CPU utilization 100% - according to HP Insight

HP Pavilion a4316 - Win 7 Home Ed.  6 GB Mem - 1 t hard dr.  The last 4 days I received an alert from Norton Insight: "Info, high CPU usage: graphic windows audio device detected, no action required isolation."  Process ID5240 CPU 100% of the CPU at least one... - Source file: audiodg.exe

Is this serious?   I download applications or programs very little.  I have upgraded my Norton Internet Security, towards the end of February 2012, but this problem just started about 4 days ago.

Any help would be appreciated.  Twinkie


Thanks for the reply.  I'll just ignore it too.


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  • Goes from CPU to 100% for seconds on Qosmio F becsue of svchost.exe

    My Qosmio often goes to a State of '100% ' for seconds, it is impossible to use the device. All I can do is wait. Normally it's svchost that catches the resources. Kill the process resolves the issue until the next time.

    I have normally 3 instances of svchost. I have 1 GB of RAM. TaskManager shows that I have 66 process, most of which I have not the slightest idea on what they do, but the event although they do not walk, do occupy memory.

    Any help?

    Analyze the operating system for any virus, malware and Trojan applications

    Check this thread on the svchost.exe and CPU utilization:

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    One of the ips ssm-10 active, showing the CPU sometimes 100% and sometimes 0% usage

    is this normal or something else?

    Also find attachments

    Well Hi,

    As I said in the previous to your post, this cpu bar is not the correct indication of load inspection ips:

    "CPU utilization statistics are not a good indication of the processing of sensor load. "The percentage of charge of inspection in the output of its use during the last 5 s 100 "


    Rate if this can help!

    Kind regards

    Akshay Rouanet

  • Portege R100 - CPU usage 100%


    Everyone knows about this problem?
    My Portege R100 after installing the new copy of Windows XP and directly after the installation of the display driver, Trident (reboot) bizarre behavior.

    Welcome screen goes white on the lower part (when the first yellow line is). Then I have some software problems.

    When to start records search engine, when I update the list of wireless networks and I explore the files by clicking on 'My computer', (this does not happen when I right click on START and 'Explore') displays CPU usage 100% and everything is so slow that I can barely move a cursor.

    Everything goes back to normal once I closed above applications.
    I can install all drivers and all right, but after Trident display it is bad.

    This is the driver I use since I bought the laptop, I do not know that is fine.
    I installed it several times before and I have a few copies of it, which I've already tried so it must be good.

    The cross thing only my mind is a hardware failure.
    Someone of you knows than before?

    Thank you...

    It has nothing to do with your computer - this is the trident driver problem - there is a work - around
    Try changing your display configuration-

    (1) right click on your mouse to the desktop to bring up the display property, and then click Advanced - here, you will see a tab say somethng like 'graphic acceleration.
    (2) reduce the rate of acceleration - move the tab to the left - make sure it is not full
    (3) this trident driver can cause the BONE to redraw the screen whenever you move your mouse with some applications

    If my post is not detail for you
    Try google with the keyword "how to turn off the graphics acceleration in windows xp" - you will get some good instructions

    That will solve your problem!

    Good luck and enjoy your nice laptop!


  • Sampling runs CPU at 100%

    I use a NI 4472 DSA and have a minor problem when executing the example the spectrum analyzer code. Pegs the CPU to 100% when I taste > 25 k. y at - it a known solution for this problem?

    Hi talltubatom,

    The behavior you're seeing is the nature of the DAQmx driver. Ce KB explains this behavior for 7.4 of DAQmx and superior.  If you are looking to reduce the use of CPU, you can use the mode 'waiting', otherwise, if you use 'return', you will still see high CPU usage, but if you need other programs to run, they will see the necessary CPU.  Let me know if you have any other questions on this, have a great day!

  • Read the CPU hits 100% in the FIFO usage

    I have a PC in real-time with a card of RIO 7833R. I write the values that I read a microphone in a FIFO at a sampling rate of 4 kHz.The length of the FIFO is 2048. The PC in real-time, when I call 'FIFO read' function to read say 400 data samples, the use of CPU time real PC hits 100%. Why is it so? The function 'Read FIFO' is placed inside a while loop.

    Thank you


    Hi Prashant,

    Reading the FIFO is a method of querying, so if the number of elements specified to read are not available when the method is called, it queries the FPGA until they are.  This causes the CPU to 100% usage. You can find more information on this subject and a way around this here.

  • Windows XP I often setup.exe keeping the CPU at 100% for at least a few minutes.

    Running Windows XP, I often setup.exe keeping the CPU at 100% for at least a few minutes... this process can be completed or ignored?

    "Setup.exe" is a generic term used by many applications.  The short answer is 'yes', it's OK to complete the process, but you really need to know what it is and why it continues to run.

    You probably need to download, install, update and run these free malware scanner (not at the same time):
    MalwareBytes AntiMalware

    If that is not fix things, and assuming that this process begins when you start the computer, download, install, and run Autoruns.  When Autoruns has finished scanning, click the 'Connection' tab and look for the line that contains "setup.exe".  You can just uncheck the box on the left, or remove the item, which will prevent the routine of starting when Windows starts.

    Preferably, however, you should look at the path containing setup.exe where you should be able to deduce what application is trying to set itself up.  You can then take the appropriate measures, which may be simply delete the folder that contains the file.  Note that if you delete the file, you must ALSO remove the line in Autoruns, otherwise you will get a "file not found" error every time Windows starts.

  • My computer redirects me to random pages and turn my CPU at 100%... I think that his "ping.exe".can someone help?

    Original title: ping.exe

    I have something on my computer that redirects me to random pages and runs my CPU at 100%... I think that his "ping.exe".can someone help?

    MalwareBytes's AntiMalware - no AntiVirus. ;-)

    Probably your best bet - flatten (wipe) the system and start from scratch.  You will need your most recent backup (your stuff, like your documents, photos, music, video, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, bookmarks/Internet favorites, e-mail contacts, serial number, proof of purchase/receipts, that may have been scanned in, etc. and so on...) and a good list of installed software and hardware specifications (I suggest Belarc Advisor running on the current system and print the results if possible) then you can get the drivers before or after installation.

    Of course, you will also need your multimedia installation product key/serial numbers and that go hand in hand.  In Windows XP - there is no way for me to know (without telling you) what level your installation CD is... so you will need to install the SP2 and SP3 after installing the operating system.  I would leave it disconnected from the Internet (physically) until it is at least SP3 and you have confirmed its firewall is enabled and, if possible, you have installed an antivirus application.

    For you, I suggest the eSet 32 antivirus (not more) - which costs ~ $60 every two years for private users.  Add to that the MalwareBytes full package which costs, if I remember, ~ $25 for life.

    Then, once the system * is * connected to the Internet (physically) - get hardware drivers installed for everything and the rest 100 + installed post-SP3 updates.  Then you can worry about all your other programs and restore your files LAST.

  • "Task manager" and Norton AV cpu use 100% constantly, always etc.

    I'm looking at my roommate pc and same problem. under Win XP, SP3.  To run any program takes about 5 full minutes.  CPU use 100% in Norton Anti Virus (NAV) or the Task Manager.  For now I'm just using taskmanger to see the %.  The only way to get to 0-2% is to restart in safe mode.  Go to start/run and msconfig, checked the only button "Load System Services", is went to 'Services' tab, hid Microsoft services and disabled all services, and then restart.  The 100% cpu is always attached to 100%, but the pc certainly significantly faster programs. (almost normal)  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I ran a full NAV of the system scan and a spybot search and destroy scan which finds that some cookies.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Dear Palcouk, I found the problem.

    For someone who has either taskmanager/Norton AV and it shows cpu 100% stable, but when your pc is restarted in safe mode (press F8 repeatedly after reboot), it seems to fall to 0-2%.  Download and run Process Explorer. Once executed with your cpu showing 100%, look under the CPU column.  Regardless of the program see you running the stronger use of the processor is the problem.  You can check this out, as I did by right clicking and "kill process".  Then check your CPU usage again.  Must be 0-2%, which is normal if you are running many programs.  In my case of roommate when I flew over the mouse program svhost using a 99% cpu, it has demonstrated a program that comes from a HP servoce.  It turns out that she has recently reinstalled the drivers of hp printer and somehow it corrupted his PC.  The fix was to reinstall the HP software on write corruption because we were able to uninstall all HP software.  She told me that she was trying to 'fix' the software earlier, but it's probably where corruption has come.  Problem solved.

    Thank you


  • Windows 7 Laptop CPU at 100%


    Laptop Windows 7 turns to the CPU at 100%.  Reinstalled Windows 7 - same problem.  Remove it the battery, power on, replace the battery - unless there are problems.  Given the multitude of bugs online - still the same problem. Please notify.

    Thank you


    Is not a difference. Two of them work.

  • Desktop Windows 7 high CPU utilization

    I have a HP p6744y and for the last month the CPU worked 100% almost constantly. Read as many blogs ran so many viruses, malware and kill root programs without help. When I check treats all users, it lists svchost.exe sometimes ranked at 90 to the title using 7 236 k memory and local services. How can I make this stop before I kill this computer? I must say I think started after I installed an update of Java, could this be the cause? I read where you asked people to uninstall programs until it is resolved, but I'm sure that's the answer to my problem of nit. I hope you can help me. Thank you for your time.

    In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

    Please run the trace when you encounter the problem
  • Use of the CPU to 100% even with no applications running

    Separated from this thread.

    I just started having this same problem with the same processes on my machine Win7 Pro.

    He arrived two mornings on 10 minutes where my core i7 8 - 4770K runs between 70 and 95% of use.

    Also, I see that the Media Player LogAgent is 11% CPU utilization and is 1.4 G in size during this period.

    He has only recently begun past and seeing the previous comments make me think that it could be linked to a recent Windows Update.

    In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask
  • Use Windows 7 CPU to 100% only when it is plugged

    I post this topic only because my problem is quiet unusual. I found hundreds of topics related to 100% CPU usage in Windows 7, but none of them was related to this over-consumption of the processor during the charging of the battery. There is also a situation that 100% of CPU usage occurs while working on the battery, but my case is completely the opposite.

    Windows 7 x 64 prof. system goes to 100% CPU use occasionally and it becomes impossible to work. then all of a sudden, the problem goes away and everything works right. After a few days of work without problem the problem returns and so on. I did the fresh install several times and the problem appeared immediately after the installation of the system every time. Finally, I discovered, that it lasts only when the charger is plugged in when you are working on the battery, everything works correctly. pluggng immediately after the CPU reaches 100% usage and so on.

    laptop HP Compaq 6710 b, Windows 7 x 64-teacher system.


    Hello once again, Andre. Thank you for helping me. I tried to find such a framework (high precision event Timer) in my BIOS, but I did not: it seems to be fixed on my laptop. However, I found it in my Windows Device Manager and I have disabled HPET here, but it did not help in any case - there is no change in the use of the CPU (always 100%).

    BUT - I found an effective solution on my own! The thing was very simple - it was the fault of my power cord to the AC adapter / CC. I tried my colleague adapter and CPU usage dropped sharply to 5-10% on idle. Then I plugged my power adapter - use has exploded to 100%, and again, I used my colleague adapter - use declined.


    It was a big surprise for me, because the problem occurred only from time to time. Apart from this, the laptop work properly. I tried hundreds of things, including the reinstallation of the system 3 times, change a hard drive (which seemed to make some strange sounds), my memory test, install the latest drivers from HP, change settings loading, etc. Only after buying a new battery (the old one was not operation at all) I noticed that the problem goes away after unplugging the AC adapter.

    I lost a lot of time trying to solve this problem and it was very frustrating, I also found that a lot of people have similar problems, so if you, dear reader, have 100% CPU use problem, unplugg your power adapter first know, that it's abandoned.

  • Very high CPU utilization

    Hi all

    We have several standards work of the Disqualification created to standardize the data from the source systems. Among all, there are 2 positions causing the CPU usage greater than 97% throughout the work. For the jobs of rest with the same logic, but the source systems different data do not take this as the CPU usage.

    Run these 2 high CPU utilization causing positions for 50 k records and also around 1 lakh separately but still the CPU usage remains the same. that is more than 97%. Are there other specific job setting or settings that causes this problem? For the rest, the jobs CPU usage is average only 55%. Performance wise, it is not accepted and PT test sign off is blocked because of this.

    Appreciate your suggestions! @

    Thank you

    Amol 971-505343978


    Why do you think the high utilization of the processor is a bad thing? On the contrary, Disqualification treat this work as soon as possible. While other jobs [that run at 55%] are i/o bound and probably run a lot faster if you were to set the I/O bottleneck.

    Kind regards


  • Bass on Adobe Premiere Pro CPU utilization


    I'm dealing with low CPU utilization on the export of videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. The use is between 40 and 50%. My equipment should not be the problem.

    Well... tells us a part of your question, is that your writing export is part of which slows things down. Note that when you write the file much smaller, which unless disk activity to do this, your CPU usage increases.

    Yes... you need several discs with your project better laid out. As suggested.


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