How can I have Windows 8 and Windows XP on a computer at the same time?

Now, the computer is Windows XP. My ICT SBA require to use windows XP for better compatibility. How can I have 2 types of windows on 1 computer?

A few months ago I installed Windows 8 client Preview of XP and I deleted the WIndows XP.
Now, I have two systems at the same time, so I installed XP again, but the two windows of the failure to run (DLL and kernel problems).
Then I installed XP again and the format of the drive that contains the Windows 8, I finally install XP on this drive.
After that, I tried to install version 8 for Windows but I said that I can't keep the XP data, instead of keeping the whole OS.
I find some articles online, but they introduce only have Windows 7, I can add XP...
(I have two internal hard drives and an external hard drive)

It pretty much applies to Windows XP, too. (Microsoft has removed most Windows XP of the database-specific help pages already.)

Don't forget that Win8 PR is still a beta version.

PS: Speaking of upgrade to Win8, you might find this interesting-online

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