File 'mig' data transfer Assistant

(Working on the Sprint this morning online customer service, but they have quickly exhausted their standard options and do not know how to help me).

I ran the data transfer Assistant to my pre.  I have Outlook 2007 (the previous one had a Treo 700 p) and I try to transfer

  • 917 contacts
  • calendar items 328
  • 0 tasks (don't no need)
  • 467 notes/memos

OK, so the fact that the .mig file is gone means the party to the phone to transfer all read in the file. This could be a matter of time. So what happens first of all, it is only your contacts imported and then audited for related contact matches (contacts that have matching data is connected in a single contact). Once done, that everything starts coming into the phone.

That being said, if you want to start over, I'd be very careful about this. The DTA brings on EVERYTHING, so everything he dropped on your phone already is going to be duplicated. If you really want to do it again, follow these steps:

Open Backup, tap the button toggle to turn it off, then tap Delete & turn off - it is to make sure that the backup data is not automatically restored and then duplicated when you run the DTA

Open Device Info, click options to reset, press erase partial - this will delete all of your PIM data from the phone.

The phone goes back to the top, add your accounts to it, and rerun the DTA. Don't forget, don't do that if you REALLY want to start over. If not, try just to give it some time

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  • Data transfer Assistant - doesn't recognize palm desktop

    I have a Palm Tungsten e I installed Palm Desktop v6.2 so I could transfer my data on my new Pre phone.  My Pre phone is plugged into the USB port on my computer and I selected the USB key on the phone. I then started the data transfer Assistant, has chosen to run, chose following the Welcome screen, chose following to the login window since I already have my phone connected pre, says next message window ' although Palm Desktop is installed, there is no data to transfer.

    This is incorrect. my Palm Desktop contains data.  Why the data transfer Assistant say that?  The only option is left.  How do I get past this so I can transfer my data?

    I did setup a Google mail account and put that on my phone but it seems not to matter.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I found the solution to my problem with the DTA does not transfer my data from Palm to my Pre phone.  Here are the steps I took:

    (1) backed up the data of palm on my external hard drive

    (2) uninstalling palm desktop and palm versalmail by using Add/Remove programs

    (3) record deleted program files/palm

    (4) pc reloaded

    (5) installed Palm Desktop V6.2

    (6) synchronize Tungsten E PDA to pc

    (7) made 3 new Palm Desktop: 1 user profiles for the calendar, 1 book, 1 for memos address (got this tip from another validation)

    (8) exported calendar data in the profile calendar, address to the address profile data and data Memo memo profile

    (8) DTA started

    (9) selected a profile suitable to transfer to pre - done 3 times.  Wanted to make sure that each type of data transferred correctly and it also gave me the opportunity to choose where I wanted to save the data

    (10) SUCCESS!

    Hope this helps someone else out there.

  • Data transfer Assistant does not work

    I have a new pre and you try to transfer my data from outlook 2007.  When I run the download file, it opens with a window explaining which versions of outlook or palm desktop, you need with a button closure on it.  When I hit the close all button closes.  I don't know if he can not see outlook or what the problem is.  Has anyone seen this problem.  Thank you JD

    I wrote my contacts into a CSV file and they sucked into GMail.  Problem solved!

    Thanks for your help

  • Data transfer Assistant will not be installed

    I try to install DTA. It comes up with an error message that I don't have an 'Application'. It says that I need to MS Outlook or Palm Desktop. I installed MS Outlook. It only allows so I quit the program without any additional options. I have Outlook 2007 installed that I use regularly. I use Windows XP Home edition (32 bit). I tried to install it with open and closed Outlook.

    I have a Palm Pre, which I've not connected to my PC yet. Any suggestions?

    Well, that the pain that has been. DTA does not recognize that I had installed to Microsoft Outlook. Although the instructions for DTA says it would work, he also says, you should have

    Palm Desktop or MS Outlook installed. I took a flyer and downloaded and installed Palm desktop. I ran DTA again once and got away, but he said that I had all the data to be transferred.

    To import contacts from MS outlook to Palm Desktop, export to MS outlook contacts to a CSV file, and then import the CSV file in Palm Desktop. Unfortunately, there is a

    missteps in palm desktop that you have 'line up' all your fields in the CSV data file exported so that the corresponding data gets into the correct place in Palm desktop. I did the best I could.  Then I imported the CSV file in Palm Desktop. After that, I ran DTA, and despite his cryptic/non-existent instructions, I was able to get my contacts in my meadow.

    I don't understand why this should be such a nightmare. I mean, I hooked the pre to download music, and Itunes immediately started and recognized the pre as an Ipod. I just synchronized and loaded a few playlists without problem.

    BTW, DTA still does not see the data of MS outlook...

  • Number format not valid in the data transfer Assistant

    I'm trying to download data from a CSV file in a table via the download data wizard. However, it always seems to fail on some lines with an error "invalid number format". Even if I stick one of these lines in the wizard, it still does not work. There is nothing wrong with the data, and I can do a regular insert Toad with no problems.

    The data are:
    28126238,101, RM, 29/01/2011

    The table looks like this:

    It works very well on Toad:
    PROD_CD, line, repl_start_dt)
    VALUES (to_number('101'), to_number('28126238'), 'RM', to_date('1/29/2011','MM/DD/YYYY'));

    Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong or how I can go about the matter of finding?

    FYI - evolution STORE_CD of a varchar2 and PROD_CD solves the problem, but I would like to know if it is possible to solve this problem for later use.

    Thx John

    Hi John,.

    For some reason, I get the same error. However with the download of the data, you can still provide you own number format in the case where the application could not a defined automatically. In your case, using Date / field number Format (for example: 99999999) will force the system to use the supplied format.


  • Assistant (DTA) data transfer transferred some of my Contacts, none of my calendar or Memo files

    When I ran the DTA at 5:30 PM PST yesterday, he said he had picked up ~ 4100 chronogram (Palm Desktop 6.2), with the exception of 20 files of calendar, which was very good.

    On my old Palm device, he said I had ~ 1300 address book records, ~ 2000 Date record book and ~ 850 record Memo. So when the DTA said he had picked up ~ 4100 records, which seemed all right.

    When you are prompted on my pre, I chose to sync my data with Google.

    Immediately after this one-time transfer process, I checked my pre, and there is no record of my old Palm Desktop Contacts, calendar, or PRE memos. I thought that I should wait to see what happens.

    About 7:30 PM PST yesterday, slightly more than half of my Contacts has appeared in Google Contacts section 'My Contacts' (725 total) and on my pre. The same recordings were in Google Contacts and on my Palm Pre. Furthermore, none of my calendar or Memo files had been transferred more to my pre or Google (for the calendar).

    I thought that maybe the data transfer was still running, so I waited all night.

    Since this morning 9:45 AM PST, nothing has changed.

    My Pre and Google seem to have incomplete data:
    -slightly more than half of records from address book Palm Desktop 6.2 made to my pre / Google
    -any of the records in Palm Desktop 6.2 Agenda made my pre / Google
    -any of the records in Palm Desktop 6.2 memos made my pre / Google

    SUMMARY: I'm extremely frustrated. The only thing that I have always enjoyed with Palm devices has been the opportunity to upgrade to the new Palm devices and carry my existing data. The one-time transfer of DTA to pre process is very buggy. Somewhere after the DTA extracts data from my Palm Desktop (~ 4100 records), most of these documents have been lost. It is a horrible customer experience.

    I did some online research, and the author of the following article also fell on a similar problem:

    I have tested and verified that when I create a new record on my pre calendar, he gets sync would correctly in Google Calendar and vice versa (new record created in Google Calendar sync does get would be my pre). It is very good for new data. But what of my thousands of existing data records? All these anniversaries, critical telephone numbers, addresses, etc.?

    Before this experience Pre DTA, I've that Palm had their pretty solid synchronization architecture, while the Apple iPhone synchronization architecture (via iTunes) was poor. But at least iPhone na not lose all records along the way.

    So I figured out how to get all my Contacts to load into my pre.

    Initially, I tried to transfer my data using DTA to Google instead of Palm profile. Several times I tried to run the DTA to transfer my contacts from Palm Desktop 6.2 to Google contacts. Whenever I tried to do, at some point, sync Google contacts folders would stop permanently, until all records have been transferred to the course. You can find out how many records have been sync'd to a given pre Contacts by clicking on Preferences & accounts by clicking on the account. You will see the number of contacts.

    So I decided to try to use the Palm profile as the storage for my Contacts and calendar, and all my Contact records (total 1372) was migrated successfully on the Meadow

    The pre now displays contact records in my pre Contacts as I expect: I see the files I transferred over my Palm Desktop. And because I added a Gmail contacts, Gmail addresses friends get "linked" to the corresponding Contacts automatically.

    Summary: my recommendation is that, for the DTA transfer process, you choose to store (backup) your Contacts (and calendar) on the Palm profile. Of course, the downside of this approach is data that has been created on your Pre will not be displayed in Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Of course, you can choose to add your Google accounts on your Pre to your Contacts and calendar, which is what I did. This makes the Chronogram of your Gmail contacts and introduce you to Google Calendar on your Pre. For example, I added the calendar we vacation on Google Calendar. And now these holiday appear on my Pre calendar.

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  • Data transfer USB Time Out with large or multiple files at once

    I have a ton of problems with the USB data transfer.  I'm unable to transfer large files or many files at a time.  The external hard drive or flash drive will expire and eventually the pc will 'lose' and will not be able to locate the files I'm trying to transfer.  In addition, I'm not able to sync my new iPad, and I guess that it is caused by the same problem.  The strange thing is, I'm able to use my printer via USB with no problems.

    I found some info on this problem (at least I assume it's the same thing) here: and here:  When I first discovered on the windows fix, I downloaded and tried to install, but it says that I have already installed.  Clearly, he has not worked for me because I'm still having this problem.  In fact, I started to have this problem with Windows Vista x 64 and have since upgraded to Windows 7.

    Name of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

    Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600

    Another Description of the OS is not available

    Manufacturer of operating system Microsoft Corporation

    Xxxxxx system name

    System manufacturer system manufacturer

    System product name model system

    System Type x 64-based PC

    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00 GHz, 3000 Mhz, 2 Lossnay, 2 logical processors

    Version/Date BIOS Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS P5N - D ACPI BIOS Revision 1101, 18/05/2009

    SMBIOS Version 2.4

    Windows directory C:\Windows

    System directory C:\Windows\system32

    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1

    The local United States

    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7600.16385".

    User name xxxxxx

    Time zone Pacific Daylight Time

    Physical memory (RAM) installed 4.00 GB

    Total physical memory 4.00 GB

    2.33 GB available physical memory

    Total virtual memory 8.00 GB

    6.29 GB available virtual memory

    Page file space 4.00 GB

    Paging file C:\pagefile.sys

    Can someone help me out here?  Any ideas?  I called ASUS and they sent me a new motherboard, but I'm still having the problem.  Thanks in advance.


    Could be a power issue or even the hardware USB itself, although you would on two motherboards
    think it would be extremely rare. The system has other problems, where the power could
    be a problem?

    Try disabling the USB in the BIOS and use a USB card that is not expensive.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Smartphones blackBerry how to transfer files and data

    How can you transfwer files and data from memory internal to micro sd card because my internal memory is full, and I don't want to delete things helps!

    Welcme to Frums.

    It is a duplicate.  Looks like you have posted this question within a few hours. Please see your other links I gave.

  • recover files from USM2T. UNC (old XP files and settings transfer tool) folder in windows 7

    Breath my old XP and put in place a new W7 Pro 64 b. stupid did me not carefully the manual before I went away to transfer all files and settings XP, the wizard files and Settings Transfer (FAST) "old."

    Now I'm stuck which dominates the stream _ with my nice, clean, but oh so empty, installation of Windows 7 Prof 64 b.

    Problem is that the wizard of Windows Easy Transfer (WET) native in W7, it will come out looking for a *.mig file - and guess what! There is no file in the USM2T source folder. UNC. Just a bunch of GOOD *. DAT files.

    Can someone give me a name on a good therapist or better yet, to guide me?

    Whatelse... ?  I found a GUI which is a wrapper for the MS-DOS command "fastconv" - but it's a bit unstable and it takes time awful lotta.

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi wolfbeach ,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers community.

    I suggest you try the procedure described in step 2 of the link below.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Let me know if it worked.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Umesh P - Microsoft Support

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • File ran and transfer settings Wizard Installation all users in Administrator account info

    I did a Windows XP Pro 32-bit clean install on a laptop.  After I installed all the software and drivers on the machine, I ran the file and Assistant to bring users account on the machine to transfer the parameters.  The problem is that I stumbled accidentally while still connected as long as administrator, all the information of users installing to the default Administrator account.  Y at - it an easy way to remove the users from the administrator account info, or to delete the administrator account take it back to the installed version of basic?  Thanks in advance for your help.

    Original title: using files and Settings Transfer Wizard. Oops


    I suspect that Naman R misinterpreted your post. My interpretation is that you have used the Wizard Windows XP file / transfer settings, no Windows Easy Transfer.

    Assuming you still have available transfer fluid, which is a kind of external drive (USB, probably), there is no reason why you should transfer the settings again, but in the correct user profile.

    With respect to the transfer in the account manager, all the parameters of implementation of changes should be reversible system restore (start - all programs-Accessories-System Tools System Restore). Data can only be deleted while signed in as an administrator. Do the system restore before doing the right files and transfer settings, otherwise it will also cancel these changes in settings that have been applied to the appropriate user profiles.


  • Slow data transfer between computer and HP Laser Jet 1320n

    I recently bought a laptop with windows 8.1 and successfully connected to 1320n times via LAN and wireless networks. Problem is when I try to print .pdf files, data transfer from my computer to the printer seems very slow and that's why it takes several minutes to print 10 pages. On the print window of my system, it tells me the data to transfer a file from pdf page 14 are about 75 MB.

    My questions are:

    1-is-normal this size of data?

    2. What can I do to increase the transfer speed?

    Thank you in advance.


    Thank you very much for the reply.

    I hae has solved the problem by installing the drivers that are on the product page (I was using the Windows drivers when I had the problem). Everything works as it should now.

  • Sudden slow data transfer


    I am happily using my 3 GB Time Capsule for the last 18 months with no problems. I use it almost exclusively as data storage for my Plex server. I use it wirelessly to my Macbook Pro 2014, in the same room.

    Yesterday, without change to explain it, it has become very slow to transfer files to it.

    I am at a loss, as most of the solutions I looked for people who have had problems of speed from the beginning, mine was a sudden appearance.

    Speeds do not seem to affect my streaming quality that I can still watch a 1080 p 5 gb + video file without stuttering or offset. The problem is isolated to the data transfer it seems.

    Any suggestions where to start?

    I use it almost exclusively as data storage for my Plex server. I use it wirelessly to my Macbook Pro 2014, in the same room.

    The plex server is connected by ethernet?

    Speeds do not seem to affect my streaming quality that I can still watch a 1080 p 5 gb + video file without stuttering or offset.

    It would be difficult to know if streaming is more... and more through your Macbook wireless...

    So I just need to know what is connected by ethernet and what is connected by wireless.

    Wireless is seriously affected by a number of things. So I guess that the first test is to connect the laptop to the TC by ethernet and make sure that it works very well. If your ethernet Mac buy a crush on ethernet card... a necessity, in my humble OPINION... as trying to fix wireless more wireless resembles sawing off the branch that which you are sitting.

    If you can determine the network of the question... Then we can do the simple things...

    Run the diagnostics wireless...

    Just restart the entire network, which I am assuming that you tried but did not mention.

    Simultaneous copy of a file on the hard drive while also streaming can also be stressing the TC... If the tests should be carried out without any other use of disk passes.

  • Subvi in an another Subvi data transfer

    Hi all

    I have a question,

    -Does anyone know how it is possible to transfer data as a double of a Subvi to another sub - VI on the same project file with arthemetrical calculations and encodings in the screws.

    I don't want to use local or global variables. How to use refnum? Can someone help me?

    Thank you


    Hi Alan,

    It's very simple. Just wire the data on an indicator in your first Subvi, then make an exit using the connector pane. Call the two SubVIs in your main program to where you want that data transfer and output of wire to an entry in the other Subvi.

    Another option is to call the second Subvi in the first and just wire the data entry.

  • What are the motherboard data transfer rate on a HP G60 - 243CL?

    I bought my laptop HP G60 - 243CL of Costco 3 years ago and continues to function perfectly. Since then I have maxed out the 320 Gig HARD drive. A few days ago, I transferred all my multimedia files of a terabyte of 1.5 external HDD. I also removed and uninstalled all the software that didn't come with the laptop pre-installed. I ran the Disk Cleaner to delete the temporary files... etc. I left pretty much the State of Out-Of-The-Box laptop... I also ran the Windows disk defragmentation application.  Although it has all updates from Windows Update. I doubt that the above mentioned is relevant to my question. The laptop came with two modules of RAM PC2-5300... a 1 Gig and 2 Gig. I replaced both with two sticks of modules/memory 2 GB PC2 - 6400. Other that this hardware upgrade, I've also upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64-bit. Now, I am also considering upgrading to an SSD HARD drive. I have of course read/write speeds rise as SSD memory ability increases (depending on model)... for ex: there is a huge difference in the rate of data transfer speeds in a 32 Gig SSD compared to a 256 GB SSD. At least that's what I noticed. I want to install a Gig of CRUCIAL 512 or possibly a CRUCIAL 256 GB SSD. Read/write speeds are respectively of 500 MB/s and 260 MB/s, or 230 MB/sec and 190 MB/s (again, depending on the model). My question is noticed in the SUBJECT field. Can you please help me make a wise decision? I wish that more technical details as possible. Thanks... :-)

    This laptop is equipped with SATA I, which is 150Gbit/s. You will not reach the maximum speed of your SSD, but it will be much faster then your current old school disc spinner. An SSD will always exceed a normal HARD drive. In addition, you should see a bump in battery life as well.

    I hope this helps!

  • Files and Settings Transfer Wizard-problem

    I recently had to format my hard drive and start over. I used the "files and Settings Transfer Wizard" to collect, compress and save all my pictures, etc... She is transferred to 11.1 GB and ended successfully. But now that I formatted I can't transfer files to the newly formatted hard drive. I direct the wizard to the folder I saved them and I get the message:"the location you specified does not have information stored. Please enter a valid folder path into the edit box

    If you have entered a path to a folder on a removable disk, the disk must be in the drive. »

    At the same time I see 7 files in the folder.

    They are IMG00001 by IMG00006 andstatus

    IMG00001-IMG00006are all the DAT files.

    The two operating systems is Windows XP Professional.

    I am confused, maybe I need some sort of program that can read and decompress these important images. Please help me.

    Choose the folder above the folder you chose when you got the error message. Let me know what happens.

Maybe you are looking for

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