Error: Project {0} must have a jad file if it exports a pot of mildlet

I get this error in my project.  Do not know why.

Everyone has already seen this?

Running eclipse 3.5 and plugin 1.1 BB, BB Java SDK 5.0.0 on XP.

As a side note, this morning I accidentally opened this project in an earlier version of eclipse (3.4 w / BB plugin 1.0).  Yesterday the fine compilation/execution.  At the old version of the plugin eclipse/bb screwed to the top of my project?  Tried cleaning, but that did not help.


Have you tried the solution of MSohm?

I'm also using UL.

I had a backup from the night before I could get back to.

If MSohm solution does not and you do not have a copy backup, you need to do is closed Eclipse, move your directory workspace (rename it to work-old space or move it elsewhere).  Start eclipse again (this will Auto create working directory as before, but empty space).

Then you'll probably have to recreate your project (just bring all the source files for the return by copying their return of the old workspace dir) and add your container external sybase.  I don't think you can bring to the former important - but you could try if you wish.

Kind regards


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