HI.i currently use photoshop lightroom 4 and downloaded books blurb with no problems but now whenever I try to open a session for the text of presentation thanks to lightroom to download the book a msge appears saying "could not cotact Blurb web service.p

Hi I currently use lightroom 4 and have never had a problem downloading books photo to blurb.but now when I try a message pops up saying ' could not contact web blurb service.please check internet connection "my internet connection is fine.please can someone help me because I need to get the album made it's a wedding album and customers expect on it.many thanks Sean.


I got this problem sorted and it actually very easy. For some reason, the settings on the page of windows that I use on my laptop in contradiction with the text of presentation/lightroom download. All you have to do is to set up a new page of the windows user and configure it as an administrator. You will need to transfer all the photos of the lightroom on your current user page to the new, which can be annoying, but at least you will have hopefully in service yet. I hope this helps.


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