How can I implement the family sharing with separate billing?

I want to implement sharing of the family, but would prefer that the purchases made by the members of the family have been charged to their own methods of payment rather than mine (as a family organiser).

When family members purchases will be deducted from the balance (if they have a), or taken from map of the organiser (if they do not have a balance or if it does not cover the purchase, in which case the excess will be charged at map of the Organizer), a member may not use their card for purchases (and any balance on the account of the Organizer cannot be used).

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  • How can I find the music marked with an exclamation point in my itunes library?

    How can I find the music marked with an exclamation point in my itunes library?

    Hello there rdgernnr!

    I certainly don't want to find the songs that show the "!" and get them to play correctly. If you have not yet done it, read this article: If you see an exclamation point next to your items in iTunes - Apple Support

    More precisely:

    Correct the path of the media file

    Follow these steps to help find the correct location of the file iTunes media:

    1. In iTunes on your Mac or PC, select the song, album, movie, or television show that has the exclamation next to him.
    2. In the MenuBar at the top of your screen, computer or at the top of the iTunes window choose Edition > read the information.
      If you are using Windows and you don't see the menu bar, Learn how to turn it on.
    3. When you see a message asking if you want to locate the file, click search.
      • If you know the location of the file, point to it iTunes and try to read your content.
      • If you do not know the location of the file, search for it:
        Mac: Press ⌘ and space control your keyboard, and then type the name of the movie title, app, song, album or artist.
        Windows: Press the Windows on your keyboard, and then type the name of the movie title, app, song, album or artist. If your keyboard does not have a Windows key, press the Escape (Esc) and control (Ctrl) on your keyboard.
      • If the file is on a network drive or external, plug on the volume of disk or external network.
      • If you find your objects in the trash or recycle bin, restore them to their previous location:
        Mac: Control-click or right-click on the item and choose put back.
        Windows: Right-click on the item and choose restore.
    4. Once you retrieve the file, use Get new Info to locate the file, and then point iTunes to the correct location.

    See you soon!

  • How can I disable the mercury pass with the keyboard shortcuts in the first 2015.0.2


    How can I disable the mercury pass with the keyboard shortcuts in the first 2015.0.2?

    I could do it in version 7... but now I can't find the possibility to edit my keyboard



    There is no shortcut key assigned to switch between the rendering engine.

    You can fill the thing for the same Adobe feature request form:

    Feature request/Bug Report Form

    Kind regards

    Navdeep Pandey

  • How can I get the menu bar with preview in browser and Code, split Code, design to appear? (DW CC) Accidentally deleted and cannot locate.

    I have accidentally disabled Standard or Document to the menu bar, now I can't locate the Code, code split, preview in browser and others.

    How can I get the menu bar with preview in browser and Code, split Code, design to appear? (DW CC)

    Found.  View > toolbars > Document.

  • added to the family sharing with strangers

    I received a notification on my iPhone that I had been added to the family sharing and just assumed that it was an announcement of a new feature of Apple. Shortly after, I received a notification that a name I didn't recognize left my family. I went into my settings and saw that I was on a list with a few people at random. I left the band and changed my password to iCloud. No idea how it happened, or if I need to worry about what anyone?

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    Unless you accept an invitation to join the family sharing, the administrator had to know your password for to add you themselves. If that's what happened, and you don't really know these people, then you must immediately change your password.

    Of course, it is possible that someone invited you by mistake.

  • How can I change the beige tabs with white text to the text of the tabs beige with black (or another dark color)?

    Classic restoration changed by FF 29 tabs beige with black text on the tab active and beige with white text on other open tabs. The white text is not visible. How can I change the text in white with a darker color?
    If this cannot be done, is there a way to reinstall FF 29 with just the security updates (and not all the other stuff) so that I can keep my 28 FF settings? Thank you.

    1. Open the modules (Ctrl + Shift + A Manager; Mac: Command + shift + A), then the Extensions category.
    2. Beside the classical restaurant theme, click on the Options button.
    3. Click the custom colors tab, then the less than (active/hover/default) tab.
    4. Below (active) tab, check 'Text', then click on the color swatch and choose black.
    5. Click the tab (unread) / new tab.
    6. (Unread) tab, check 'Text', then click on the color swatch and choose black.
  • How can I replace the same clips with the same interval of time (same settings)?

    Dear Adobe Premiere CS5 Forum,

    I have the following problem, and I would look forward to receiving solutions:

    As I couldn't cut my video with clips in avi codecs (it is very difficult to cut in avi codecs, except that you have a very fast computer), I converted my raw clips in lower codecs. Then I cut my video in low quality codecs. My video is now ready to export.

    But before I want to export my video, I need to replace all the clips in avi codes so that my video is in good quality.

    Now the problem:

    How can I replace the clips (poor quality video codec codec avi), in order to have the same clips in a different codec always the same interval of time. I want the replaced clip immediately have the same interval of time.

    For example: a raw whole clip takes 2 minutes. But just a part / interval of the clip (from 01:00 minute 01:10 minutes) is shown in the video. Now I want to replace this clip with the same clip in avi codec. But it must be the same interval (from 01:00 minute 01:10 minutes).

    I tried to replace a clip. But they each have a different time interval (the lower quality clip is from 01:00 to 01:10 minutes and if I would like to replace the same clip in avi codec is the time interval between 0:00 to 0:10 minutes).

    How can I replace the clip with the same interval of time?

    Thanks in advance


    Hold down the Alt + Shift; It is Shift that maintains the reference timecode. In addition, this will work only if your proxy clips contains timecode. If they all start to 00:00:00:00, this will not work for you.

  • How can I change the data stored with JDeveloper Java classes?

    First of all, I am experienced PL/SQL coder, but I'm quite beginner what comes to Java.
    JDeveloper is also a new tool for me and the reason why I am interested, it's the good Java Editor.
    With the good Java editor I can create classes and store them in the Oracle database and executing those inside PL/SQL code.

    I am currently faced with a minor problem, and I'm not able to find the answer to this:
    How can I change/edit/create stored with JDeveloper, Java classes to database (Toad for Oracle can do but it's not good editor Java)?

    I can navigate to Java classes with database browser, but I can't change those. Just view and drop it.


    Thanks to all helpers!
    Jokke Heikkila

    Published by: user10385021 on 2.6.2009 03:56

    JDeveloper is not a direct modification of the classes inside the database. Instead, you must change your java classes locally (including the management of versions, unit tests etc.) and then load them into the database. Load in the datab ase could be done using the Loadjava and the deployment profile stored procedure Java (file-> New-> General-> profiles of deployment-> Loadjava and Java Stored Procedures). I think it's even better let your build tool do the work. An example of task of Ant describing this is shown at (I have not tried this, but have used a similar approach in a project)


  • How can I limit the information displayed with a message?

    When I hilight a screen message includes twenty or more lines of technical information that I don't want and didn't used to be there. How can I get the display to normal email format?

    View (Alt - V) - headers - Normal

  • Tecra R850 - How can I reduce the memory shared graphics card?

    Hi all

    I need help with a few questions:
    My system says I have 2, 66 GB RAM available for applications, services, etc. The rest (between 1.1 and 1.3 GB of RAM) is shared and reserved for the graphics card. I looked for a way to reduce it through the BIOS (how it works normally), tried an update for the bios jumps that he would add this feature. But it wasn't the case.

    I don't understand why Toshiba won't allow its customers to modifity this setting!
    I can understand putting such a context by default, but also giving an option for advanced users to change this setting.

    2, 66 GB RAM are not very good and I often need more than that... 500 MB more of RAM for sys would be really nice.
    And 64 bit OSs don't are currently not supported in our society.

    Does anyone know if a way to reduce the memory shared to 500 MB for example?

    My system features:

    Windows 7 Pro SP1 (32-bit)
    Model: TECRA R850
    SERIALNO. : 7B042670H
    PartNo. : PT525E-03E00KGR

    Thank you in advanced for your answers!


    As far as I know shared memory works automatically and laptop user cannot control it.
    There is nothing new and the same principle is on all Toshiba laptops.

    Sorry but there is nothing to do about it.

  • How can I disable the memory shared in Windows 7?

    I have a PC HP brand new with 6 GB of RAM, and I just installed a 2 GB Nvidia graphics card.  When I checked the graphic properties is what I see...

    MB 4095 total available graphics memory

    Dedicated video memory 2048 MB

    System video memory 0 MB

    Shared system memory 2047 MB

    Total available graphics memory should be 2 GB 4 GB not

    The dedicated video memory is correct.

    Shared system memory must be zero, but it's not.

    When I installed the graphics card and turned on the pc, it automatically installed card and its drivers.

    I read somewhere online that a few new pc will automatically disable the onboard graphics during the installation of a card that I checked, and Yes, it's now disalbled.  But I still see this shared in the properties of the graphics system memory.  Why is this and how can I solve this problem?


    At least theres an option in the bios, re graphics memory and it may not be, what you see is what you get.

    Win7 manages memory, including memory graghics

  • How can I have the Center screen with a keystroke reveal/hide dock

    I've been watching tutorials of plugin photo Nik, in several of them the demonstrator brings their Dock at the screen Center and selects the following application during the tutorial.

    How can this be achieved?  I guess that's put in place by an agreement of strike.  What is a third-party application or something else?

    I find the dock a real nuisance because when I'm editing images that I often highlight the dock by going too closed to the bottom of the screen.  I'd like to be able to reveal/hide the dock with a string of hits or f key.

    It's probably a third-party application that probably no longer works because dock hacks must work at the level of the system or SIP should be disabled.

  • How can I change the value shared RAM on Satellite A300 VGA?

    I own a PSAGCA A300 I was woundering how I can lower the allocated shared memory?
    At present it has allocated 1279 MB of shared memory ontop of my HD 512 MB I think it's really useless for my needs.

    How do I lower it? I checked the Bios and it could not find in there... any ideas?

    It is not possible.
    Everything is controlled by software and shared memory will be assigned automatically.
    This means that if you run some heavy applications like games the value of shared memory is greater than performing simply applications like the browser or Word.

    But like I said above; everything is controlled automatically!

  • I can't get the family sharing to work properly

    I want my daughter to be able to see the items I purchased.  Audit on my iPAD, family sharing is set up and its ID is.  I can even see applications that she bought on my iPAD. But on his Mac, I see no sign of my purchases (music or TV shows).  Running his Mac OSX 10.9.5.  Its iTunes shows no sign of my apple ID - for example it is supposed to be a drop-down menu beside the words BOUGHT on the upper left side of the various windows you get in ITunes by selecting purchased.  There is no drop-down list.

    I have tried all the usual suggestions by logging on iTunes and iClod and then again (using his AppleID), restart the computer, etc..  But his iTunes seems to still know nothing about the fact that she is in a family.

    I was going to buy a TV series about ITunes, but if she has xcannot see it I don't want.  Why Apple made things so difficult!

    An additional piece of info.  I just hand on my iPhone of girls.  Looking at the app Store of Itunes, I can see my purchasies.  So family sharing was set up fine, it's just the Mac iTunes who can't seem to see.  Unfortunately, this is used to view movies etc., not the iPhone!

  • How can I measure the variable tension with the DMM and switch?

    Hello, engineer,

    I am a student, I want to measure the varying tensions from V to Via. I have the following equipment: SMU-1065 PXI-4065 PXI-2529. I use the PXI-8360 and PXI-8361 to connect with my PC. I hope I can do that when I have the next blood I should click with the mouse and connect the right position to the object of measurement.

    How can I achieve that?

    Any suggestions with great satisfaction.

    Since I know a little English, if I did not explain my question clearly, please ask me.

    Best wishes.

    Kind regards.


    Yes, you can.

    You can set the samples when using DMM.

    You can also refer to the example in LabVIEW.


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