How can I connect to iTunes that it used to work now it isn't

How can I connect to iTunes that it used to work now it isn't

When happens when you connect the iPod to your computer running iTunes?  You say it does not appear in iTunes at all?

Look at the screen of the iPod when you connect it to the USB port on the computer?  He said not 'connected' or 'do not disconnect' or give another indication of a data connection?  Or is it just to show battery charge symbol?  Or not it reacts at all to be connected?

Your computer is equipped with a Mac or a Windows PC iTunes?  If Windows, which free?

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  • How can I connect to my windows vm using rdp?

    I have a vm windows 8.1 running on fusion 8.1 for mac.

    I want to connect from a different program vnc or office remotely.

    I went in the machine virtual windows 8.1 and did this:

    System Properties dialog box, under Remote Desktop, click allow connections to this computer remotely .

    Nothing works so far and I tried all the tutorials.

    My mac is not shared.

    I go to advanced in the Toolbox icon vmware for the virtual machine and click the box for remote sharing and the value of the port 5900.

    In my rdp, I put the address is the address of my router (the IP address I'd find when using

    I launch rdp and don't get any link try the address by itself and address to: 5900

    I also tried this port open tools control Open Port check tool to check if port 5900 is open and it is not.

    I also put mac and firewall security to allow the merger of vmware accept incoming data

    I also disabled windows 8.1 Firewall

    I can't find detailed instructions beyond what I already tried on the vmware Web site or other sites.

    Can someone explain why it does not work?

    I prefer to use rdp on a windows machine to access the virtual machine.

    Unfortunately, you are confused between the different ways that you can remotely control and manage your Windows VM. You tried two different approaches at the same time. Here are three solutions:

    1. complete control Mac

    Use the Apple Remote Desktop or screen Apple shares to control your remote Mac and run everything you want, including VMware Fusion. Launch and run your virtual machines from VMware Fusion on the remote Mac that control you.

    2 use the built-in VNC server of VMware

    VMware Fusion provides a built-in VNC server that provides any running virtual machine remote control. That's what you were trying to redo settings, advanced, remote VNC (port 5900) display. It is a "generic" solution, which allows to remotely control a virtual machine, including invited where operating systems the remote control is not taken in charge or difficult to configure. In general, VNC is slow and not sure, and I would choose this solution if other options are not available.

    3. connect directly to the remote Windows running on your Machine desktop virtual Windows

    Your Windows virtual machine supports Windows Remote Desktop. That's what you were trying to do when you have enabled remote desktop in the System Properties dialog box on your Windows 8.1 virtual machine. With this solution, you control the VM Guest Windows directly. You only control the VM of Windows, as if it were a real physical computer somewhere.

    I highly recommend that you choose the solution number 3. That's what I do. I connect to several remote Windows Internet virtual machines. I run Microsoft Remote Desktop on my Mac to connect to them. I know it can work for you.

    Tips for configuring Windows Remote Desktop from the windows virtual machine

    * You do not have to configure anything on the Advanced page of VMware.

    That I would take a step at a time:

    1. Firstly, you connect to your Windows virtual machine from the local network.

    * In VMware Fusion, configure your Windows virtual machine for use in network bridge. Settings-> network card-> Autodetect.

    In windows, configure the Windows virtual machine with a static IP address on your local network. Search for "IP address static Windows 8.1.

    ATTENTION: Choose an IP address that is not in the DHCP address range (usually provided by your router).

    * Tip: With bridged networking, the Windows virtual machine is independent of the firewall of the Mac. Configure the firewall of the Mac to protect the Mac and configure the Windows Firewall to protect the Windows virtual machine.

    In windows, network test - make sure you can get out to the Internet.

    * On the same local network, connect a computer (Mac or Windows) to the local network.

    * Use Microsoft Remote Desktop from a Mac or Windows Remote Desktop on a Windows computer to connect to the VM of Windows to the IP address that is assigned. You can get Microsoft Remote Desktop, for free on the Apple App Store.

    Default port for the remote desktop on your Windows virtual machine will be 3389.

    If this does not work, then start troubleshooting the problems on the LAN. Don't waste your time on the router if you can't control the virtual machine Windows of your internal network. You can test the Windows virtual machine to the internal IP assigned from the internal network?

    2. do you need to connect to your Windows virtual machine, Internet?

    * Think twice. Are you sure you know what you are doing?

    * Now that you have connected to your virtual machine Windows on your network, the rest of the book is to configure your router.

    * Setting "port forwarding" on your router. It is sometimes called "the port mapping:

    -This will open the corresponding path to your router and redirect entry to the IP address of your Windows virtual machine. The default port for Windows Remote Desktop is 3389, but see the warnings below.

    The procedure varies depending on which router you have. It also has serious security implications. An attacker who can enter your machine virtual Windows can use it to attack other systems on your internal network. You can ask a friend to help secure your system.

    VERY IMPORTANT: once you open port 3389 on your router, the attackers will be noticed and attack your Windows virtual machine. Make sure that you have strong passwords on your Windows virtual machine.

    ->, I would choose another random port (that is, between 25000 and 45000 side public (Internet) of your router and map it on port 3389 on the side the router's internal network.) Mapping from one port to another internal port can be difficult to understand, but almost all routers support it. It's "security by obscurity" (not good), but it stops at most of the stupid attacks.

    * Test the local library or McDonald's or Starbucks.

    Good luck!

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    Hello DonaldBreasette,

    If you want to reinstall Windows, you will be prompted to create a password during the set up.  If you have forgotten a password or lost, I've added a link below that I hope, will help.

    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords:

    Thank you


  • 'Connection error' video example RTMP, used to work, now no longer works?

    Hi all

    I had together developer FMS 3.5 installed on my server installed a month ago. I used to be able to go to the /webroot/ page to see the video RTMP sample show and it worked very well. Today, I'm going to view this page and find that he's not playing. I get "connection error. Please preee play to try again. »

    By pressing the play does nothing, so I click on the thumbnail RTMP and it recharges ony give me the same error again.

    I can click on the thumbnail HTTP and see the video plays very well. But I want RTMP and after more than an hour on the phone with my tech managed hosting, we can't find anything wrong.

    Here's the thing: I didn't do anything, I have not changed anything, I haven't handled the server software either. It has just stopped working and gives me "connection error".

    I checked that the 1935 port was open, and it is.


    When I click on the thumbnail RTMP, once the "Connection error" message appears in the reader, the following things occur in my server logs:

    "File does not exist: / folder/folder/folder/fcs.

    "File does not exist: / folder/folder/folder/open.

    The period of INVESTIGATION, it is my own.

    The/file/directory/folder/corresponds to my public_http file and related files for the site, NOT the RTMP server structure. I have no idea why the F
    MS seeks in my fcs public_http and open, but it is.


    Help, please? Thanks in advance!



    Have you checked whether your FMS is running and what newspapers don't that you see these errors - core or edge or master?

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  • Want to buy the new ipod nano, how can I connect this to my old itunes library without losing all my songs

    Want to buy the new ipod nano, how can I connect this to my old itunes library without losing all my songs

    Back up your library, update if necessary iTunes and sync the iPod. This will not normally remove anything from the iTunes library, but other things can.


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    Hi Kelvin,

    You can share a folder on your XP by the listed method:

    Others have an option to connect to your pc as a guest, to make interactive you will need to click on start-> run, type &-> gpedit.msc

    Navigate to Computer Configuration-> Windows settings-> Security-> Security Option settings. On the right side, look for-> ' access network: model sharing and security for local accounts "-> double click and select-> classic-Local user authenticate.

    Now another pc you can access this computer and you will be asked for the username and password.

    I hope this helps.

  • How can I play the songs that are in the format of .wma on my PC using my Desktop Windows XP iTunes app?

    How can I play the songs that are in the format of .wma on my PC using my Desktop Windows XP iTunes app?

    Thank you

    Hello Ristrawn,

    Thank you for your message.  There is no way to play .wma in the iTunes player.  You will need to find a 3rd party software to convert .wma to .mp3 files.  From there, you would be able to listen to the MP3 in the iTunes player.
    Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I have a pdf very complicated with many links. I need to link individual file words that are in a series of folders. How can I connect to a folder instead of just a file?

    I have a pdf very complicated with many links. I need to link individual file words that are in a series of folders. How can I connect to a folder instead of just a file?

    If you set the link to the PDF files, then use the command "Go to a page view", then link to the specific location in the file that you want to run when the user clicks on the link. If you have a link to other file formats, then use the command "open a file". Remember that these links are relative (if the other file is on the same drive as the source file), so if you move the PDF file you need to move these files and folders with him or the links are broken.

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