Elitedesk 800 G2: Elitedesk 800 G2 - auto standby unwanted on with network boot

Hi all

I have a problem with my new Elitedesk 800 G2, which I think is related to Wake on Lan. The problem is that I can't find these settings in the BIOS settings. If I'm just blind?


Off my PC it remains off for a few minutes. Then, it feeds on and try to network boot. Since I have nothing to start from my home network the attempt fails. After that, it tries to boot from hard drive but also fails because it cannot find a harddrive (?).

Then I have to power cycle the computer to boot normally from the hard disk.

Once it's on, it works perfectly.

I tried upgrading the BIOS yesterday but the problem remains.


We have solved this problem.

With 2.15 BIOS and Windows installed 10 (we have more old bios/OS installed on this device), enter BIOS-> advanced-> Startup Options-> search

Legacy-> option to disable boot order

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    I have just taken receipt of 5 new HP EliteOne 800 G2 23 "no touch machines. All PC's are generally imaged using Windows Deployment Services.

    I downloaded sp72515.exe that is the Intel I219 NIC driver pack for Windows 7 64 bit and injected these drivers into Windows Deployment Service and updated the boot LiteTouchPE_x64.wim file. Windows reported it went slowly and the 6 drivers concerned are all showing loaded with so much success in WDS.

    Problem. When I PXE boot the Windows EliteOne 800 G2 pilot of the CARD is not recognized by the 800 EliteOne G2.

    Wizard error

    A connection to the deployment share (\ < servername > \Deploymentshare$) could not be made. The following network device did not have a driver installed. PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_15B7 & SUBSYS_8058103C & REV_31


    The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the driver directly from Intel...

    The 2nd file listed on the left side of the page is for W7 x 64.


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    My system wakes up hours even after being put on standby, and then back to mode 'sleep' in itself.

    This happens when I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. When I get to a certain place in the hallway, I hear the 'click' in my computer room that occurs subsequently to the top. Then I change course to control the computer and I find it wakes up. He will then go back to sleep in a few minutes. Either it's haunted to wake up when I do (it seems to wake up when I get to a specific place in the hallway (*?), or he wakes up frequently while I'm asleep.)

    Any way to prevent it to wake up or get a log of his self-directed behavior?

    Try disabling "Wake for network access" and "Enable Power Nap" in system preferences > energy saver.

  • How can I enable auto standby stop?

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Create a batch file for the shutdown of the PC.

    1. Open a Notepad.
    2. Type f shutdown and save the file shutdown.bat.
    3. Run the bat by using task planned with your desired time.
  • Office 411-a024: unit freezes and auto restarts even with a boot CD. Need a RMA number

    Aircraft crashes and restarts even trying a bootable CD. Need an RMA number I think still under warranty


    Sorry, but it's just a volunteer community support forum. HP maintains no official presence here and we are not allowed to deal with issues of warranty or product return.

    For these questions, you should contact HP customer care directly.

    If you live in the United States or the Canada, details are on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1
    If you live elsewhere, contact details are on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.html

    NOTE: once you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to someone ' one - it can take a while!

    If you have difficulties to find a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836

    However, HP customer care is generally not available on weekends, so you will have to wait until Monday to contact them.

    Good luck

  • Problem creating a Standby physical database with RMAN

    Hi all

    I am learning oracle dataguard and as part of the learning process of creation of database on hold.

    Platform: V250-fire-Sun Sparc, Solaris 10

    Version of database - Oracle 11R2

    I create standby database on the same server, so the directory structure is different.

    By following the instructions on the site of Oracle, I managed to create a functional physical standby database. But I'm not able to create a database with RMAN backup. Here are the steps that I follow-

    1 configure all the required settings on the primary database as done in creating physical standby database manually, for example implementation force of logging, the creation of newspapers ensure etc..

    2. settings edited on the primary database file as does everything in manual creation of physical database backup. Some of these changes are –

    On the primary database:
    *. FAL_CLIENT = "orcl11020" #Primary database unique name
    *. FAL_SERVER = "stdby_11" #Standby database unique name

    db_file_name_convert ='/ < dir >/oradata/stdby_11 ',' / < dir >/oradata/orcl11020 '

    log_file_name_convert ='/ < dir >/oradata/stdby_11 ',' / < dir >/oradata/orcl11020 ',' / < dir > / oradata/stdby_11/redo_mem ',' / < dir > / oradata/orcl11020/redo_mem '
    standby_file_management = auto

    * .log_archive_config = 'DG_CONFIG = (orcl11020, stdby_11)'

    * .log_archive_dest_1 = "LOCATION = / < dir > / flash_recovery_area/ORCL11020/archivelog"

    VALID_FOR = (ALL_LOGFILES, ALL_ROLES) db_unique_name = orcl11020'

    * .log_archive_dest_2 = "SERVICE = db_unique_name LGWR ASYNC = (ONLINE_LOGFILES, PRIMARY_ROLE) stdby_11 = stdby_11 VALID_FOR'"

    *. LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT='%t_%s_%r.arc'

    Copied same pfile standby database and set to date follows.

    "* .control_files ='/ < dir > /oradata/stdby_11/stdby_11.ctl','/ < dir > / fra_stdby/stdby_11/stdby_11.ctl".
    * .db_name = "orcl1102".
    * .db_unique_name = "stdby_11".
    *. FAL_CLIENT = "stdby_11."
    *. FAL_SERVER = "orcl11020."
    db_file_name_convert ='/ < dir >/oradata/orcl11020 ',' / < dir >/oradata/stdby_11 '
    log_file_name_convert ='/ < dir >/oradata/orcl11020 ',' / < dir >/oradata/stdby_11 ',' / < dir > / oradata/orcl11020/redo_mem ',' / < dir > / oradata/stdby_11/redo_mem '
    standby_file_management = auto
    * .log_archive_dest_1 = "LOCATION = / < dir > / fra_stdby/STDBY_11/archivelog"
    VALID_FOR = (ALL_LOGFILES, ALL_ROLES) db_unique_name = stdby_11'
    * .log_archive_dest_2 = "SERVICE = orcl11020 LGWR ASYNC VALID_FOR = (ONLINE_LOGFILES, PRIMARY_ROLE)
    db_unique_name = orcl11020'

    3. Add the relevant information in tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files and restart the listener.
    3 created the file password with the same credentials as database primary.
    4.up - to-date RMAN backup primary database available.
    5. create controlfile standby with rman
    While the primary database s open (I tried with a primary database in montage mode as well).

    $> rman/[email protected] for catalog rman target /.

    6. open a new terminal standby base and start in nomount mode using the settings created - file
    $> ORACLE_SID = stdby_11
    $> export ORACLE_SID
    $> sqlplus / as sysdba
    SQL > STARTUP NOMOUNT pfile =' < rental/initfilename.ora '
    SQL > quit
    $> rman AUXILIARY / target sys/[email protected] catalog rman/[email protected]

    RMAN ends without error but the archive logs is not eliminated. Looking at the newspaper, following caught my eye.

    Logging of 1017 errors received on the eve
    Verify that the primary and standby use a password file
    and remote_login_passwordfile shared or EXCLUSIVE.
    and the SYS password is the same password files.
    error ORA-16191
    FAL [client, ARC2]: error 16191 connection at orcl11020 for the extraction of the gap sequence
    Errors in file /<>dir > / diag/rdbms/stdby_11/stdby_11/trace/stdby_11_arc2_24321.trc:
    ORA-16191: customer main newspaper not connected waiting for shipment
    Errors in file / < dir > / diag/rdbms/stdby_11/stdby_11/trace/stdby_11_arc2_24321.trc:
    ORA-16191: customer main newspaper not connected waiting for shipment

    Thus on primary and standby I confirmed

    SQL > show parameter remote_login_passwordfile

    ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------
    Remote_login_passwordfile string EXCLUSIVE

    Make double sure that the password files are the same, I stop databases, delete the password and recreated with the same credentials.
    Password files are called - orapworcl11020 and orapwstdby_11

    Can someone guide me where thisngs wrong here please.

    How did you create your file of passwords on the rescue system?

    I will consider your entire post and see what jumps.

    * 3. Created the file password with the same credentials as primary database.*

    You cannot create the password on the eve of 11.1 from file. You must COPY the password from the primary to the wait for passwords to match. What I do, is copy and rename.


    I copy orapwPRIMARY to the standby server and rename it orapwSTANDBY

    (Your names varies)

    It could start to work if you do this with a stop and restart of recovery on the day before. Newspapers make up probably just.

    If you find this helpful please mark as well.

    Best regards


    Published by: mseberg on July 7, 2011 07:16

    A few things about the parameters (they can make no difference)


    Log_archive_dest_1 =' LOCATION = /

    /flash_recovery_area/ORCL11020/archivelog VALID_FOR = (ALL_LOGFILES, ALL_ROLES) db_unique_name = orcl11020'

    Would it be

    Log_archive_dest_1 =' LOCATION = USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST VALID_FOR = (ALL_LOGFILES, ALL_ROLES) db_unique_name = orcl11020'

    Not sure that you need.


  • cannot auto-sync my iPhone with iTunes on Windows PC 6s

    in iTunes (on Windows PC 8.1), the box that says "automatically sync when this iPhone is connected" is grayed out. The box that allows synchronization via WiFi is ok. I have included my iPhone on the list of devices allowed and PC and phone get an automatic download of the music I bought on iTunes. But my iTunes library on the PC includes the CD I ripped and I want auto-sync to the phone when the phone is connected via the cable USB/Lightning...

    Have you properly synced to this computer before and not synchronized to another computer for this time?

    Can sync you manually?

    Move content from iTunes on your computer to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Satellite Pro A200GE-1F9 may not resume from standby or hibernation with SP1


    Details of the laptop: [my laptop: http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/jsp/SUPPORTSECTION/discontinuedProductPage.do?service=UK&BV_UseBVCook ie = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 131911]

    I recently used Windows Update to install SP1 vista on my laptop, but since this installation I can't resume from standby or hibernation. (Service pack has successfully installed - according to Windows anyway).

    At the resumption of his sleep, I get a blank screen.

    During the recovery from Hibernation, I receive a STOP error message: + Stop 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x82F11020, 0x9A9D9714, 0x00000000) + caused by * Classpnp.sys*.

    After checking these forums, I have seen that Toshiba does not support SP1 + what is accurate? +

    + * If so when/how we will notify when Toshiba released a "patch" for compatibility Vista SP1? I'm guessing that via personnel TEMPO? *. +

    Before installing SP1, I installed all the updates (from Microsoft and Toshiba) and had no problems; all the drivers are up to date.

    Thanks for any answers in advance.

    I guess that this happens because of a problem of compatibility between some pilots and SP1

    > After checking these forums, I saw that Toshiba does not support SP1 is that correct?
    Yes it's true.

    > If Yes, when and how will notify us when Toshiba released a "patch" for compatibility Vista SP1? I'm guessing that via personnel TEMPO?
    I think that there should be information on the Toshiba driver page, support page or we will receive some information of Toshiba through applications of Tempo.

    We'll see

  • Tecra M5: standby/suspend one with a Linux 2.6 kernel

    I'm using linux kernel v2.6.16.20 on a Tecra M5, stable distribution of Debian 3.1. Most things seem to work properly, an annoying problem with the nvidia graphics drivers means that I can't go to a text console after starting X, but the more annoying is that I have to stop and start the machine there is no way I have found yet to convince standby or suspend.

    I use ACPI. As a fall back I also tried APM but it seems that it is not of any popular support APM in the BIOS on this laptop. That's fine, I'd rather be using ACPI, just need to make it work. I updated the BIOS to version 1.5.

    I have activated CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP (also have CONFIG_SMP, CONFIG_SUSPEND_SMP, CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU, seem to need the last in order then to activate CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP) and CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND.
    $ cat/sys/power/state
    disc of mem

    Don't know where the option 'sleep' went, without active CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP it reports 'sleep mem.

    Running: (in single-user mode, using-s at startup, so this minimum amount is running)
    $ echo "mem" >/sys/power/state
    Things start to happen, the screen becomes white with a second or two which makes it difficult to actually identify what he began to do/don't, but then it's right there, fan is active, can't really tell if the hard drive is still turning but there is little change except the cutting screen. May not then wake up at all, screen remains blank, no access to disk AFAIK, left for 10 minutes or so just in case is to have time-out problems, nothing. Only solution then is to powercycle (now the power button / Stop button for more than 4 seconds) and start from scratch again.

    Have also tried compilation and applied suspend2 patch in an attempt to get the machine to suspend to disk, not my ideal choice but any suspension would be good at this point. All patched and updated ok, (taken simply own patches against the kernel version had suspend2 I knew) running script "hibernate" written in the file or the fine swap, it shuts the laptop very well, but just the recovery does not. Tried FilesWriter initially and then went down to the most frequent SwapWriter, added ' echo >/proc/suspend2/do_resume ' initrd and also tried adding a script to/etc/mkinitrd/scripts that appear on a couple of distro Debian suspend2 lists for initrd plays, still no joy.
    Tried to adjust compression = none in the config I noticed that when using FileWriter with initrd problem lack the lzf module, rather than messing around trying to add lzf to initrd I figured disabling compression at least would allow me to test, still no joy. SwapWriter I got close, looked like, he begins to take over, then the laptop restarts after just a few seconds and then start normally, start info went. Nothing in the paper that I can see to suggest there is no problem at all.

    Am I missing something completely obvious here? I have searched several sites, came up with very little. Doesn't sound like a lot of people have linux on a Tecra M5, the few that relate the bits of material work, none seems to talk about Eve/suspension. Or maybe it chance is just a lot better than mine!

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this to work? I would like to be able to "standby" (S1) the laptop at the beginning so at least the material should continue to work on summary, then possibly S3/S4 (suspension on ram or disk) later if I can get this work and equipment to take back the goods. Only the next step I can think acpidump but my knowledge of the workings of ACPI is nonexistence, otherwise than to know it should work better than it does currently.

    Suggestions welcome!

    Thank you very much


    It is also possible that standby or Hibernate mode is not important for users. ;)
    In my view, it is important that this OS runs stabile and hardware components are recognized correctly.

    Sorry but I can't help you and hope another user of Tecra M5 with Linux has better luck than you.

    In any case good luck!

  • disable the option to auto-connect to any wifi network

    I managed a number of tablets for the work. We have win 7 installed. Sometimes users to connect to their home wifi network - or other wifi networks as required. but it is essential that the Tablet does not automatically connect to a network at startup. I understand, it is possible to uncheck auto connect once a network has a profile, but I would prefer that there is no option to auto connect at all and if there must be than the defult do not do self rather than auto connect by defult?

    Thanks in advance for your help


    There is an easy way to start the computer disconnected with wireless.

    1. Command line opened as administrator by right click on CMD Run As Administrator
    2. This command to type: sc config Wlansvc start = demand
    3. This will set the service WLAN to the on demand service which means user must initiate the connection after the start
    4. You can then create BEATS with this command, the user can activate/wireless:sc start Wlansvc
    Let me know the results and if this is the solution you need. You can set it back to the original of the application settings to replace withauto

    Kind regards


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  • HELP SQL (auto / full outer join with date corresponding)

    I'm having a hard time get this query nailed... hoping someone can help me sorted.

    create table tab1 (identification number,

    date of eff_date,

    Code1 varchar2 (2),

    Code2 varchar2 (2)



    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-01-14','YYYY-MM-DD'), 'DAT', 'AS');

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-03-19','YYYY-MM-DD'), 'DAT', 'AS');

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-08-28','YYYY-MM-DD'), 'DAT', 'AS');

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-11-12','YYYY-MM-DD'), 'DAT', 'AS');

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-01-03','YYYY-MM-DD'), "DAT", "AE");

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-03-14','YYYY-MM-DD'), "DAT", "AE");

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-04-18','YYYY-MM-DD'), "DAT", "AE");

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-09-14','YYYY-MM-DD'), "DAT", "AE");

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-01-14','YYYY-MM-DD'), "DAT", "BS");

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-02-14','YYYY-MM-DD'), "DAT", "BS");

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-03-14','YYYY-MM-DD'), "DAT", "BS");

    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-05-14','YYYY-MM-DD'), 'DAT', 'BE');

    insert into tab1 values (3, to_date('2015-09-16','YYYY-MM-DD'), 'DAT', 'AS');

    insert into tab1 values (3, to_date('2015-04-16','YYYY-MM-DD'), "DAT", "AE");


    ID, date, code 1, code2

    2. DID DAT 2015-01-14

    2. DID DAT 2015-03-19

    2. DID DAT 2015-08-28

    2. DID DAT 2015-11-12

    2 AE DAT 2015-01-03

    2 AE DAT 2015-03-14

    2 AE DAT 2015-04-18

    2 AE DAT 2015-09-14

    2 BS DAT 2015-01-14

    2 BS DAT 2015-02-14

    2 BS DAT 2015-03-14

    BE DAT 2 2015-05-14

    3. DID DAT 2015-09-16

    3 AE DAT 2015-04-16

    What I need to do...

    1 auto join to match EI for each partition ID

    2. THAT the date must be less than or equal to the date of the AE and when there is more then a line corresponding to this criterion has chosen the date of closest EI of the date of the ACE.

    3. it must be a full outer join because I want to show all lines, even if it is not a match.  There is a beginning, but not record end end gold but no record of departure

    4. If there is an AE line for many AS lines (the SA date is less then equals the date of EI) then join this AE line to all 3 rows of ACE

    5. the same rules for BS and BE.

    result should look like this.

    ID, date, code 1, id_1 code2, date_1, code1_1, code2_1

    2 2015-01-14 DAT AS 2 AE DAT 2015-03-14

    2 2015-03-19 DAT AS 2 AE DAT 2015-04-18

    2 2015-08-28 DAT AS 2 AE DAT 2015-09-14

    2 2015-11-12 DAT DID ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO

    NO NO NO NO 2 AE DAT 2015-01-03

    2015-01-2 14 DAT BS 2 BE DAT 2015-05-14

    2015-02-2 14 DAT BS 2 BE DAT 2015-05-14

    2015 03-2 14 DAT BS 2 BE DAT 2015-05-14

    3 2015-09-16 DAT DID ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO

    NO NO NO NO 3 AE DAT 2015-04-16

    My attempt was somewhat along these lines (dealing only with SA / combos AE) but it does not manage the many scenarios one (req 4).

    Select a.*, b.* from

    (select row_number () on the rn (partition by a.id order a.eff_date), a.*)

    of tab1 where a.code2 = 'AS') a

    full outer join

    (select row_number () on the rn (b.eff_date order by b.id partition), b.*)

    tab1 b where b.code2 = 'Æ') b

    on a.id = b.id

    and a.rn = b.rn

    and a.eff_date < = b.eff_date


    owbdev99 wrote:

    I'm having a hard time get this query nailed... hoping someone can help me sorted.

    create table tab1 (identification number,

    date of eff_date,

    Code1 varchar2 (2),

    Code2 varchar2 (2)



    insert into tab1 values (2, to_date('2015-01-14','YYYY-MM-DD'), 'DAT', 'AS');


    Thanks for posting the CREATE TABLE and INSERT.  I know it can be a lot of trouble.  You want to get answers that work, not you?  Make sure that the statements you post too much work.  Test (and, if necessary, attach) your statements before committing.  You said code1 be VARCHAR2, but all the instructions insertion have values of 3 characters for code1.

    You are on the right track, with an analytical function, but ROW_NUMBER solves this problem.  1 "THAT line" could correspond to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or any other line 'AE' and vice versa.  Try to use the analytical MIN function instead or ROW_NUMBER, like this:

    WITH got_next_e_date AS


    SELECT id, eff_date, code1, code2


    WHEN SUBSTR (code2, 2) = 'E '.

    THEN eff_date



    , SUBSTR (code2, 1, 1)

    ORDER BY eff_date DESC

    ) AS next_e_date

    OF tab1


    s AS


    SELECT *.

    OF got_next_e_date

    "WHERE SUBSTR (code2, 2) s ="




    SELECT *.

    OF got_next_e_date

    WHERE SUBSTR (code2, 2) = 'E '.


    SELECT s.id




    e.id AS id_1

    e.eff_date AS eff_date_1

    e.code1 AS code1_1

    e.code2 AS code2_1


    FULL OUTER JOIN e ON s.id = e.id

    AND s.next_e_date = e.eff_date

    AND SUBSTR (s.code2, 1, 1) = SUBSTR (e.code2, 1, 1)

    ORDER OF NVL (s.id, e.id)

    , NVL (SUBSTR (s.code2, 1, 1)

    , SUBSTR (e.code2, 1, 1)




    Out (as you asked):


    --- ---------- ----- ----- ----- ---------- ------- -------

    2 2015-01-14 DAT AS 2 AE DAT 2015-03-14

    2 2015-03-19 DAT AS 2 AE DAT 2015-04-18

    2 2015-08-28 DAT AS 2 AE DAT 2015-09-14

    2. DID DAT 2015-11-12

    2 AE DAT 2015-01-03

    2015-01-2 14 DAT BS 2 BE DAT 2015-05-14

    2015-02-2 14 DAT BS 2 BE DAT 2015-05-14

    2015 03-2 14 DAT BS 2 BE DAT 2015-05-14

    3. DID DAT 2015-09-16

    3 AE DAT 2015-04-16

    I guess code2 is always 2 characters, and the 2nd character is always ' or 'E '.

    I assume that the combination [id, eff_date, code2] is unique.

    If these assumptions are wrong, you need a few minor changes, but nothing big.

  • Auto run video out with selectable content?

    I have knowledge of Captivate but not enough to confirm or not the request I received is an option in Captivate - I do not know if there is some specific words/language that I use to help find the answers.

    Basically, we will produce five 3-minute videos with different features of our software. Demand that we got is to combine all of those in a single file that allows someone to choose to play the part or all of the segments. So for starters, you would open the video, see the table of contents with five segments, pick two or three, that you want to see and click on play, and he would play only those two or three instead of all 5.

    I expect there are other ways to do that-via Javascript and JQuery, for example - but I thought I would ask if all power users on the forum who happened to know if this kind of functionality is available through Captivate?

    Thank you


    (we use Captivate 7 if that makes a difference, but if it is available in a future release, it would be good to know also).

    You mention this is 'auto run' output.  When we see that in the world of Captivate we usually think that you are referring to an output of EXE format. It is basically the same as the output SWF but runs in its own window, without the need of a browser.

    -What are you looking for?

    With SWF or EXE, I would say study you your publication as SWF modules and then use the aggregator that comes with Captivate to group them together in a single EXE that shows all the topics under one Table of contents on the side.  This will be your simplest solution.

    I wouldn't actually inform you need the viewer make a first selection of what topics they want to play in order.  I think this is probably exaggerated. Just to let the viewer click on the items in the table of contents they are interested, they are stir-fried to the first slide of these topics.

    However, if you don't have your heart set on having the user pre-select what topics to play in order, then I recommend you just copy all five subjects blades in the same CPTX, implemented a menu slide at the beginning of the year where the viewer can designate what subjects they want to see and a button to launch the game.  This solution will require that you use Variables and conditional shares advanced to control what topics and then playing and get ignored those who.

    All these things are possible with Captivate 7 features, but Cp9 has a lot of good things, too.

  • Auto deploy hangs to the pxe boot

    Has anyone seen this error before?  AutoDeploy hangs during the boot process.  It loads iPXE, retrieves the URL https://my.autodeploy.server:6501 / vmw/rbd/tramp.  It crashes and eventuall fails when trying to post to/vmw/rbd/host-register? bootmac = ${mac}

    I restarted the server autodeploy. Run vmware vsphere auto deploy v5.1.0.4058 version 774808.  My next step is to upgrade auto deploy later.


    Did you use stateless-cache option (defined in the profile of the host). This would have created the partition on your drive, remove it and try.

    Another possibility could be, downloaded to autodeploy image would be corrupted.  Download the image once more with the name of profile of different image and set to host and try to start the stateless person once more.


  • Get div to auto may not resize with the browser window

    I'm trying to get a div with a paragraph of text will resize automatically when the browser window is resized.

    I've seen what happens automatically, when I had no style applied to the < div > tag, but because I have my content centered using a < div > Interior inside a container fixed-width < div >, the inner div is now fixed so despite not having a fixed width.

    Here is the page I'm trying to settle (the box with the text is the < div > inner circle in question):


    Here's a test page showing what I want the text to do when the window is resized:


    And here's the CSS of the inner divs and container:


    Width: 768px;

    text-align: center;

    left margin: auto;

    margin-right: auto;


    .div-redtint-flexsize {}

    padding: 1px 20px 20px 20px;

    text-align: left;

    background-color: #f3e4e4;

    -moz-box-shadow: 0 0 7px rgba (0, 0, 0,. 7);

    -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 7px rgba (0, 0, 0,. 7);

    box-shadow: 0 0 7px rgba (0, 0, 0,. 7);


    I tried to add different styles of width to the CSS, but nothing had no effect.

    It's a style that I have to change in the container div?

    You cannot have two meanings.  Your page is fixed (px or em based) or liquid (% based).

    A container fixed width parent does everything inside it fixed.

    If you want to try to work with liquid layouts, go to file > New > blank page > HTML > layouts and select one of the liquid patterns from the 3rd Panel.  Creating success.

    Nancy O.

  • Auto fill a table with text cell

    I'm a long-time FrameMaker user who starts to become familiar with InDesign (CS5.5). I have a question about tables.

    In FrameMaker, I create a table of 2 column 1 row style to create a formatted Note style. The cell on the left uses a paragraph style that contains the Note text: in the field auto-numbering format (see screenshot).


    In other words, when I add the table to a document, the text Note: is automatically added, formatted according to the paragraph style.

    I tried the following approach in InDesign:

    I created a new table style (column 2, 1 line)

    I created a style of cell to the cell to the left. This refers to a paragraph style with put it in place in bullets and numbering section.


    However, the text "Note:" does not automatically appear in the cell with the left hand, unless I get a letter, number or a character, what beats rather the object. I guess there is a way for InDesign to do what I want, but I just have not found? Pointers appreciated!


    Peter Spier says:

    ..  a character style nested within the 1 space that applies color, custom underline and new type size and leading...

    No, attack will not work in this case; you need a bit of vertical offset to get the characters from the bottom of the 'box '. Other than that, it works just dandy, after changing the underlining and rule above up to what all right (values that work for you will be different from mine, because of other policies, the size and leader etc.):

Maybe you are looking for

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