Detect which button was selected from a message popup dialog box

I'm sure I've done this before and don't remember how I did it.

I even searched the forum for messages but did not find any.

I have a popup message asking if a number was on.

It has two buttons "YES" & "

I want to know which button has been selected in order to assign a pass/fail for the LED Test result.

How to achieve this?



There will be 1 or 2 or more if you have more than 2 buttons


Tags: NI Software

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    Hi mmaryhorton,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2. you have other options available in the dialog box send to?

    See the Microsoft article below to add the CD drive in the send to menu and if it helps.

    How to add items to the Menu "send to" in Windows XP

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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    The use of Photoshop CC in Sierra I am unable to do so due to the inability to select the existing files in the Save-as the finder window.

    I thought at first that was Adobe, but later, I noticed that I can not save for web browsers and other programs. I installed the beta updates on Sierra, but also which did not set. I hope be fixed so I can move on to Sierra. It was not such a problem in previous versions.

    Unfortunately, your discovery is correct. I just met for the first time. I was shocked, but apparently it will work in list view. View miniature not a reason any.

  • Value of the parameter is not displayed when moving from page of the dialog box


    The question I face, is that I have a backup button with the logic in the PFR in which I call a page of dialogue that has an OK button. I give the floor to press ok another page. I need to capture a XXParty parameter that I put in the CO LIC key but is not displayed in the central of the PR of the other page that is called when you press the OK button. Probably I'm missing something very small. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    SAVE BUTTON controller LIC... (Call the dialog box and the parameter)
    If (SaveButton! = null)
    {am.invokeMethod ("addNotes", params);  Transaction record.
    System.out.println ("save backwards");
    Try to build your own Page of dialogue here...
    String MainUrl = "OA.jsp?page=xxksms/oracle/apps/imc/ksms/webui/ShipperOverviewPG & retainAM = Y;
    OAException descMesg = new OAException ("XXTSA", "XX_KSMS_SAVED_NOTES");
    OAException instrMesg = new OAException ("FND", "FND_CANCEL_ALERT");

    DialogPage OADialogPage = new OADialogPage (OAException.INFORMATION, descMesg, null, MainUrl, null);
    OK button to send back the values of the PartyID for CO of the ShipperOverview Page.
    System.out.println ("The party ID is" + left); It is displayed.
    dialogPage.setPostToCallingPage (true);
    java.util.Hashtable formParams = new java.util.Hashtable (1);
    formParams.put ("XXParty", out); Part definition ID in XXParty.
    dialogPage.setFormParameters (formParams);
    pageContext.redirectToDialogPage (dialogPage);

    Partial code in the process asks in the called ShipperOverview Page of the dialog box's OK button
    super.processRequest (pageContext, webBean);
    Am = (OAApplicationModule) pageContext.getApplicationModule (webBean) OAApplicationModule;
    String XXId = pageContext.getParameter ("XXParty"); Try to recover part ID here of page of the dialog box.
    System.out.println ("The PartyID is" + XXId);


    Try one of these two options.

    1. pass the value of the part directly in the URL & get it 2nd co:
    String MainUrl = 'OA.jsp?page=xxksms/oracle/apps/imc/ksms/webui/ShipperOverviewPG&retainAM=Y&XXParty="+Party;

    2. After selecting the button ok in the dialog box get the parameters in CO 1 himself then using URL forward, send them to CO 2

    If (SaveButton! = null)
    * //Your code... *.

    Default OAException = new OAException ("XXABCD", "XXABCD_GNO_DELETE_WARNING");
    DialogPage OADialogPage = new OADialogPage (OAException.WARNING, default, null, "","");
    dialogPage.setOkButtonItemName ("DeleteYesButton");
    dialogPage.setOkButtonToPost (true);
    dialogPage.setPostToCallingPage (true);
    String lineId = pageContext.getParameter ("lineId");
    Hashtable ht = new Hashtable();
    HT.put ("lineId", lineId);
    HT.put ('actor', actor);
    HT.put ("empId", empId);
    dialogPage.setFormParameters (ht);
    pageContext.redirectToDialogPage (dialogPage);


    * combination else if (pageContext.getParameter ("DeleteYesButton")! = null) {*}
    String lineId = pageContext.getParameter ("lineId");
    String = pageContext.getParameter ("actor") actor;
    Var empId = pageContext.getParameter("empId");
    HashMap formParams = new HashMap (1);
    formParams.put ("lineId", lineId);
    formParams.put ('actor', actor);
    formParams.put ("empId", empId);
    pageContext.forwardImmediately ("OA.jsp?page=/xxx/oracle/apps/xxabcd/appraisal/webui/DrillDownPG",
    NULL, formParams, true,


  • Know how OR example 'select the dialogue signal' its dialog box

    Hi, guys!

    It should be a very simple problem. I was looking for examples OR to learn how to create a dialog box to set the parameters. "Select the signal dialog box" is nice, but I can't understand how it works through code in the block diagram (it seems too easy!). and I copy all the entire schema in an another white vi, may not work (does not display the dialog box)... can someone tell me where is the trick? THX!


    I don't know what your question.

    Want to know how a VI is made to work like a dialog box? You said that you have copied the block diagram for a new vi. I guess her you missed on the properties of VI. Try the following:

    1 Select the properties of the VI VI, on the file Menu, go to the window appearance properties in the menu dropdown.

    2. Select "Dialogue" as the appearance option and click on 'Ok '.

    3. save your vi and Run.

    If this is not what you are looking for, please explain once again.

  • to select several files in the dialog box open, but it is impossible, isn't it?

    Hi forum,

    File and folder objects have a openDlg() method. The first also has the multiSelect parameter, it is not.

    I wish I could have also for the folder so that I can ctrl/shift select several folders instead of picking up a folder and all its subfolders processing.

    Maybe I'm missing something obvious or there is a solution to such a dialogue box.

    Kind regards


    As suggested, an approach as possible:

    Folder.prototype.selectMultipleDialog = function (prompt,multiselect){
      var w = new Window('dialog','MultipleSelectDialog'),
        folderFilter = function(f){
            return (f instanceof Folder)
        folders = this.getFiles(folderFilter),
        getFolderNames = function(foldersObjectArray){
            var n = foldersObjectArray.length,
            namesArray = [];
            while ( n--){
                namesArray[n] = decodeURI(foldersObjectArray[n].name);
            return namesArray;
        folderListItems = getFolderNames(folders),
        n = 0;
        st = w.add('statictext',u,prompt);
        ls = w.add('listbox',undefined, folderListItems, {multiselect:multiselect} );
        btnGp = w.add('group');
        koBtn = btnGp.add('button',u,'Cancel');
        okBtn = btnGp.add('button',u,'Select');
        koBtn.onClick = function(){
      okBtn.onClick = function(){
        ls.onChange = function() {
            okBtn.enabled = ls.selection!==null;
        w.preferredSize.width = 450;
        w.alignChildren = ["fill","top"];
        ls.preferredSize.height = 200;
        btnGp.alignChildren = ["right","top"];
      okBtn.enabled = false;
        if ( ){
      if ( ls.selection instanceof Array ) {
      n = ls.selection.length;
                while ( n-- ) folders[ls.selection[n].index].execute();
      else {
    var fo = Folder.desktop;
    fo.selectMultipleDialog("test", true)



  • Field button to access a BlackBerry 7 application dialog box

    How to access button of the dialog (Ok, Cancel etc.) field if we create a dialog as follows:

    public static void showDialog(String iMsg) {
            Dialog dialog = new Dialog(Dialog.D_OK_CANCEL, iMsg, Dialog.CANCEL,
                    null, 0);
            dialog.setChangeListener(new FieldChangeListener() {
                public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
                    if (field.getState() == Dialog.OK) {
              "Ok Clicked", 1000);
                    } else if (field.getState() == Dialog.CANCEL) {
              "Cancel Clicked", 1000);
                    } else {
              "None Clicked", 1000);

    I am trying to access like that, but not yet managed.

    I had another effective way to take action on the button of the dialog field actions is:

    public static void showDialog(String iMsg) {
            int response = Dialog.ask(Dialog.D_OK_CANCEL, iMsg);
            if (response == Dialog.OK) {
      "Ok Clicked", 1000);
            } else if (response == Dialog.CANCEL) {
      "Cancel Clicked", 1000);
            } else {
      "None Clicked", 1000);

    But I want to know if its possible to show set button of the dialog field action if we follow the first way to create the dialog box.

    Problem solved:

    OK to be registered listener DialogClosedListener and good code is

    public static void showDialog(String iMsg) {
            Dialog dialog = new Dialog(Dialog.D_OK_CANCEL, iMsg, Dialog.CANCEL,
                    null, 0);
            dialog.setDialogClosedListener(new DialogClosedListener() {
                public void dialogClosed(Dialog dialog, int choice) {
                    if (choice == Dialog.OK) {
                                .println("********************************************   OK");
              "Ok Clicked", 1000);
                    } else if (choice == Dialog.CANCEL) {
                                .println("********************************************   Cancel");
              "Cancel Clicked", 1000);
                    } else {
                                .println("********************************************   None");
              "None Clicked", 1000);
  • How to intercept the radio button was selected and its data?

    Good day everyone,

    Need help on this one. This is my first post about components, specifically radio button.

    Here goes my problem, I have several groups of option button. And I want to follow the radio button on each group chose, and I'm going to get the data and pass it to a function loadVariablesNum.

    Thank you

    Any help is appreciated.

    You did not answer to my second question.  Is the button in the same timeline as the mc of content?  And now that you mention the function of the buttons, where you use this code of mine you said gives 'undefined '?

    It will be to your advantage to create a new file to resolve this problem when you have just a few radio buttons and another normal button that uses this code blue.  Once you have that working, you should be able to adapt more easily in your scenario.

  • Automatically populate a drop-down list by using another selection from the drop-down list box

    New java/preparation forms so I apologize in advance.

    I currently have a menu drop-down box 1 (Occupation) with three options: "enter your own description/blank", retired housewife. When someone chooses either retirement or anyone at home, I would another drop box 2 (employer) to assign automatically "n/a. . The employer drop box has only two options: "enter your own/blank", N/A.

    Far, I could for that box to fill but only when the person clicks in the box (as if they were about to enter their own text.) Then only it will fill the drop-down list "employer." I would like it auto fill once the person has chosen retired, Virgin or stay-at-home woman without having to enter in the box (just using the arrow to the size of the drop-down list box).

    I currently have a key shot that resets the employer box when a person chooses the option vacuum/enter your own option. I then a JavaScript (only for the housewife now) that only works if you click the box of. Key combination works I want to than the other options work as well. If the client settles on white, the choice of the employer updates automatically empty without having to click in the box of. Any help (including general advice to make my code cleaner) is very appreciated!

    Current script of typing:

    If {(event.willCommit)

    If (event.value == "") this.resetForm (["use"]); of other SetFieldValues (event.value);


    The current upward, mice running JavaScript :

    var v = this.getField ("Occupation") .value

    If (v is "Housewife")

    1. this.getField("Employer").value = "N/a".

    I think maybe I should use event.willCommit in my formula, but I'm not sure how to include it.

    Thank you!

    I would not use the key sequence or MouseUp actions for this, but the action post.

    Just make sure that you set the field option to validate the selected value immediately (under Properties - Options) and then use this code as the custom validation script:

    var employerField = this.getField("Employer");
    if (event.value=="Homemaker" || event.value=="Retired")
        employerField.value = "N/A";
    else employerField.value = employerField.defaultValue;
  • PowerCLI and Popup Message or dialog box


    Is there anyway to display a message to a user, when the PowerCLI script is complete.

    In addition, if you know another way another popup then, as we did in VBS, I use Message.Show in c#.

    Thank you

    You can display a messagebox with the following lines at the end of your PowerShell script:

    [System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox]::Show("The script has finished.")
  • Disappeared from the Find/Replace dialog box

    Hello. Find/replace is not dimmed, but the dialog box won't appear on the screen. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you!

    InDesign CC 2015.1 (Build

    OSX 10.10.5 Mac Pro (mid-2012)

    I just removed the search panel and change plug-in in the plug-ins folder of text and then dragged it back to the and who brought. Thanks for your time, Steve.

  • Advanced action scripts - y at - it a variable that tells me which button is clicked?

    Lilybiri gave me some great tips on the use of conditional tip action scripts. Now, I have another related question.

    I have three buttons A, B and C. Each button performs exactly the same series of actions to hide everything on the page, but shows another group of objects depending on which button was clicked - that is, to display the Group A and Group B group C.

    Currently, I have a separate advanced action script for each button (in fact a lot more than three) because of this difference, then want to combine in a single conditional script. However, I can't understand how I would like to know which button was clicked.  In other words, I think that my conditional script should look like this:

    The condition "always."

    If 1 is equal to 1

    [Script to hide all]...


    Condition 'has '.

    If MyButton is equal to 'A '.

    See the group_A

    On the other


    Condition 'B '.

    If MyButton is equal to 'B '.

    See the group_B

    On the other


    Condition 'C '.

    If MyButton is equal to 'C '.

    See the group_C

    My problem is that I don't know how to set or get the value of MyButton to perform conditional tests. Is there a system variable that returns the value of a selected object? I looked at all the variables, and I don't see one. Or y at - it another way to do what I'm missing?

    You probably can find with Javascript, but not with advanced actions. All the available system variables that can be used - there are more - are in a table that you can download here: System variables in Captivate 8 - Captivate blog

    I have several articles on the shared use of stocks. You apply the same instance of a common action several times and don't have that to indicate parameters, in your case these parameters will be for most groups and objects. I hope that stocks shared will expand more in the future. They have several advantages: given that you use multiple instances of the same action that they do not increase the file size as duplicate advanced actions. In addition, you have them in the library that makes management much easier.

  • Check which button is clicked

    I have four buttons on the frame one. When one of the buttons is activated, it then goes to two glory. There is not much difference between what the buttons do: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Ideally, the program would be

    (1) check which button is clicked
    2) go to section 2
    (3) according to the which button has been clicked frame 1, make an addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division

    I have a few questions

    (1) is there a simple way to check which button has been clicked? I guess you could have different function calls in the function addEventListener for each button and then write a different function for each button. But I was wondering if there is a way to do it with if statements? This means that the same function is called in addEventListener for each button, press function controls which button triggered the function call. The code below shows what I would do (including pseudocode).

    (2) how do I pass a variable of framework one part two? Here I could have 4 frames separate (one for each arithmetic operation), but I prefer not to have that one frame and pass the exact operator (+, -, *, /) to frame two and have then framework both make an addition, subtraction, multiplication or division according to operator was passed.

    You add to that more than complexity it takes probably, but I don't see the whole picture, so I'll cover a little.

    You can use the events received by the function to determine which button was clicked:

    var btnClicked:String;

    function fnSolve(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    btnClicked =;

    btnAdd.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fnSolve);
    btnSubtract.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fnSolve);
    btnMultiply.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fnSolve);
    btnDivide.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fnSolve);

    I don't know why you want to go to frame 2, but that's fine. You don't need to pass a variable to two of the frame, just to extend your actionscript layer up to now and whatever variables live in frame 1 are available in the frame 2 automatically.

    The part of the function if() of this function could be moved to the 2 structure, if the function frame 1 would only need to be really...

    function fnSolve(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    btnClicked =;
    gotoAndStop (2);

    and in part 2, you would have...

    If (btnClicked == "btnAdd") {}
    Add stuff
    } Else if (btnClicked == "btnSubtract") {}
    subtract stuff
    } else if... etc.

  • Buttons not working only not on a DVD Box drive

    This could be the same problem reported elsewhere, except that I'm not use Mac OS, his Win XP.  I can get to highlight in the preview again when the mouse floats above, but when I'm building the DVD and put it in a player attached to the TV the text remains inactive.  Using the arrows remote you can move to the beginning of the sequence to the next button and enter begins to play but nothing happens the text in the menu.  The user has no idea what button was selected until the video starts.  Anyone did this resolve before?

    Thank you, Michael


    We will do a test to make sure that other things are set up correctly.

    With your Menu in the edition Menu Panel, Rt-click above and choose Edit in Photoshop. When PS launches and opens the Menu (this creates a TMP bound, who will pass the changes when you save (not Save_As or Save_As_a_Copy). Now, whirlpool, open your games of layer two buttons, Intro, and sharks. DBL-click the T icon in your layer to highlight of subpicture, and it will select all of your text. Depending on the version of PS that you have, you should see a square of color of the text, probably in the Options toolbar at the top of the screen. It should be white, if I remember correctly your menu. Click on this square to the text color, and then choose a bright red color. Do this for two subpicture highlight layers. Turn off the visibility for the two (punch on the eyeball). Click Save. Block your games of buttons layer and press Ctrl + S. For good measure, press Ctrl + S a times more

    Close your menu in PS and back again. Nothing will not be changed, but that is to be expected. Click on this Menu and choose Preview from here. Now, when you go to each of the two buttons, you see a red overlay to the text? If so, then talk about what color you want to appear. Also, realize that subpicture highlights aren't ONLY 2 bits color (whether ON or OFF), so no aliasing, feathers, etc. They also appear ON all graphic elements in the Menu. There are a few tricks to make things look a little different and a little more subtle. If everything works, we can talk about what you can do to get closer to what you want.

    Good luck


    * Some people have reported that just do a Save PS form does not always update the Menu in PS - I'm one of them. This behavior seems totally random. In my tests, it seems that the magic number of saved is 3. Why? I have no idea, but when this happens, 2 stops does not seem to be doing, then 3 has always done. By habit now, I just have to ensure that there are 3 Ctrl + S, once my editing is done. Note: If you make no changes to the image and made a single file > save, it will be grey, but Ctrl + S works very well.

  • Missing actor of dialog box Message Maker

    In Labview 2015 should be an actor framework Message Maker dialog box.

    "I create a new project from actor Framwork model, but can not find in the Tools menu" actor framework Message Maker.

    In the context menu of the in Alpha.lvclass I have actor framework"create Message.

    So I can create a new message class.

    "But why is-tools ' actor framework Message Maker missing?

    The creator of the Message has been deprecated. The "framework for actor" with the right-click menu in the window project in 2015 of LabVIEW and later should provide all the functionality previously provided by the message author.

    I thought that we removed the help topic, I don't know why she is always displayed in the LabVIEW 2015 online help. I filed the CAR 565761 for the updated documentation.

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