Download Yahoo out of my Firefox

I admit it. I downloaded a free program and held hostage by Yahoo.

I tried a lot of typical solutions found on the web, and I think that the doers of evil with Yahoo have also read and wrote a better more obnoxious malware.

I downloaded the new Firefox and installed, I tried to update and so on. I re-set my browser by default and what happens is I get two tabs at startup, a flaw and it is the silt of Yahoo.

Please help me get this disease out of my browser!


Thanks for the attempt to help.

So here's what solved 'accidentally '. I wrote this at the bottom and then forgot to save when I close my computer off last night, so I'll do my best to remember.

This problem persisted until I clicked on a SECURED link someone sent me in an email. I clicked it and it went straight to the page and this page in a new window opens.

I thought, "eh, it was strange." Better, I remember now, instinctively, I opened a NEW browser window, and there is still... this disease of Yahoo and my open home page tabs simultaneously.

I went back to the window that has opened in the page web of the link, is go to options, changed my home page back to the default in Firefox, and then click value on another TAB and it opens up Firefox by default.

I then selected Duck Duck Go in the search engine drop-down in the research cell (same tab), then returned to the options and changed the default home page for "use current pages".

Closed from the other window with two legs that open with Yahoo and Firefox home pages and then closed the window with two legs of the link I clicked and the tab I used to set my home page... then opens a new browser window and BAM... back to normal.

It's the best of my recollection.


Now when I followed your instructions, it has the right URL. This gets fixed as I wrote above, until I could try your solution.

Thank you for your help.

For anyone who has found this solved the problem because they had the same problem. Now, you know that the real solution is to take it slow when you download a free program. In fact, be careful when you download and install programs even you pay because even those who understand often insidious modules of the sponsors who want to take control of your computer or at least your browser.

When we are looking for a solution, we are often in a hurry to get this solution of software free to work very quickly, and we tend to click all the "Thanks" and "Okay" very fast... we just want the danged program and the rest to shut up and make the road.

BUT... buried in a large number of them is this toxic junk preying on your desire for a cheap or free 'something' and they rely on the fact that most of the people will live with all malicious software has been installed as the computer still works well. But, you are now being watched by more people than you were before if you let this junk out there.

Patience and make attention is the preventive solution. ALWAYS be wary of any programs that install. Even those you pay maybe junk you don't want and could have deselected you just slowed down and thought about all the steps of the installation procedure.

Thanks to the Firefox community.

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