Help with the podcast of submiting

I have been podcasting regularly for a while, but then stopped about a year through the power of my website - But the episodes did not appear in iTunes podcast more so I deleted the show with the new connection to Podcast and then tried to present a new stream directly from libsyn where I anime episodes.

Here's the new stream:

It has been validated and doesn't seem to have problems through Feed Validator. When I go to the Podcast Connect it validates the feed and all green lights. But then, after submitting, I get an error notice no indication of what is wrong. I deleted my old show within 24 hours, but not sure that should affect a presentation new power supply.

Any help please!


I see no problems with food that would result in rejection. You do not 'itunes:subtitle' or 'itunes:summary' tags for the episodes, what's in your own interest you should have. However if you try to send a stream of the same title streaming previously accepted (even if the latter has been deleted) it always caused a "already exists" error in the past (a bug in the system that has been there for years) then this might still happen - although you would get in any case in the past an error message explaining this.

If your new stream has the same title, you should change slightly - you can always change it back once accepted - and try again. If the title of the feed is different you may have hit a temporary problem, then try once again: if it still does not work I should start by asking advice Libsyn. If they cannot help you can try support: go to and click on the link "Contact us" at the bottom of the page.

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    To help with the repost the question script to the script Center Forum

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    Need help with the launching track pack for forza code 4
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    Location of Ambassador of the community...
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Location of Ambassador of the community...
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Your question will be answered by an Ambassador of the Xbox. You have been connected to the Ambassador as a user Xbox [3]
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    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Terry wrote:
    just to be on the phone to xbox live support and was told to come here
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    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    What is your problem?
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    has got 2 codes that accompanies the game but the pack track code does not work
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    Wow good
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    whenever I put in the code it says code redeemed
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    I think the code is used. You must return to the retailer
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    I tried to, but since I already opened the case they will not accept
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Oh. No,
    Terry wrote:
    the code had been used or defective as I am the only person who has touched the game once opened, tried to enter the code when it is open
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Maybe it was auto bought?
    Terry wrote:
    so, how do I get another code generated track Pack if defective?
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    I do not know.
    Terry wrote:
    bought the game new, so I get the track pack
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Oh. It's bad.
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    I think that if you Exchange 1 code it will buy it
    Terry wrote:
    car pack code worked, starter pack did not work
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    It's a bad
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    BTW you have an evolution of the tests?
    Terry wrote:
    Yes, I want to? but more anxious to get a code object generated for this pack
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Hey if I help can u give me this game too?
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    So is it possible to get a code for that time?
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    you need to contact them
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    Hi Terryg76,

    ·         What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you to contact the game manufacturer for more help and information.

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    1. Since when are you facing this problem?
    2. you remember to make changes to the system?
    3. do you get an error with this error code?

    I suggest to unplug external devices such as printer, scanner, etc. that are plugged into the system, and then restart the system and check if the problem persists.

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    I suggest you to do a check disk from the recovery console and check if the problem is resolved. Follow the steps mentioned below.
    a. start into the recovery console using the XP CD. Follow the steps mentioned in the article below.
    Description of the Windows XP Recovery Console for advanced users
    b. perform a disk check.
    How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP

    Method 2.
    I suggest you to start with the XP CD and then do a system restore. Follow the steps mentioned in the article below.
    How do I recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP startup

    I hope this helps.

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    Can anyone help with the reference number and or the availability of the small 'legs' that sit in the slots on each side of the keyboard on a X230ti? They locate into the slots with the screen and prevent movement when the lid is closed.

    I have the same and among the small beasts broke and the screen tends to rotate when closed.

    Have searched for a parts list but cannot find the "paw" in any list that I found. Thank you

    Here is a picture of the X230t keyboard (and palmrest) framework. You can see the small 'legs' to belong to him.

    I hope someone from Lenovo will tell you how to order this part. EDIT: part number 04W6808.

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    I got it for 3 years and I thought that I clean and correct certain defects to go back to the original Dell factory condition.  That did not fix the update install problem I did cleaning.  Now it's worse.

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    If you need additional help with the clean install, please start your own, new topic in this forum:

    If these procedures look too complex - and there is no shame in admitting this isn't your cup of tea - take the machine to a local, good reputation and independent (i.e., not a BigBoxStore or a Geek Squad) computer repair shop & ask them to do the job.

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    I watch and read everything I could find, but the connection drops during the opening of the tunnel.

    There were a few tuttorial here in the forum, but the links are down.

    I want Edifier is to establish communication and to be able to access my domain on the network.

    Any help with the settings would be greatly apeciated. I am new to vpn.

    Thanks in advance.


    Try to access the following link. It has good instructions for a similar model. The main difference is that the SA500 has double-WAN and the RV180W does not work.

    Here's another tutorial for the RVS4000 that can help:

    Check out the last post in the following thread, which received instructions for the RV220W (should be exactly the same as RV180W)


  • can someone help with the following code plsql errors...


    If anyone can help with the following code... to get a successful outing.

    create or replace package lib_01 as

    procedure lib_proc01 (p_user_id in numbers, p_user_name in varchar2);

    end lib_01;

    create or replace package body lib_01 as

    procedure lib_proc01 (p_user_id in numbers, p_user_name in varchar2) as

    number of v_user_id;

    v_user_name varchar2 (50);

    number of v_avl_books;

    number of v_avl_days;

    date of v_end_date;

    date of v_return_date;


    dbms_output.put_line ('Enter User Name');

    dbms_output.put_line (' username :'|| p_user_name);

    Select user_id, user_name in v_user_id v_user_name of user_registration where user_name = p_user_name;

    If v_user_name <>p_user_name then

    dbms_output.put_line (' username is not.) Please submit full name ');

    end if;

    If v_user_id is null or v_user_name is null then

    dbms_output.put_line ("' user not found");


    on the other

    validate_issuedbooks (p_issuecount);

    end if;

    If v_issuecount < v_avl_books then


    on the other

    Number of return of late_fee (p_mem_id, p_extradays, p_latefee_total);

    end if;

    If paid_flag = "Y" then


    on the other

    dbms_output.put_line ("' book may be issued due to its maximum reached late fees");

    end if;

    end lib_proc01;

    procedure validate_userLogin is

    procedure reg_proc is

    procedure user_validate (p_id_proof in varchar2, p_id_no out varchar2) is

    v_id_proof varchar2 (20);

    v_id_no varchar2 (20);


    Select user_name, id_proof, id_no, v_user_name, v_id_proof, v_id_no of user_registration where id_proof = p_id_proof;

    If v_id_proof = "Adhar_Card" then

    dbms_output.put_line ('user a valid proof of ID');

    dbms_output.put_line (' and the id no. :'|| is p_id_no).

    on the other

    dbms_output.put_line ('Invalid ID evidence.) Please submit valid proof of ID ');

    end if;


    When no_data_found then

    dbms_output.put_line ('No Data found');

    end user_validate;

    procedure member_validate (p_mem_id series)

    v_mem_flag char (1);

    curr_date date: = sysdate;

    date of v_mem_enddate;


    dbms_output.put_line('Mem_flag:'|| v_mem_flag);

    Select mem_flag in the v_mem_flag of user_login where user_id = v_user_id;

    If v_mem_flag = 'n' or v_mem_flag is null then

    dbms_output.put_line ('The User do not have membership');

    on the other

    Select mem_id in the v_mem_id of user_login where user_id = v_user_id;

    dbms_output.put_line ('the user has membership');

    v_mem_id: = p_mem_id;

    Select mem_enddate in the member_login v_mem_enddate where mem_id = v_mem_id;

    If v_mem_enddate < curr_date then

    dbms_output.put_line ('Membership has expired' | v_mem_id |' on ' | v_mem_enddate);

    on the other

    dbms_output.put_line ('User a validity again' | v_mem_enddate);

    end if;

    end if;


    When no_data_found then

    dbms_output.put_line ("' no data found");

    while others then

    dbms_output.put_line (' another error.) Please find");

    end member_validate;


    insert into user_registration values ('& first_name ',' & last_name', null, ' & user_type',)

    address_ty ("& bldg_no",

    '& bldg_name',

    '& Street',

    ' & city ",

    '& State',

    '& zip'


    user_phone ',' & user_mail ',' mem_idproof', ' & id_no');

    Dbms_output.put_line ('user is properly registered');


    When no_data_found then

    dbms_output.put_line ("' data not found");

    end reg_proc;


    Dbms_output.put_line (' enter ID or user name ');

    Dbms_output.put_line (' username: ' | p_user_name);

    If v_user_name is null then

    Dbms_output.put_line ('user not found');


    Insert user_login SELECT user_id_seq. NEXTVAL, user_name, NULL, mem_id_seq. NEXTVAL, user_type FROM user_registration WHERE user_name is lower (p_user_name);

    Dbms_output.put_line (' because the user wants to have the membership? ");

    Dbms_output.put_line ('If Yes, please pay dues");

    INSERT INTO member_login SELECT mem_id_seq. CURRVAL, SYSDATE, SYSDATE + avl_days, 500, 'Y' of user_login ul, bl book_loan WHERE ul.mem_type = bl.mem_type AND user_name = p_user_name;

    END IF;


    When no_data_found then

    dbms_output.put_line ("' no data found");

    When too_many_rows then

    dbms_output.put_line (' too many lines).

    END validate_userLogin;

    procedure validate_issuedbooks (p_issuecount series)

    number of v_issuecount;


    Select user_login u, bl book_loan, avl_days, avl_books in v_avl_days, v_avl_books where bl.mem_type = u.mem_type and user_id = p_user_id;

    SELECT count (case when end_date < end return_date then p_mem_id) as invalidcount in v_issuecount from book_count where mem_id = p_mem_id;

    v_issuecount: = p_issuecount;

    dbms_output.put_line (' no. books that the user contains the :'|| p_issuecount);

    end validate_issuedbooks;

    procedure issuebooks is

    procedure book_avl (p_avl_now_flag in p_avl_date Boolean, date) is

    v_avl_now_flag char (1);

    date of v_avl_date;

    procedure reader_bookissue is


    insert into values drive (p_user_id, v_book_id, sysdate, sysdate, null);

    insert into book_count values(p_mem_id,v_book_id,sysdate,sysdate,null);

    Update book_availability set issued_to is "Reader" where book_id = v_book_id;.

    end reader_bookissue;


    Select book_name, b.book_id avl_now_flag v_book_name, v_book_id, v_avl_now_flag of the book b, book_availability b where b.book_id = ba.book_id and ba.book_id = p_book_id;

    If v_avl_now_flag = "Y" then

    dbms_output.put_line ('the book is available for issuance' | v_book_id);

    on the other

    Select mem_type in the v_mem_type of user_login where user_id = (select user_id from book_availability where avl_now_flag = 'n' and book_id = p_book_id);

    If v_mem_type = "Reader" then


    dbms_output.put_line (' the book is with Reader.) Please try tomorrow.') ;

    on the other

    dbms_output.put_line ('the book is member');

    end if;

    Select avl_date in the book_availability v_avl_date where book_id = p_book_id;

    v_avl_date: = p_avl_date;

    dbms_output.put_line (' the available date is: ' | p_avl_date);

    end if;

    end book_avl;


    insert into book_count values(p_mem_id,p_book_id,sysdate,sysdate+v_avl_days,v_return_date);

    Update book_availability set book_id = p_book_id, avl_now_flag = 'n', avl_date is to_date (sysdate + v_avl_days,' dd-mm-yyyy ""), issued_to = v_mem_type, user_id = p_user_id where mem_id = p_mem_id;


    dbms_output.put_line ("' the book published successfully");

    end issuebooks;

    Number of function return late_fee (p_mem_id in number, p_extradays series, p_latefee_total number) is

    number of v_extradays;

    number of v_latefee_total;

    number of v_latefee_per_book;

    number of v_latefee_per_day;

    number of v_book_count;


    Select trunc (sysdate) - v_end_date in v_extradays from book_received where mem_id = p_mem_id and book_id = p_book_id;

    p_extradays: = v_extradays;

    v_latefee_per_book: = v_latefee_per_day * v_extradays;

    v_latefee_total: = v_latefee_per_book * v_book_count;

    p_latefee_total: = v_latefee_total;

    dbms_output.put_line ('The total AMT for not returned books' | p_latefee_total);

    end late_fee;

    end lib_01;


    I checked the first 10 lines after the beginning and I could count already several errors.

    Is it an exercise or a real code, you must provide?

    Kind regards.


  • Need help with the IP configuration on vm ware for the installation of 11 GR 2 on linux vmware 6 on win7

    Need help with the ip configuration on/etc/hosts for the installation of 11 GR 2 on linux vmware 6 on win7.

    Let me know if you need more info... in fact I have a setting error while installation said

    -(/ etc/hosts has no correct entry for the host name)


    Win7 ip: 192.168.1.x

    Thank you...

    (host computer)

    Win7 64 bit


    Oracle Linux Server 6.3 version

    Release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.3 (Santiago)

    Oracle Linux Server 6.3 version

    -(/ etc/hosts has no correct entry for the host name)

    Then post your/etc/hosts.


    Win7 ip: 192.168.1.x

    Why 85? have you tried

  • Need help with the API Explorer

    Hi all

    I am creating a workflow to automate certain tasks of P2V and I want to disconnect the NETWORK adapter prior to anyting on virtual machines. When everything is done, I want reconnect you this NIC I play with vCO for a few months now and I need to get help with the part of the script. I always managed to find a code but this time I did not find anything!

    So I need to script this part! I think I found a way to change the connection settings of the VMXNET3 NETWORK adapter with this part of the code:

    var connectset = new VcVirtualDeviceConnectInfo();
    connectset.connected = false;
    connectset.startConnected = false;

    Now, I need to find the way to set these parameters to a VM VMXNET3 adapter?

    How to off the virtual machine to these settings?

    Thanks for your help!

    If you are connected to a distributed switch, they canned for this action.  If this isn't a vds connect you to, then you need to change then it will have to be slightly modified to use normal NIC instead of vds support.  You will also need to add these lines to the device configuration section:

    devicespec. Device.connectable = new VcVirtualDeviceConnectInfo();

    devicespec. Device.connectable.Connected = true;

    devicespec.device.connectable.startConnected = true;

    I copied this action and added these 3 lines to achieve what it looks like you are trying to do.  We don't really use standard switches in our environment.


Maybe you are looking for

  • Is there a group who is to wear the firefox, thunderbird or seamonkey for IBM AIX(5.3, 6.1 and/or 7.1)?

    Just try to find a more recent version of firefox, thunderbird and seamonkey for myIBM AIX (5.3 and 7.1) systems.I was wondering if anyone in this forum knows of someone trying a port of thelatest version of AIX. (I use firefox 3.6.28, 3.1.20 Thunder

  • This update cannot be 'fired '?

    I was wondering, I don't want to keep control of all night!

  • HP Color Laserjet CP2025 cartridge failure

    Printer was working fine and all of a sudden a page came from edge-to-edge, solid, cyan with a loud noise of grinding with her. I tried the cleaning page but the next print has had the same problem. Is - this defect typical cartridge. I only use HP t

  • DeskJet 5810

    Hello. I am running a very small company with print with my HP Deskjet GT 5810. Is there a way we can see or see how many documents were printed in one day? I hired someone to do the impression since I also work, but I need to monitor or check how ma

  • Barsigner error code

    Hi all I signed my App 1st time and his works fine. Now I want to re - sign I worked the app in Blackberry Web works generates the zip file I get this error: "barsigner error: Server error: Code signing request failed because this file has been signe