Hide file types

Is there a way to have Vista hide all files of a certain type, instead of setting each individual file of this type of 'hidden '?

I use MS Word and do it by saving backups of all the Word files (like .wbk), but they clutter up my shirts. Can I set up Vista to automatically hide files. WBK on?

>Can I put Vista to automatically hide files. WBK on?

No, Vista can't automactically hide files and folders.

There is a "Workaround"...
Open a new file > put all the .wbk files in this folder.

Here are 2 tutorials to 'hide' the folder:

Free folder Hide 2.5

2 ways to hide files and folders in Windows 'important '.

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  • Is it possible to create a folder that can hide files automatically, when they are copied in it?


    Is it possible to create a folder that can hide files automatically, when they are copied in it? I mean how to program a folder so that everything that he would automatically become hidden? I would be very grateful...

    Is it possible to create a folder that can hide files automatically, when they are copied in it?

    Yes. A sort of roundabout.

    For this example, create a folder on your C drive named HideTest.

    Download http://winsupport.org/utilities/freedos-choice.html Choice.Exe (click on the link to download the utility program near the bottom of the page. "And save it in the C:\HideTest folder).

    Open Notepad and then copy and paste the following text in it:

    Off @Echo

    : All
    Set FilesToHide = No.

    : GoToDir

    : Top
    IF FilesToHide %! Is Yes! Attrib *. * + H

    : Choice
    Choice.Exe /c:YN t:Y, 30 are looking for files to hide
    If ErrorLevel 2 Goto: exit

    : MakeList
    Dir > TempList.Txt

    : CheckFiles
    Set FilesToHide = No.
    Find.Exe "0 file (s)' TempList.Txt
    If ErrorLevel 1 Set FilesToHide = Yes
    If exist TempList.Txt Del TempList.Txt

    : Loop
    Goto: Top

    : Output
    Set FilesToHide =
    If exist TempList.Txt Del TempList.Txt

    Click on file, then save under...

    Go to C:\HideTest

    Name the file Hide.Bat

    Click Save

    Close Notepad

    Open Windows Explorer

    Go to C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Start where user_name is your own username.

    In the right pane, right click, select New, and then click shortcut.

    Click Browse, and then navigate to C:\HideTest and click on Hide.Bat, click Next.

    Type a new name or accept the default name and click Finish.

    Right-click on the newly created shortcut, and click Properties.

    Change the race: from the normal window to reduced.

    Click on apply, and then click Ok.

    Restart your computer.

    Note: In the line above Choice.Exe c:YN t:Y, 30 are looking for files to hide, 30 is the number of seconds it will wait before checking the new files. This can be from 1 to 99.

    Edit: Just to satisfy my curiosity, why do you do this?

  • search function is missing the .wpd file type

    When I do a word search it is more discpays Word Perfect files that contain the word I'm looking for

    Hi Bsherwyn,

    A. How are you looking for the file?

    B. you get any error message?

    C. when he last work very well?

    Maybe the files are hidden. Try to view the file and verify.

    Control Panel > Folder Options > view tab, uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types".

    You can also post your queries in the word perfect forums.


    Bindu S - Microsoft Support

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  • logo by file type

    The Explorer of Windows 7 individual files appear with a logo to indicate the file type.   For example, MS Word files show a document with a big 'W' in the upper left corner.   I want to see the name of the file, not a logo.   How to set up so that these logos do not appear?

    There is no option to hide.

  • How to handle file types in Windows 7

    In XP, we can go to the Control Panel-> Folder Options-> File Types , choose an extension, and then chooseAdvanced and generally see a list of actions associated with the file type. You can change the default action or change action to modify the program / the command used for this action.

    I was not able to find a similar to Windows 7 installation. I do not know thePanel-> default programs where we can change the association primary program for a file type, but it does not provide the list of actions.

    The described installation exist in Windows 7?


    Not to the same degree.

    Start - default program - associate any type of file or Protocol with a program.

    These could offer generally some information to help.

    How to set default Associations for a program in Windows 7

    Restore the Type Associations by default Windows 7 file Extension

    How Unassociate a Type of Extension file in Vista and a utility to help (Windows 7 too)

    How to change the default program opens a file Type in Windows 7 http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/12196-open-change-default-program.html

    How to associate a file Type or protocol default program in Windows 7
    How to show or hide the Extensions of types of files in Windows 7

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • hide files.

    How to hide a folder in the flash player? and it should not be visible when I use it on another computer?

    How to hide a folder in the flash player? and it should not be visible when I use it on another computer?

    You can use attrib to hide files

    If your drive is d:

    Open a command prompt and type

    d: and press enter and type (to hide)
    attrib + a + r + s + h------* /s /d

    To view the content as usual
    attrib - a - s-h-r-* /s /d

  • How to decrease file type, save options for?

    I have options for 16 types of files when I "save under" in Photoshop. (see attachment)

    Nine of them are formats that I will NEVER, EVER use.

    While I appreciate the ability of PS to open these types, I want to simplify the list "save under" for types that I'll actually use.

    I would like to eliminate the arrow options.

    Is it possible to show me only a list of file types selection to save on?

    If we separate these os, PS, I'm OK with that because they are formats of dead to my work, even if it means that I is not no opening these formats in PS.

    (I know - I just say 'Open with' Windows, but I really don't like if I lose the opportunity to play with these types of files).

    Is it possible to reduce this list?

    Separate these types of PS in Windows (8, BTW) seems to have no effect.photosop save options.jpg

    You can not.

    Photoshop: Can I hide or remove formats of files in Save as menu I'll never use?

    Photoshop: Remove unused file format choice save as dialogue?


  • Time Machine destruction by file type?

    Is it possible to find files on the Machine of time per file type (in this case the .psd files) and delete them? PSD eat huge amounts of storage, so I convert to JPEG for the photo archives.

    DO NOT delete the backups Time Machine! Time Machine will do this automatically, enter TM and edit it by removing backups may make TM crash against the purpose of having a backup plan. If you think you need more space then get a bigger DHM and move your TM top backup history. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to do.

  • Why my windows phone says he can not download the file type when you try to install the firefox browser?

    I have no restrictions on the phone. I tried to be sure and use the features of security as... Safe search, cookie and other block. He repeated, however, unable to download the file type when I try and install one of the browsers to date. What is interesting to say the least. Because my browser already uses the version more up-to-date. I have internet explore using a nokia windows 8

    Hello, the mobile version of firefox is not available on the windows phone platform: Firefox work on my mobile?

    There was technical and legal obstacles in the app store initially that discouraged mozilla to start any developments in this direction. I do not know the current situation, but given that mozilla is now focusing its efforts on the creation of firefox os as a platform open source web-based, I doubt you'll see firefox on your windows phone device in the foreseeable future...

  • No option to save the file, type of content/file missing in the list of Applications

    I want to be able to click on a link to a file and have the option to open the file with a specified application.

    When you click on the file I want to open with a specified application, I get a save or cancel the option.
    When I look in Preferences > Applications, the file type is missing from the list.

    It worked. It no longer works. It is not a problem with the Web site. I need to know where in FF settings I can change that.

    FF 30.0
    13.10 Kubuntu

    Thank you

    What types of files you want to download?
    Have you checked how servers send the files?

    You can rename (or delete) the file mimeTypes.rdf in the profile folder of Firefox to reset all the actions file.

    (I'll remove the solution for now as you always seem to have the problem)

  • Can't open associated application of unknown file type

    I'm trying to download or open a file type of .psdata for which I have an installed application but when I click on the FF link simply opens the file that displays a page of binary data of course.

    FF used to open this file correctly, but now it does not.

    Thank you

    With what type of content is the server send the file?

    • Tools > Page Info > general

    If Firefox displays the file in a tab, then it is likely that the server sends the file as text/plain.

  • I set firefox to open a file type (.) SGF) w / a program, but it doesn't, so I put it to save/apply and no work option, it always opens file link in a new tab.

    I went into Options and set the. SGF with Smartgo open file. He refuses to do. Clicking on a link to one. SGF file simply open the file as a text in a new tab.

    Given that it did not work, I tried to get firefox to download instead, because then I can open it using the window file type associations. It will not download the file, unless I actually do a right-click and save-as in the link.

    It is tedious when displaying a lot of these files. I even put it to wonder after seeing the download option did not work. He don't ask me. What happens here?

    Also, I use firefox 23

    EDIT: It seems to be the specific Web site. Some sites will allow me the option to open it in Smartgo, others just it open in a tab in the form of text. What is causing this gap and can it be overcome thanks to the browser settings?

    A sample Web site to highlight the issue is:
    clicking on one of these links will not download, open, or ask questions about what you want to do with the file.

    What happens if the server sends the file as text/plain.
    You can see if you open "tools > Page Info > general": Content-Type: text/plain

    Sent files that this way is always open in a tab.

  • How to import a backup of bookmarks in the file file type?

    Well, I had a computer installed Windows Vista with Mozilla Firefox, but I was getting rid of him. Therefore, I used the backup tool to give me a backup file to restore on my new computer. The file is in the file type, not JSON or HTML file, even though I didn't know it was a problem. Now, this computer has disappeared and I try to get my favorites on it but it won't work. How to make this work?

    What kind of backup do you have? A backup of the bookmarks Organizer or a backup using the program MozBackup?

    If you have used MozBackup, you must install it on the new computer to decode the backup. http://mozbackup.JasnaPaka.com/

    If you have used the bookmarks Organizer, you can simply add .json at the end of the file name.

  • Always downloaded files like "attachment.ashx" instead of the file name and file type they actually are.

    Since I installed the new version of Firefox (version 8.0), I download each file is downloaded as "attachment.ashx" and will not open. I need to change the name and the type of file to open the document.

    This happens regardless of whether I download e-mail, a Web site, etc... All the files I downloaded also have been appointed and had added of file types, but Firefox them changes every time. I've never had this problem before using the same sites and downloads.

    Hi Linda,.

    You can download and rename the file with a .doc extension, so you can open them with word, sorry for my late reply.


  • Some file types are not not in the settings of Applications

    OS: Windows XP SP3
    Firefox 4.0 & Pale Moon 4.0.5

    I have a problem when I download files from the executable (.exe) type. Previously, I checked the sign while Firefox will automatically download the file via the Download Manager. Unfortunately, some sites do not allow download with it. But when I want to change the setting, I can't find the type of executable files in the application settings. So, how I normally redownload? Help, please!

    I think that you need should be in settings of the add-on - we.

    Firefox tools > Options > Applications is for downloads that are in need of an application to open. The executables are designed to run directly on the operating system rather than be opened by another application. In addition, executable files are generally sent from the server with a generic binary file header, so Firefox will not be able to match up to the top with a particular file type.

Maybe you are looking for