E3000 at the request of the access for devices on Kids - both times in the same afternoon?

Hi, I'm running an E3000 with Firmware - 1.0.04)is.

I like to plan my iPod of boys to be on the network from 14:00 to 16:00 every day.

Running the Cisco connect software it seems I can plan from 14:00 until the next morning, but not a 2-hour afternoon window.

Looking through the other messages I see software earlier where it can maintained by the firmware on the router but 1.0.04)is that I seem to have to use Cisco Connect.

So, how is it possible with my current setup?

Thanks Graeme

Thank you looks good, everything I have to do is now working on the MAC addresses of the devices that are on the network.

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    Thank you for your attention,


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  • Restrict access for device groups in ACS 4.0 SE

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    Thanks in advance


    Hi Narayan,

    Pls have a look at the next post:

    http://Forum.Cisco.com/eForum/servlet/NetProf?page=NetProf&CommCmd=MB?cmd=pass_through&location=outline@^[email protected]/0#selected_message



  • Remote secure access for teleworkers

    For the future, we would like our employees to be able to access their desktops from remote view.

    We used Citrix for remote access for years, but I think time has come to make a change.

    (We also examined the Citrix XenDesktop VDI solution but the complexity of the installation and the process of image editing we scared)

    But back to VMware...

    "VMware View can be integrated with your existing VPN solution"

    Since we do not have an existing VPN Solution, I'm looking for information on what people use and would recommend.

    Thank you very much.

    Hello jamesfool

    VMware has a secure server that you can put them in the DMZ, then you bind it with the display Manager (in the secure lan)

    The secure server allows only RDP over SSL connections (443 or port you defined)

    This step encompasses all types of additional licenses and worsk fine. The only question is who does not work with PCoIP.

    I hope I help.

    Por don't favor no olvides calificar las responses that you were should o ayuda valiosos.

    Please, do not forget the points of call of the "useful" or "correct" answers

    Best wishes / Saludos


    ING. Diego Quintana

    VCP 410 - VCP 310 - VAC - VTSP

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    A good place to ask for advice on web development is to the 'Web Standards Development/evangelism' MozillaZine forum.

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    Hi WesleyJefferson,

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1: These messages occur if the permissions are incorrect on your designated music folder or a folder in your designated music folder. The permissions are settings that determine who can read, write, or execute a file or a folder on your computer. Each file and folder on your hard drive has an associated permission set.

    Example: If the permissions are correct on your music folder, but incorrect on the U2 folder inside your music folder, you would be able to add other music to your iTunes library, but not this new U2 album.

    To apply permissions to a file or folder, see the article mentioned below:

    How to set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and folders in Windows XP


    Method 2: You can also read the article and check.


    Difficulties to add music to iTunes or audio CD import library



    Method 3: Try to uninstall iTunes and other apple system applications and reinstall iTunes again. See the apple Web site to download iTunes. Click on the link below.


    Let us know if this information will help.

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    I have 2 Windows 7 PCs & 1 Windows XP.

    XP, I can connect & see the shared folders on the 7.  However, I don't see the XP from 7 if I disable my firewall.

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    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Hi all

    What is the best configuration for 3 x LAPN300 located in various places around my house of 3 floors, access points if I want just one SSID?

    I did some initial research which suggests that I can use the same SSID on all three, as long as they are on different channels. 1, 6 and 11 for example. In theory, then, as I wander around the House the client machine must auto swap to the AP with the signal stronger.

    What do you think? What is the best way or do, or could suggest you something else?

    As an aside... If I decided to create a second SSID for the guests at home, I would also want to add wireless isolation to this SSID. How would that be managing the DHCP server on the local network? How would be asked to connect to the SSID has never get an IP if they have been isolated from other clients on the local network?  Besides, how they see the router? The ANNUAL lets you specify exceptions to this isolation for this feature?  Alternatively, as I suspect, is the right isolation feature isolate them from other WLAN, not the LAN clients customers?

    I did some testing and configuration of the AP with the same SSID and security will do what you want. Don't worry about setting the channel because the auto channel setting works with these devices and automatically adjusts the spacing between the appropriate channels.

    Recommendation of the VPN_user is what you need if you want to isolate the SSID comments from the rest of your network clients.

    Isolation of SSID of the AP will guard only wireless devices to communicate with each other on the same SSID on which it is enabled.

  • work around the internal security gateway and the same url for web access external and internal

    role of the broker 1 quest
    1 security with the roles of web access gateway
    1 Server terminal server

    I configured the default gateway with the parameter security rule: "vworkspace security gateway".
    I created a custom with the value rule (it's my client internal windows7).
    When I navigate to the internal url (fqdn's secure gateway server) I bypassed (tsdebug shows no sslgateway).

    But now I want to use 1 internal and external URL to type the same URL.
    Now when I navigate to an external URL of the machine internal with above ip I always get through security gateway, I see a SSLGateway

    Hi Erik,

    I think that this has been fixed in our latest version 8.5 - documents.software.dell.com/DOC252107

    Please download and upgrade your farm and let us know if you still see this problem.

    If you do, it may be best to save a service request so that we can see exactly what is happening.

    Thanks, Sam

  • Prerequisites for the IBM I access for Windows with Windows 8.1

    I have several new computers with Windows 8.1 who need access to an AS400 via I Access for Windows.  I know that before this, I have to install 2 conditions (vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe) before the installation of Access for Windows.  I didn't know of these 2 conditions on Windows 8.0 installation problems, but I'm having a problem installing on Windows 8.1. Are there new prerequisites for Windows 8.1 patches!

    I I've installed Access for Windows on another machine of 8.0 and then upgraded the operating system to 8.1 without problem.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Hi LXMC,

    I'm not familiar with Iaccess, but you have installed the latest service packs to the site:


  • How to set up the ASDM/HTTP access for Cisco ASA firewall

    Hi all

    I am looking for a solution / guide that will allow our ASA 5510, V8.4 (5) Firewall, ASDM version 6.4 (9) to help users Active Directory. I want to activate our administrators to access the ASA via ASDM using their AD accounts (a local administrator account also exist but not a password of General knowledge)

    Anyone would be abe to advise on a guide / Solution.

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    If that you issue correctly you want active tpo AD authention for AMPS/HTTP access to the ASA. If it is correct that you have need of the following using the CLI to enable that command

    ASA-32-22 (config) # aaa authentication http console?

    set up the mode commands/options:

    LOCAL server predefined Protocol AAA 'local' tag

    Name WORD of RADIUS or GANYMEDE + aaa-server for the administrative group


    After the console you needd to defind the name of the AD server you have configured on the SAA.

    You can do the same thing by using ASDM:

    Change LOCAL to the announcement that there are listed.

    I hope that answers your question.

    Thank you

    Jeet Kumar

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    I rented the room light $5 9.99 per month.  Can I also get access to Photoshop for the same rental?   In my previous cat (0216813226), I said yes and gave a link to download Photoshop.  I let it run all night and it never down load even though it says 'download now '.

    Hi dave04079,

    Yes, you also get access to install Photoshop on your computer when a member of the creative cloud.

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    Sign to the creative cloud, then go ahead and install Photoshop.

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