Create a digital signature

How to create a digital signature using Adobe Reader?


You must have an extended version read the PDF file including the existing signature field to create free signature using Adobe Reader. Please see the attached file.

~ Deepak

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  • Acrobat Pro DC - failed to create the digital signature field


    I use a trial version of Acrobat Pro DC and PREPARATION of a form to an existing PDF document. I can't find a way to create a digital signature field that can be "click (to sign).

    Note: The existing .pdf has a digital signature field works but when I click on 'Prepare the form' and select this shape, it blocks every time Adobe Acrobat Pro. I must change the .pdf first, delete the existing digital signature field, save the .pdf, then on 'Prepare the form' and select it with the required signature checked.

    I read several articles in the knowledge base and tutorials that refer to an icon in the toolbar of the digital signature, but I have not this icon can be selected. That's what I see:

    When I select the available signature icon (envelope with x) this simply creates a text field, that when the document is opened in Adobe Reader, this field disappears when you click it.

    I tried with Adobe Acrobat Pro on Windows 7 as well as currently on Mac OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite). Help to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    The problem is that you have selected the signing required check box. When you do this, it limits you to a form that is compatible with Adobe sign, which allows no digital signature fields. What you can do is to click on the more button in the right panel and select "Back to the form of Acrobat" and you will be able to add digital signature fields.

  • Failed to create a digital signature with acrobat 8

    We have acrobat 8.  My husband has a digital signature, but when I try to sign electronically, its digital signature appears and does not give me the ability to create my own.  How can I create my own digital signature on this software?

    I do not have Acrobat 8, but in Acrobat 7 and 9, it is under "Advanced > security settings", which prints a window where you can add a digital ID.

  • create a digital identity and signature certificates approved as well as creation and appearance preferences.

    How to create a digital signature from the identity and approved certificates area, but they use the image of my real signature rather than the suburbs generated text? It would be combining all upward for the certificates and the creation and appearance options.

    Signing and trust certificates are generally different. Signing certificates are digital IDs and trust under certificates of trust. Although you can add a certificate to the signature of the certificate trust and there are cases where this is recommended, so that you will be able to use a certificate for signing (with key private and public) you must include it in the digital IDs. Most certificate in the approved identities have only the public key. Certificate without the private key cannot be used for signing.

  • I can't find the password for the digital signature. How to create a new.

    Several months ago, I created a digital signature. Now, I need and that you do not have the password. I don't know how to create a new. Any suggestions?  I'm not a person 'tech' so if you have any suggestions please make it simple!


    I'm sorry but there is no option to recover the password for the digital signature.

    You can create a new one by following these steps in Acrobat Reader ms.

    Edit-> preferences-> Signatures-> identities Trusted certificates $-> more and click on "Add ID".

    You will see another dialog box and choose according to your requirement in case you want to create a new one by using an existing ID or with a new ID.

    Let us know hot, happening.


    Sukrit diallo

  • Cannot create transparent stamp signature more in Acrobat XI

    I recently noticed, to my annoyance, I can't create a stamp transparent signature in Acrobat XI more.

    Previously, when I clicked on "Signature of Place", I was given a "buffer" sort of transparent with which I was able to put a signature in a document where I wanted to. This differs from sign with a certificate, because he did not ask my certificate password and I didn't draw a box - it was just a stamp.

    I'm still able to create a digital signature secure by drawing a rectangle whose image of my signature. However, the image still appears to be centered in the rectangle, making it difficult to guess exactly what size the rectangle when I sign a document so that I can get the signature to the right place. In addition, the signature doesn't seem to be transparent at the signing of the certificates.

    Because security is usually not VERY important for me, it's much more convenient to be able to use the old method of signing "character". But when I click on "set the signature" it will default the secure digital signature. It doesn't seem to be a way to use the old signature stamp unsecured.

    This tool has been removed from Acrobat?

    If you have created a stamp in your signature that has a transparent background, you would use the stamp tool to apply it. In Acrobat 11 reach you the stamp tool by selecting: comment > Annotations > add stamp (stamp icon)

  • How to add email address to digital signature without unique name

    When I create a digital signature it allows me to enter the e-mail address.  The only way I can get on the signature e-mail is changing the name unique appearance and checking.  When I check what he adds my new name, location and e-mail address.  Is it possible to have only the name, email address and date?

    Thank you

    email is a part of the unique name and you get either all or nothing. You can activate strange name and/or Date when you create a custom look. Try using the latest version of Acrobat XI. I remember there were a few minor changes in appearances custom last year (or was it in Acrobat MS only, I don't remember).

  • How to create my electronic signature for the first time

    How to create my electronic signature for the first time

    Hi debbieh62171891,

    You can fill feature & signature to create a Signature in Adobe Reader. If you want to create a Digital Signature using Adobe Reader you must then a PDF form with signature inside and drive field expanded licence fees. In this case, when you click the signature field it will take you with the process of creating a Digital Signature.

    Thank you


  • link unwanted e-mail with digital signature

    I created a digital signature in adobe reader and now my email (MAC OX system) wants to access it whenever I have send an email. I deleted my Keychain Access certificate in Adobe utilities but I can't find out how to remove the link to my e-mail system.  Whenever I have email, I get the message that OS X wants to make changes. If I deny I get this message: an error occurred when trying sign this message with a certificate 'my address e-mail here. Check that your certificate to this address is correct, and that his private key is in your keychain.

    Even if the certificate was there, I got this message. I loop so back to first ask for your permission changes. I never asked Adobe to start to sign my emails and cannot understand it. Help

    just worked out--Phew!

  • digital signature of a certificate

    I created a digital signature in adobe reader, there is a one-year certificate and is valid 5 years. How can I change the password?

    Shirley Millicans

    Hi shirleym33670907,

    It is not possible to change the password.

    If you have forgotten the password you will need to create a new digital signature, there is no way to recover it.

    Kind regards


  • How to make an electronic digital signature?

    How to create an electronic digital signature?


    If you want to create a digital signature based on certificates, you start to get a digital certificate. If you want to take advantage of the feature complete of digital signatures and then you get a reputable certification authority certificate. If you only want to ensure the integrity of the documents, you can create a certificate self-signed in Acrobat Pro. When you have a certificate add you it to the Acrobat digital IDs. After that you can start to sign your PDF documents using this certificate. In Acrobat XI go you to sign-> work with certificates-> sign the Document. Since version 11.0.7 that adobe Reader can also sign. Earlier versions of Reader requires that PDF is already ready to be signed by its author: includes fields from signature signed and is Reader extended for the signature.

    Make sure that when you get a certificate which is encrypted password, do you remember the password you may need several times.

  • Some issues related to the digital signature on an interactive form

    I just finished a contract of interactive advertising with a 128-bit encryption allowing recipients to submit CC of information securely to our publishing company. Even if the form in the upper fields allow to type the name of an authorized person, the signature on the bottom line is having problems because so that everyone to sign, they need a digital signature.

    (1) is it necessary? If so, is it possible to automate it for customers, so they do not have to go through the process of creating one?

    (2) how to create a digital signature for my partner and have the form SUBMIT button channel back to his address of e-mail instead of mine (which it does because of another interactive form, that I created in which I was the person for returns)? I couldn't find anything in the 'properties' of the OK button that allowed me to enter an e-mail address.

    I thank very you much for your help here. It's time-sensitive, because we need get the package ASAP.

    1 if you need a digital signature, then set up a digital ID is required to sign a digital signature field. So the question is really more fundamental: you need people to sign the form with a digital signature? If you say yes, what are the reasons?

    2. If you use the distribution process in Acrobat so thatt you can collect form data in an answer file, you should distribute the form using the other person with Acrobat installed on machine.

    If you don't want to do this and you want to only collect the documents returned without putting the data in an answer file, you can configure your own submit button using any email address you want and that you do not use the distribution process. You must activate the document reader and then send or otherwise get for users. How to configure the Send button depends on how you want it to run exactly and which version of Acrobat you are using. More information can be found here:

    If you want to continue to go through the process of distribution and want to change the email address it uses, you can change it to: Edit > references > identity > Email address

    You will then have to redistribute the form with a copy of the form as it existed before your first distribution. The answer file will be on your machine.

  • I have created a new digital signature for my boss

    Hi all

    I have created a new digital signature for my boss and then I went through the process and create a password and repeated and then I clicked on finish but then when I try to sign a document, it says that my password is incorrect which I know it is good.

    Any help please.


    Hi kirka75318474,

    Please perform the steps given in this link: Re: I don't know any password for the digital signature or the different menu options to remove the same. I need a new digital signature file, or the possibility of placing my signature on a document, as I did years.

    Let us know if you face any problem.

    Thank you!


  • How can I create a second digital signature related to my alternate email?  I want to have two digital signatures with passwords.

    How can I create a second digital signature related to my alternate email?  I want to have two digital signatures with passwords.

    I think you mean digital certificate to sign (digital ID). You can create as many of them as you want. Simply select "New ID" in the field "sign in" in the dialog box "sign.

  • I want to use the digital signature on a form filliable but cannot. My digital signature is created, but I can't use it.

    I want to use the digital signature on a form to fill out, but can't. My digital signature is created, but I can't use it.

    If you want to type their name, you can add a text field, but they can do it in any case either by using the comment tool to add text or the pencil comment (if they want to hand-draw draw a signature).

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