I was watching a movie. A screen came to ask if I wanted to add a filter. I clicked Add Filter and now Flash Player does not work. It works on Internet Explorer

I was watching a movie on a site that I subscribe to and a screen came to ask if I wanted to add a filter. I clicked Add Filter. Now my Flash Player is not compatible on Mozila Firefox but not Internet Explorer

Looks like you are using Adblock Plus that causing this problem.

  • Go to Firefox/Tools(Alt+T) > Adblock Plus > filter preferences > custom filters

If you own Adblocking rules, delete, select Action > delete (Del) > click Yes and then close then try

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    What can I do to fix this?

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    Thank you for your help


    I was able to install it, I downloaded again the installation of Silverlight and it took.

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    ·         What happens when you try to use the toolbar to translate?

    I suggest you to try disabling and activation of the Google toolbar translation and check if it works:

    (a) open internet explore

    (b) click on tools and select internet options

    tab c open programs) and click on Manage Add-ons

    (d) right click on the toolbar and try to disable and enable it.

    For help using the Google toolbar, visit


    Warning: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Hope this helps,

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    Office 2010

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    Hi Arkady_50,

    Thanks for posting the question in the Microsoft Community!

    According to the description, it looks like the Babylon 8 does not work with Internet Explorer 9. However, we need for more information on this issue to provide better assistance. Please help me to answer these questions.

    (1) are you referring to the Babylon translation software?

    (2) you get an error message?

    If you run Babylon 8 on your computer, you can consider installing the latest version of Babylon 9.


    If the problem persists, visit this link to contact Babylon.


    Hope this information helps. If you have questions to answer Windows only and we will be happy to help.

  • Site of muse does not work in Internet Explorer

    Please help. My site bjh.dadeschools.net does not work in Internet Explorer. It works with all other browsers but not IE. Please help with this question.

    No, just to take one or the other. I used the one that ends in IE = 10 and it worked for me, but when I have a few minutes, I'll try to use IE = Edge because I think it's the best way to go. But yes, you need to add it to each affected page unless there is a way that you can add it so that it applies to all the pages... I'm not familiar with the Muse enough to say if this is possible, flippant.

    But go ahead and test it like this...

    1. go to your homepage.

    2. click on Page in the menu bar.

    3. Select the Properties Page.

    4. go to the metadata tab.

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    Save that and try to republish and test this homepage you have applied that change and see if it works now. If so, then go ahead and apply it on your other pages or try and find if there is a way to implement the HTML code forcode to all your pages (maybe a master page or something.) Let me know if it works for you or if you have any questions.

  • Horizontal menu does not work in Internet Explorer.

    I have a site that I created using CS3. The horizontal navigation bar does not work in internet explore. I tried a few things and tried to look at others. I can't make it work. I'm starting to think I need to do it again. Can someone please take a look?


    This is only the second site, I did it, so please be nice.

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    There is something strange going on.

    When I look at this

    the links go back a folder/directory, and yet they are called from the root directory. I have a slight suspicion that you have two sections, one that has changed and the other has not been changed.

    You worry about the addition of the style ul rule. MenuBarHorizontal {width: auto ;} } to your existing as per document


    a: active {}
    text-decoration: none;
    font size: large;
    make-weight: bold;
    make-style: italic;
    .style11 {size are: small}

    UL. MenuBarHorizontal {width: auto ;}}


    See what's happening.


  • Transition CSS does not work in Internet Explorer

    I only tested in Firefox and IE, and for some reason any the legend that is supposed to slide comes automatically appears in Internet Explorer. You can find an example here http://css-tricks.com/examples/SlideinCaptions/. I've modified it a bit more, try to make friendly browser but I still can not work in Internet Explorer. Any help would be really appreciated here, thank you! I have bolded the parts I am having trouble with. Here is my code:

    < ! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / IN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd" > ""

    " < html xmlns =" http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml ">

    < head >

    < meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = text/html"; charset = utf-8 "/ >"

    < link rel = "stylesheet" href = "style.css" type = "text/css" / > "

    < script type = "text/javascript" src = "javascript.js" > < / script >

    < script >

    NUM = Math.floor (Math.Random () * 3);

    If (num == 1) {}

    image = "bg1.png";


    If (num == 2) {}

    image = "bg2.png";


    < /script >

    < title > embroidery by CJ < /title >

    < / head >

    < onload = "MM_preloadImages('contact1.png','about1.png','producst1.png','index1.png') body, document.body.background = image" >

    < div class = "header" >

    < div class = 'wrapper' >

    < div class = "logo" >

    < img src = "logo.png" width = "438" height = "56" alt = "Embroidery by CJ" / > "

    < / div >

    < div class = "nav" >

    < div class = "link4" >

    < center >

    "< a href ="contact.html"MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover ="MM_swapImage ('Contact',", 'contact1.png', 1) "> < img src =" contact.png "alt ="Contact"name = 'Contact' width = height"73"="15"border ="0"id ="Contact"/ > < /a >

    < /Center >

    < / div >

    < div class = "link3" >

    < center >

    "< a href ="about.html"MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover ="MM_swapImage ('About',", 'about1.png', 1) "> < img src =" about.png "alt ="About"name = 'About' width ="56"height ="16"border ="0"id ="About"/ > < /a >

    < /Center >

    < / div >

    < div class = "link2" >

    < center >

    "< a href ="products.html"MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover ="MM_swapImage ('Products',", 'producst1.png', 1) "> < img src =" products.png "alt = 'Products' name = 'Products' width ="83"height ="20"border ="0"id ="Products"/ > < /a >

    < /Center >

    < / div >

    < div class = "link1" >

    < center >

    "< a href ="index.html"MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover ="MM_swapImage ('Home'", 'index1.png', 1) "> < img src =" index.png ' alt = 'Home' name = 'Home' width = "54" height = "16" border = "0" id = "Home" / > < /a >

    < /Center >

    < / div >

    < / div >

    < / div >

    < / div >

    < br / > < br / >

    < div class = "container" >

    < div class = "sidebar" >

    Menu < h4 > < / h4 > < hr / >

    < a href = "babies.html" class = "linkmain" > babies < /a > < br / > "

    < a href = "bibs.html" class = "linksecondary" > bibs < /a > < br / > "

    < a href = "blankets.html" class = "linksecondary" > covers < /a > < br / > "

    < a href = "rot - cloths.html" class = "linksecondary" > bibs < /a > < br / >

    < a href = "onesies.html" class = "linksecondary" > Bodies < /a > < br / > < br / > "

    < a href = "bathroom.html" class = "linkmain" > bathroom < /a > < br / > "

    < a href = ' WC - paper.html "class ="linksecondary"> paper toilet < /a > < br / >

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    < a href = "baseball - caps.html" class = "linksecondary" > Baseball caps < /a > < br / > < br / >

    < a href = "kitchen.html" class = "linkmain" > kitchen < /a > < br / > "

    < a href = "aprons.html" class = "linksecondary" > aprons < /a > < br / > "

    < a href = "napkins.html" class = "linksecondary" > towels < /a > < br / > < br / > "

    < div class = "currentmain" > towels < / div >

    < a href = "golf.html' class ="linksecondary"> Golf < /a > < br / >"

    < a href = 'Cook - towels.html' class = "linksecondary" > kitchen < /a > < br / > < br / >

    < a href = "weddings.html" class = "linkmain" > weddings < /a > < br / > "

    < a href = "bottle - cozys.html" class = "linksecondary" > bottle comfortable < /a > < br / >

    < a href = "t-shirts.html" class = "linksecondary" > T-Shirts < /a > < br / >

    < a href = "lace - gloves.html" class = "linksecondary" > Lace Gloves < /a > < br / >

    < a href = "lace - hankies.html" class = "linksecondary" > handkerchiefs lace < /a > < / div >

    < div class = 'hand' >

    < div class = "productleft" >

    < center >

    < class figure 'cap-right' = >

    < img src = "img.png" alt ="" > "

    < figcaption > kitchen towel with apples embroidered. < / figcaption >

    < / figure >

    < /Center >

    < / div >

    < div class = "productright" >

    < center >

    < figure class = "heading on the right" > < a href = 'Cook - towels.html' > < img src = "kitchentowelsapplesthumb.jpg" alt ="" > < / a > "

    < figcaption > kitchen towel with apples embroidered. < / figcaption >

    < / figure >

    < /Center >

    < / div >

    < br class = "clearfloat" / > < br / > < br / > < br / >

    < / div >

    < div class = "ad" >

    < p > < /p > < br / >

    < / div >

    < / div >

    < / body >

    < / html >

    And style.css:

    @charset "utf-8";

    / * CSS document * /.

    HTML, body {}

    height: 1195px;

    margin: 0;

    padding: 0;

    background-color: #F0F0E3;

    background-repeat: no-repeat;


    H4 {}

    color: #2FBBFF;



    Clear: both;


    / * Header * /.

    . Header {}

    height: 110px;

    background-image: url (bg.png);

    background-repeat: repeat-x;

    -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 10px 1px #1E1E1E;

    -moz-box-shadow: 0px 10px 1px #1E1E1E;

    -ms-box-shadow: 0px 10px 1px #1E1E1E;

    -o-box-shadow: 0px 10px 1px #1E1E1E;

    box-shadow: 0px 10px 1px #1E1E1E;



    color: #1E1E1E;

    text-decoration: underline;



    color: #666;

    text-decoration: underline;



    color: #2FBBFF;

    text-decoration: none;



    color: #8AD9FF;

    text-decoration: none;



    color: #2FBBFF;



    color: #8Ad9FF;


    . Wrapper {}

    Width: 960px;

    margin: 0 auto;


    .logo {}

    float: left;

    Width: 438px;

    margin: 34px 0 0 0;


    . NAV {}

    float: right;

    Width: 510px;

    margin: 70px 0 0 0;



    Width: 25%;



    float: right;

    Width: 25%;



    float: right;

    Width: 25%;



    float: right;

    Width: 25%;


    / * Container * /.

    . Container {}

    Width: 960px;

    margin: auto;

    margin-top: 10px;


    / * Buffer * /.

    . Sidebar {}

    height: 738px;

    Width: 17.5%;

    float: left;

    text-align: right;

    background - image: URL (transparent1.png);


    / * Main * /.

    .main {}

    height: 675px;

    Width: 624px;

    float: left;

    Padding: 0px 0px 0px 63px;

    background-color: #FBFBF7;


    .title {}

    color: #1E1E1E;


    {} .description

    color: #666;


    . Row {}

    Width: 100%;



    Width: 50%;

    float: left;



    Width: 50%;

    float: right;


    Figure img {}

    Width: 300px;

    display: block;


    Figure {}

    display: block;

    position: relative;

    float: left;

    overflow: hidden;

    margin: 0 20px 20px 0;


    figcaption {}

    position: absolute;

    background: rgba (0,0,0,0.75);

    color: white;

    padding: 20px 10px;

    opacity: 0;

    -webkit-transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;

    -moz-transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;

    -ms-transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;

    -o - transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;

    transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;


    Figure: hover {} figcaption

    opacity: 1;


    Figure: before {}

    content: 'paper towel ';

    position: absolute;

    color: white;

    opacity: 0.75;

    -webkit-transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;

    -moz-transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;

    -ms-transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;

    -o - transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;

    transition: all s 0.6 facilitated;


    Figure: hover: before {}

    opacity: 0;


    .Cap-law: before {}

    Bottom: 10px;

    right: 10px;


    figcaption .cap-right {}

    bottom: 0;

    right: 30%;


    .Cap-right: hover {} figcaption

    right: 0;


    / * Ad * /

    .ad {}

    Width: 144px;

    float: right;

    background-color: #FFF;


    Hi John

    IE10 even if he plays "catch up" on some features he surpassed all other browsers when it comes to typography, see - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2012/01/09/css-corner-using-the-whole-font.aspx


    You could get the same effect by using a transformation matrix of IE in IE8 and below, (but I would not recommend this). The other possibility is to use a transform of IE9 with the content property property (this property css insert text in the document) that way when you hover over the image that 'extra' text is inserted. But this is not a gradual slide in as the property of transition is needed for this.

    The other alternative is to use slide-in jQuery plugin.

    (I'll cause a disagreement now, then you have been warned!) -

    IE8 is now on a decline in its use for private users, so if you're not targeting companies or professional users, don't worry about this browser too. Also IE introduced an automatic upgrade of the browser in its system of regular updates, (auto updates) users not on XP will have the most recent version of Internet Explorer installed for their system, (currently in Australasia, other regions in the fall of this year).

    XP will be IE8, (using xp down at approximately 2% per month, currently 34 percent of the total, (Microsofts digits not mine)) Vista will be IE9, Windows 7/8 will be IE10, but illegal copies of windows are not these or other updates.


  • Utility of fingerprint - OmniPass - does not work with Internet Explorer 7

    Password of the site Web OmniPass economy/autologin for Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 does not work properly (it seems that microsoft has changed the way their forms work for the filing of username and password etc.)

    OmniPass that slow loaded in the previous version it actually took about 30 seconds or more for the dialogue of fingerprints to the pop-up window when the connection, once I upgraded to v3.50.43 that it load in 10 seconds now, however, when I bought my laptop it allows to load immediately, now that I've installed programs It is slower (not a lot of programs).

    Now, I did complete the registry clean, spyware and virus scans, cleanings full, defrags etc...

    I tried to modify the registry key for OmniPass service - all with success. He still did not get faster.

    Anyone got any ideas?


    The fact is that Internet Explorer 7 is not official on the market and Toshiba doesn't support any beta version. In this case if you are using versions of test on your laptop if you can do it at your own risk!
    I'm sure that if you use the IE6 and other applications from the CD of restoration of Toshiba, all should work properly.

  • RichEditableText: Ctrl + z to undo works in firefox but does not work in internet explore (ie)

    I did some tests with RichEditableText and realized that the undo and redo when called keyboard (Ctrl + Z) in Internet Explorer does not work.

    Thank you

    Unfortunately, I don't think that IE spend Ctrl + Z for ActiveX Flash control, which means that it is a matter of Microsoft. A version of TLF after 1.0 is likely to work around this problem by adding Undo/Redo to the context menu of TLF.

    Gordon Smith

    Adobe Flex SDK team

  • Line for the Hover draw style does not work in Internet Explorer

    I found a great way to create a substitution effect when you hover over a table row, giving the row a class of "resultsRow" and using the following rules in my stylesheet:

    background-color: #EAEEB1;
    background-color: #D2DE56;

    It works perfectly in Firefox, but doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer, that's what will use the majority of our audience. Does anyone know a fix for this in Internet Explorer?

    The game, July 20, 2006 08:21:43 + 0000 (UTC), "Claire S.

    > .resultsRow {}
    > background-color: #EAEEB1;
    > }
    > .resultsRow:hover {}
    > background-color: #D2DE56;
    > }
    > This works perfectly in Firefox, but doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer.
    > which is what will use the majority of our audience. Does anyone know a fix
    > in Internet Explorer?

    As you have seen, IE is old and does not support. You can do it
    quite easily with JavaScript:

    onMouseOut = "this.className = 'resultsRow'" > ""


  • number of words does not work in Internet Explorer

    I used the following code to implement many words. It worked fine in firefox, but it doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer. Can anyone help?

    attributes of HTML form for WORD_COUNT element:

    OnKeyUp = "CNT (P6_COURSE_DESCRIPTION, this)" style = "background-color: yellow; »

    Header HTML:

    < script language = "JavaScript" type = "text/javascript" >
    function cnt (w, x) {}
    var y = w.value;
    var r = 0;
    a = y.Replace (/ \s/g,' ');
    a = a.Split (' ');
    for (z = 0; z <.) Length; z ++) {if (a [z] .length > 0) r ++ ;}}
    x.Value = r;

    < /script >

    Thank you


    I'm surprised that it worked in both... The call to onkeyup should be P6_COURSE_DESCRIPTION a string between double or single quotes. So the first step of the function would be to use the string to get the item as $x (w) that allows you to get the value.

    So the first line of the function would look like:

    var y=$x(w).value;

    Kind regards


  • Silverlight version 5 does not work with Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox

    I have the latest version of Silverlight and have downloaded for Internet Explorer (10), Chrome (27) and Firefox (21). However, it works with any of these browsers. It took me a long time to download and get Silverlight working with these browsers in the past, and at different points in time, he has worked on all of them (some months ago). At one point, he worked on IE and Chrome at the same time too. In order to get Silverlight working in the first place, I had to make some changes to hkey. I am running Windows 7 64-bit on an HP with a processor intel core i7. IE is 64-bit, Firefox and Chrome are 32-bit.

    I tried to watch a movie on Amazon service of instant film, and not a single browser worked with Silverlight. I tried the update of silverlight (for IE), but I have the latest version installed. I kept getting the same error (I think it's mistake 6031). How can I get silverlight to work with at least a browser? Is it possible silverlight needs the hkeys edited again?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Yan,

    We get the 6031 error when the integrity of the secure video output connection has been compromised or lost.

    I suggest you to reinstall silverlight by following the steps in the article.

    How to clean a facility damaged Silverlight and then reinstall Silverlight


    I suggest you to send the request on Silverlight support forums for further assistance on the issue.


    Let us know if you have problems with Windows.

  • The new flash player does not work why? IM with internet explore

    IM with internet explore and I downloaded the new installation of the flash player, I try to watch the video on youtube, of the game and other things.

    He told me just to get the new flash player, I don't know why this is, can you please help me?

    What version of Windows do you have? XP, Vista or 7? And it is 32-bit or 64-bit?

    If you have Vista or 7, you use IE8 or IE9? If IE9, please see this doc: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/885448

  • By selecting "print" in Outlook on Firefox causes "save file" to open up; This does not work on Internet Explorer and did not use on Firefox - why now and how remedy

    While on Firefox and Outlook emails, when I select characters, instead of print, a dialog box appears asking me to save the file. He has never done this before. I tried to print several emails & he went to 'file save' every time. So, I tried to save the file. When I then pulled upwards the file backup, it wouldn't let me "open" the file to then try to 'print' - he only asked me to "backup" again. I, then, you exit Firefox and open Internet Explorer and went into Outlook to try to print my emails it and it let me print my emails. I, then, updating Firefox (I needed to do) and tried to print my Outlook emails so that in Firefox; but, I always get the same answer "unprinted" / "save the file" that troubled me before the update. Help me, please.

    When you enter {Ctrl + P} is your printer selected in the upper part where it says printer - name?
    Otherwise, select the printer you want to use.

    And to the right a bit - and what is footprint drop checked?
    If so, remove the check mark.

  • Spry menu drop-down does not work in internet explore

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my menu drop-down. Please help me

    1. I already use spry menu bar 2.0. It works in firefox but not in internet explore.  It is said: "internet explore restricts this form of running scripts or Xcontrol active Web page.
    2. I want to make the spry menu to be "liquid". I mean when I restore down the window of firefox or internet explorer, it will automatically change size. I want to like it so that size it can look also into ipad or pc.

    Thank you for your help

    For some, I don't understand why that is to say the berms when you try to run a script from a local file. As a general rule, if you need to download the file, then download in IE, it works without problem.

    This page should help...

    imations http://www.troublefixers.com/Disable-ActiveX-Warning-in-Internet-Explorer-while-Playing-an.

Maybe you are looking for