Firefox uses port 80 on my XP PC?

I hate to be lame, but I can not use WAMP as installed on my XP machine (I have two Win 7 PCs, but I'm hoping to re - develop a Web site on the XP machine). Apache 2.2 is installed, as well as an earlier version of WordPress, known for work on XP machines. The programs are installed in the respective folders are c:\wamp and c:\wordpress. Apache 2.2 always throws when starting, that's fine. When I place my mouse on the icon of the server HTTP Apache in the status bar just to the left of the clock of my machine, it displays 1 of Apache 2 running services. There is a red light to the left of the icon wampapache (void), and when I click on the Start option for her, a few seconds, I always get this message: the requested option has failed! All I can find through searching online for this problem is that I have perhaps already in use port 80 on my computer. Help! Someone saw this problem? I bought a copy of the 3rd edition of the Professional WordPress Design & Development, and so far it looks great. But until I can get WAMP running, I'm dead in the water. Thank you!

If Port 80 doesn't work, could you try change to port 8080 by following the steps in this page of StackOverflow:

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  • What is reasonable memory for Firefox use?

    Title says it all-

    What is reasonable memory for Firefox use?

    The normal use, I am an average of 1.2 G or about memory (of 16 G total); is this normal? Don't not maxing out at all but I was wondering.

    How to define and measure the use of memory for Firefox? Activity monitor? I use Firefox to write this. In the activity monitor, I see Firefox to 347 MB and Firefox Web Content to 259 MB.

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    For several months, Firefox has eaten memory like crazy. Once I get more than 5 tabs open or that you have Firefox running for more than an hour, the memory usage hit about a GB. If I continue to let go beyond that, it will hit 1.5 to 2 GB and it made my gel set office. I got to keep the Task Manager and every hour or so just kill Firefox and restart. Preventing it from crashing my whole desktop computer. It's definitely worse when I opened Google products, especially maps and Docs. GMail is generally OK.

    I tried to disable literally every add-on and Extension (including Flash and Adblock).

    I'm on Windows 7, I have 4 GB of RAM installed. I am on version 40.0 Firefox, but this has happened through a few updates now (I think the problem started around March or April). I also tried to back - rev Firefox and go to the latest version, that I had before the problems started, but that did nothing either.

    Chrome works fine on this machine without any similar problems - but I prefer Firefox!

    Separate the issue;
    Shows details of the system;

    Plug-ins installed

    Adobe PDF plugin for Firefox and Netscape "9.5.5.
    is obsolete

    Firefox using too much memory (RAM) - how to fix
    This article describes how to make Firefox use less memory to make it run faster and prevent accidents.

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    This should be an easy solution, because all the other browsers and Firefox used to do this. Firefox is restarted the pages do not charge they just historical display. I have to hit the button reload current page to get new data. This has been driving me crazy for a few weeks. I thought I had fixed a couple of times but only a few pages loaded and now it's the whole story again.


    Oh, you use the Session Manager. What happens if you check the box in the Session Manager options, to the title of the backup & restore, "Reload All restored Windows"?

  • I want to create an addon of firefox using python. Please let me know how this can be achieved

    Hi team, support

    I intend to create an Add on Firefox using python. Please let me know how this can be achieved.

    Kind regards


    Hi Sandeep, is for user only support, so we cannot give you advice for the development of extensions in this place.

    Please see resources at or check out the mozilla forum dedicated to the development of addon at

    Thank you

  • The latest version of Mozilla Firefox uses the Gecko or WebKit engine?

    And if your answer will be WebKit, tell me please what is the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, which uses the Gecko engine?

    The only case Mozilla can never use WebKit is on IOS.

    Is there a particular reason why you think that current Office Firefox uses webkit? It is not as if they can trade just get out the engine and do it without news of its spread all around tech sites.

  • Firefox uses the page host internet explorer after restarting the PC, even if I change again, it passes every time

    I use a laptop for my work. I have internet explore what is necessary for our things work related and internet intranet explore uses the intranet homepage of our work. I also use firefox and want to use a different home page (IE Bing, google, whatever...). So things work related I use IE, for web browsing of non-working, I use firefox. Recently whenever I reboot my PC and launch firefox, firefox uses my Explorer (working on the intranet) home page internet. I then easily reset on my preference ( and as long as the PC is on, if I close and Open firefox it keeps as my home page. I could do this 20 x and it will keep the homepage. However when I shut down and restart the PC, firefox goes back to the use of the IE homepage (on the intranet of the work). Is there a permanent way to fix this. Our IT Department has been no help. Started a week before what is happening they upgraded our computers to internet explore 11. I tried to reset Firefox but that does not solve the problem.

    Hi hunted, something is change or replace your prefs.js file.

    Maybe you can thwart it by creating a user.js file. This file is read at startup of Firefox and replace prefs.js. Basically, it only needs a single line, if you could open prefs.js in a text editor after you have corrected to the homepage preference, use Save as to create user.js and then remove all the lines and save/close.

    More information on user.js:

  • Why can I not install Firefox using more - ms?

    I use to be able to install the downloaded versions of Mozilla Firefox using a simple switch on the command line. The turnout was - ms. It was working fine, I think, version 24.0. No version after that worked. Is there a reason? It is an "easy"? I saw stuff that tells, you create a config file and add to the installation. There must be an easier way? Someone knows something that will work? Appreciate help with this.

    Download Firefox Full install all languages {web link}

  • How can I make Firefox use another version of the installed Java runtime?

    For purposes of development, I have several versions of the Java runtime on my 64 bit Windows 7 computer. I try to keep the number of JDK and JRE installation to a minimum and I want Firefox to use JRE 1.7.0_21 (32 bit) because this happened with a version of JDK, I am forced to use another application.

    Firefox however use JRE 1.6.0_31 and is correctly reported as non-secure. It offers me the upgrade option, but I don't want to download and install a different JRE since I already said 1.7.0_21 installed JRE. I would prefer very just to be able to point Firefox so that JRE. I don't see an option to select a different JRE installed however.

    I tried to manually edit the file pluginreg.dat (I know, it says do not edit...) by changing the entries of JRE 1.6 and 1.7 of the JRE, but on reboot, my changes have been overwritten and was back at the old JRE. So I can't view some web sites (also company/internal) without having to change to any browsers.

    Please let me know how I can make Firefox use the already installed JRE 1.7.

    Firefox scans the registry to find the location of the plugins.
    If Firefox detects a plugin and not the other, then that means that the other Java plugin is not having a corresponding registry key.

    64-bit Windows:
    32-bit Windows:

  • Firefox uses https rather than http

    I had problems to connect to a site recently so I tried to use https instead of http and I got but only a text based page. Now I want to go back to using http, but Firefox uses https rather than http.

    I put browser.urlbar.autoFill.typed and browser.urlbar.autoFill to false, but it does still even after restarting Firefox. I deleted cookies, the tab of this site closed and restarted Firefox. He always does.

    I tried to set the keyword. URL to http://***.***.org/ "obviously with the correct url.

    Anyone has the clues how to stop this?

    One of the reasons why a "Strict-Transport-Security" header sent by your server (or an application on your server). Once Firefox stores this parameter specific to the site, you may be stuck with HTTPS forever. See this thread for an example: Firefix 25.0.1 forces SSL even when http:// is specified in the address bar.

    The function "to forget this site" will erase all the known places that Firefox can keep information on the site. This, of course, history and cookies, but also includes the permissions specific to the site and even favorite.

    If you want to try it, the option is available in two locations:

    • The library dialogue (history > view history). Right click on any entry to the site.
    • The subject: permissions page (type or paste on: permissions in the address bar and press enter). Choose the site from the list on the left and look for the button in the upper right.
  • Why Firefox uses 100% CPU when I am connected to eBay?

    Firefox uses 100% CPU when I connect eBay.

    Hi apdubois, it is useful to know that Flash is the problem but, as you point out, life without Flash is not very interactive.

    It is a standard orientation that addresses the most common reasons for problems of Flash in Firefox. I'm sure you've seen some of it before, but just in case:

    (1) make sure that all recorders/downloaders who interact with Flash media are as up-to-date as possible, or disable them temporarily.

    (2) disable graphics hardware acceleration in Firefox and Flash

    (A) in Firefox, uncheck the box here and restart:

    the button Firefox orange (or the Tools menu) > Options > advanced > General > "use hardware acceleration when available.

    (B) in Flash, see this article from Adobe technical support:

    (3) turn off protected mode (Windows Vista/7/8)

    See this article from Adobe support under the heading of 'Last resort': Adobe Forums: how to fix protected Flash Player for Firefox mode?

  • Firefox using too much memory


    I had this problem a weakness there, I made any suggestion that this link said and it did not help:

    I have no many taps oppened taps only 47.
    My firefox now usiing 2 GB ram, can someone help me how to fix it?
    Thank you

    I tried 'back of ram' add and activate acceleration on my GPU and it worked, it did not use more than 200 MB with the same number of notches before

    Thank you very much

  • The new firefox uses a lot too much RAM compared to Chrome or Internet Explorer.

    Before an administrator reacts, please read, because I noticed that many times on this topic in other threads, the admins will respond as the caricature of the characters, not really listen to what people say.
    I have no extensions or add-ons - Firefox (latest version), Chrome (latest version) and Internet Explorer. When I have a blank page open, and 52 M of RAM uses only a single page, Chrome, IE uses 47 M, and Firefox uses 153 M. It's a freshly reinstalled copy, I have no preference at all, no, bookmarks nothing. Can someone explain why Firefox is forced to use three times more memory than its two competitors?

    The problem was that number of tabs was directly proportional to the RAM (1 page ~ 120M, 2 p ~ 240M, etc.). I have a fast computer, but was limited to three legs, and then everything became marshy. In fact, I discovered what it was. A Flash video extension downloader was inappropriate for the JAVA plug-in applications. I have no idea why this was happening, as the GUI for flash video downloader doesn't have Java, and the site that I was downloading is a medical site that uses flash as a protocol of Embedment for their video playback. Anyway, weird, but resolved. If all appears to be a random problem with the new version of FF, it can be flash-video downloader. A rather random shit page (homepage of Yahoo) is now only have access to 72 M of RAM, a reasonable person are all things considered.
    And forgive my aggression. I frequently don't forget that everything is life and death.

  • Firefox uses too much RAM

    After the update to Firefox 23 I had a lot of problems. The major problem I had is that Firefox uses up to the amount of memory RAM (from 2 GB for less than 5 tabs assets/load) and ends up crashing. After a few tests, I found that when I closed the tabs that about 2 to 3% of what Firefox started using when I opened the tab is unloaded. Using the about command: memory, I discovered that xpcom uses the more this 1 GB RAM passes after awhile of navigation.

    a user here reported ghostery as a source for leaking memory - you can keep this option disabled for a while and watch the use of resources...

  • It is possible to automate Firefox uses Excel VBA

    We did Automating Internet explorer by using VBA, now we have some projects that supports and do the work on Mozilla only... If need to automate applications in firefox using VBA excel macros.

    I heard it is possible adding and some dll regestring. So could you please help me on this with precision.

    Thank you and best regards,

    This forum is for the support to the users , your question is beyond the scope of assistance to users.

    Try searching for the Mozilla Developer Network site on your query.

    Here is an article on the generation of a component DLL.

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