hard disk crash (intelligent control error 0303) cannot use the recovery

I have a hp pavilion dv6-6050 and it crashed suddenly I can't use recovery option, because it cannot read hard drive

I tried to connect the hard drive to another pc via sata-usb cable and the other pc has detected hard disk read errors

How do I return the recovery partion so I can use it on a new hard drive


You will not be able to.  When the disc is dead, it took the recovery with her partition.

You will need to order a set of recovery discs, and they can only be used if you buy a hard drive of the same size or more large storage capacity than the one who died on you.

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    I was wondering if it is possible to transfer everything to a virtual hard disk that is smaller on a virtual hard disk that is larger in VMWare Workstation, using the same virtual machine? In the affirmative, please could someone advise me on how to do it. Also utility management and disk transfer can be used in virtual machines to do this?

    Thank you very much

    Tim Auluck

    I'm not sure what exactly you are asking. Can you please clarify!

    Basically you can resize a virtual drive or add a second virtual disk to a virtual machine and transfer/copy files. You can also resize the virtual disk using VMware Converter for example.


  • Satellite A210 - cannot use the recovery disk - error 20-DATA-048F

    I'm going to use the cause of recovery partition does not work my windows, and whenever I do it, it comes up with an error "20-DATA-048F.

    How can I fix my computer!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Have you tried to format the HARD disk until you try to use the recovery disk?
    Sometimes, I read in the forum that this may solve the problems with the recovery disk and so you can take the Windows XP disc or another tool that is able to format the drive.

    But after that, you have the Toshiba recovery disc. You are not able to use the HARD drive recovery feature.

  • Satellite L500 - 19 X - cannot use the recovery disk

    Well I had this phone two days ago and he used once after installing fire fox and my mobile to wide band of the driver and going to start and find it of going to happen.

    I tried SafeMode (three) and repair and all I got was a screen black with the cursor upward where it should have been a language screen (I used the recovery disc supplied with the notebook) so anyway, after finding out that I wasn't going to be able to fix it, I tried to install , but of course, this does not work, or so I put my XP 64 bit OS on and has perfectly worked, then I updated (using my own upgrade windows 7) and that works fine no problem, so I tried again with the original windows 7 comes pre-installed on the hard drive on the laptop and everything went find until she starts the installation of the driver or updates (I not 100% sure on this but it or after the installation of face recognition.

    Then it stops it of self down and boots back up to automatically restart and asking me if I want to repair due to a bad start, so I did the repair boots back to the top and still says I need to fix and can't find anything wrong and carries on in this circle.

    Now, I was told it could be the registry or there is a problem of graphics, I get pretty tired of having to install/reinstall/format this laptop.

    So if there is anyone who knows of what is wrong or what to do or whether it should be returned to fix, which will be very useful.

    I thank everyone in advance.

    Happy new year :)


    Well, I think that it of really difficult to say what is the reason. Maybe the recovery disk is noisy or the files corrupted it.

    At the moment, I can t imagine what it s a hardware problem because other windows drive work properly.

    In your case, I would try to install Windows 7 from a Microsoft disc and then see what happens. If it works properly and that you can install all drivers & tools you need to order a new drive Toshiba Recovery directly.

    Good bye

  • Means of hard drive failure cannot use the recovery partition. Alas! recovery discs will not read!

    Hard drive decided to throw a wobbly and abandon me. I can't access the drive at all so decided to but a new and use the recovery at least discs bring the machine to its status as an out-of-box.

    That's the problem... It will not read the recovery disc. I know there is some stuff about it because I read in another machine. Until you tell me to change the DVD hardware... it reads very well all the other disks. I loaded Arcronis, as well as other system repair stuff, using the DVD Player/Recorder.

    I have a pukka Product Code for the software, Vista Home Basic. Can I get a Vista Home Basic disc and then use my key to sting?  I'm happy to pay a price, but do not want to buy at the price high. After all, I already paid for it once!

    Any help/suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Mr. Blue Screen.


    Some manufacturers have more available Vista recovery disks.

    If this happens, you may need to try this instead:

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key on your computer / Laptop box determines what Edition is installed.

    Other manufacturers recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

    Here's how to do a clean install of Vista using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft:

    "How to do a clean install and configure with a full Version of Vista '


    And once the operating system is installed, go to your computer manufacturer's website and get the latest drivers for your particular model or laptop computer.

    And phone Activation may be necessary when you use the above installation method.

    "How to activate Vista normally and by Activation of the phone '


    See you soon.

  • Re: Cannot use the recovery on Satellite L505D partition


    I am trying to help a friend with their Satellite L505D who had a serious virus problem. I wasn't able to run/install programs with the virus on it. I used a Microsoft tool to remove the rootkit trojan, but I always had problems with viruses. I also lost most of the programs on the computer. All folders were empty (except for some games), so I could not access all of the tools in this way. I could not the machine to load any Toshiba restore utility by pressing zero everything with power. I saw some recovery using F8 during the startup options and had a link to restore the original setting of Toshiba, but clicking that choice has done nothing else a break for a few seconds. I waited several minutes, clicked on it again, rebooted and tried. Nothing. As a side note, once all the while, the recovery partition was visible from explorer.exe. Not before or since.

    So I reformatted the computer with a 64-bit Win7 Home Premium Upgrade disk (the partition of restoration by leaving intact) and then enter the key for the system. Supprise, supprise, it asks me to activate within 3 days.

    My basic question is, can I access this partition recovery in a different way to use it? IE copy its contents, or start on some comand prompt to log e:?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


    To be clear: there is only one way to use the saved on the HARD drive recovery image and install it.
    Exact description step by step how you can read on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD1303440001R01.htm

    If this does not work, only way to do it anyway is to use the recovery DVDs. It is: has your friend created these disks?

  • Re: Portégé R700 - 15 p - cannot use the recovery on SSD 64 GB cd


    I replaced my HARD drive to a low size of 64 GB SSD.

    Unfortunately I can not run the recovery cd, he stuck with the error "not enough space".

    I found that I got stuck when he tries to create the DATA partition (for storing the HDDRecovery)

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    Please don t create all partitions if you want to use the recovery image. Before installation of recovery partitions will be created automatically and recovery image will be copied on SSD automatically too. So please don t do something.

    Launch the installation of recovery, follow the on-screen menu and choose State factory installation.

  • Qosmio F25: Cannot use the recovery CD - bad CD message appears

    I have a Qosmio F25-AV205. When I tried to use the recovery cd set with my laptop computer, an error message appears saying that I use the wrong cd and this cd is for model F25. Only despite I have the same model that the message...

    What is the problem?

    Someone replace the motherboard of your laptop?
    Sometime, a Toshiba system has had the system board replaced, it may become impossible to image the system using the recovery CD.

    The DMI string contains the model number of the system. When you use a recovery CD to recreate the image on a system, the installation process examines the DMI string and compares this string to the image being restored to ensure that the right image is applied to the correct machine.

    If the DMI string and the label on the image n t game, a bad machine or bad CD message will appear.
    In this case, you should ask the ASP in your country for assistance

  • Cannot use the recovery on Satellite P100-227 disc

    I recently bought a laptop and decided to reset via the provided restore disc, to my surprise after having inserted the recovery disk and restart the notebook goes directly into Windows. Even if I went into the BIOS and set the CD/DVD drive as a starting point to the top, or even after pressing the F12 key.
    When the laptop is turned on the drive says that there is no data on the DVD, a double click on the DVD, it says 'insert the media into the DVD drive.

    My previous phone was a Toshiba Satellite 1900 303 and just to test and see if it was a problem with my recovery media, I've used the support of recovery on the P100 and it took me to the correct recovery screen. Then I swapped the media and used the recovery on the old 1900-303 Toshiba P100 and he returned to the correct recovery screen. This got me thinking so I tried a little more data CD / DVD and to my amazement it will read the DVD-R.

    No idea...


    Have you tried to force startup from the DVD keeping C key after turning on the device?

  • Cannot use the recovery for Satellite M45-S265 disc

    I tried using the recovery disk for M45-S265 of my granddaughter.

    According to the instructions that I'm supposed to put the DVD drive, and then turn off completely the machine. After that, restart and immediately hold down the F12 key, which should produce some sort of menu and then go through the recovery from there.

    However when I take the key F12 is pressed after the closing, nothing happens.

    So I'm looking for some real help here my friends. Thank you very much.


    Can access you the BIOS as suggested by Feliks?
    Select this check box and set the CD/DVD player in the first position.

    Save the changes, and then attempts to boot from the disc of recovery again.

  • My hard drive crashed and when I try to run the recovery disk it does not.

    my laptop is only a year and a half...

    my hard drive crashed on my laptop and now it won't start. It has the recovery disk that the pc had to do, but when I went to run, he did not. I have my windows xp home key, but I have not the real CD... can someone help me with this


    I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the laptop to help you, as the laptop is in no start-up situation.

    It will be useful.

  • Error 39 cannot use the CD player.

    Original title: Qwest internet installed last week. now, I can't use the cd player.

    How can I fix my cd deive

    Hi Bonnie,.

    1. what happens when you try to use the CD player?

    2. you receive an error message or code?

    Please provide us with more information about the issue so that we can provide you with the necessary assistance.

  • Cannot use the recovery on Tecra A5 console

    I have an old laptop Tecra A5 and I got the windows error message didn't start because the hal.dll file is missing or corrupted after the search support forums to get answers have tried to solve this problem by going into the recovery console via boot disk I get to the configuration screen and various files load but doesn t get home to set up the screen so t access the recovery console.

    Any ideas any help would be great. This laptop came with XP Pro preloaded so don't have original XP disc.

    Computers laptop Toshiba were delivered with Toshiba recovery disks and not drive comparable to the WXP Microsoft installation disc. These recovery disks cannot be used for the repair option, but for a clean install only. So, after reading your ad I n t understand what disc you are using.

    Anyway, what you can try is to get somewhere original Microsoft installation disc and try to fix it using the REPAIR option.

  • Satellite M30: Cannot use the recovery CD - this isn't for my unit?


    I have a toshiba am and when I tried the recoery cd, a prompt comes out saying that the recovery cd is only for toshiba M30... which is what I have!
    The cd came with the laptop and I've used it before without a problem.
    Can someone tell me what the problem with my laptop?

    Thank you.

    Hmm maybe the DMI contains the name of the laptop bad.
    In this case, recovery cannot be installed because the notebook believes the recovery for a laptop CD.

    In this case, you should ask the service point for the update of DMI

  • Cannot use the recovery with my Satellite A100 disc

    I have the Satellite Pro A100 Series, when I boot it up it tells me "Windows could not starte because the following file is missing or corrupt" \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM
    I tried to restart with the recovery disk in and you press F12 for the boot menu, select CD/DVD and nothing happens.

    Any help or ideas would be great.

    Nothing happens?
    If I understand you well you are not able to boot from the disk? Have you tried another disc? I mean it might be that the recovery disk is noisy or something else.

    Check this box and give us feedback.

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