How can I see what icloud backup is available before

Hello world!

I want to reset my iphone to get back my bookmarks in safari after many days. I do backups to icloud almost every day, so I have no need of the last backup, but a backup of days (when I had all my favorites). How can I now what backups are available before resetting my iphone?

I would appreciate if you could provide help.

Thank you


just done.

I explain how I managed to have my favorites, in case someone would need:> settings icloud-> restore bookmarks

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    Time Machine backup to a sparsebundle.

    The sparsebundle will use the share name of computer. So, it should be obvious who is your Macbook and that is your Macpro.

    Open the sparsebundle in Finder and keep open the subfolders until you get to the backup of each separate hard drive...

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    Thank you

    Click on the photos.

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    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the start safe mode window or make changes.
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    N °

    Apps and photos (except the camera rolls) are not part of the iCloud backups

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    Terminal Server can 'remember' commands you have issued. Open Terminal and type this command


    What you get is a complete list of commands executed when using Terminal. If you don't you probably erased from history or abnormally closed the Terminal application.

    Alternatively, you can paste this list here so that we can analyze what you were doing.

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    Use the search box of start instead of run.

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    the column on the left, click on the pointer before Windows logs
    Select (left-click) Applications
    Click with the right button on Applications
    Select search
    in the search box, type chkdsk
    Click next
    leave the search window
    the middle column, the top, you will see listed Wininit 1001
    right column, under the event 1001, Wininit, click Properties of the event
    A new window with the diskcheck newspaper.
    You can use the slider to display, or click the button copy and then paste it to the one that you want to use.

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