How can I reset my preferences?

As the title says, I've made a few changes to the period of transition by default, and I don't remember the original values.

How can I reset the preferences and return them to their original values?

Thank you.


It differentiates by Adobe program, but I think it's hold the SHIFT key as you run and keep pressed. If it is incorrect for PrPro, I'm sure someone will correct me. PS, you get a dialog box asking if they wish to reset the preferences. I don't think that PrPro provides this screen, but could be wrong.

Good luck


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    Do you mean you forgot all the passwords for administrative accounts for Mac?

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    Hi sharonc7 ,

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    Thank you


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    OK, try this:

    (1) first of all, try to remove the PSE10 preferences file.  the location of the file depends on your Windows XP operating system and Windows 7 is at this link:

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    C:\Documents and Settings\ [username] \Application data\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\{9.0|10.0|11.0}\Editor

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    Just fill in your username name when indicated.

    For the Organizer, the location is at these links:

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    People with disabilities

    Place the device into Recovery Mode iOS

    and then connect you to your computer and restore via iTunes. The iPod will be erased.

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your device is disabled

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    How to reinstall OS X on your Mac - Apple Support

    You must install disk or another drive bootable to install from. What initially shipped with Mac OS? You may be able to download 10.6.8 If you do not give us the specs on the Mac, the model and year.

    Download Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update v.1.1

    If you do not give us the specs on the Mac, the model and year.

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    Click here and follow the instructions. If the computer originally shipped with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or earlier, when you get to step 5, connect its origin thumbdrive, restart with the C key or Option key, use disk utility to erase the internal drive and install a fresh OS.


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    NOW, I'm going to open my newly installed Firefox and a window pops up that says: "cannot load your Firefox profile. It may be missing or inaccessible. »... Well, I wanted to start over completely, so of course I don't have a profile more. But my only option now is to click on this window, and Firefox disappears. No means to access anything whatsoever on Firefox, no options, no nothing so all of the so-called 'solutions' that I've seen (IE: reset the profile...) "I can't do that either!) It is impossible for me to do.

    All I wanted to do was end of beginning completely with Firefox which seemed to be a very simple solution and has now turned into a chore and an unusable browser. How can I reset or create a new profile without being IN Firefox to do? Deleted my profile an error? If so, your help page is very misleading!

    Someone please help. I really don't want to use a DIFFERENT browser.

    Thank you!!

    A possible/probable cause is a problem with the file profiles.ini and the profile marked as the default value = 1 in this file is no longer present on the hard drive.

    • Windows: %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\
      C:\Users\ < user > < profile > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.
    • Linux: ~/.mozilla/firefox/
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox /.

    You can use one of them to make the Creation/use of a new default profile for Firefox:

    • Remove the profiles.ini file to force Firefox to create a new default profile
    • Use the Profile Manager to create a new profile
    • Use "Choose a folder" when you create a new profile to select the location of a lost profile and recover this profile
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    Thanks for any help,


    Try to restart in Mode safe mode, and then restart normally.

    OS X El Capitan: start in safe mode

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    Please take a look at this user points by expert forum Tesserax.

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    Follow these steps to delete the recorded data (form) in a drop-down list:

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    2. Select an entry in the drop-down list
    3. Press the DELETE key (on a Mac: shift + delete) to remove it.
    • Tools > Options > Security: passwords: "saved passwords" > "show passwords".

    You may need to clear cookies from this site, so if you checked a box to remember you.

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    You cannot, without downgrading the version of iOS only is not supported. You have checked your settings for example you have set on "on" reduce motion (settings > general > accessibility), off multitasking (settings > multitasking)?

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