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I am connected to the internet, but when I go to scan a document, I get a message - Error 403 of the connection to the server. I try to rescan but get the same msg.

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It seems you are trying to scan to email with your HP printer, is this correct? If so, could you please let me know what model of printer that you are using the model and the manufacturer of the router?

In the meantime, try the solution proposed here: Error 403 when scanning to email.

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  • Error 403 on the HP ePrintCenter website


    I have just bought a HP Photosmart printer and like to register on the HP ePrintCenter website. However, I get all sorts of "403 Forbidden" errors on this site:

    When I select a different country and language (using the button at the bottom of the page), select the desired region and click on 'OK', I find myself on the page: which just says:

    Forbidden (403)

    Failed to check the CSRF. Abandoned application.


    When I try to create an account, fill out the form at and click on "Create Account", the following error message:

    Ajax submit failed: Error = 403 Forbidden


    How can I use the website

    I really want to use my new printer!

    PS: When trying to post this message using the rich text editor, I get the message "'your message has been modified because the incorrect HTML code was found in the body of the message.". " Apparently, text color is not supported. I almost tend to think that someone at HP needs a course 101-"how to build Web sites.


    There are several things that can be done to solve this problem, but there is not a specific thing that solves it for everyone. Here are some steps that have helped others:

    1. reboot your computer

    2. clear your browser cache

    3. use another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

    4. save from a mobile device (phone, Tablet, etc.).

    Hope that helps, good luck!

  • Lenovo A1000L cannot install any application (Error 403)


    Product bought on that day but unusable.

    Can't install or update any application. Indeed, the following error: cannot download the Application because the error (403).

    I tried a soft and hard reset without change.

    Thank you

  • Get "Server Error 403-Forbidden: access is denied" message when you try to machine client join in Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

    Hi people,
    I recently deployed a Server SBS 2011 Essentials version in our office. We are very please with everything except for one thing. We have an IBM T42 laptop running Win XP Pro SP3 (fully patched) I can not stick to the server.
    Whenever I type the URL to bring up the software of the connector (http://servername/connect), I get a browser message-"Server Error 403-Forbidden: access is denied." You don't have permissio to view this directory or page using the credentials you provided. »
    I can ping the IP address of the server successfully and can navigate to the shared folders on the server without any problem. I also have two Dell laptops that are running Win7 Pro, and I had no problem to join these to the server/domain.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Your question of Windows 7 is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited to the TechNet Windows Server Forums. Please post your question in the TechNet forum.

  • Server Error 403 "access denied/forbidden".

    I have a second computer that is networked to another in my house. Try to connect to widows, to update or install microsoft update fails.

    Server Error 403 "access denied/forbidden. Never had this problem before.


    1. are you able to open Web sites successfully in your system?

    2. were you able to run Windows Update successfully on your system previously? If so, when the problem started?

    3. have you made any hardware or software change recently?

    I suggest you follow the steps mentioned below:

    Method 1:

    Perform the steps in the below given link:


    Note: After following the steps mentioned in the above article please reactivate the security software.


    Method 2:

    Step 1:

    Download recent windows agent manually and reinstall and then try to run Windows Update.    Please follow the steps mentioned in the given article below:

    Step 2:

    Run the tool to reset Windows Update at the following address:

    Method 3:

    Also, follow the steps in the article mentioned below:

  • Server connection error: 403

    I need a solution for the server connection error: 403. I know that there is a work around.

    Hi Straightlake, I want to help you with the problem you are experiencing. Could you please tell me what printer we work with as well as the operating system on your computer?

    Thank you.

  • Error 403-how to fix?

    How can I fix a 403 forbidden error? Help, please! I have Windows XP.

    I found this site on how to fix this error 403, maybe try this it might be of some use to you.

    Rikki Tikki Tavi.

  • Error 403 forbidden

    Hello! I'm having problems of error 403 on my computer. For information my computer has windows visa, and the problem occurred on Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer. I tried to look for something on the subject of the error on different sites and forums, but most of them understand stuff on Internet Explorer, which I am not using. The site that I am trying to access has failed in four days or more, and when I'm past places it worked on a different internet, but not mine. I tried to restart my computer and my internet, but nothing proved useful with my situation. If you can help me please answer! BTW, people can recognize the site I try to access that is they have lots of 403 errors and the site does nothing to help them.

    Microsoft has error & repair, follow this link.

    In addition, if you use chrome, then disable IE in windows components, & options tab, internet programs, uncheck the box

    the box for IE...

  • What is sending ajax failed: Error = 403, forbidden

    I am trying to set up my account eprint and I get this error Ajax submission failed: Error = 403, what not to do?

    Hi WCP1023,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP consumer printer.

    There are several things that can be done to solve this problem, but there is not a specific thing that solves it for everyone. Here are some steps that have helped others:

    1. reboot your computer

    2. clear your browser cache

    3. use another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

    4. save from a mobile device (phone, Tablet, etc.).

    Hope that helps, good luck!

  • Ajax send failed: Error = 403, Forbidden, banned trying to register account

    I get: "Ajax submit failed: Error = 403, forbidden" when you try to save with ePrint


    I'm sorry that you have this problem.  The best way to get around is to try using a different browser.  Preference either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

    I would like to know if this helps, please.

  • IIS 7 error 403.6 on ads of the external pages not hosted on my computer.

    I started a server internal network only for basic web functionality and learn HTML and PHP, and others. But recently there have been getting blocked because of my servers LAN PC can access the server. Now sometimes ads appear with an error 403.6 ads that are not pages, I'm hosting that I saw once such advertising blocked on for example.

    All way stop or to understand why he would try my server can do anything with external files?


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    Your question is beyond the scope of what is generally answered in this forum of consumer and would be better suited for the IT Pro audience in the MSDN forum.

    Please post your question in the MSDN Forums.

  • WiFi (Error 403 forbidden) + VPN

    I've been using Cisco VPN, and it works perfectly with the connection through server of the customer.

    Sometimes after 6-7 days Im able to connect to the VPN but I am not able to connect to the customer's network. No servers are accessible except VPN.

    IM using internet via wifi and when I try to resolve the wifi problems then he givens me "windows received an HTTP error: 403 forbidden «»»

    I'm not sure if there is no relationship with the VPN, but his does not work for us. When I restart my PC which is Windows 8, it solves the problem, but I don't want to restart agagain and another one time without any logical reasoning to the problem.

    Can someone guide me to find the problem?



    Hi Pradeep,

    Issues related to VPNS are supported in the TechNet Forums. I suggest you to send the query in the link for better support.

    Hope this information helps.

  • Could not load the page url to AAU connection get error 403


    I get the error so that exploitation forest in the url of the Complutense University of MADRID and not capable of doing anything below:

    "There are no connections available for provider SystemDatabase pool."

    I found the document Doc ID 787619.1 in the knowledge of support to solve this problem and after the implementation of the same I am getting same not the page url to AAU connection instead, I get error 403.

    link: & ID = 787619.1 & DisplayIndex = 1 & _afrWindowMode = 0 & _adf. CTRL-State = 1056mm1eby_356

    Please advice now how I can fix my problem.

    Thank you


    The error "with the exception of the DBMS driver: ORA-28001: the password has expired" indicating that the password for CS source of data is outdated.

    First check to see if you are able to connect to the schema of the Complutense University of MADRID, using the tool as a jdeveloper with the credentials provided for CS source of data. You can check than this in detail by loggin in weblogic console -? Data source.

    If not, then try to reset the password for the source of the Complutense University of MADRID (Contact s/n)

    If so, check this note:

    Content WebCenter 11g managed Server will start not (Doc ID 1478647.1)

  • Unable to connect to HP ePrint. Error message "Ajax submit failed: Error = 403, forbidden.

    Installed the new printer HP 8600 more.  Trying to connect HP ePrint with username and password I created.  Error message "Ajax submit failed: Error = 403, forbidden.  What does the error message mean and why I can't connect on the site of HP ePrint?

    With the help of Google Chrome. Cleared cache memory, closed, reopened, and I was able to connect. Problem solved. Thanks for your help!

  • Error message when you try to connect to the HP ePrint ' ajax submit failed: Error = 403, forbidden.

    HP Photosmart 7525

    Windows 7

    Ajax submit failed: Error = 403 Forbidden

    Installed new printer: Photosmart 7525

    I am trying to configure my ePrint account and add my printer and it wont let me sign in or create a new account.

    Thanks for your help!


    You can also restart the computer. After he stops down to leave it for at least a minute and then reattempt access the site once computer is back on and running. I would also check to make sure that Java is up to date and that Adobe Flash is up to date.

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