Equium L40 is not connecting to internet

I have an Equium L40 it does not connect to internet with wifi or the head of the ubs.

The laptop comes up:
Internet Explorer has stopped working
A problem caused the blocking of the program works correctly.

It says it is connected to my wifi bt hub and has a signal strong.
Why it will not connect either cable or WiFi?

Any ideas.



Hello Steven

It is not easy to provide a response based on the description of your problem.
If you use connection WLAN make sure wireless network adapter is installed, enabled and configured correctly.

USB cable? What type of USB cable do you use?

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    Recently I replaced my router wireless with an old faithful that d-Link DSL - 502T cable modem as I have now 2 extreme airport to handle a Wi - Fi. I have now a much faster internet access on my Macbook Pro, but my iPad 2 now will not connect to internet.

    Airport utility on the iPad shows that the internet is disconnected, but I don't know how to solve this problem.

    The two airports are configured in Bridge mode. Help someone?

    If you have LAN - 502T running as the main router.

    Bridge the airport should simply pass the DHCP via the Dlink but sometimes it's a failure.

    The two AE connected directly to the modem or the other?

    I would recommend the static method of intellectual property.


    In this method, you must first AE plugged directly to the Dlink and the second AE connected in the first and bridge... it will dhcp to EI and is often a better configuration with Apple gear. Worth a try.

  • Firefox is not connect to internet unless the reboot

    So, recently, I had a problem with Firefox does not connect to internet unless I quit and reopen the app.
    It happens like this:
    -J' open Firefox and it works;
    -I lose the internet connection (for example, I turn off my wifi, or my laptop goes to sleep);
    -J' I reconnect to the internet.
    -Open Firefox browser will not connect to what it is and continues to load when I click a link
    -J' I need exit Firefox and restart it before starting work again.

    It doesn't go to my other browsers (Safari, Chrome), once I have reconnect to the internet open browser will just continue to work without needing to be restarted.

    Is not a big deal, but it's a bit annoying and I would like to know if there is anything I can do about it.

    This is set for your network preferences in everything: preferences #advanced

  • iPhone 5s does not connect to internet unless its connected to wifi

    I have a 5 s IPhone it does not connect to internet unless I'm at home connected to wifi. I can not send imessages or browse the web what should I do?

    You did that mobile data is turned on in the settings/phone/cell data?

    Also, make sure that the apps you want to use for the cell data are enabled in the list below these settings.

  • iPhone and iPad does not connect to internet


    Since yesterday, I was unable to connect to internet via wifi on my iPad and iPhone.  They show the power of the full signal and says I'm connected, but won't load Web pages or refresh applications.  When I disable wifi on my phone everything works fine on the LTE, but I don't want to use my data.

    I think it must be something with the update iOS because:

    -J' completely rebooted our router and modem and it worked on my iPad for about 30 seconds (what makes a Web page) before it stopped working again.

    -My boyfriend did not the last update on the iPad or iPhone, and both connect on our wifi at home, while my iPad or iPhone will connect to the internet.

    -My iPhone also does not connect to the wifi in my work, even though I know it works as I am online on my computer work via wifi.

    I noticed something strange on my iPhone and iPad when I went to check the settings wifi yesterday - the VPN configuration is flashing/refreshing without touching me, even if I don't have everything set up VPN connections.  When I actually click on VPN, an error is displayed.  There may be something wrong with the VPN on the new update which blocks the wifi signal?

    I really appreciate your help!

    If you are able to connect your iPad and iPhone to your wireless router agreement but the iPad and iPhone will not connect to internet, it is unlikely to have anything to do with the version of iOS.

    Try this:

    Restart your router (unplug unit, wait ten seconds and then reconnect it).

    Wait for the router shows all lights normal and connected.

    Now, reboot your iPad or iPhone

  • D7000 will not connect to internet after reinstalling


    We moved our D7000 modem router from one room to the other and now it does not connect to internet at all. I spoke with our ISP and everything is fine on their end. I connected the modem and reset our ISP connection & the password, and the ISP did the same thing, without effect. The phone line has been tested, it's ok. I swapped the cables to make sure that they are not defective. I moved the modem to return to the old location, but now it does not work there either.

    WiFi seems to be ok and all our devices (phones, tablets, computer) recognize the wireless network and modem, but there is simply no internet connection. It is bizzarre! Nothing has changed, there is no new hardware, no updates or upgrades, the ISP is always the same, the only thing that differs is the location, in the same House.

    The lights on the router modem are as follows:

    Food - white

    Internet - amber

    DSL - off

    WiFi - white

    Any ideas what I could try to make it work again? Should I do a factory reset on it? This could be the cause? Move a modem do not stop working. We only had since November so it isn't old yet, and it has been working fine so far.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!



    It has been a while now, but I thought I would update this for anyone interested or affected by the same problem we did.

    After weeks of back and forth with the ISP and try and test anything and everything we could think, including the replacement of the D7000 in store warranty (not just once but), and nothing is helping, the ISP finally filed a foul for us and sent a CET. And what do we know? There was a flaw in the riding of Telstra which he had found, and which caused our internet connection fails. After that which has been set, we are online again. The line still falls here and there and the phone line is cute, but at least we are connected.

    And now I'm fighting with the ISP for refund during all these weeks we were disconnected while they refused to be a mistake for us and have someone out. Time for a new ISP, I think!

    Hope this helps someone else with the same problem there.

    Thank you


  • Watch WiFi is connected but will not connect to internet

    I have an iPad 2 which, all of a sudden (in the Middle streaming), is more connected to the internet.  I rest the network settings, when this does not work, I have reset all settings, stopped and rebooted, all done basically.  It shows that its connected to my WiFi, but will not connect to internet.  All the other devices in my house work, then there must be a problem with the iPad.

    Reset the router: just pull the power for a few seconds and reconnect. No parameter to get lost.  Other devices operating with success is not serious. The router has probably received an invalid address for the iPad.

  • New updates of Windows since 06/11/12 is originally Vista does not connect to Internet Explorer

    I have a desktop with Vista CAREB.  It has always worked well until about June 11, 2012.  Now it does not connect to Internet Explorer. It says it is connected to the internet and that has been verified by our server.  Tried everything and eventually restored it and no problem.  Then the next day, same thing and restored.  Next day same thing so I disabled all updates and no problem.  What new update windows made in the last few days which is the cause and what can I do?

    Thank you

    Hi Judy,.

    We cannot verify that Windows Update is causing the problem, I suggest to install the Windows updates one by one and make sure that Windows Update is causing the problem.

    Windows Update

  • "Could not connect to internet" Blackberry SDK (QNX Momentics IDE)


    I'm looking to do a development of blackberry, but I can't get the SDK to update.  I get the message "Could not connect to" internet on the canvas when I start the SDK

    I checked my firewall settings and I added manually to the qde.exe in the exceptions, but still no luck.  Has anyone encountered this before? I tried to go to: help-> update API levels and I get: "cannot download SDK information."  When I checked the error log, I noticed this message: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect

    My OS:

    Windows 7 - Service Pack 1

    8 GB Ram

    I had to enter the proxy information in the Preferences tab (Window - Preferences, then general-> network connections).  After you restart the SDK it worked!

  • Hi I'm trying to install windows 7 in my xp service pack 2... but I often get error code: 0 * 80070005... indicating that I was not connected to internet.but, in fact, I was connected to internet

    Hi I'm trying to install windows 7 in my xp service pack 2... but I often get error code: 0 * 80070005... indicating that I was not connected to internet.but, in fact I was connected to internet... pls sumone help me solve this problem!

    Boot from the Windows 7 DVD
    Click Install now
    Accept the license agreement
    When the option is displayed to select a type of installation, click (Custom advanced)

    Select the disk partition where you want to install Windows 7 click Next.

    You will receive the following warning:

    The partition you have selected may contain files from a previous Installation of Windows. If so, these files and folders will be moved to a folder named Windows.old. You will be able to access the information in Windows.old, but you will be able to use your previous version of Windows.

    (At all costs, do NOT click on anything in Format, deletion or Partition name.) So even do a custom installation, your personal files are still kept. Click OK

    The installation program will now begin installation. During installation, your computer will be restarted several times.

    Once the installation is complete, you can complete the Out of Box experience as the choice of your laptop, create a username, password, your time zone. You can then proceed to download the latest updates for Windows and reinstall your applications and drivers.

    You can then retrieve your personal files from the Windows.old folder and reinstall all of your applications and drivers.


  • I am able to connect to internet but when I switch to the amother user account it does not connect to internet

    on my computer, I am able to connect to internet but when I switch to the amother user account it does not connect to internet


    1. Is there an error code or the message that if displayed when it is unable to connect to the Internet?
    2. You use a wired connection or wireless?
    3. You use the administrator account or standard account?
    4. All changes made to the computer before the show?
    Method 1:
    Check out the link and follow the steps.
    Method 2:
    Visit the link and try the troubleshooting provided steps.
    Why can't I connect to the Internet?
  • Windows 8 Upgrade Wizard does not connect to internet

    My internet connection is quiet well but windows 8 Upgrade Wizard keep saying we cannot connect now check your internet connection and try again.

    I have tried many time but it keep saying this message.

    Help, please

    Hello samia,.

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that you can not connect to internet.

    I suggest you to refer to suggestions Moderator Forum Microsoft BillFill responded on 10 February 2013 and check if that helps.


    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • Clicking on the tab help for help with photoshop first time get in "photoshop online help could not be displayed because you are not connected to internet" but I'm connected to the internet?

    Dear all

    I need help with the following problem:

    Clicking on the tab help for help with photoshop first time get in "photoshop online help could not be displayed because you are not connected to internet" but I'm connected to the internet.

    Appreaciate help on this problem.


    I find it easier and faster to use just this link, which goes to the same place as aid > online help for Photoshop:

    Using Photoshop | Photoshop help

    To bookmark so that you can find.

  • Help CC can not connect to internet

    All my apps updated CC and my CC very well, Connection Manager works BUT help in ANY CC request said it can not connect to internet. I would like to press F1 or click Help instead of having to open another browser window and google my question all the time.


    Please see the link: cloud creative activation and troubleshooting of sign-in

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • How can I reinstall Photoshop CS6 on my new computer when to enter my KEY I continually get the message "you are not connected to internet?

    I bought a new computer. I reinstalled my Photoshop CS6 leave a DVD, but when I entered the serial number I get the message "you are not connected to internet" while I was.  I have "pussy" with Naveen on customer support and after 20 minutes he told me to go to the following link and reinstall through it: http://www.adobe.com/sea/downloads/other-downloads.html

    This led to the same exact scenario only it took me over 2 hours to download CS6. I then contacted the 'Support Portal online' to ask for additional help. It was 2 days ago and I still have to be contacted and assisted with my problem. Any help or ideas out there?

    Here is what is in the file "hosts": localhost activate.adobe.com practivate.adobe.com ereg.adobe.com activate.wip3.adobe.com wip3.adobe.com 3dns - 3.adobe.com 3dns - 2.adobe.com adobe - dns.adobe.com adobe-dns - 2.adobe.com adobe-dns - 3.adobe.com ereg.wip3.adobe.com activate - sea.adobe.com wwis-dubc1 - vip60.adobe.com activate - sjc0.adobe.com lm.licenses.adobe.com 209-34-83 - 73.ood.opsource .net 3dns - 1.adobe.com 3dns - 4.adobe.com 3dns.adobe.com activate - sea.adobe.com activate.wip.adobe.com activate.wip1.adobe.com activate.wip2.adobe.com activate.wip4.adobe.com adobe-dns - 1.adobe.com adobe-dns - 2.adobe.com adobe-dns - 3.adobe.com adobe-dns - 4.adobe.com adobe - dns.adobe.com adobe.activate.com adobeereg.com crl.verisign.net ereg.wip.adobe.com ereg.wip1.adobe.com ereg.wip2.adobe.com ereg.wip3.adobe.com ereg.wip4.adobe.com hl2rcv.adobe.com ood.opsource.net practivate.adobe.ipp practivate.adobe.newoa practivate.adobe.ntp tss-geotrust - crl.thawte.com wip.adobe.com wip1.adobe.com wip2.adobe.com wip3.adobe.com wip4.adobe.com

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