DELL Inspiron N5110 does not stop and does not wake from sleep


I have Dell Inspiron N5110, who cannot stop it in Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux. Specifically, I started Ubuntu Live from CD to eliminate the possibility that the problem is in Windows 7. Stop in Ubuntu does not work either. This proves that the reason for not an application in Windows that remains suspended and does not allow the laptop to close.

The laptop computer may not wake after sleep or either Hibernate.

I tried all the solutions that advised you to all the other people in the forum who have the same problem.

1. the laptop cannot stop mode safe either.

2 may not stop even after clean boot Mode - all services disabled and all package disabled Startups.

3. I haven't tried to change the Power Options Advanced "Allow hybrid sleep" - both WE "On AC Power" and "Battery operated" - no change.

4. I tried to install the latest NVIDIA video drivers. This did not help either.

5 running only on battery change nothing - not cannot always stop.

6 race only on AC adapter without battery - still cannot stop.

7. I tried to remove the AC adapter and the battery, and now the POWER button for 30 seconds to RESET the phone - did not work.

ATTENTION: I have read your forums all day and has seen at least 10-15 reports on the same problem, and not a single case fixed.

8. This is why I have not tried Flash the BIOS with the latest version - I have read other people who have tried and it didn't work either.

9. I loaded the BIOS default settings (F9) - stop still can't.

NOTE: Change something in the BIOS and getting out once caused the laptop to freeze and I had to power off by holding button for a longer time.

10. I ran DELL Diagnostics menu Boot (F12 at startup) - no error found.

11. I couldn't find IEEE 1394 adapter in Device Manager to change the power management settings.

In fact, none of the suggestions that you can give to change something in Windows is logical because I already mentioned that stop in Ubuntu does not work or the other.

The question seems to be either in BIOS or a hardware problem. But which component? This is the CD/DVD drive?

It is a new laptop.

Please advice how to proceed. If you know which component fails please tell me.


Remove the keyboard and palmrest (dell guide shows you how) and you should see a small button battery. Remove it at least 10 seconds, then put back. Enter the BIOS and make sure that there is nothing weird was changed. It should work fine now. I had this work in Ubuntu 12.04 these last days with no problems.

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  • (Redirected) Dell Inspiron N5110 does not start

    Hi, my laptop Dell Inspiron N5110 is now 3 years old. I recently had a hard drive fail, then replaced by a new. Now the machine does not start. I have a boot disk in the DVD player that swirls, but gets no further. I get also is no longer the screen Dell displays (before the windows one). In fact, everything is empty. I tried to remove the power supply by battery pack and power holding down the button for 1 minute then re - again no difference. Is there anything else I can do or is the death machine?

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    Please repost this in the laptop computer forum for faster assistance.

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    I'll try once more to make this post to cause the previous, it never went live.

    I have a 3 years old Dell Inspiron N5110 i5 / 8GB ram/Nvidia/Win 7 home premium and I am very pleased with his performance and build quality. Yesterday, I tried to book a copy of Windows 10 and after struggling to make the pop icon in my taskbar, I managed to get it jump.

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    Just update your BIOS to A11, waiting for some time (a few hours or a day) and everything will be Ok.

    It works but not supported by Dell.

    Thanks to you all.

  • Dell coming Pro 8 do not wake from sleep

    Hello Dell and everybody, my DV8Pro not waking from sleep. I had to press the power button for 10 seconds to start up again. Someone at - he found a solution to this? Reference dell is listening to its customers? Thank you.

    Try ' Qualcomn Atheros AR6004 WLAN adapt. "

    In addition, be careful not to disable "Wake on Magic Packet" and "Wake on pattern match.

    1. click on set to update driver

    2. click Browse my computer for driver software

    3. click on Let me pick from a list of device on my computer drivers

    4 uncheck Show compatible hardware

    5. choose Qualcom Atheros AR6004 WIRELESS network adapter

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    Run the system restore and choose a restore point created just before the problem occurred. Steve Winograd, MS - MVP (Windows desktop experience)

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    We got 2 x try and buy Lenovo Tablet portable Yoga (a X 1 Yoga and a Yoga 260) to assess their skills for our company, because we have the intention to upgrade many of our employees laptops. However, since we got the devices we noticed on two common problems with display and waking from sleep. Very often laptops awake properly with the screen remains black. In these cases, the backlight of the display seems to turn on, and I guess the system works somehow in the background. Put the computer to sleep again (for example, by closing the lid) makes the computer wake up correctly at the second attempt.

    Different error in the same category is when a video is running and the laptop is connected to AC - plug the AC cord is black screen while playing the media kept its content.

    All drivers have been updated to the latest version via 5.07.0029 Lenovo system update.

    Any ideas? I also tried to open a support ticket, but Lenovo wanted to send and install a new (!) presentation. Apparently, it seems like a driver/software problem?

    Best regards

    After finishing with a touch screen not responding not (as far as I can tell a result of v4.19 Touch Firmware Update) on top of the issue of the sleep-wake I'm frustrated and went through the process of reinstalling the entire system.

    I used the reset at startup procedure to put the system back to factory settings. After factory reset the sleep-wake issue had disappeared. I applied about all the updates that are currently available via Lenovo system update and everything still works as expected. Still strange that this issue was not solvable by any other means before...

    Interesting effect: after the reset of the touchscreen remained non-functional. After a few days without touching the laptop screen feature has finally decided to detect the HID. I certainly did not apply to update or change. 'Miracle' is almost an understatement in this case!

  • Reference windows xp Dell does not wake from sleep mode

    I am running XP service pack 3. When I try to wake up computer sleep mode orange light flashes but will not start. I hard reboot - sometimes the work - sometimes not. Sometimes he began alone. It is an intermittent problem.


    Try the procedure described in the following article and check the status of the issue.

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  • elitedesk 800 does not wake from sleep, performed a start rather

    HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT Win8.1 Pro 64-bit

    After the sleep mode to not wake up the keyboard or mouse click.

    Pressing the key Power performed a clean boot from the stop.

    Computer came with Windows 7 Pro. I installed Windows 8 since the disks provided with the computer and improved online at Windows 8.1. Everything seems to work fine, but the modes of Eve/hibertation.

    By pressing on a keyboard or screen sleep button apparently sends computer standby: the screen is black, white power button mouse and keyboard LED off, LED blinks once every two seconds.

    However computer not wakes up on a key on the keyboard and pressing a button / a computer turns on, but does boot upward as if it were completely off.

    Already checked for the latest version of the BIOS and enabled for keyboard and mouse power management.

    Hi Jaco,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I tried to experiment with the settings of power for the keyboard and the mouse, and simply made sure that both are enabled to wake the computer from sleep mode. I began to suspect that he may be the controller USB keyboard to wake the computer asleep, and I've experimented with a PS/2 keyboard without result.

    Then I reread in BIOS settings help mode "standby" should be indicated in triple LED flash, and I was getting only single blink of the LED, and I started to look into each option in Advanced settings of the power management and guess what I found?


    When I turned the sleep > allow hybrid sleep set Off, "sleep mode" started working:

    By pressing on the sleep button sends computer mode 'sleep', white LED travels triple flash and two seconds apart, and by pressing a key on the keyboard wakes the computer.

    Apparently my hardware configuration somehow comes into conflict with the Win8 hybrid sleep mode. SSD?

    HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT Core i7-4770 8 GB (2x4GB) DDR3 256 GB SDD,

    DVD +/-RW, keyboard, mouse, GigLAN,

    WIN8.1 Pro 64

    Thanks to all for lead me to this solution!

  • DisplayPort monitor does not wake from sleep


    just bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 7790 & realized, I could connect three monitors - yay.

    A few times the small monitor connected via displayport has not awoken from his sleep.  I have a beep as if remove the USB device.  The monitor power on / activate suits him.

    The two monitors connected with DVI awake without problem.

    I see threads referring to assign the displayport as the initial display adapter in the BIOS, but I don't see anything in the my BIOS (XPS 435MT) for graphics cards.  The GPU (I guess it's the GPU) set the dsiplayport as the monitor #1 monitor in the numbering system.  I understand that I have no control over this.  The attached DVI monitors are numbers 2 & 3.

    Carefully analyzed the logs of events during this time & can't find anything.

    Any help?

    Thank you

    Will update & reply to this message, I hope it helps someone else.  Apparently the TriXX is OK on the 7790.

    This YouTube video is my card:

    Video YouTube TriXX of Sapphire 7790 OC double-X

    If this does not work you can try changing the power settings in the BIOS - in my case, in the BIOS power management settings is not set to the sweetest sleep state.

    Right now the ACPI Suspend Type is S3 str:

    ACPI Suspend to RAM: ACPI stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface - that some people may find as options in their BIOS Setup programs. The Suspend to RAM, sometimes referred to as feature S3/STR, let the PC save more power in standby mode, but all the breast where the computer-related devices must comply with ACPI. Some BIOS have a S1/POS option for this scenario. If you enable this feature and you are having problems with the splash screen, just go back into the BIOS and disable. (not one of my options)

    Definition of ACPI to form of hunger more power to suspend for example s1 (POS) of power in standby mode could be the answer:

    S1: All processor caches are flushed, and the CPU stops the execution of the instructions. The power of the CPU and RAM is maintained. Devices that do not indicate that they must stay on can be turned off.

    S3: Commonly known as secondary, sleep or Suspend to RAM (STR). RAM remains powered.

  • W510 does not wake from sleep

    When I close the lid or let it expire and go to sleep he does not wake up when the cover. It doesn't happen every time, but it happens about 8 links on 10.

    You can tell it's still on, but the screen remains black.

    I searched and didn't find any resolution that worked for me.

    A recommendation was disable incident reports, and that did not work.

    I preformed also all updates of the firmware as well as the upgrade to windows 8.1.

    The problem is exactly the same point 8.1 as it was in windows 8.

    Just to follow up.

    I did a factory reset the origin of windows 8 and the problem disappeared.

    I think it may have been originally caused by my being too aggressive when bloating. I have uninstalled something I shouldn't that caused the problem in the first place.

    In any case;

    problem solved.

  • Satellite L750 - does not wake from sleep mode


    I just bought a Satellite L750 and he didn't wake up from sleep mode. I force with button stop / stop each time in switching mode 'sleep'.

    Any ideas?

    Are you using the original pre-installed OS that you got with your laptop?
    Have you noticed the same problem with the hibernation mode?

    Did you install additional software?

  • T500 does not wake from sleep mode

    My T500 (2241-3XU with Win 7 64 bit Ultimate) has never been able to wake mode 'sleep', once the lid is closed. I have finally returned to the use of hibernation, but I was just wondering if there is a new patch that I'm not aware of. I tried to find info a few years back before hibernation. Any ideas?

    Thank you.


    Try to install the latest version on it. 1.62 should collaborate with the T500 however.

    You can also see if your BIOS is up to date.

  • Satellite U405D-S2850: may not wake from sleep correctly


    My U405D sleep and can only wake place properly if he does not sleep for too long. Too long as in more than 15 minutes or more. If the laptop has overslept, the laptop wakes up, goes to the awake routine (snoring), then stops with a blank screen. All the lights on the laptop are, except for the light that is above the touch pad. In the State of the blank screen, nothing does, and I pressed the power button to restart the laptop. I have recently updated the BIOS to version 1.5 of the 1.3 version that came with the laptop in the hope that the problem is resolved with the update of the BIOS, but the problem remains. I know not if the awakening is successful if the light above the touch pad is enabled. An idea or a similar experience? The laptop is running Windows Vista Home Premium SP 1.

    Thank you.

    In my opinion, there is absolutely no hardware problem. If I well remember these issues were present in the past and above all he has difficulty with the BIOS or patch updates.

    If you have a portable US model I recommend you to visit You will find updates useful support. Please also check ask Iris. Maybe you can find some technical document with a possible solution for this.

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