How can I show only URLs typed in the form of Top Sites?

It is really unpleasant to see hundreds of ephemeral URL you visit never again on the screen in Top Sites. Is there a way to make this friendly so I don't see the URL I typed. I am happy to put something to the: config.

Use about: config.

Set the following parameters:


32. it uses a bitmask. So use can add different values for most any desired behavior.

See the following page:

for a further description of this parameter.

Only, it seems to work on the desktop version. Android screen terrible (Awesome) ignores this value.

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    This printer does not print with missing cartridges, need individual ink cartridges (IIC), be sure to leave the cartridges and then try to go into the settings to print under file > print > printing preferences and locate the Look paper/quality tab under color/Gray scale options and see if Printers lists "Black ink only" as an option available to use. You will still need to replace the cartridges at one point because the printer uses ink in other ways besides just for printing. Here is a link to a document that contains more information about IIC cartridges, black ink only and the other uses for an ink jet printer ink. http://goo.GL/EB1dn

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    My screen contains a title and simple 5 LayoutManagers.

    (but it's not complicated, we could simplify to only three LayoutManagers: upper, middle and lower).

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    (1) my problem is:

    When the_fieldManagerMiddle contains a long text (by clicking a button in the menu of the _fieldManagerMenu above) he is floating, but it means that the entire screen becomes scrollable.

    I tried to add Manager.NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL to other managers, but it did not help.

    It's pretty simple.

    How can I get that only the mid-level becomes scrolls and the rest does not move?

    It's code; What is missing? What's wrong?

        setTitle(new LabelField("results"));
            /* add the five layout managers */
        _fieldManagerTop = new HorizontalFieldManager();
        _fieldManagerMenu = new HorizontalFieldManager();
        _fieldManagerMiddle =  new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLL |
            protected void sublayout( int maxWidth, int maxHeight )
                int remainingplace = Display.getHeight()-_fieldManagerTop.getPreferredHeight() -_fieldManagerMenu.getPreferredHeight() - _fieldManagerBottom.getPreferredHeight() - title.getPreferredHeight() ;
                super.sublayout( Display.getWidth(), remainingplace);
                setExtent( Display.getWidth(), remainingplace);
            _fieldManagerBottom = new HorizontalFieldManager(HorizontalFieldManager.FIELD_RIGHT)
                public void paint(Graphics graphics)
                    graphics.setColor(Color.WHITE); // foreground color
                protected void sublayout( int maxWidth, int maxHeight )
                    int displayWidth = Display.getWidth();
                    int displayHeight = 25;
                    super.sublayout( displayWidth, displayHeight);
                    setExtent( displayWidth, displayHeight);

    I would be very grateful if you could help me with that!

    (2) I also have a second question (but less important): the Middle Manager has to take all the remaining space of the screen, so I subtracted the other Manager height and the height of this Manager at the result of this subtraction:

    int remainingplace = Display.getHeight()-_fieldManagerTop.getPreferredHeight() -_fieldManagerMenu.getPreferredHeight() - _fieldManagerBottom.getPreferredHeight() - title.getPreferredHeight() ;
                super.sublayout( Display.getWidth(), remainingplace);
                setExtent( Display.getWidth(), remainingplace);

    This seems not to be correct: if I, the last Director downstairs doesn't have enough room.

    Any ideas?

    The best way to do it, is to use the screen, which is already divided into 3 sections, superior, medium and low, of which only half is scrolling.

    The top depends on what you add to setTitle (who may be a Manager), the background is determined by what you add using setStatus (even once, you can add a handler), and just use the normal add to add the scrolling of the Middle component.

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    I have an online marketing person asking it is set like this to help with google rankings / SEO.

    Thank you!

    Hello mariac,.

    This can actually be set up by your FTP host.

    Please go to them like asking the necessary changes to the file system of your web site.

    Thank you


  • How can I display only ten lines in the answer?

    I want to show only the record top ten report.
    I tried to use the function above, but when the tenth record is identical to 11th, it will be posted both of them and I only want 10 record.
    What should I do?
    Thank you very much for the help!


    Try this...
    use order (asc/desc according to your requirement) and create a dummy column, giving Rcount (col) and filter it on this column.

    see you soon,

  • How can I creat photoshop filters and rendering the form of exe file

    Hello.. How are you all, I hope you fine...

    I want to know if I can creat photoshop filters and rendering the form of exe file...

    and thank you...

    If you really want to create a good filter/plugin and distribute it I can only recommend that you try the SDK Forum.

    Photoshop Plugin and companion App SDK

    Adobe Photoshop SDK | Adobe Developer Connection

  • How can I get subtitles in Spanish on the form, even if the user is English?

    Hello Experts,

    My requirement is

    I run app of the back-end ERP form system, where in I have screen, in which the user will enter the employee # on the home/first entry field screen, then the next step of the form will be launched on the Internet Explorer browser and the details of the employee. The user now has a chance to change the details on the form.

    Initially, the user logs into the system and enters the intranet, right now system knows of the languge user because we are the main user/employee registers in the system of maintaiing

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    I have a sample for this purpose that you may find useful.

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    Start the music app and click the artists tab (the drop down menu) in the Center and go to only downloaded music > on.

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    Hi shirazs,.

    • Tablecloth right the text layer
    • Select the merge options
    • Select Stroke and adjust the size and position

    You can see How to add features to the text in Photoshop: 6 steps (with pictures)

    Let us know if this helps



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    GMail offers two separate protocols for downloading mail from your account on the GMail - IMAP and POP3 server

    IMAP - replicate all folders and messages on the web interface in your local email client

    POP3 - only download messages from your Gmail account Inbox

    Instructions to set up the two are available in the Gmail Help Center

    Note: When you use Pop3, a copy of the message is downloaded to your client local Inbox and the copy of the message on the server is placed in the trash folder / deleted unless the local email client is configured to 'leave messages on the server. Gmail offers some additional options available in the e-mail configuration settings section "' transfer and POP/IMAP/when Messages are accessed through POP" "

    -Keep copy of Gmail in the Inbox, Mark Gmail like reading copy, copy of Gmail Archive, copy to remove Gmail. The last element will place the original message from the Inbox folder of Gmail trash and is emptied after 30 days.

    .. .Winston

    MSFT MVP Mail

  • How can I save only mail sent on the server and do not have thunderbird download everytime I open the program?

    IMAP and everytime I open Thunderbird is so slow because it's downloading my mail sent to server. I want that my sent mail stored on the server and no hard disk.

    you have your mail on your computer or you do not. I guess that you I don't camp.

    Right-click on the account in the folders pane, select settings.
    Synchronization and storage deselect messages to store for this account on this computer.

  • How can I make my favorites appear in the form of a sidebar? It used to be like that, but now this feature seems to have disappeared.

    Permanent sidebar on the left side of the screen.

    {Ctrl + B} opens and closes the bookmarks bar.

Maybe you are looking for

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