How can I install and use outlook express as email scanned by default on windows xp?

I scanned an article on Brother MFC-J270W and tried to send the article by e-mail. Blurb came "I want to make Outlook Express my dfault". I clicked Yes. Then an error message came up with error 0x800CCC0D # and I couldn't e-mail my digitized item. Help, please.

You can not make OE your email client by default if you are not using OE. You can do the following and start using OE, but why don't you just save the scan to a Windows folder and then start a new message from Hotmail and fix it? Using OE with Hotmail is a chore, if you're not used to it.

How to add your Hotmail e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook Express

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    How can I find extention for Outlook Express

    Thank you

    God bless you


    You should know what type of program is supposed to be used to open this file - and this program must be installed on your computer.

    What kind of file is it?  What is the file extension (3 or 4 characters after the point)?

    If you know what type of program is needed and you already have this program installed, the best way to create the association is

    • find a file with the extension in question
    • Right click on it
    • Select "open with > choose program.
    • Select the correct application of the list
    • Check the box "always use the program selected to open this type of file"
    • Click OK.

    If the program you need is not in the list, click on the "Browse" button and locate the program exe file in C:\Program Files.

  • How can I back-up/copy outlook express files to transfer them to a new PC?

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    Hi lizbuff,

    You can read the following article that should help you to do so.

    How to back up and restore Outlook Express data

    You can save your Outlook Express data to removable media and then restore it on another computer.

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    You will not lose the work you have done using the trial version. In the future, then of the validation of the questions it would really help if you could identify your operating system and other relevant information computer.

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    multiple partitions on a single drive, but they must be partitioned and it can lead to confusion with the rescue partition but I have 4 OS on my Mac Pro and I can boot to one of them. 5 in fact, I have XP as well.

  • I have Windows XP Home Edition and use Outlook Express for my e-mail. Is there a way to copy/send e-mail, favorite contacts and my photos on a Flash key?

    Original title: copy files

    I have Windows XP Home Edition and use Outlook Express for my e-mail. Is there a way to copy/send e-mail, favorite contacts and my photos on a Flash key?

    Open the address book in the old identity and file | Export | Address book (wab) to any location on your HARD drive that is easy for you. The office is very well. Then drag that to the flash drive.

    In IE: File | Import and export | Export to a file. Check Favorites | Next | Next | Navigate to a folder or the desktop and export. Drag the folder in the flash player.

    For photos, just right-click on the folder and drag it to the USB and copy here.

  • How do I uninstall and reinstall Outlook Express

    How do I uninstall and reinstall Outlook Express

    The only way to really uninstall and reinstall, reinstall XP as OE is a part of it.

    What problem are you having? I'm sure there is an easier way.

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    N ° the Surface Pro running Windows 8, not Android.  There is no way to use Android apps on a default Windows device.

  • How can I make less frequent Outlook Express folder compaction obligation? I changed my registry to zero

    I get the popup once abount a day.  He repeats all the few minutes unless I stop what I'm doing and allow to compact the folders.  How can I reduce the frequency of the required compaction area?

    Search Windows supplied with XP.  Nero Scout has not been installed.  I don't want to delete OE.  I prefer to keep the research.  I tried the regedit to zero, but that has not helped.  The timing of the frequent compacts is not related to the installation of SP3, because I had a lot of time, and the question of compaction is of more recent origin.

    Do not get rid of Windows Search, just to make an adjustment. You must tell Windows Search to stop indexing OE.

    Windows Search. Set Desktop Search Options

    In the control panel. Indexing Options. Change. Clear the check box for Outlook Express.

  • Can I install and use your Adobe products on a secondary hard drive?

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    Simply choose a custom installation and choose another location to a folder on your secondary drive. just be aware that some components such as the activation system and other shared stuff will be always installed on C:\, whatever happens. You are lgoing stil to lose at least 1 GB on your SSD.


  • The upgrade to Windows 7 using Outlook Express for email

    I am currently using Windows XP pro, and considering the purchase of a new PC which has Windows 7 installed. I use Outlook Express as my email program. What would be the procedure to "migrate" my address book and outgoing emails from Outlook EXpress in Windows 7.

    Thanks for any help - local retailers just say it may be possible, but not sure about the process.

    Windows 7 doesn't have a native email client integrated as previous versions of Windows, so you can decide what email client you use first.

    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • How can I install an older version of Calendar Creator Plus on a new Windows 7 PC?

    I have Calendar Creator Plus Version 2 for Windows, which worked well on Windows XP. When I try to install it on my new Windows 7 PC, I get a message that it is incompatble. Is it possible to install it? If not, can I get a new version which will accept the data file that contains many years of my old program calendar information?

    You have the latest version of the software? Some earlier programs may not work in Windows 7.

    If this is not the case, check with the manufacturer of Calendar Creator Plus program if they have updates to update or fixes for the software.

    Windows 7 Compatibility Center check the compatibility of the programs:

    Troubleshoot Compatibility

    This can help with some (but not all) programs:

    (1) uninstall the program, if it is already installed. Then when install you / reinstall instead of double click on the Setup file, right click and select 'resolve compatibility issues.

    (2) then click on 'Try recommended settings' and in the next window, click on "Start the Program" to install it.

    (3) after he set up see if it works properly. Note: some programs are perhaps not able to run in windows 7.

    More information on how to make older programs in this version of Windows:

    Another Option - XP Mode

    If you have Windows 7 Professional/ultimate, you can download and install Windows XP Mode. XP Mode is a virtual XP installation that runs 32-bit inside Windows 7. It is similar to a normal installation of XP, with a few exceptions closely: only uses a processor single-core has access to the USB and serial ports, DVD access is read-only, limited to 16-bit graphics (3D games don't play well). It will allow to install programs, most (but not all) that used to install in Windows 7, but has worked with previous versions.

    XP Mode home page:

    Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7:

    If your computer does not support virtualization there is an update that will allow XP Mode run without virtualisation. You can check if your PC hardware does not support virtualization and updating needs to download and run this tool:

    If you must enable hardware virtualization on your computer:

    1. reboot your computer and enter the BIOS settings.

    2. search for the setting of virtualization in the BIOS and enable it.

    3. save the BIOS settings and restart your computer.

    Anytime Upgrade to use XP Mode of purchase (if you don't have Windows 7 Professional/ultimate)

    Type of upgrade Express in the box files and research programs in the start menu and click the Windows Anytime Upgrade.  From there, you can purchase a full Express of Windows 7 Professional Edition-upgrade. Then you can enter your Express Upgrade product key and perform a simple upgrade to Windows 7 Professional Edition-full. All programs and files will remain on the computer, there is no drive necessary and it takes about 10 minutes.

    Questions about installing Windows 7?

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions from Installation Windows 7 & responses
  • How can I correct when my outlook express says not responding do not and crashes as soon as I open it with an hourglass


    I need help!  I need to get my email to work.

    When I open outlook express, it immediately freezes as soon as I look at the emails with an hourglass.


    If you can access the menu in OE, go to file | Identities and establish a new identity.  If you then open the identity, go to file | Import | Messages and import from the old identity.

    Even if you can't access the menu items and deleting folders.dbx has not fixed the problem, then you will need to rename the file inbox.dbx either move them to another directory.  OE should start without locking up, because it will create a new Inbox and there is nothing to read.  Then you can manually import the renamed inbox.dbx file as described here: , but DON'T try to import it into the box inbox.dbx but rather under another name.


  • How can I keep my story outlook express when I update Internet Explorer

    I use internet explore 6 now, I want to update to explorer 8 doing so I can save all my mail that is in outlook express.

    Update Internet Explorer to a newer version will not affect your email somehow.

    Go ahead and upgrade to IE8.

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