Flash player plays not internet video content

TouchSmart from HP Pavillion 60-1120

My flash drive won't play video on the internet?  Any ideas.


Try the following.

First, download the Flash uninstall utility on the link below and save it to your desktop.


Once the download is complete, close all browser windows and start the program uninstaller.  Once done, restart the laptop.

Then, download and install Firefox , then using Firefox, download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Close all browser windows before you run the installer of Flash.

Start Firefox and see if the video play Ok - if they do, close Firefox, open IE and click on the same Adobe Flash link above to get a command prompt to install the ActiveX component.  Once completed, restart IE.

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DP - K

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    Flash player is not loading videos on youtube and streaming sites saying I don't have the plugin or just black screen. I updated the flash player and the bottom ranked it, I also tried to update firefox but just is not updated, close firefox and charging, but the update is still available, 8.0.1 illustrated version. videos play fine in chrome and IE on my PC, really want to uninstall firefox and reinstall because of bookmarks and bar help etc. custom tool?

    Thanks for the help guys, uninstalling and reinstalling firefox and the upgrade of flash solved all the problems, then turning and turn it back! ha ha thanks again

  • I can't see the videos Facebook etc. Rpet Flash player is not available.

    * Original title: Shockwave Flash player

    I can't see the videos Facebook etc.   Rpet Flash player is not available. I tried to click on tool > manage add on > Security > etc, etc.  It said it was installed, but still can not view videos.


    For some reason that I thought it was already there... on the left lower taskbar may...

    If not, go to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Internet Explorer\iexplore and make a shortcut to copy on your desktop.

    Sorry... I should have mentioned that before...

  • ADOBE FLASH PLAYER IS NOT displayed on the modules, and even if I install it on my computer it syncs with Firefox to play movies

    Vudu requires Adobe Flash Player for movies and gives me an error message saying that I need to upgrade to the latest version and it gives a link. When I followed the link and install the latest version, I still get the same message. I checked the Add-ons Firefox and Adobe Flash Player does not appear as an add-on available or plug-in. What is the problem?


    Make sure that you have downloaded the Flash Player right as Firefox uses a different plugin than Internet Explorer (which uses ActiveX).

  • I was watching a movie. A screen came to ask if I wanted to add a filter. I clicked Add Filter and now Flash Player does not work. It works on Internet Explorer

    I was watching a movie on a site that I subscribe to and a screen came to ask if I wanted to add a filter. I clicked Add Filter. Now my Flash Player is not compatible on Mozila Firefox but not Internet Explorer

    Looks like you are using Adblock Plus that causing this problem.

    • Go to Firefox/Tools(Alt+T) > Adblock Plus > filter preferences > custom filters

    If you own Adblocking rules, delete, select Action > delete (Del) > click Yes and then close then try

  • Adobe Flash Player could not install. Successful installation of Flash Player manual. Flash Player said "Install Complete" However, Flash Player works with Internet Explorer! What seems to be the problem? j.Durk@Verizon.net

    Adobe Flash Player could not install. Flash Player installation manual (32 & 64-bit version) managed after that Ctrl, Alt, delete on the processes tab find firefox.exe * 32 has been active and I finished it. Flash Player installer said "Install Complete" I uninstalled Firefox and Flash Player several times without success. However, Flash Player works with Internet Explorer! What seems to be the problem? [email protected]

    You have probably installed a 64 bit version of Flash for Firefox plugin.

    Firefox is a 332-bit application, so you need 32-bit versions of a plugin to make it work.

    You can find the 32-bit version of the Flash Player installer for a 32-bit version of Firefox here (scroll down to Flash Player (32-bit)):

  • Says that Flash Player is not installed

    I installed the latest version of flash player several times and it keeps telling me that flash player is not installed.  I went through all of the troubleshooting and I can't understand why this is happening.  Is happening here?

    What you see is the result of this:

    "User-Agent Strings.

    Doesn't mean a lot, I'm sure, but it is the root of your problems, and Flash Player has nothing to do with it.

    Microsoft 'rewritten' User-Agent strings for the abomination they call their latest and greatest browser (learn more).

    User Agent strings are what sites Web allows to identify the browser you use and provides content for its browser engine, as ActiveX stuff and video Flash or HTML5.

    Thanks to geniuses in Redmond, WA, strings of User-Agent for IE11 (which has a Trident engine), ID like "Gecko" (Firefox) or "Webkit" (Chrome).

    The problem is: when the site dictates the content of one of these two engines, the engine Trident in Internet Explorer cannot interpret this site then sees IE as a browser 'unidentified '.

    The problem with a browser not identified is that plug-ins in this browser are not recognized either, so even if you are up-to-date, he said: you need the latest version of Flash Player when you use IE11.

    YouTube... has converted to HTML5 video, so if it doesn't detect Flash Player, it can display HTML5 video (MP4) which requires no plug-in to play.

    Facebook cannot do, because HTML5 does not apply to... video games only.

    Microsoft does not plan to "fix" the mess that they created because they think it's a good idea to block you on Web sites that visit you.

    They recommend using 'compatibility view' and pretend that you are using an older version of IE...

    The problem with THIS is that it has had limited success, and you must enable it for EVERY page that has problems... individually.

    I'm not big on "pretend" so I recommend you to use another browser.

    Firefox (from Mozilla)

    Opera (from opera)

    Safari (from Apple)

    Chrome (from Google)

    NO one who will work where IE11 won't, with the Flash Player plug-in (for all other browsers), and chromium has not even need that, because he has his own plugin Flash Player built in.

  • Why after reinstallation of vista, no adobe flash player does not work.

    Before a reinstall of Vista, I use Adobe flash player.  Now, after having to reinstall Vista, Adobe flash player does not work. Can I get the videos to play?


    1. try to watch videos online are you using Internet Explorer?

    2. How do you reinstall Windows Vista on your computer?

    3. what happens when you watch her watch flash videos?

    4. have you installed flash player after you have reinstalled Windows Vista?

    To work on the issue, refer to these methods.

    Method 1:

    If you are facing the question about Internet Explorer, see the following links.

    The video problems when you use Internet Explorer


    Why Adobe Flash does not work in Internet Explorer?


    Method 2:

    You can check if uninstall and reinstall the flash player help.

    Uninstall and reinstall the flash player and check if that helps.

    Uninstall Adobe Flash Player. Use the link below to download the flash player uninstall tool. Follow the steps mentioned in the link.


    See section provided below for instructions on troubleshooting.

    Troubleshoot Flash Player installation | Windows


    Note: The third-party products or services mentioned here are manufactured or provided by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the performance or reliability of these products.

    Hope the information is useful.

  • Flash player does not work in youtube

    Whenever I go on youtube I get this message "You need to update your Adobe Flash Player to view this video." and the videos will not play. I click on the link below saying 'Download Adobe.'

    He takes me to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ where it says the following:


    Your system:
    Windows 64-bit, English, Firefox

    I click to install and go through the installation process.

    When I try youtube I get the same message, the problem remains.

    I checked the javascript is enabled. I have also on this computer and I noticed the last time I tried this process IE it open after finishing.

    Thanks much for any help.

    My system:
    Windows 8.1, firefox version 28.0

    Hello plonker13, please go to firefox > addons > plugins and make sure that the flash shockwave is not set to disabled, it.

  • Flash Player is not recognized, windows 7-64

    I have download dozens of times the Flash Player and is present on the control for 32-bit download, but when I connect to a page that use Flash Player I am advised to download the player and don't recognize the the one I already have in my PC

    I use a motherboard ASUS P7H55D-M and with a CPU Intel i3-540 graphic integrated for OS I use Explorer 9-32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit...

    Please note that if you use a 64 bit version of Windows 7, you must use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer that is included with the operating system. Adobe Flash Player does not support the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer in Windows 7 right now.

    Click Start > all programs > click Internet Explorer (one who is not listed as 64-bit)

    Adobe Flash Player not is not supported for playback in a 64-bit browser

    I have Windows 7 64 bit and you need to use Internet Explorer 32-bit


    If you run Internet Explorer 9 32 bit and you are unable to view Flash content, try to reset Internet Explorer its default factory setting and download Flash Player.

    Click Start, type: Internet Options
    Press enter
    Select the "Advanced" tab
    Under reset Internet Explorer settings, click "reset".

    This should restore the Internet Explorer default settings.

    Troubleshoot installation of Flash Player for Windows

    Troubleshooting player stability and performance

    Flash Player Support Forum

  • Adobe Flash Player does not work

    I have down loaded many times flash player and adobe says it is now running, but it does not work. It does not appear in all programs, but if I remove programs it is there.   My printer is connected wireless and prints fine, when I try to scan the printer and the computer says that the other is not there.

    Flash Player is a web browser instead of a standalone application, so it is not supposed to appear in all programs. To check that it is correctly installed:

    -Go to Start-> Control Panel-> programs and features and check that it is registered.

    -Open Internet Explorer and go to Manage Add-ons , select all add-ons from the drop-down list on the left, and then select toolbars and Extensions and check that you have Shockwave object shown at right and that it is enabled.

    -Go to a Web site that uses Flash Player (like YouTube) and verify that you can watch videos, etc.

    How your last comment regarding your printer/scanner related to Flash Player does not?

  • Flash player does not work in chrome how to fix?

    Flash player does not work in chrome.

    I reinstalled chrome and I selected the flash option can still execute follow this guide Enable Flash Player for Chrome

    It still does not. I can watch youtube videos, but not to contract if that helps

    It's the PC I use Core i7 - 6850 K 3.6 GHz 6-Core, GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB GAMING X 8 G, Saved... paragraph set S ATX Mid Tower - my first PC - zautos

    I use the windows 10 education

    How to operate?

    @gregk13186206 ,.

    Thanks for posting this screenshot.  Very useful.  Yes, indeed the pepflashplayer.dll file should be here.  It is the presence of chromium in the Flash Player file. Please, try the following:

    • delete the directory
    • launch chrome and go to Flash content
    • it download and install Flash Player, in the same directory of Data\PepperFlash of ~\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User?

    Note: AppData is a hidden directory, if you do not see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14201/windows-show-hidden-files to view the hidden files/folders.

    We have this magnitude within Google and your screenshot will be very useful.  I'll transfer it to them.



  • Flash Player is not installed on my pc


    I try to install flash player on windows PC 10.  Any process to install flash player? I can't work for it, I also need to work here at the end of the video.

    Thank you

    Hi CherieCord,

    Microsoft integrates Flash Player Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows 10 and updates are distributed by Microsoft via Windows Update, as such, is not a separate installation program.  Please refer to the following documents, help for assistance:



  • Interactive keys Flash Player does not

    I had this problem for months I can say. Several Web sites I have this problem when I click on a button (not a link) such as a 'play' button or 'share' and nothing happens. On the other hand these same buttons work on other computers. I went to Apple's support for assistance and they told me it was a problem of Flash and led me to your contact page.

    Examples of sites with problems:

    Searching for Sound - I can't play the video, I click play and nothing happens

    * Café del Mar Chillout Mix may 2014 * by DJ. Jurag | Mixcloud -I can't press play, share, repost, love or add. Nothing happens when I click on these buttons

    I tried restarting my computer, reinstall flash, permissions change plug-in for 'allow' and try a new browser without result.

    I submitted this as a bug on your bugbase. Bug # is 3863474 you can find here, with the card of my computer: Bug #3863474 - Flash Player Play buttons (and the other buttons) unresponsive

    I own a Macbook Pro the retina I bought this summer (2014), end of 2013 model with 16 GB of RAM 10.9.5,, 2.6 Ghz Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750 M 2048 MB, 1 TB Solid State

    Help, please.

    It turns out that my score has been altered, had to make a new. All fixed now

  • Flash Player does not work on any browser in Windows 8

    Flash Player does not on internet explorer, chrome or firefox...

    I tried several treatments that I found in this area and other forums as not activex filtering, changing the internet options, clear browser data, saved flash data, deleting uninstall flash, re - install flash...

    Uninstall browser, reinstall, uninstall the antivirus, re-installed, installed another, disabiling, nothing works.

    When you access a site using flash, such as youtube, all browsers shows the control but not the video, then crashes and displays a message effic that flash is not meet and sometimes say that a script is unresponsive, either...

    Hello, I did something else at the end and it worked after the reboot, I installed all the updates that are available for windows 8, recommended and proposed, I didn't have the chance to try animations, flash works now, unfortunately I don't know exactly how it was fixed.

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