How can I transfer all the contacts in my address book to my laptop?

How can I transfer all the contacts in my address book to my laptop?

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It depends on where your contacts are stored today.  Whether they're on your phone, for example.  But they are also synchronized to your email provider?  In other words, can you get to your address book by going to your email Web site as an e-mail service to company/school, or Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or  If so, you can sync with your laptop by adding this account to your computer.

If you can answer with details about your configuration and where your contacts are now and where, inside your laptop you want (like inside Outlook perhaps?), we can help a lot more.

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    In Outlook, create a new folder in your contacts, name it anything you want and MOVE in this folder of contacts from Outlook, you do not want to synchronize to the BlackBerry.

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    Hi people,

    Maybe someone can help me:

    How can I transfer the entire contents of my messages app on my iphone to the messages on my mac app?

    the problem is, when I create in the messages app a new account with my appl ID (for example on a new mac) I also use with my iphone, so everything worked very well for the starting point of creation.

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    • I learned that apple does not save my imessages for more than 72hours (which makes me happy because of the confidentiality of the data), so I can't take via imessages-servers.
    • I also learned that it is possible to transfer data from the library files to a previous account. but unfortunately, I've just accidentally deleted those files, so this solution won't help:
      • I had serious problems to enable the transfer of SMS on a second mac (I guess I failed it in between), I went in the ususal trial & error-process and disabled the account of messages on the mac.
      • After that, I deleted all caches using onyx. then I restarted the iphone and the macbook and restarted the messages app.
      • the app behave like the 'never used before': I entered my apple, app ID remind my cell phone number and all other settings from the old account, but THE MESSAGES WERE GONE alle.
      • I don't know I deleted the using onyx. but there should be a way to win back them?

    the system configuration:

    • Start "2011-17 - macbook pro with latest el capitan (10.11.6)"
    • iPhone 6 with latest iOS (9.3.5)

    PLEASE Please HELP me - even if I use third-party software...


    Can't do.

    iMessages are pushed by the iMessages servers to devices recorded at this time there.

    They are not held on servers and are deleted as soon as receiving devices accept.

    (that is, it is not like electronic mail that can be left on the server (POP) or rest on the (IMAP) server to be retried by other devices that can identify you later).

    How the files/iMessages are stored on the iPhone and the way the Mac stores are not the same.

    It is possible to have the iPhone one store backup via iTunes on Mac.

    From there on, it is possible to use third party applications to read (check out them and make them as text files), but they cannot be forced into Messages.

    By copying and pasting entire conversations from one chat to another it's the Mac send s just like a long piece of text with few (not in use) formatting.

    Can also have problems with actually duplicate the whole file with space on the iPhone in the first place.

    19:44 Friday. September 2, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

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    Yes, I know that I can click to not display all the contacts. But that does not solve the problem. I want a list, if it is possible.

    Close if you wish in iCloud or on my Mac. Go to the one you want to use it, select all contacts, and then File/Export. Go to one you want to keep, and then file/import.  See the link below for resolve duplicates.

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    You have a computer?

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    Hey there James :)

    If your original WD Raptor drive is in good health, have you considered cloning it to the new drive and so keeping everything as it is without the need to reinstall and backup and restore your data to the e-mail and other applications? I suggest to check out Acronis True Image WD Edition for this procedure:
    I would first of all check if the drive is healthy, as the procedure could transfer some potential errors from the old drive to the new. I would recommend running tool WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic to check the status of the WD Raptor drive. Here's a link:

    After the back if you have any questions!


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  • How can I removed all the contacts list?

    Hello, all.

    I want to removed the entire list of contacts from my blackBerry with blackberry API.

    I wrote this...


    try {}

    List of strings [] = PIM.getInstance () .listPIMLists (PIM. CONTACT_LIST);

    BlackBerryContactList bbList = (BlackBerryContactList) PIM
    .getInstance () .openPIMList (PIM. CONTACT_LIST, PIM. READ_ONLY, list [0]);

    Enumeration enm = bbList.items ();

    While (enm.hasMoreElements ()) {}
    Contact = enm.nextElement ((Contact));

    bbList.removeContact (contact.);


    } catch (Exception e) {}

    e.printStackTrace ();



    But there "No trace of the stack" exception.

    So, what do you think, forge, can you help me with this problem.

    Thank you.

    Thanks to you all.

    I solved this problem.

    Here it is...


    try {}

    BlackBerryContactList bbList = (BlackBerryContactList) PIM
    .getInstance () .openPIMList (PIM. CONTACT_LIST, PIM. READ_WRITE);

    Enumeration enm = bbList.items ();

    While (enm.hasMoreElements ()) {}
    Contact = enm.nextElement ((Contact));

    bbList.removeContact (contact.);


    } catch (Exception e) {}

    e.printStackTrace ();



    I changed "PIM. AndI READ_WRITE"need not"[] list.

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    Thank you, Gilbert.

    < email published by host >

    Whence the content come of for example you have the music on the iPad, and if so is sometimes copied from CDs? You can copy purchases on iTunes from your computer via file > devices > transfer purchases, make a backup of the iPad, and restore this backup on the new iPad (music, videos, etc. is copied from the iTunes library, not the actual backup, so you will need these items in the iTunes library).

    Transfer to a new device: transfer the contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support

    (Because these are user forums I asked guests to remove your e-mail address of your post, it is not a good idea to post it on any public forum.)

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    "rstoyka" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    How can I transfer all of the music files to another user account

  • How can I transfer all my applications paid on another device via the cloud? When I downloaded the cloud a few apps says 'install', while others said 'try' even if I already bought it.

    How can I transfer all my applications paid on another device through the creative cloud? I have them on both my computer a laptop in the past, but the clouds of my computer wiped when I had to get it fixed and lost all applications. When I went to reinstall some applications say 'install' and some said to 'try', even if I've already paid for them. Please help, I need these applications to the school.


    Please refer to the threads creative software says cloud my free trial has expired, but I have a paid subscription

    Or you can see the steps from here:

    Let us know if this worked for you!

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