Creative Cloud Packager fails with Error Oops something went badly wrong, please try again

It is a Windows installation. Research on this error suggests a solution to remove the CCP directory under the local profile, but it did not work. Tried to run the tool on a number of machines as well behind the firewall/proxy and using an unsecured connection, but always fails. Very frustrating. We are a Department Gov and use a subscription to creative cloud teams. That's where I download the last PAC called CCPLauncher, although I also tried the version on the LWS site with same bad results. Any help much appreciated.


Hi Tracey,

Please try to run it on the machine outside the network.

You can also try to download Packager of: Adobe CC 2014 Direct Download Links: Creative Cloud 2014 Release. ProDesignTools

Please share the results.

Thank you

Atul Saini

Tags: Adobe

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