Dell PowerEdge R410 sliding ready Rails - no connector CMA inside the rail


I have a second hand that came with Dell R410 sliding ready rails which is mounted in a rack in my 22u rack.  I just bought a new MAC for her, but I found that the outside rails have the ears to fix the MAC (and the support leg), the inner rails that the R410 attaches to did not sense that the arms attach.

Is someone can confirm if the ready rails to the R410 have ears for the inner rail and if yes, someone has the part number?

If anyone can take a picture of them if possible that would be great.

See you soon,.




Compatible track you talk is part # RGTK7 or P8N8P. Together, they will work with cable management arm, you discussed (part # NN006).

P8N8p is shown below, as requested.

Let me know if that clarifies things for you.

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    I have a few questions on VMware Infrastructure.

    I use two hosts ESXi with ESXi 5.0.Dont have Vcenter Server.

    1. can I update H/W version of virtual machines without Update Manager or Vcenter Server. Y at - there a patch available to update the Version of virtual machines?

    Should I update ESXi host first 5.0 to 5.1, and then update the hardware version of the virtual machines.

    2. I get as a GROUP in a file server (Dell PowerEdge R410) was happened 7 times before, in the last 3 months.

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    Thank you



    To add to above, make sure you have the latest version of the tools VM installed on your comments before the upgrade virtual hardware.

    You can also patch your host without Update Manager - download patches, copy them to the host and run it from the DCUI;

    software esxcli vib install d

    I would recommend to patch the hosts first for your do you get the latest version of the tools, then upgrade the tools of the guest, and then upgrade the virtual hardware.

    See you soon,.



    Buongiorno, abbiamo 5 Server PowerEdge R410 con co scaduta, uno di questi ha reported knew uno dei 4 brain SAS 600 GB installation.

    Original da Modello: Segate Cheetah ns.2 ST6600002SS Config Code: 1342 Firmware ER62

    Abbiamo UN drive labor-intensive hard sostitutivo della stessa marca my non marchiato DELL:

    Cheetah NS.2 Model.n. : ST3600002SS Config Code: 1342 ED09 Firmware

    The macchina use it PERC 6i con configurazione RAID5

    Dopo averlo sostituito, controller it ha eseguito correctly he REBUILD raid led e tutto e apparentemente in fruit; emerges VMWARE 5.5 updated 3 certificato DELL.

    Dopo he riavvio del di VMWARE prestazioni delle macchine sono inutilizzabili, con could virtuali che sia in launch Server delay di 4/5 minutes by any operation.

    Tutti i e BIOS I have firmware dei brain sono gia date All version, a meno del nuovo disco che con tool of it vostro Nautilus (A048) NO TR riesce ad aggiornare e was ed alla versione ED09.

    He problema Può essere derivato dal fatto che non e marchiato DELL o Winegardner che dobbiamo it nuovo disco sia guasto?


    Buongiorno, I have brain DELL non essere dei problemi Migliore introduced a compatibility no fw.

    by just be causa e it disco provi simply because a RAID rimuoverlo dal.

    There I no lo aggiorna pole Nautilus fw sono diversi, no allow di sovrascriverlo.


    Buongiorno, in data 9 luglio avevo fatto una request di preventivo in quanto he prodotto in oggetto non e più e adapter non e più in co. Siamo UN istituto di vigilanza e abbiamo con urgenza need di UN uscita SUA di UN tecnico per risolvere he problema.

    Certo di a vostro celerate riscontro corinne occasione per porgere

    Web saluti

    Antonio Terlizzi


    Inviato preventivo: Offerta Dell n ° 15428502 client: IT2928460 - SDC MANAGEMENT SRL

    Intervento by he secondo giorno lavorativo successivo eccetto che in caso di problemi di reperimento dei ricambi

    Speaking saluti


  • Strike F1 key to continue after replacing power supply and pulling the battery system on Poweredge R410

    Hi all

    Recently, I replaced a non redundant power supply on my Dell Poweredge R410. During troubleshooting, I also temporarily removed the battery from the system at any given time.

    The server is back up and running, but when booting, I get:

    "The 4 fan speed can change in installation configuration feature and the option card systems

    Press F1 to continue, F2 to run the configuration utility.

    I think that some BIOS setting reset to remove the battery? I also see a lot of forum posts mentioning the cause of this error is the integrated SATA is connected to anything.

    My hard drives are connected to a PERC via the PCI slot, and the machine has an optical drive. I don't see the existence of the optical drive in omreport.

    Here are a few outlets omreport about SATA settings.

    Integrated SATA controller: ATA
    SATA port 0: Auto
    SATA port 1: Off
    SATA port 2: stop
    SATA port 3: Off
    SATA port 4: Off

    Any advice on how to go about this debugging more?

    Thank you!


    Yes, it is possible that the optical drive is defective. Check the logs of equipment. Also enter the system BIOS setup using the F2 key and search for devices listed as unknown.

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    I have a Dell PowerEdge R720 not ready iDRAC server. The configuration values are not available. very strong fans noise, please notify


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    You asked me to "remove" the warnings of several Dell PowerEdge 1950 LED amber.

    I looked at the LED and was unable to 'remove' the warning using the controls on the LED display on the front the 1950s.

    How this is done?

    Thank you.


    If the error is not active then you can get rid of the clear amber of the erasure of the journal of material. You can either start to the BMC to clear the or use one of our management as OpenManage Server Administrator utilities.

    Thank you

  • Dell PowerEdge T110 II add on the video graphics card that works

    The system configuration:
    Dell PowerEdge T110 II
    BIOS 2.8.0
    RAM 2x8GB

    For many reasons (for example feeding bus PCI), it is difficult to install a Dell PowerEdge T110 II graphics card.  The ATI Radeon HD 5450 is a good choice for the Dell PowerEdge T110 II because if its (approximately 10W) low energy consumption.

    After trying several HD 5450 (listed below), a graphics card that works is a "VisionTek Radeon HD 5450 - graphics card - Radeon HD 5450 - 2 GB memory DDR3 - PCI Express 2.1 x 16'.

    Edit: Thanks to paikat for the following references, (see his assignment for the links, where to buy)...
    VisionTek manufacturer: 900356
    Reference Dell: A6173020

    This card works when the monitor is connected to the VGA/D-SUB/DB15 connector. I wasn't looking to connect to HDMI or DVI connectors.

    After you install this graphics card, passed the BIOS Setup:
    Integrated Devices > integrated video controller: enabled

    by saying:
    Integrated Devices > integrated video controller: Standard

    and allowed to move from "Standard" to "Distributed" so it now says:
    Integrated Devices > integrated video controller: distributed

    Note: Install the card with the monitor connected to the integrated video port / edge, change the BIOS to Distributed settings, restart the computer and then connect the monitor to the Discrete / distributed / video port to Add on.

    Here are the identifiers on the "VisionTek Radeon HD 5450 - graphics card - Radeon HD 5450 - 2 GB memory DDR3 - PCI Express 2.1 x 16'

    VT 5450 PCIe 2GB V/D/H
    PCB #R81KLD-PJ3Z
    Version: 1.0
    SH6 94V-0

    Here are some pictures of the 5450 VT from DELL:

    Other video cards that have been tested and work well in T110 II are:

    * XFX Radeon HD 5450 1 GB GDDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI-Express graphics AMD card HD545XZQH2; HD-545 X-ZQH2
    Note there is another version of this card is ONXFX1PLS2 who has not tested.

    * EX-PX610GT-video JATON GeForce GT 610 2 GB 128 - Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x 16 HDCP ready low profile ready card video

    * Reference DELL SOUND H545H1G Radeon HD 5450 (Cedar) 1 GB memory DDR3 64 bit PCI Express 2.1 x 16

    I hope this can help others avoid the frustration when you try to install a video card in a Dell PowerEdge T110 II.

    I have read this thread and seen the suggestion of VisionTek, it also works with the card mother E3-1230V2?

    My guess is the Dell PowerEdge T110 II uses the same motherboard for various configurations of CPU, but this is only a guess.

    Also, are there better options eventually with the support of 12 DDR5 and directx?

    None that I know, but I've only tried a few cards. Please let us know if you find cards better than the VisionTek 900356

    I saw a thread suggesting ASUS GTX650-E-2GD5, someone at - he of the inputs on this card?

    I tried a GeForce GT 610 2 GB and it did not work.  Check the use of the GTX650-E-2GD5 (DPT) power and make sure that it is less than 25 watts (see below)

    Quick notes:

    1. the location of PCIe x 16 is actually a "full-size x 8 slot" (also known as an x 16 slot / x 8) and the video card needs to work in this type of accommodation.

    2. video card power (TDP) is a limiting factor. Technical guide Dell says "the system supports a maximum power of 25 W for all four cards PCIe.»  and said Dell owner's manual "ATTENTION: to ensure correct cooling, not more than two cards of four extension may have more than 15 W power consumption (maximum 25 W each), not to mention the integrated storage controller card."

    3 install the card with the monitor connected to the integrated video port / edge, change the built-in BIOS devices > on-board video controller 'Activated' / 'Standard' to 'Distributed', restart the computer and then connect the monitor to the Discrete / distributed / video port to Add on.

  • PowerEdge R410 [GRO]


    We have a server rack, PowerEdge R410 che non if accende più.

    Almost very e alimentatore my rate by esserne sure can come?




    He metodo migliore e quello di try the alimentatore knew a server o try alimentatore nuovo UN altro.

    Mobile it color led LED dell'alimentatore (verde / arancione / spento)

    VI make maggiori care mail


  • NIC Teaming with PowerEdge R410

    I'm trying to configure the grouping on the 2 network cards on the server, I read things on the BINS (Broadcom Advance Control Suite) and it assumes that, have the BASP (Broadcom Advanced Server Program) incorporated, but has not, I try to download the utility on the site of Broadcom, but when I try to install they throw me the following error :

    and the same error appears when you try to install the driver.

    What should I do?

    Hello osunar

    Use the driver on our download page. BINS installed with the driver. If you have problems installing the driver so please provide the name of the file you are trying to install, the operating system and model of network card.

    Thank you

  • Card LaCie esata PCI card on windows 2003 server Dell poweredge T410 error code 10

    Hi guys, I am trying to install a new card Lacie esata PCI card ( on windows server 2003 on Dell poweredge T410. Windows detects the card and install the driver, but then, it shows an error code 10 "device Can not not started. I tried the update, uninstall, reinstall, adding Lacie driver CD through the "Hardware Wizard', chaning PCI card slot by 4 to 1. But nothing has worked. So please let me know if you think that there is a fix for this solution. Thank you

    Hi Rlap,

    The question you have posted is related to Windows Server and would be better suited to the TechNet Discussion groups. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

  • Ventole Rumorose DELL PowerEdge 850


    avrei need di UN preventivo relativamente all'intervento di a vostro tecnico per sostituzione del corpo che sono diventate ventole molto rumorose knew a Dell powerEdge 850 service tag 93F5F2J.

    In attesa di a vostro riscontro Patu speaking saluti


    Buongiorno, OTS will in privato a ' manage the request email.



  • Ordine brain DELL POWEREDGE R720 - disco rotto


    I wanted to get one offer by the di UN SAS price disco da 7.2 krpm 1 TB 2.5 "by server of he DELL POWEREDGE R720 nostro.




    Può acquistare disco it a questo link


  • Brain price DELL POWEREDGE R720


    Vorremmo ricevere quotazione by disco of the di UN SAS 1 TB 7.2krpm formato 2.5 "price.

    He nostro Server e a DELL POWEREDGE R720 (serial number: xxxxxxx).




    Può acquistare disco it online a questo link:


  • Video card HDMI in DELL PowerEdge R320


    Announcement of riguardo chiedo UN UN Dell PowerEdge R320 informazione:

    Ho di installare una scheda video by poter cute need a monitor HDMI quindi con uscita is dedicated.

    Could gentilmente elencarmi quali sono compatibility modelli con questo Server?

    Thank you, Andrea.


    will one OTS ' email by putting our server it service tag del suo.


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