Dell PowerConnect 6248 10 GB ports reference works do not


We have recently installed a module SFP + (part # c107d) in our Dell PowerConnect 6248 switch. The switch does not seem to see the module because before install us the plug-in, it showed a port xg3 xg4, and after the addition of the module, it shows that these ports.

So I have a few questions:

Is the SFP + above compatible with this model of switch?

If so, how can verify us that the ports are active?

Here is the result of the port details:

#show interface ethernet 1/xg3 in detail

Port Type Duplex speed Neg Admin link

A State

-----  ------------------------------  ------  -------  ----  -----  -----

1/xg3 10G - level s/o unknown Auto Up Down

Port description

----  --------------------------------------------------------------------------


Flow control: enabled

Port: 1/xg3

Belonging to a VLAN: access mode Mode

Operating parameters:


Capture filtering: enabled

Acceptable frame type: no label

Default priority: 0

GVRP status: Disabled

Protected: disabled

-Other - or ITU (q)

Port 1/xg3 is a member of:

Rule of VLAN name evacuation Type

----    --------------------------------- -----------   --------

1 by default not marked by default

Static configuration:


Capture filtering: enabled

Acceptable frame type: no label

Port 1/xg3 is configured statically:

Output name rule of VLAN

----    --------------------------------- -----------

Prohibition of VLAN:

Name of VLAN

----    ---------------------------------

Port 1/xg3 Enabled

Status: Disabled role: disabled

-Other - or ITU (q)

Identification of the port: 128.51 shipping cost: 0

Fast port: No. (configured: no) root Protection: No.

Designated the bridge priority: 32768 address: 80:00:00:25:64:19:92:1 C

Identification of the designated port: 0.0 cost of access road designated: 0

Root regional CSE: 80:00:00:25:64:19:92:1 C CSE Port cost: 0

BPDU: 0 sent, received 0

Yes, this module is listed as compatible with the switch. It seems that you install in Bay 2? He may have listed these ports but they probably do not appear as active. Have you tried to make a connection with ports?

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    Fibre channel and ethernet/IP are not compatible protocols without another device that can translate. The 6248 has no support for FCoE. There are switches that support both they are called network switches convergent or unified, although generally the traffic is still separated.

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    Unfortunately the stackable modules are not hot-swappable. You must turn off the appliance to remove the stacking module.

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    the switch supports only 1 session tracking. within this control session, you can have multiple source ports, but destination port only 1.

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    From the factory, the PowerConnect 2708/2716/2724 units have a default IP assigned. This IP address is assigned to the management VLAN 1. Be sure not to delete the VLAN 1 management or you will not be able to manage the switch. If the switch is unmanageable, and then change the transition to unmanaged and return to managed mode to reset the default settings.

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    Step 3: choose the Dell 2330 drivers and click Add.

    See you soon!

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    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    Hello, by default, the management interface is in VLAN 1, if you want to she be changed to VLAN 10 please use the command 'ip address vlan 10' in the Setup mode and check the status of management interface using the command 'show ip interface '.

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    Thanks in advance,


    Thank you!

    Who takes care of the immediate problem. I really appreciated the quick response!


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    The document in question:

    (link caught in

    To replicate:

    1) download the file of

    (2) expand the zip file, open the folder that results and open the index.html document in your web browser.

    (3) choose any filter link you want from the options on this page. Note that packet filters and the class in the header display constantly "getting data from server...". »

    4) click the Classes link in the header at the top.

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    When you go to jQuery UI , you'll always see the latest version, which would be 1.10.

    Another way to inspect what you have available in the apex is simply download the apex installation files. You can view all of the pictures folder and its contents in it - and that's the biggest part of the download anyway. I keep a download with me all the time – quick and easy.

    Use the menu on, you need to include the libraries jwho of a CDN or by downloading the files to static files of the apex under shared components and add the relevant links on the page.

  • PowerConnect 6248 stacking using the front SFP Ports

    I am trying to stack two Dell Powerconnect 6248 switches. Currently they are chained together, but I modules fibre for the front sfp ports. Theoretically, I should be able to stack them. But when I try:

    stack 1/g45 #stack - port console (config-battery)

    Could not set the front panel stacking mode.

    Any ideas? Thank you!

    The PCT6200 requires a stack of modules installed in Bay 1 (XG1 XG2) at the rear of the switch. The stacking module uses CX4/Infiniband type stacking spacers.

    Stacking of front port / user is not supported

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