copyright laws?

    Someone has some good sources, we can read on copyright of vector art (what kind of inspired by the work of others is normal and what is not)? Thank you

    I saw you posted an earlier thread with an illustration of example of Mall, she included the original and your derivative work. This thread seems to have now been removed by yourself or someone else? In any case, from what I've seen in this thread, I'd venture to say it would have been an example of plagiarism and copyright infringement. The context and content of your work was derived from the original, well beyond the reach of the simple inspiration, but rather in the scope with plagiarism.

    If you have decided to build a portfolio or creating work for the sale in this way and thanks to this technique you need to go forward with a lot of attention, the internet is a very small place and graphics people tend to have excellent visual reminder that time to see things. You could win a bad reputation very quickly once people start to see the direct connections to other visual works. In fact, there are entire websites, blogs and forums dedicated to the display of these violations of copyright and plagiarism on Visual works, illustrations, photography, web design, etc, others indicate when see and find. Not a list you want to be on or outside of.

    Learn how to be original, others use for inspiration, but take the time to do your work yourself.

    If you want to repost the examples you have posted in the thread with your illustration Mall as stated above, I don't know others could then provide more detailed, by taking as an example of your desired intentions.

  • Is there any way I can remove to concede Mozilla non exclusive, free of charge, worldwide license to use the content that I can download using Sync?

    I started to download Mozilla Sync to my computer, but stopped after reading an article in the terms of use. He States, "5. Your content in our Services: you can download content as part of the functionality of the Services. By downloading the content, you grant us hereby an exclusive, royalty-free license throughout the world to use your content in the context of the provision of Services. "Take you represent and warrant that your content will not infringe the rights of any third party and that it will comply with any content directive introduced by Mozilla ', so I stopped the download until I could learn more.
    I also think that your privacy under the heading synchronization policy says that Mozilla will strive to keep my content only as needed. If this is the case then by two distinct statements in your terms and conditions Privacy policy, you may deem it "necessary" to keep all my content that you want to use.
    My question is this, is it possible to deny the exclusive, royalty-free license throughout the world to use my content that I can download using your service of the Mozilla? "I will not be forced to allow anyone this type of license to use my art or writing ' ad arbitrium".

    IIRC, section 5 is basically guaranteeing that you are the real owner of the content that is uploaded to Sync, and that Mozilla is not going to get justice for copyright infringement, the content that you download is safe, and the terms are for a "license to use your content in the framework of the provision of Services' not even Mozilla can access.

  • This copy of windows 7 not genuine?

    OK, so I recently got a new computer parts, and with the new computer parts came a system restore. So I went ahead did system restore and had no problems, everything was an ok. Now, today, I start my pc to see "this copy of windows is not genuine" Whats all that way? I reinstalled windows 7 with built in the HP HARD drive Partition which holds a digital copy of windows for me restore several times before with no problems, now his screaming at me, saying: is not right? Please do help me, I don't want microsoft bursting through my door for "Copyright infringement" when its authentic = /

    Nevermind I fixed it all, thank God I still had my old box with the label top xD

  • Vorbis tags

    I have some MP3 files which badges are not read correctly, even if I think it's maybe the issue of vs UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, so I run those through MusicBrainz Picard again soon with all the appropriate options.

    However, I also have problems with some Vorbis tags.  Using the firmware.22, in case anyone is wondering.

    In this case, the artist is as 'unknown' on the "rocket".  I used the vorbiscomment command to move the tag in the music file present in a sinewave ogg file so that I can post here without fear of copyright infringement. , But here it is:

    OK, I think I actually solved this myself, a little

    I moved the "artist =" comment at the top of the list of comments, then re-written using vorbiscomment.  I read in seeking that someone had problems with album art, so I theorized that move forward the albumart comment (which is huge) might help.  And that's the case.  No album art, but eh, it's OK.

    I can probably script to 'fix' my vorbis files.

    I think this might be a candidate for a fix of bug pour.23... someone knows how to get the proper attention?

  • copy a picture from a site to the computer for use elsewhere / site

    I want to download photos from a website to my pc for use on other sites or copy/printing

    Hello shylajames,

    Trying to copy some photos/illustrations/text of a site to be included in another can make you responsible for copyright infringement. You will need the permission of the owner of the copyright to use a work of authorship. It can also a tax payable for that permission.

    There are sites that have material that is part of the public domain which is not copyright protected. You can use the material of this type of site. You could try Googling for 'Copyright free photo' or something similar.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

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  • How to translate the en language pack - us language of myanmar to win 7/8?

    We want to get the myanmar language pack to use microsoft windows 7 or 8. And we are ready to translate the language EN-US Myanmar officially. But don't know how to start and treat. Please kindly give me suggestions for this services try step by step.

    Thank you and we hope to get a good suggestion
    Zay Nyi


    First of all, Imran.

    You were there enough useless. Almost obstructive in fact. Zay offers to WRITE and BUILD the Microsoft Myanmar Language Pack. He wanted the coordinates of a person in MS to whom he could talk. NOT the Service Support automated! Someone real and TRUE! Think you can do it for him?

    Hi Zay,

    As a user of Vista 64 with friends of Myanmar on Facebook, I'd love to see a Myanmar language pack. Many of the positions set up are in the Myan' script and I can not see, and even less READ.

    However, I think you'll get anywhere with Microsoft. They are notoriously closed outside/freelance programming as evidenced by their refusal to make available source code. If you are unable to COPYRIGHT IT FIRST in the program language pack before you give MS any version of it. MS are known was "appropriated" before independent software, claiming MS Copyright Infringement.

    Good luck with your efforts, however. I can't wait to see such a language pack in the future.


  • Create video karaoke with text

    I am a beginner and I wanted to start a new project where I create a karaoke video.

    I make a line of text at a time, and I realized how highlight every word during playback of the song.

    I wonder how do I transition to the next line or the whole text.  For example, if I write 'Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells' How do I get this text disappear and the next line appears?  Each line is a separate layer?

    Thank you!

    It is about a zillion times easier and faster to do in Premiere Pro with simple animated titles. It is much easier to do longer projects like this in an NLE.

    If you insist to do everything in After Effects then you will in the end upward with a separate layer for each line of lyrics you want to animate on the screen. There are ways to analyze a voice on track in Premiere Pro and extract the words, then put those words on markers in an audio file and import this file into AE to help you with the time, but it's always easier in the first Pro.

    Here's what I'd do. Watch this tutorial on creating a text template live in After Effects for use in Premiere Pro. How to use the models Live text of After Effects in Premiere Pro | Adobe first Pro CC tutorials

    AE home build a model long enough for your longer sentence and set some type of place holder

    Open the Advanced Composition settings tab then check the box that says editable in Premiere Pro

    Save the AE project and import it in Premiere Pro

    When you deposit each new sentence in Premiere Pro adjust the time of the purchase of words using the extensible tool in the chronology of the sequence

    That's all.

    If you would like three or four styles of fade in and out, then make 3 or 4 model comps.

    If you stay inside the AE just start adding text layers, text animations and key all words framing by hand. Create the animation preset may help, but the first suggestion will be the fastest.

  • No right click Add?

    Hey DWers-

    I tried adding a none option to right click on my site. I know that it is a bit churlish and goes against the community spirit that has made the Internet what it is today, but at the same time, I paid for all but one of my images (permission for that one) and have spent hours writing the content. It's a bit frustrating that someone can come along and just take something that I've worked hard to create.

    I know there is no way to completely disable the right click option, but most of the "beeps" are lazy (that's why they fly) so that they are not willing to implement a deviation. Right now, it's like I'm leaving the key in the ignition of my car and making it easy to fly. I would like at least to break the window and cross the work of hotwiring the ignition.

    I did some research and it look like a java script is the way to go. Is this correct? Does it matter to DW? Will it have a delicate design? Just to add to the surface of the mushroom of the source code?

    I'd like to hear your opinions on this as well. As I said - I know this is a bit petty. Thank you.


    Hello Chris,

    here my "two cents" and voices of others stored in my library:

    If you really want to try, here my project: I'll give you here the link to a German site (no problem to adapt the source code) where you can create an alert box (BUT I remember David Powers 'case of opposition' to it):

    Rights Maust generator sperren > (der Albertbox-text me EIB Rechtsklick eines Besuchers) > Gewunschter text as Alertbox:

    means something like:

    Generator lock right button mouse > (Albertbox the text appears when right-clicking on a visitor) > suggested the alert message text:

    To discourage theft, use watermarks, lower quality or as digital watermarking images

    O. Nancy:

    Anything you post on the web can be downloaded and saved.  If you are concerned about copyright infringement...


    (1) If you have no rights, not to publish.

    (2) If you have the watermark with your Logo or URL.

    (3) digitally registry content.

    Creation of post 4).

    (5) fingers crossed and hope for the best...

    Good luck, Nancy O.

    Proportionally it is a wonderful philosophical discussion:


  • How to make the blue grid? PDF file at this link...

    How to make the blue background of the grid and the photo? PDF file at this link:


    I need to print, but with all this color, it would be a terrible blow to my toner!

    p.s. I have Presentation adobe acrobat x pro...

    You could do it with preflight check, but the more fundamental question is whose record is this? The author applied this model to prevent people of the cloth located below print / of copy, and you have permission to edit the document? These forums never will help people engage in copyright infringement.

  • Text to its outbreak

    Hello, this is my first time posting here and I came here specificially for this question, I'll have with the coding. I just started working with Action Script, so I apologize if this is a very easy to code.

    I want to know if it is possible to have a certain sound be triggered by a certain keyword?

    Love, say I type in 'Christmas' in a text box, (add a button named Submit) click the button submit, and do play something like "Jingle Bells"?

    If this is possible, is it possible that someone could point me in the right direction of the coding. Please and thank you!


    var jb:Sound = new JingleBells();  assuming that your sound has the class JingleBells

    submit_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.Click, f):

    function f(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    If (TF. Text == "Christmas") {/ / assuming that tf references your textfield entry.}

    JB. Start();



  • Security - prevention "Save as" feature

    I am a user of Version 8 and established the security password in its strictest form.  My problem is that the feature to save under is not prevented.  You can perform a file operation save as.  The new file retains all the password security that has been established with the parent file.  I need to find a way to prevent the operation of file save under is made.  As it is, during the validation of a PDF on the web, the user can still save a copy to their system.  I'm having a huge problem with copyright infringement.

    Any suggestions?

    As it is, during the validation of a PDF on the web, the user can still save a copy to their system.

    Everything on the web can be stored on the local system.

Maybe you are looking for

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