DSC and Omron CPM1 (A) vs Lookout and Omron CPM1 (A)


We decide to buy Labview DSC or NI Lookout.  LabVIEW DSC is preferred, even if one needs of OPC servers OR too.

However, there is always an answer to decide:

In the driver list of Lookout, 'Omron CPM1' is mentioned, even if Omron Hostlink.

In the OPC server list NOR drivers someone NI Belgium showed that the Omron CPM1 is not mentioned; Omron Hostlink is.

If anyone of you has experience with NI Labview DSC in combination with Omron CPM1 or CPM1A?  If so, it works using the DSC mold?

Thanks in advance,

Many greetings,

Frank ludo

I checked the OPC server from OR. She does not mention the CPM1. If the OPC server from OR is not supposed to support CPM1.

Belvedere takes it. You can download the trial version of http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/view/p/id/509/lang/en

Another way is to use DSC with other OPC server.

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  • off the hook and DSC

    It is a cross-post from the map to LV found here.

    I'm looking to update a former BridgeVIEW PPA who has used the property "off the hook" which was available in the Lookout protocol drivers.

    If any of you have managed to migrate an application that uses this property for LV DSC, I would be very interested to hear about the challenges of launching.

    Thank you



    The tools I have are Lookout and Labview w/DSC. IF I run a Lookout process it can act as the "Lookout protocol drivers' example (LV 8.5)

    1. I start lookout and create a Modbus Driver object
    2. Thanks to creat Labview shared variable of the project I and bind it to the modbus driver hook given Member lookout.
    3. Create a VI with a Boolean control then connect the control to the shared variable which is the hook to stop the modbus driver object data member.
    4. Unfortunately I'm not where I have a phone line that I can test this, but I'm sure that it works even as it does to Lookout.
    5. I'm a complete novice with Labview so there may be better ways to do this.

    Attached are the screenshots, I hope this helps.

    Jim Besselman

  • Compatibility of the DSC runtime 8.6 and Windows 7

    Does anyone know if DSC 8.6.1 DURATION has a problem in Windows 7-64 bit OS similar to software development?


    Unfortunately, LabVIEW 8.6.1 is not officially supported on Windows 7 because I think you know. Most of the Windows 7 test was done with LabVIEW 2009 and 2010. However, this does not mean that you can not install the runtime of DSC and use it with your executables, but be aware that it is at your own risk and it is not supported by OR. For more information about compatibility with software OR Windows 7, see this article from Developer area.

    Thanks for choosing National instruments.

    Chris LS

  • Distance sign and DSC interfere?

    Hi, I'm wondering if the DSC or OPC intervenes to show my remote panel in an executable, since I installed them and now I can't see my web page. I mean the said instructions close Labview for access with the executable, done DSC or the variabel shared server or something interferes?

    What happened:

    I have a program that monitors the temperature for rooms with fruit, we acquire the time through modbus RTU and we see this info over the internet.
    First of all I did with modbus library and it worked, we had the web page through remote panels and web publishing tool.

    But now I saw the DSC toolkit for Labview and excited that I migrated the entire feature to the servers of IO, and until the end, when everything works well, the web page or the remote server does not work, works with the VI but not with the EXE file.

    The first time I did this, and I did this time again with no success

    Currently the State:

    My Web server is started and works in development, I made a Web page named TRY.html, and it works in Labview with the VI.

    I know that the plugin doesn't work on chrome, but just to let you see that the problem is not IEXPLORER, whetn web page is static, it works on chrome also.

    With IEXPLORER (right), it works in chrome (left), that is not

    Work on IExplorer


    Then I followed the steps in the instructions, added my project, added to the construction and built web page

    Then I modified my file NIconfigserver and labview fully CLOSED, the tutorial said so, I closed at least as much as I used to do before.

    My config or

    # Web server configuration file.
    # Generated by LabVIEW 14.0
    # 13/06/2015 11:44:16 p. m.

    # Global Directives
    NEITHER. AddLVRouteVars
    ErrorLog "$LVSERVER_ROOT/logs/error.log" level = 2, new
    TypesConfig "$LVSERVER_ROOT/mime.types»
    LimitWorkers 10
    LoadModulePath ' $LVSERVER_ROOT /..; $LVSERVER_ROOT/modules; "$LVSERVER_ROOT/LVModules".
    LoadModule LVAuth lvauthmodule
    LoadModule LVSnapshot lvsnapshotmodule
    LoadModule LVRFP lvrfpmodule
    Listen 8000

    # The directives that apply to the server by default
    NEITHER. ServerName LabVIEW
    DocumentRoot "C:/SMC/data".
    InactivityTimeout 60
    NetConnector SetConnector
    AddHandler LVAuth
    AddHandler LVSnapshot wink
    AddHandler LVRFP
    AddHandler LVSnapshot
    AddHandler fileHandler «»
    AddOutputFilter chunkFilter
    DirectoryIndex index.html

    My ini

    server.app.propertiesEnabled = True
    Server.OLE.Enabled = True
    Server.TCP.Paranoid = true
    server.tcp.serviceName = "My Server computer/VI"
    server.vi.callsEnabled = True
    server.vi.propertiesEnabled = True
    WebServer.Enabled = True
    WebServer.TcpAccess = "" + c * ' "
    WebServer.ViAccess = "' + * '"
    DebugServerEnabled = False
    DebugServerWaitOnLaunch = False
    saveFloaterLocations = True
    find.viListFlags = 0
    LastErrorListSize = 0, 0, 0, 0
    paletteStyle = "NamedIcons".

    And so, I opened my EXE and then reload the Web pages, and I can see that the web server is started, because it shows the html code, but I can't link to my EXE. It says that can not find my VI

    Asked that VI is not loaded in memory on the server computer

    If I close the EXE server stops

    Remote panel refused by a specific server, ensure that Labview Web server is enabled

    And this is my story

    It is always difficult for me to get the web page work, but this time I spent hours without success

    I did the test on my development pc and to the target computer and is the same on the PC, the Web page worked before using DSC.

    So, any help will be appreciated

    My best regards

    The DSC execution engine will be sufficient for the deployment of the project to a new computer. The runtime equals the DSC Module, but you can do any programming with it. You will need to purchase a separate license for the license of execution for each deployment also computer.

    What is the system of execution of DSC and when should I use it?


  • Grouping and subgrouping

    Hi Experts,

    I'm looking to select who can give me results as below. I am fairly new and I tried



    Select 'g1' group_key, prod "p1", "pd1" prod_dsc, "m1" month 1 sales of the double

    Union of all the

    Select 'g1', 'p2', 'pd2', 'm1', 2 of the double

    Union of all the

    Select "g1", "p3", "pd3'"m2", 3 double

    Union of all the

    Select "g2", "p4", "pd4", "m1", 4 of the double

    Union of all the

    Select "g2", "p5", "pd5", "m2", 5 double

    Union of all the

    Select 'g3', 'p6', 'pd6""m2", 6 double




    So basically prod, prod dsc and months is not known to the group, but will be retained on the best sales within the group. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    with order by:

    () AS T

    Select 'g1' group_key, prod "p1", "pd1" prod_dsc, "m1" month 1 sales of the double

    Union of all the

    Select 'g1', 'p2', 'pd2', 'm1', 2 of the double

    Union of all the

    Select "g1", "p3", "pd3'"m2", 3 double

    Union of all the

    Select 'g3', 'p6', 'pd6""m2", 6 double

    Union of all the

    Select "g2", "p4", "pd4", "m1", 4 of the double

    Union of all the

    Select "g2", "p5", "pd5", "m2", 5 double


    Select decode(grp_id,0,null,group_key) group_key,





    ROW_NUMBER() over (partition by order of decode(grp_id,0,null,group_key) group_key) o


    SELECT t.group_key,

    Max (t.prod) Dungeon (first order by t.sales desc dense_rank) prod,

    Max (t.prod_dsc) of Dungeon prod_dsc (dense_rank of the first order by t.sales desc),

    Max (t.month) Dungeon (first order by t.sales desc dense_rank) month,

    Sum (t.sales) sm_sales,

    GRP GROUPING (t.group_key),

    GROUPING_ID (t.group_key, t.prod) grp_id


    Group of rollup (t.group_key, t.prod)


    where PRV = 0

    G1 P3 PD3 M2 6 1
    P1 RDS M1 1 2
    P2 PD2 M1 2 3
    P3 PD3 M2 3 4
    G2 P5 PD5 M2 9 1
    P5 PD5 M2 5 2
    P4 PD4 M1 4 3
    G3 P6 PD6 M2 6 1
    P6 PD6 M2 6 2


    Ramin Hashimzade

  • Cannot start the DSC Shared Memory

    I'm under LabView 7.0 (I know its an older configuration), with DSC and Lookout CPB to make periodic communications to an Omron plc. I needed to update the nor-DAQ because the PCI-6220 card needs the driver. I upgraded to NOR-DAQ 7.5 and now a get the cannot start the Service Manager memory shared DSC. I uninstalled the DSC and reinstalled without change. I found in discussion forums that I need nidscsm.exe in the windows\system32 folder, but is not there. I am running Windows XP.

    I have 2 configurations like that. 1 PC always connects to the controller even if the error appears, another PC connects any, lights flash but error timeout then comms.

    Thank you!

    Sorry, maybe I had my names wrong. He was DAQ - Mx that I've upgraded to v.8.1 and that's where it messes up the communications of the OPC. I knew that if I install the DAQ - Mx without option checked OPC she always clears the NIDSCSM.COM as a service, but I can still use serial OPC communication. Strange...

  • Point of Modbus DSC read does not correctly

    I use 2013 LV 32-bit on W7 64-bit.  I talk to an industrial controller with Modbus to Ethernet.  My current software uses the interface modbus DSC, in which I define the bus Modbus itself within a library in the project, and then set each point Modbus as an address within this definition of modbus.  Inside LabVIEW, you can then get the data Modbus via shared Variables.  I am currently using the dynamic variable calls shared, rather than static variables shared.  I have points that are Boolean (coils) and real, with a read-only and a read/write.  In general, it all works.

    However, there is a real read/write that acts funny.  If I put a new value, or the industrial controller assigns a new value, the industrial controller Gets the new value.  Variable motor shared on my computer gets even the new value, as can be verified by opening the Distributed System Manager.  But LabVIEW continues to read the old value, without error.  Other points of read/write work very well, and I have looked on the definition of the address several times and cannot find any reason why this should be different than the others.

    Does anyone have any ideas why DSM sees a new value of a shared variable, without LabVIEW continues to get the old value?  I watched the init for the dynamics of SV case, and I see all the options I can change to try to solve this problem.  My next attempt will be to rewrite the entire auxiliary system so that it uses the most recent Modbus Library of NOR and ignores the whole thing of DSC.  It will be probably much better for other reasons as well.  I noticed that with DSC and the shared Variables, the first time that the program runs it starts fairly quickly, but subsequent executions can take up to two minutes to connect to the SV.

    Thank you


    Never mind.  I think I found the problem.  A bug minor configuration in my own code...

  • Where can I download DSC Module 2011

    Hi all

    I want to install my labview, LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module but the one I downloaded from the home page is DSC2013, and it can only be installed on Labview 2013. Unfortunately, my labview is 2011SP1. So I did not install it.

    Guys do you know where I can download the previous version of the add-on of DSC instead of DSC2013?

    Thanks in advance!



    In order to download an older version of software you must subscribe to a Service Standard program of NOR (http://www.ni.com/services/software_benefits.htm).

    Then log on ni.com, go here: http://www.ni.com/downloads/products/ and select "Labview toolkits.

    Filter the list for DSC and the version you need.

    Kind regards


  • Interface MODBUS master/slave... need DSC & OPC?

    I read up on top of the DSC & OPC modules looking at reasons why I would or would not need these modules for my particular application.

    I have a custom designed PLC I need to communicate with.  We look at the advantages/disadvantages with regard to the use of MODBUS ethernet communication to send control commands & reception around a number of 100 channels input data (1 to 2 times per second).   LabVIEW on Windows system is the master device and the seat PLC as the slave device.  Will we have the DSC or OPC modules?  We seek to create our custom MODBUS code.  Is here, that make the DSC & OPC modules really do?  More of a plug-and-play option for customers do not have to develop a custom code?  Develop a code custom this broad?  It seems that I could with just the drivers MODBUS provided through LV... but would like to hear your comments on that.

    Also, the MODBUS ethernet is quite easy to configure on the deployed applications (desktop / laptop)?  Currently, we use an IO CAN for connection & this works pretty well and is easy to install and deploy... but is a bit expensive.

    Thank you


    The main advantage of the DSC module is that it allows you to use variables shared in the form of tags to connect on multiple protocols (such as MODBUS or OPC) industry, which eliminates a lot of hassle with the side of things communication. In addition, it allows the log all your variables to a relational database, as well as alarms and events with a minimum of difficulty. I won't get in the list of full features here, but if you're interested, you can learn more about DSC Module information page.

    For your application, it seems that your PLC will make communication MODBUS Ethernet, OR OPC servers shouldn't be necessary unless you really want to publish data PLC to OPC for some reason any (without programming). In addition, if you want to use OR OPC servers, you probably want to make sure that proper operation with your PLC. There is a hardware compatibility page that lists compatible devices.

    The main advantage of using DSC on the MODBUS library is ease of use and deployment. Since all your i/o MODBUS is on your shared variables, your application data sources are all managed by the LabVIEW project and can be changed centrally.

    For a quick - and dirty preview, there is a demo on the latest features DSC and demos (link to the demo) page. This particular demonstration shows how to read and write specific addresses on MODBUS Ethenet without wiring from a single piece of LabVIEW code.

    If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, the MODBUS library is definitely worth looking into. My recommendation is to try the DSC Module and the MODBUS library and see which suits you best.

    Good luck!

  • License Runtime DSC questions


    I recently discovered this Suite of LabView developers that I thougt was a complete development & deployment platform is not:

    Since I had chosen to use the feature of DSC Modbus, I need more, the SDC Runtime apprantly on my development system, both on the PC where the system will be deployed.

    As bad as this is, I think it's more frustrating to know how these licenses should be handled.

    Our client is a precast concrete Production plant which is not used to problems of installation and software license management.

    In addition, the PC obviously isn't online on the internet: it is a gross production environment.

    I'll build a full installation package so that the customer can install the full software on the PC in a few easy steps.

    I thougt LabView has been up to the task, but I'm wondering now if this is the case.

    My questions are:

    1. The SDC Runtime license must be enabled on the client PC?
    2. If so, how is the activated license when the PC has no internet connection?
    3. SCP die quite frequently in these harsh environments, and the customer must be able to quickly install my software on a new PC to maintain current production of execution!
      1. Can the customer reinstall my software on a new PC hassle license Runtime DSC?
      2. What are the exact steps to do this?


    I firmly believe that NEITHER should implement the information about the fact that he takes a length of DSC and the links that explain these licensing issues on the next page:


    The above page must also contain a link to this page: http://www.ni.com/labview/labviewdsc/faq.htm

    As it is now, the developers expect a precious time to find answers to these questions (at least, we did).


    I believe that you are in our system as work for objective Technology AS (NO).  Please let me know if this is indeed the case, then I can contact your local technician to work with you on the details of your request, and what software and what support will be adapted.

    geirove wrote:

    I had little luck asking my country representative / local: they have even said ' no use to ask OR "(in other cases).

    (a) so, is there a downloadable version of the Runtime DSC, I could try in trial mode? I was not able to find it!

    (b) how long is the period eval?

    (c) after the purchase of the DSC Runtime license, can I test my application on multiple computers, one at a time, turning it on several PC test in the House, but only one of them both? (As we do with LabView, when we test several PC hardware / Software configs for problems)

    (a) there is no downloadable version of the DSC Runtime System.  This software is available on a CD.

    will b) period eval on this software is not running, nor does not require activation.  Since this software is only distributed on CD with the physical medium is essentially the same (in OR) activated downloaded software.

    (c) the license agreement with the software requires you to buy an additional DSC RTS license/CD for each deployed system, but the evaluation license allows you to install it on multiple machines for testing purposes.

    See you soon,.

  • PS 13 element has a current update that will support the RAW of Sony DSC RX100M4 files?

    Recently updated my camera Sony DSC RX100 recently published RX100M4 DSC and 13 items does not support the RAW format.   I can use only jpg files.  Outside the PS Elements, I use a file converter, but that defeated the purpose of the use of RAW.  All solutions

    Reluctant acceptance that I will be driving a car from Adobe with 3 wheels until the release of PSE14 will include a car with 4 wheels.  Too bad.

  • DSC with XML data type


    Can someone explain to me what the difference is between the xml data type and the type of Document data in workbench? I would use the xml datatype in my DSC thinking that it's probably the best representation of an xml string. But I heard that the Document is more widely used and it can represent an entity xml as well. Is this good?

    My ultimate goal is to write a DSC and use a type representing an xml string. I would like that the component.xml of the type for my input variables automatically be typed 'xml' or 'document' (whatever that I should use).

    I tried to create variables of both types ("xml" and "document", lowercase d) and those who have passed in my DSC for inspection. The object passed are as follows:

    XML: org.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl

    Document: com.adobe.idp.Document

    But if I use one of these in my component.xml workbench is to type my variables as 'DocumentImpl' or 'Document '.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!


    Yes. I am it would be showing the xml for the variable type, but it shows Document in both cases. But they are different. One is an org.w3c.dom.Document and the other is a com.adobe.idp.Document.

    So I guess, try to use a title for this setting that reflects the nature of the variable you are trying to use.

    Also, you can use the tag to put a little more explanation on the type of variable you want to use.


  • Creating custom activity (service DSC)... but get errors during the startup of service in workbench


    I have hands on development of the process. So I started to create a custom activity.

    I created an activity that takes input and gives a string after some calculations. But the program requires additional jar files that are included in the lib folder in my java project.

    I exported java project as a jar file and installed successfully in the workbench. But then that starts the component... get the error like:

    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No. ClassLoaders found for: net.fortuna.ical4j.model.Date
    at org.jboss.mx.loading.LoadMgr3.beginLoadTask(LoadMgr3.java:212)
    at org.jboss.mx.loading.RepositoryClassLoader.loadClassImpl(RepositoryClassLoader.java:514)
    at org.jboss.mx.loading.RepositoryClassLoader.loadClass(RepositoryClassLoader.java:408)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass (unknown Source)
    at org.ungoverned.moduleloader.ModuleClassLoader.findClass(ModuleClassLoader.java:291)
    at org.ungoverned.moduleloader.ModuleClassLoader.loadClass(ModuleClassLoader.java:164)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass (unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal (unknown Source)
    ... more than 117

    You will find a complete description of the error in the attachment. LC hope does not have the jars in the lib.

    Because of this error, I'm not able to go forward.

    I have to add / include the required jars in LC?

    Please guide me how to solve this error.

    Waiting for your response.

    Thank you


    Put the jar into the lib of the appserver folder is a way to get the class when running, but not all sites will let you do this because you simply put at the disposal of all works on the appserver.  In addition, now that you move your dsc to test to staging to production, you must remember to move the jar as well.

    The alternative is to include the jar in your DSC and referencing it in the classpath of node in the component.xml file.

    Just cash how the DSCs distributed it (adobe-remoteevents-dsc Watch 2 pots to the package root and both are referenced in the classpath of the component.xml.


  • "Revaluation" of DSC-HX9v DSC-HX300 or DSC-HX50 (v) request?

    As some know, on my other thread, I'm considering upgrading my Sony DSC-HX9v for the HX300. However, because of the noise of the zoom during playback video, I'm still uncertain on the HX300 so now also considering HX50 (v). The main reason for the upgrade is the zoom.

    Has anyone done a similar upgrade and may comment if the image quality is better or less the phot and video? I understand that the HX300 has more pixels on the sensor, but this does not always translate in the best picture. Also, I was informed that because of the increase in zoom, the goal is obviously more thick which can decrease the quality of the image.

    Any advice greatly appreciated. TIA

    It is true that a large number of megapixels does not equal a better picture quality. There are many other factors that contribute to the quality of image, and each have their own strong points.

    The HX300-DSC and DSC-HX50V essentially share the same 20.4 MP CMOS sensor. The DSC-HX300 has an objective Carl Zeiss, the longest zoom range and wider opening that is perfect for defocus background. The DSC-HX50V with a Sony G lens, more scene modes and a shoes Multi Interface allows you to set accessories and expand the creative possibilities with the camera.

    The effective diameter of the lens doesn't have a direct effect of image quality. The size of the lens will depend on several factors including zooming capacity, number of elements and materials used in the construction, among others.

    If this post answered your question, please mark this "accept as Solution.

  • OPC materials - end user adding a new devices

    I need to create an application that connects to a compatible device OPC and read labels (variable) in my program.  I can do this by creating a shared variable.  What I have to do is to add other devices.  It seems obvious that all devices have the same tag name.  When the program runs, my client would like the opportunity to select one or more devices to read/write data to.  What the program is really intended for the registration of data using the Citadel, set up alarms, graphical representation, report generation, etc. and will make good use of the DSC module.  The way I imagined the work programme is the user to press a button to add mutual FUNDS to the program, a dialog box appears with all available OPC devices, the user selects one and hits OK.  At this point, the program comes to life, recording and graphic representation of data, generate alarms etc.

    What I see what will happen, is that when a device is selected, a table group is populated. Each item is a separate device, and every table is a separate variable.  Ex:


    To bind the variables programmatically you must add the server I/O first on your process, the functions srvl_load_db_es.vi and srvl_atualizar_es.vi. The function "subCreate and set IO Server.vi ' creates a new i/o server and is not documented by NOR.

    To create added make variables programmatically on your srvl_atualizar_vm.vi service processes. This function makes calls to the functions of the DSC and configure all the options step by step.

    To find an address mutual FUND you can use the function "Datasocket select URL.vi" or you can use a tool in the 'LogosBrowser.zip' attachment below.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Hands-free features not supported in the current context of material

    Hello I have a generic Bluetooth headset and a bluetooth PCMCIA card with the latest drivers Toshiba. The adapter finds the headset and other bluetooth devices, but it will not allow me to pair the headset with my computer.I am running XP with Servic

  • Sansa locked Clip

    When I tried to play my video, I noticed the icon on the screen locked.  I have never use the locking function and tried several times to unlock it.  I am unable to do anything except turn it off.  Y at - it solution or a way to restore it to its ori

  • Font size of text too small shows in some programs and applications

    Original title: small TEXT in some programs and Applications on PC. Hello. I'm having some trouble trying to read the TEXT in some of my PC applications. It does not happen in all the and can have a mix of large and small TEXT in a box (I've included

  • Cannot find switchable graphics mode in the bios.

    Hello. I have 6b04er for HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. I want to switch to fixed mode in the bios to use only discrete videocard (6750 m). I've updated the latest version of the bios for my device, but I can't yet find "switchable graphics mode" option in

  • I am unable to move presets in Lightroom

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