Firefox is frozen, but always answers. Help?

Earlier today, I was on a site called Angel for the school. I stopped being able to click on anything, whether I went through my cookies and cleaned of those that I didn't need. It has not always worked, so I closed the browser and reopened. When you try to reopen the browser, I got an error something on a profile thing. Once reopened, the keys other than the close button did not work. I went on a window which worked at first, until what I tried to go on Angel and private. Now, I can't even open a private window. I'll try to get rid of the Angel cookie manually and contact HER if it doesn't my school, but Firefox is the browser recommended for Angel. Why Angel he affected?

Looks like this problem is Windows. What version of Windows are you using? In the case of what Firefox broke down in memory, you tried to stop and restart Windows?

Tags: Firefox

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