Correct the e-mail validation

I have a textfield that accepts an email address.

I want to check for validation as soon as the focus of the text is lost.

Check the settings should be:

1. for example,[email protected]. Someemail here is the local part of the address, which typically identifies the user.

2. the local part cannot contain spaces (except if it is cited, which is rare, as in ' robert mitchell"").

3. the local party also cannot contain special characters various, as the following: () <> , ' @:; \\ [ ].  If anyone tries to create an e-mail address that looks like <(([[))> I want to reject outright.

4. the local part can and often it contains characters period, as in [email protected], but the periods must be preceded and followed by alphanumeric characters (that is, I can't use an email address for example[email protected]).

5. the domain may contain more than one period, as in [email protected], but it cannot begin or end with a period (as in [email protected]). [Finally, the guidelines permit but discourage a domain literal, as in robert@[].

These are the criteria I want to check in my validation code.

I used this area at the present time. A label of the E-mail: and a box to contain input (editfield)

I know there is a


But it has very limited validation. If someone can guide in each of these methods, I would be grateful.

//Add box next to field for containing input of email
       HorizontalFieldManager hfm2 = new HorizontalFieldManager();
       LabelField lbl2 = new LabelField(" Email:                  ");

       final EditField TextField3 = new EditField()

            protected void layout(int maxWidth, int maxHeight)
                super.layout(Math.min(maxWidth, 300), Math.min(maxHeight, 20));
            protected void paint(Graphics g)
                        g.drawRect(0,0, 50, 50);
                        int oldColor = g.getColor();
                        g.fillRect(0, 0, this.getPreferredWidth(), this.getPreferredHeight());
                        g.drawRect(100, 100, 50, 50);
       TextField3.setBorder(BorderFactory.createRoundedBorder(new XYEdges(6,6,6,6)));

Thank you.

Hi Tech

Try this function. may be useful for you.

public static boolean Emailval(String email)
        if (email == null || email.length() == 0 || email.indexOf("@") == -1 || email.indexOf(" ") != -1) {
            return false;
        int emailLenght = email.length();
        int atPosition = email.indexOf("@");

        String beforeAt = email.substring(0, atPosition);
        String afterAt = email.substring(atPosition + 1, emailLenght);

        if (beforeAt.length() == 0 || afterAt.length() == 0) {
            return false;
        if (email.charAt(atPosition - 1) == '.') {
            return false;
        if (email.charAt(atPosition + 1) == '.') {
            return false;
        if (afterAt.indexOf(".") == -1) {
            return false;
        char dotCh = 0;
        for (int i = 0; i < afterAt.length(); i++) {
            char ch = afterAt.charAt(i);
            if ((ch == 0x2e) && (ch == dotCh)) {
                return false;
            dotCh = ch;
        if (afterAt.indexOf("@") != -1) {
            return false;

        for (int i = 0; i < afterAt.length(); i++) {
            char ch = afterAt.charAt(i);
            if (!((ch >= 0x30 && ch <= 0x39) || (ch >= 0x41 && ch <= 0x5a) || (ch >= 0x61 && ch <= 0x7a)
                    || (ch == 0x2e) || (ch == 0x2d) || (ch == 0x5f))) {
                return false;
            if ((ch == 0x2e) && (ch == dotCh)) {
                return false;
            dotCh = ch;

        dotCh = 0;
        for (int i = 0; i < beforeAt.length(); i++) {
            char ch = beforeAt.charAt(i);
            if (!((ch >= 0x30 && ch <= 0x39) || (ch >= 0x41 && ch <= 0x5a) || (ch >= 0x61 && ch <= 0x7a)
                    || (ch == 0x2e) || (ch == 0x2d) || (ch == 0x5f))) {
                return false;
            if ((ch == 0x2e) && (ch == dotCh)) {
                return false;
            dotCh = ch;
        return true;

Thank you


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    String s = (String) oapagec ontext.getParam eter("Submit");

    OAMessageTextIn putBean = EmailCheck (OAMessageTextIn putBean) oawebbean.findChildRecursive ("Email");

    If (s.equals ("prese it") & & EmailCheck.getV alue (oapagecont ext)! = null)


    String Email = EmailCheck.getV alue (oapagecont ext) m:System.NET.SocketAddress.ToString ();

    String outParamValue;

    OADBTransaction txn = oapagecontext.g etApplicationMo dule (oawebbean) .getOADBTransac tion();

    CallableStateme cs = txn.createCallableStateme nt nt ("start: 1: = XXBR_CHECK_EMAI L(:2);") End; ",1) ;



    cs.registerOutP arameter (1, Types.VARCHAR);

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    super.processFo rmRequest (oapag digit, oawebbean);




    pl/sql code is-

    FUNCTION to CREATE or REPLACE xxbr_check_emai l (l_user_name in VARCHAR)


    l_dot_pos NUMBER;

    l_at_pos NUMBER;

    l_str_length NUMBER;


    l_dot_pos: = instr (l_user_na me )


    l_at_pos: = instr (l_user_na me )


    l_str_length: = length (l_user_n soul);

    IF ((l_dot_pos = 0) OR (l_at_pos = 0) OR (l_dot_pos = l_at_pos + 1) OR)

    (l_at_pos = 1) OR (l_at_pos = l_str_length) OR

    (l_dot_pos = l_str_length))



    END IF;

    IF instr (substr (l_ user_name ))


    ,'.') = 0



    END IF;


    END xxbr_check_email;


    have you checked this note: Validation of the email in the external candidates (Doc ID 1182533.1) registration process

    Thank you


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    If you use the table in the example below, you will notice when you double-click on TEST_DEMO , which transports you to the properties of the Table, there is no place to view or change the constraints validation.  I guess that they are subject to constraints of Table-level but they are no where.

    Here is the example:















    For column-level constraints, double-click the column name in the table properties dialog box. Detailed properties appears. Are there constraints and default values.

    For the table level validation constraints, open the physical model (under relational node) and open the node of the table. Then you will see a Table Check Constraint level node. You can't go to the diagram.

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    Thank you very much!

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    Also, did you put a check mark on "my server requires authentication"?

    1. When you return to the dialog box accounts Internet, click on the Mail tab (if the dialog box going Internet is not open, click the Tools menu and then click accounts).
    2. Select your AOL IMAP account.
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    I changed my email password on my gmail account using the web browser on my desktop. But I have difficulties to access the e-mail on my Torch settings so that I can type the new password. I go to 'Set up' and then have the choice of the "Internet mail account" or "business account". I click on the first and get a page entitled "existing users". Then I type my user name and password. I guess that this refers to my blackberry user name and password. But when I type the info and press "contuinue" I get a message saying "the user name is not valid. A user name must be at least 4 characters." My user name is my gmail address, which includes 16 letters before

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you.

    Very well. Problem solved. Apparently when I first set up my Blackberry with my service provider, I did a combo of name of user and password on the Web site. Of course, I forgot all that I ever needed it again--until even two days ago.

    The trick is to contact your service provider and request the user name if you forgot. They can then send you a new password if you don't remember the original. With the correct username and the new password, you should be able to access e-mail settings, and then click the relevant e-mail account and change the password.

    It worked for me in any case. Good luck for the rest of you.

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    Unfortunately it doesn't seem wise to disable antivirus because in business, even if you wait for an attachment and you know the source, the technical capabilities of the source is not always known.

    I suggest to disable antivirus. Indeed, it would be a bad choice.
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    Some form of holding directory which allow scanning prior to arrival in the mail app would be nice

    I don't know what you want to achieve by doing this. Yet once, any malware eventually joined an e-mail won't hurt as long as you do not deliberately open or run the attachment.

    Save an attachment to disk and then let it scan by anti-virus would be a good strategy.

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    I've dealt with this for months and months, and it drives me crazy. I have my email from Comcast (IMAP) account as my email account (accessible via Macbook Pro running El Capitan and my iPad), and whenever I turn the e-mail or the computer wake from mode standby, he asks my Mail password (Comcast). Fifty times a day. (I am also invited my password if I turn on the Notes, which is also attached to this same email account.) When I type the password, it works fine. The password also works fine if I connect to my email through webmail account, and Mail runs without problem on the iPad. HOWEVER, my password does NOT work if I try to enter through Internet/system preferences accounts. "I always get"Unable to connect to the account"/ unable to verify the account name or password" it.

    I tried constantly to get messages to remember the password in Mail preferences (by clicking on automatically detect and maintain settings settings advanced SMTP, remove information from keychain, etc, etc), but really, what I would try is to remove my account from Comcast Internet accounts and add new. Is it safe? I don't really want to remove the e-mail account; I just put it up again in the hope that some adjustment is messed up is corrected. But I don't want to lose my (value of years of) emails or folders and I don't want to lose my Notes either.

    Would I be able to reimport my mailboxes and notes (from my program Notes), if I delete the account and then set up again immediately in the accounts on the Internet?

    Yes, for IMAP accounts.

  • Emails sent via Thunderbird are not saved on the e-mail server.

    I have a critical problem with the backup of the emails I sent to Thunderbird.

    The application works very well, that everyone sent mail is correctly saved in the folder "sent" located in the e-mail account of TB.
    The problem is that messages are not saved on the mail server associated with (in this case,, so whenever I have to reinstall the software, I lose all my outgoing emails. If I access my email on account and email from there, it is regularly saved in the sent folder there.

    I would be grateful if someone could
    (i) say me if it is a known problem, and if there is a way to remedy through Thunberdird server or Composition settings.
    (ii) if there is a way around the problem by saving the file 'sent' located in the Thunderbird mail folder on my HARD drive. Is it possible, after the reinstallation of the application, to paste the file sent to the Mail folder? And I want to save the "Sent.msf" file as well?

    Thank you much for the help.

    The problem is that messages are not saved on the mail server associated with (in this case,,.

    With a POP account, this is the expected behavior. Only the Inbox folder is visible on the server, all the other files are the.

    To access the other folders on the server, for example your sent folder, you need to configure your account as an IMAP account.

    so whenever I have to reinstall the software, I lose all my outgoing emails.

    You should not need to reinstall the software in the first place. And even if you do you will not lose any position, unless you deliberately remove your Thunderbird profile.
    With pop, all mail is local to your computer, including the "sent" folder.

    If there is a way around the problem by saving the file 'sent' located in the Thunderbird mail folder on my HARD drive.

    In fact, you must back up the entire profile.
    _ _FAQs_:_Backing_Up_and_Restoring

    Is it possible, after the reinstallation of the application, to paste the file sent to the Mail folder?

    As said before, nothing is lost when reinstalling the application. If you want to move to a new computer by simply moving the profile.

    do I have to save the "Sent.msf" file as well?

    If you want to backup files individual mail, you don't need to save the *.msf files. They are just the index files and contain no mail. They are rebuild automatically when you start Thunderbird.
    In any case, to save the entire profile is the recommended method.

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