Error 'empty user name' blackBerry Smartphones trying to change the password by e-mail

My password on our mail server has changed, when I tried to change the password on my Storm 9500 I get "user name empty" error when trying to change, but I've typed a user name!

BLOODY frustrating because now I'm not getting emails at all, my business away from the Office is at a standstill!



I myself have solved by entering incorrect identifiers express mail on my phone, it took me to the screen to create a new account, I proceeded to create a new dummy e-mail account and when I was finished he introduced me to a list of e-mail accounts, I could access then my valid email account and change the settings and changed the password!


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    I use window vista program on my computer at home.
    I clicked the remember me setting me with firefox 3.6. I am trying to change the password of my email address and it keeps going back to the original. I understand that it is because I did remember her define me. Now, I don't know where to find to be able to change it.

    Any help would be appreciated
    . Thank you

    • Click on the (empty) input field on the web page to open the drop-down list
    • Select an entry in the drop-down list
    • Press the DELETE key (on a Mac: shift + delete) to remove it.
    • Tools > Options > Security: passwords: "saved passwords" > "show passwords".
  • BlackBerry locked blackberry Smartphones does not recognize the password

    Hi, I put a password to unlock my bb device. Three days ago a friend had the bb and tried to discover the password, he has tried 8 times. After that I tried to unlock the device by inserting the correct password but it doesn't recognize it. Now, I'm worried so lost all my data, casue I have not recently made a backup. I hope someone could help me I have a lot of data in it and I can't lose them. Whoever tried to unlock the device, said that after the 5th attempt, asked him to write a blackberry and now instead of asteriks appear as normal characters.
    PS Sorry for the bad English, I'm Italian.

    This right.  You must use the word blackberry to continue.  When you put the password again, it will appear as letters regular to avoid typos, etc.  Oonly you get 10 chances and the password is case-sensitive.  If the password has a number, remember to use the ALT key first.  I don't know if the number of password retries reset to 10 if do you a battery pull, but you can try.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to change the email account on blackberry 8900

    Hi all

    I installed my yahoo e-mail address on my BB 8900, some days before, I changed the password of my yahoo email address of the PC, now I can not receive or send e-mails form BB, I tried to update the new password in the BB, but I have no idea on how to change the e-mail account on BB 8900 , I will be very appreciated if it someone help me solve my problems.



    Connect to your BIS account:

    Here, find and edit your yahoo account. Either change the password, or simply delete the account and re - add new.

    Go to the Personal Email Set Up icon and sign.

    Your desktop PC:
    North American carriers - scroll down to select your carrier
    Carriers worldwide - find your operator from the list

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to change the server password

    Hi, yesterday we changed the password on the server.  Since then, I have a couple of 9300 Blackberry's that no longer work.  I think I need to go to the blackberry and the change of the password but Im not sure what are the options that I have to go.  I trired options - device but I don't have the possibility to advance options, but do not have the option of advanced system settings.   Can someone help me were I can find the option for the mail server if I can change the password. I hope the above makes sense

    BIS is not able to interface directly with Exchange, but have to use OWA, IMAP or pop. However, see:

    • Article ID: KB05255 Associated e-mail account is no longer accessible by the BlackBerry Internet Service account

    Cause 3 may be what you need.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry 10 functions and features can not turn off my Blackberry Protect z10 after changing the password ID.

    My wife's phone was last updated the operating system more recent 10.3.2. I then tried to access a service and found when he asked for the Blackberry ID, we had forgotten the issue of password and user. Then I deleted the ID and set up a new. I can connect to the new identification, but he cannot confirm on the z10. Then I thought to wipe the z10 back to factory setting. However; the z10 shows that BB Protect is enabled and we cannot turn it off using the passwords that we try.

    I have logged on to the site of BB Protect and found there is no device associated with this Userid. Also, I find the screen for the current user ID name using our existing email address differs from the one showing on the screen z10 Blackberry ID. name I tried to change the screen name and password on the ID to be similar to the z10 site but it will not accept it.

    So now I'm unable to wipe the z10, or change the ID info to make it usable when required. I also noticed, online, there are instructions for the new OS 10.3.2 informing us that no wiping ability to Protect is disabled. There is no instructions on how to so that when a problem arises like mine.

    Help, please.

    I searched for a solution and I finally found one that works. It was posted by asokhay about a week ago and is as follows:

    "I found the solution!

    I connected my passport for Blackberry link and clicked on "back up and restore" in the left navigation tab. Then I clicked on Factory Reset. He asked me to unplug the unit and when I did the wipe of security has started to happen. "

    This works, however when I wipe the phone it took about 30 minutes. By reading this forum I found that some wipes can take several hours to complete depending on the amount of material is on the cell phone.  As I could not ' t register anything before this wipe I have to start over from the beginning. " Fortunately my wife added very little to the phone, such as applications or photos.

  • BlackBerry smartphones trying to download the app from Directv

    It is only available on the Directv website. I select "BOLD" as my camera because the torch is not an option and the download comes up as a dot jad file. It won't open with any program on my laptop. How can I get the app from directv on my lamp? It is not that difficult.

    I have the DirecTV app on my flashlight since Oct 2010 (when I switched to digital TV), and I had no probs with it, other than my OS update that I did yesterday, who have somehow wiped out the app Grr...

    I'll have to buy the app again, so I'll post to let you know if it still works on the new OS I, v6.0.0.526. BRB...

    -Update (below)--

    Went to the site via a browser of my torch (your torch can gain access to the file, not your PC), scroll to the bottom of the page web & clicked on the link 'download app' which is about 1.2 MB in size. This takes you to another web page to choose which device you have.  For the torch, select 'BlackBerry Storm 9500 series (OS 4.7 or higher). This will launch the installation process.

    Since I got the app before, he asked me to check I want to install "Planner" when another already there (this is the same version number as my original install). I went ahead & he did it for you, I could make sure it works.

    Once the installation is complete, it gives you the choice to the installation of 'Ok' or 'Run' I chose "run."  Loads of app (may take a few minutes based on the memory of your torch) to the login screen.  Enter the email that you have registered your DirecTV account, enter the password, and then click 'connection '.  You should be ready to go out, except if you have forgotten your user name, as I! LOL * stem *.

    Oh, almost forgot to mention that some features requires you to be within walking distance (i.e., same room) as the receiver in order to access these features... a bit like the use of your lamp torch as a remote control.  So you want to make sure that you do not use the app to work if it is for a function that needs you to be in the same room. ;-)

    Good luck!

  • I continue to put my password. says locked and the user swithch. I tried to change the standard account and it won't let me. How to unlock it?

    It is a novelty that has begun.  I have to put my password because it says "locked" under my user name and it says change user.  I can't open my account.  I tried to change it to 'standard', which I don't know how it changed? or did my computer to do this.  If I clicked on "lock computer", how I to unlock?


    He stopped to do so, so do not know what happened.

    Thanks anyway


  • Phone of blackBerry Smartphones do not accept the password

    Hello.  I have a torch 9800.  I was texting last night and my password has worked well.  Then all of a sudden I couldn't connect.  I tried the SIM card in an another blackberry and it was fine.  ATT have me try a SIM unlock access code and it changed nothing.  I'm sure it's the phone, but don't know how to fix it.  I am to 8/10 unsuccessful login.   I saw that you can reset if it spends more than 10 (but will lose all your info).  How do reset you?  Thank you!

    Mrbarley wrote:

    Thanks for the reply.  the prompt only I have is the "password (8/10).  There is no other messages that came, and I know that I have the right password that I use on my blackberry to work as well.

    It certainly looks like the user created password locking device... only it will work. It can be a subtle thing to use keyboard... alt, sym, caps, etc. Or the keyboard can be somehow not in the correct state. A batt pull reboot can reset the keyboard to a normal state by default and allows you to enter your password as usual. But, again, be careful... only 2 chances left.

    Mrbarley wrote:

    I'll try the USB link at home tonight and see if the phone accepts the password via the keyboard of the computer.

    As I said, it is only useful if you've done it before... If you have never done before in this way, you know maybe actually not quite what the exact password characters are (according to alt, caps, sym, use etc.).

    Mrbarley wrote:

    If I have to wipe the phone to use it, it's okay.    Is there a way to reset the phone and set a new password if I don't see not all 10/10 password attempts?

    After the failure of 10th, the BB will wipe clean, including the removal of the password. It will be like it was when you first received it... Nice and new, with nothing about all things created by the user at all.

    Good luck!

  • How can I get firefox/sites Web remember my user name or email address, but not the password?

    I want only the user name or your e-mail address remembered.

    But the password still manually typed in

    I hope this will solve your problem:

    1. Click on the orange button Firefox, click 'Options' > 'Options '. If you do not have the Firefox button orange (upper-left), then click on 'Tools' > 'Options '.
    2. Click on the 'Privacy' tab/topic and where it says "Firefox will be:"choose "Use the custom settings for history". "
    3. "Remember search and form history" is checked
    4. Click on the 'Security' section/tab and make sure that "remember passwords for sites" are disabled.

    Let us know if this helps.

  • Problems of blackBerry Smartphones with implementation of the Bold 9780 e-mail accounts

    I just bought a Bold 9780 and try to set up the e-mail.

    I go through the Configuration tab e-mail accounts. I click on it - get a square of black smal who shows brefly and rest of the configuration screen.

    Trying to Exite of installation, the phone freezes. I can't move to cancel. The only way out is to remove the battery.

    The other function in the running Configuration all OK (except for Blackberry messaging, but who is because no e-mail account has been configured).

    All other functions allow me to exit the right way.

    I have internet and WiFi access on the phone.

    Any advice much appreciated woould.

    On connection management screen, click on the State of Services.
    What is the status of the BlackBerry Internet Service?

    Do you have a data Plan BlackBerry enabled on your account with your carrier or mobile provider?

    You have to, to get the push RIM email functions you are looking for, as well as services of BlackBerry data such as the Web browser, Facebook for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger and much more.

    Then call your carrier and you learn about to have added to your account BlackBerry data Plan.

    Good luck.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones impossible to disable the password security and encryption

    HelloW, I am currently using,
    BlackBerry 9780
    Smartphone (3G, Wi - Fi)
    6.0 bundle 3049 (v6.0.0.706, platform
    Band 3G 1,2,5,6
    The kernel v3.8.6.5 encryption
    Brand version:
    The micro Edition configuration: CLDC-1. 1
    Micro Edition profile: MIDP - 2.1
    Micro Edition JTWI Version: 1.0
    Micro Edition Media Version: 1.1
    Micro Edition PIM Version: 1.0
    Micro Edition file Version: 1.0
    Edition micro Bluetooth Version: 1.1
    Micro Edition location Version: 1.0.1
    Micro Edition Security and Trust Services (APDU) Version: 1.0
    WLAN Version:
    (Research In Motion Limited)
    Now the problem is that I'm not able to disable password insecurity,
    (Homescreen > options > Security > password), there is a small latch (yellow lock symbol). Another problem is that I am also able to disable encryption, there is a tick mark on who. And there is one symbol of a padlock, please help me da information thereon, after every 20 minutes my B.B gets locked and I asks me to put the password of da, I want what it b done with the company.
    Thank you.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    From what you describe, there is a COMPUTER on your BB policy which is demanding both encryption and a password for the device-lock. If you are currently on the BES, then STOP NOW and see your BES admins they control it.

    If you are not on BES, somehow your BB has a COMPUTING policy... the cause maybe it was once associated with BES, but not properly deleted when the property was transferred to you. If all goes well, there will be other problems that often comes with "2nd hand" situations. In any case, you can check this:

    • KB30076 How to check for an it on a BlackBerry smartphone policy

    Even if does not appear as described, from what you have described, there is probably a COMPUTER policy that is causing this (some may be "hidden"). To remove it, first make sure you have a good backup of your BB... See the link in my sig auto on this post for instructions. Then do this:

    • KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings

    Thereafter, your BB will be as new... you need to re - install your applications and restore your data (according to the backup you took my instructions above). BUT - when you restore data, DO NOT make a full restore... rather, only restore these databases you need (e.g., Contacts, calendar, Messages, etc.) and more precisely to avoid those who have nothing to do with the COMPUTER policy, company or similar things... If you restore, you will be right where you started.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not change the electronic signature with the Blackberry Internet Service on Orange


    I'm on Orange and I am trying to remove the signature when I send the email to my gmail account.

    An earlier thread was really useful-

    R Man

    I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to change the signature on my blackberry curve 8300.  I'm with Orange Business.  On my camera, it displays the option, but cannot be changed.  On my bill online orange it does not mention - in fact it is impossible to get information from blackberry.  Could someone help me?  I keep seeing references to the 'BIS' - which I suppose means Blackberry internet service - but this does not seem to help me?  This is a website / option on the phone / or what?  DRM for any help...


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    You're BIS correct is the Blackberry Internet service.

    If you go through the icon to setup e-mail on your phone, you will actually the site of the BIS.

    If you can not change your signature through the device, you can connect to a PC Web site.

    Thank you

    Don't forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

    The Orange UK BIS site

    The BIS of the procedures via the PC site

    But when I go on the site of Orange UK BIS I can't set up a new account as it says there is a already for my phone, and when I clicked on the link "forgotten password" and I sent myself a message that 'username and password do not exist.  Please use your device to access Blackberry Internet Service. "When I use Setup email on the phone, I can see the signature but not change.

    Y at - it a help for me, or am I stuck with this signature?

    Thanks in advance.

    the fastest is to call Orange UK and they will tell you how to connect to your BIS account for editing.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones AT & T, change the terms for profit

    I got my last Bill of AT & T.  In "BOLD" printed on the first page was of this view:

    "It takes a data plan eligible for Smartphones (including the iPhone and Blackberry PDA devices) by AT & T Wireless rate plan terms and data Wireless Service terms and Conditions to: .

    If you use a Smartphone without an eligible data plan, AT & T reserves the right to add an eligible data plan to your account and bill you the appropriate monthly fee. »

    When I went through all the trouble to get this BlackBerry as my last update, there is no mention of this policy.  If you look at this document, he displays a date after July 31, 2009, you will also be charged a lot more for intermittent use of their services, such as text messaging, etc...  I hope someone with some legal connections can get a class action against AT & T for their disappointment!  If Yes, please include me.


    I don't think that this has nothing to do with the BlackBerry, the new terms of service are applicable to any smartphone. That's why I think that you are not in the best place to find other AT & T subscribers. If I were you, I would go on AT & T forums.

    That being said, AT & T has the right to change the terms of Service (it is written somewhere in the terms of Service) and you have the right to cancel your subscription without having to pay cancellation fees, you should check your contract to see what time.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not return the book to e-mail service

    I deleted the CMIME maintenance for my yahoo email account book, because I wanted to create my yahoo again email account. Now I can't get the service book return because my mobile operator does not support the Blackberry more and when I try to send again directly from my camera, it does not work... I guess because I don't have a set yet, email account which I can't seem to be able to be implemented without this service CMIME book. It feels a bit like the issue of ' chickens and eggs ", necessarily should I this book of CMIME email service on my first device until I can set up my yahoo email account (if so, how can I w/o a mobile operator is able to send it) or do I need an account already set up email to send service book of CMIME email directly from my camera? Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help. Cheers, Jens


    With a legacy of BB device, you must be on a medium that supports full BIS. Without BIS, it has none of the owners BB services available, which includes the management of e-mail. Inherited from BB devices do not have a complete email client on board... they need of BIS (hosted at the carrier) in order for the email function.

    So, sad to say, but your efforts are useless, unless you change to a carrier who will provide your device BIS.

    Good luck!

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