I'm currently using a GeForce FX5200 PCI 128 MB VGA card on my pc and it worked very well for many years, today I bought the GeForce FX5500 PCI VGA 256 MB card and I had six beeps with red light flushing flushing (video error) on start-up after installing it.

When I drove to the store to return the card, they tested it for me and it worked perfectly on other machines, but this still does not work on mine. Is there something that I should change or configure it to work?

If this card is not compatible with my model, please advise on a good upgrade for Compaq dc7100 slimline Desktop VGA card which is 256 MB or higher.

Thank you

SneedoGP, if you are certain that the card is installed properly, it may be that the power supply unit (PSU) has not enough power to power the card correctly.  The PSU is 200W.  I don't know all the cards that will be an upgrade that will work correctly with this power.

Here is the "Technical reference Guide"to the computer.

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    I tried to add a 2nd monitor to my HP AU245AV using a PCI video card.  Unfortunately the built-in VGA port get disabled.

    I was going to add two additional monitors, but this problem has blocked me on 2.  How can I keep the integrated VGA port enabled after adding other PCI video cards.  Nothing jumped eyed me in BIOS and I see no DIP switches on the motherboard.

    mfaklis wrote:
    How can I keep the integrated VGA port enabled after adding other PCI video cards.

    You can not.  Turning off the video of the motherboard when adding a PCIe card is a 'feature '.

  • Windows 7 - Pci to Pci bridge (error: Code 10)-PCI video card

    Before that I declare my problems I will list what I'm running and I am trying to accomplish.

    I'm under edition 64-bit of Windows 7 Enterprise, not the Beta or RC. I have 3 video cards in my possession (listed below).
    -(PCIe) Evga GTX260
    -(PCI) Evga 9400GT
    -Evga (PCI) Fx5500
    Out of these 3 cards I only use the GTX260 and the 9400GT. I had to "retire" the Fx5500 because drivers latest WHQL (certified) only provided support as far down as the cards of Nvidia "6 series". Unfortunately the Fx5500 is a 'series 5' and falls below this line. I already tried to use the GTX260 and Fx5500 in earlier versions of Windows (XP and Vista), but there is no way to download and install two separate drivers for two of the same video card do - you will have nothing else to errors. There is the option to go to a place like guru3d.com and download a supported driver custom which covers both the GTX260 Fx5500, but drivers are not certified and lack support. Therefore, I bought and now use the 9400GT is covered by pilots for the GTX260, which eliminates the need for messing around with custom drivers. Also, the 9400GT has a better graphics processor and more memory than the Fx5500, so it was time to upgrade anyway.

    Now that you have some info here is my problem, whenever I have install the 9400GT as I get a second entry "pci to pci bridge" (the other entrance has no errors) that appears under "System devices" in Device Manager. The entrance of bridge pci to pci second has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point, which refers to a problem. When you check the properties of this unit it is more or less said that Windows has detected a problem (error Code 10). The GTX260 is still working and still comes in "graphics cards" as a GTX260, but there is no entry for the 9400GT. I tried the 9400GT in two PCI ports and each time it does the same thing. If I get out the GTX260 and ONLY operate the 9400GT, I always get the question of the pci to pci bridge, BUT I get a picture and can boot into Windows 7 without a hitch. When I do that it is still nothing listed under "graphics cards" as a 9400GT or even a VGA compatible device.

    After messing around with this for 10 hours (Yes, I said 10 hours) I decided to dig my retirement (the Fx5500) PCI video card. When I installed this card I had no entry bridge PCI to pci 2nd appear under "System Devices", and one that appeared had no yellow triangle or error codes. I then checked under "Graphics cards" and Windows 7 it was recognized as a VGA-compatible device and asked for drivers.

    Now, I have concluded that there is absolutely no problem with the motherboard or my material (including video cards). In a first time EVGA support and I had suspected that the motherboard may be bad because of all the pre-diagnostic steps I had taken during my test of 10 hours. I won't enumerate what I did because it would literally take 3 hours to type everything in it. Just believe me when I say I've tried many things including but not limited to the latest bios updates (flashed 4 times and reset to ensure accuracy), IRQ customized management, all OS X 2, multiple/latest chipset drivers installed, reinstalling video multiple/last drivers installed, memtest test, complete equipment disassembly and re - build (adding a device at a time) and MUCH more. The only thing I have not tried installing another OS other than Windows 7 64 - bit to see if I could reproduce the problem. It's a waste of time, but because that let's say I install Windows XP Pro and the 9400GT doesn't have this problem... Well, that's fine, but who cares on XP Pro when I used it for the last 9 years and when I have a version full of Windows 7 I want to use? I'm certainly not running XP Pro on Windows 7 just to use the PCI video card. Second, if I install XP Pro and it always gives me the same error of bridge pci to pci and then, I only lost more time than because if it s not to go to work or the other OS, then I m sure that hell will not leave XP Pro installed when I use Windows 7.

    Thank you

    Maybe a stupid question now but has your post anything to do with Toshiba and Toshiba computers laptops?

  • ThinkCentre M51 SFF 8104 - PCI graphics card

    I'm hoping to add a second graphics card for my Ultra small, M51, which has only a 32-bit PCI (not PCIe) slot. While I am aware that much slower speed of the PCI in the PCIe (or even AGP) bus stop from playing any modern (say > 2005) games, I'm not really that interested in 3D performance. The main reason I want the additional card is so I can use an output for my projector (not HD) and maybe even plug a third monitor integrated card (Intel GMA 900) - if I'm not forced to disable this. Is this likely to work? Has anyone here successfully added a PCI graphics card to a ThinkCentre, or any other computer with an Intel 915GV (* blech *) motherboard chipset?

    I know that some people suggest you need a bigger power supply for some of the fastest PCI cards, but I'm not sure about this. For a card that will be classified as PCI, it must be within the electrical specifications for the PCI bus, which includes the voltage and current, no? If I'm wrong about this, I would be happy to settle for something more modest, as long as it provides DVI output, some 3D acceleration, but also MPEG decompression. Any input on this very appreciated!

    Another restriction could be the space required for the card, the case accepts a PCI full-height, half-length, but will be a little better maybe with a card low profile to leave a little more room for air circulation. I certainly don't think that a passively cooled card would work as there is virtually no room for air circulation. And even with an actively cooled card, I recognize that I might need to add a few extra air holes.

    Why go through all this trouble? Well, I love the little ThinkCentre Ultra compact. The case is very well built, it is very pretty in this industrial kind so that IBM had so well - and it's very nice and quiet too (despite the P4HT Prescott). Gigabit LAN, 6 USB, 3.5 "HDD bay (got a 1 TB drive is and the fact that I can use my laptop DVD burner into the UltraBay slot are all nice positives.) I'm not a fan of large desktop computers and can not afford a mini-ITX with PCIe system...

    For any help or suggestion very appreciated!


    P.S. PCI graphics cards I've been looking at are GeForce 8400 GS Sparkle and 9400 GT cards as well as Radeon X 1300 VisionTek and X 1550. And then there's the new ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO too!

    Update: I have now installed a graphics PowerColor HD 2400 Pro PCI in my system. I had to replace the passive radiator with a combination of radiator & fan (the card has holes of standard editing for it), because there was not enough room for it. Also, the case is so narrow that there is no way the airflow around the PCI slot would have been sufficient to adequately cool the GPU. Unfortunately I could not find the drivers for the use of this card under Windows 2000 (my OS preferred) so I'm stuck with XP - but the card works fine and I can get today with the built in Intel GMA chip, giving me three exits (2 x VGA, 1 x DVI) video. Perfect!



  • ATI Radeon 9250 256 MB pci video card and I can't have my pc to recognize.

    I have an ATI Radeon 9250 256 MB pci graphics card and I can't have my pc to recognize.  Does anyone know if it is compatiable with my motherboard Intel D865GLC AAC27501-403?

    I looked in the bios to disable the existing onboard video but I can't seem to locate it.

    I am running windows vista.  Is it not compatiable with Vista?

    It seems that the latest drivers available for this card are for Windows XP. I suspect that it won't work in Vista as a standard VGA card.

    "koubad" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    I have an ATI Radeon 9250 256 MB pci graphics card and I can't have my pc to recognize.  Does anyone know if it is compatiable with my motherboard Intel D865GLC AAC27501-403?

    I looked in the bios to disable the existing onboard video but I can't seem to locate it.

    I am running windows vista.  Is it not compatiable with Vista?

  • Z620: need help with the difference ("boot") of ssd pci-e cards and pci-e (BIOS) nand


    I intend to buy a card pci-express ssd for access/faster transfer, and I read the topics concerning the problem of booting from that ssd, but still did not understand much to be honest.

    what I noticed, is that HP620 should work with older (like turbodrive Z), but not the based NAND, new Z turbodrive G2,.

    or only with a few tricks.

    now to my question.

    Some people say, this new nand ssd pci - e cards require a boot uefi bios and a few options, I do not understand.

    as I have a regular bios (not), is it true that you cannot boot from these new ssd expansion slot, or are there tricks like the passage to the AHCI and a few other options in the bios?

    If this is not possible, I'd be limited to regular use SATA ssd, limited to 500 MB/s of bandwidth, right?

    Thanks for any help


    Found this info on the web;

    "There are actually two versions of the player. The original version uses the familiar AHCI Protocol, while a new variant is the NVM Express standard. The model of the AHCI is compatible with a wide range of motherboards and available among a wider selection of suppliers. »

    The version of NVMe is also supposed to be faster, but in reality, it is not much of a difference.

    I think that you need a motherboard with a socket m2 is to see a real difference in speed compared to the old version of AHCI.

    I understand that it is only the most recent Zx40 HP series range that supports readers NVMe but not sure 100%. It would certainly be a challenge trying to get one to work in a series of Zx20 HZ.

    My SM951 in CrystalDiskMark 5;

  • Satellite P200D - 11L - VGA card is dead


    My VGA on my Satellite P200D card just died. It has been overheating for a while with several abrupt closing of the bottom, but I have finals. This model has a very poor cooling, the design is very underrated. I thought that there was dirt on the inside, but when I took it out it was not. It was clean. The cooling block disappeared, but clean.

    Someone know what video card is compatible with my laptop and where can I get a cheap replacement?

    The serial number of my laptop: Satellite P200D - 11L, S/n: 97397677K
    My VGA card details: VGA BOARD M76 256 S/N: K000056620

    Thanks for any help.

    To be honest I don't think that you can choose between several different graphics cards. I have the same model of laptop, use it for 3 years now and it works perfectly so I don't agree with your opinion on bad cooling. Who knows how to use it?

    On the design of the portable equipment, it's that it is really difficult to find spare parts, except the RAM or HARD drive. You can find the whole motherboard, but I don't think you can order somewhere new graphics as part separately. In this case the whole motherboard will be exchanged.

    Try eBay. Maybe you will be lucky and find something.

  • Can I start a PowerMac G4 733 Mhz 'QuickSilver' 2001 of a 128 GB SSD connented to use a PCI SATA card?

    HELLO, my name is Francesco and I have a PowerMac G4 733 Mhz "QuickSilver" since 2001. Inside of it, I have two IDE hard disks and I want to upgrade to a 128 GB SSD. The problem is that: the G4 only has not connectors SATA, so if I install a PCI SATA can I boot OS X 10.4.11 her? Can someone suggest me a specific type of PCI SATA card to use?

    Thank you very much


    Hi Francois,.

    Some PCI SATA cards are not bootable, you have a link to the one you had or have decided to do?

    While not as fast as a SATA card, a szimple adapter can be an option...

    http://www.eBay.com/ITM/2-in-1-SATA-to-IDE-HDD-IDE-to-SATA-serial-ATA-100-133-ad apter-converter-cable-/ 381394886475

  • What mini PCI WLAN card can be used on Equium A60 - 157?

    Hi, im trying to buy a wireless mini LAN card pci for my toshiba Equium A60-157... do not know what an I need or I can use? Thanks Carl

    Hi Carl

    According to the specs of your device is not ready WLAN. This means that you can not switch on the unit with the mini PCI WLAN card. Only solution is the card PCMCIA or USB WLAN stick.

  • PCI vid card will work on MBs that have a PCI-E slot?

    I noticed that the PCI video cards will not work with a motherboard that has a PCI-e slot.  My ACER machine would use my GeForce FX 5200 (relented and bought a WG 220).  Now I have this HP Pavilion a1510n Media Center Edition 2005 that will not recognize an ATI Radeon x 1300.

    The PSU has more that required, Antec 380W Green (even a pcie 6pin).  I tried to change the main display in the BIOS to the PCI, but should not be.  Also tried to install the drivers, then change the BIOS setting, still will not take.

    I noticed that MBs with AGP are able to use PCI vid without the same question cards.

    Is it me?  Other people running into that?  I know its sad to not use the pcie slot, but I have to work with the hardware I have.

    Y at - it a trick to make the thing work?


    Although I've been using a PCI video card, BIOS asked me to choose the PCI-E option from the list of video devices of the pcie, pci and onboard.

    The PCI option wouldn't work for the PCI in the vid!

    (HP Pavilion a1510n MCE2005-> ATI Radeon x 1300)

    Never thought to try that, but when I was watching the IRQ I saw that he was not part reserved for PCI-E.  It is the question of the nature of the PCI-E and so tried it because I was thinking about it.

    I hope this helps someone else.

  • Can Tecra M8 - I install a VGA card?

    Hi, I was a little disappointed with my purchase of my laptop Tecra M8 because most of the games don't work correctly. My question is weather or not I can install a VGA card to make the games such as Call of Duty 4, Warcraft Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft to work properly on my laptop. I would appreciate a response thank you.

    Also if you can suggest a model of graphics card, it would be useful. Thank you.


    This is not possible because the graphics chip you have is soldered on the motherboard and t can be exchanged.
    It is perhaps useful for you:

    Furthermore, a Tecra laptop is not designed for games.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L500 - light of Wi - Fi with another Combo PCIe Mini card

    Dear Toshiba

    I have 2 of L500-1UG notebook, with the mini PCIe RTL8187B card. (one 32-bit and 64-bit Win7 Home Premium)

    This card has no BT and is only 54Mbps and because the laptop is out of warranty, I bought RALink Tech 2 - card Combo RA3090BC4.

    Only open a notebook up to now, but I've tried the two RA3090BC4 in it.

    When I turn on with the Realtek card, orange wifi light long transfer Windows 7 starts

    When I turn on with the Ralink card, the orange wifi lights at all.

    Win7 32-bit Home Premium (downgraded for reasons of test development software) detects and installs the drivers successfully. I installed the driver for Ralinktech.

    Bluetooth installs fine and I transferred a 12 MB file, a mobile phone successfully.

    I swapped the son of black and white antenna (it is marked 1 and 2, not the hand and to the).

    What else can I check?

    Is there a compatibility issue?

    > Is there a compatibility issue?
    Probably yes. I guess you know that laptops have limited opportunities to upgrade and these upgrades are not supported at all. In the case that you are not happy with built in the solution of the WLAN card is the use of external devices such as USB WLAN cards.

    All pre-installed software are also designed to work with original equipment components. It is not easy to help in this case.
    I m also wondering how you can just buy a WLAN card and Exchange. I mean before doing this, it is important to check if these updates is possible or not.

    Let's see if someone else has a good suggestion that you can do to make it work.

  • Satellite A200 - I can boot from PCI express card?

    I have a laptop A200.

    I recently bought a PCI expresscard HD. Many people have asked this question already on many sites and regarding several different brands and models of laptops. According to anadtech and other techys the only way to do an ExpressCard hd is updated the BIOS. During the installation of Windows it says that it canoe on the device because the BIOS is not able to boot from it.

    Toshiba creates a new BIOS to allow starting the expresscard hd or not Toshiba have a laptop model that will allow already, as im thinking of buying a new laptop but only if this option is available.

    There someone using windows vista/xp knows a way round.


    As far as I know it s not possible to boot from PCI express card on Satellite A200.
    In addition these books where you can boot from this slot are not known to me. Only the options HDD, CD/DVD, USB and network, but all that s.

    In addition, I put t know what you mean with PCI expresscard HD.
    Is what exactly?

  • Mac Pro 3.1 dual port USB 3 pci-e card does not work on 10.8

    I have an inateck Dual Port USB 3.0 PCI-E card (KTU3FR - 2 p) which worked well when my Mac Pro 3.1 operated in the OS10.6.8, but after upgrade to OS 10.8.5, the map is no longer operational.   It can be seen as a device, but the description of the material says that he doesn't have a driver.  Inateck said it's Apple area, and "because of the new strategy of the Apple driver there is also no external support pilot in this case.  Can I do other than throw the card?



    If inateck doesn't have drivers for OSX 10.8, and 3 Apple USB drivers do not work, then you are out of luck

  • C - USB VGA card cannot connect to Macbook pro Multiport

    C - USB VGA card cannot connect to Macbook Pro Multiport

    Writing an effective question of communities of Apple Support

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