How can I use A clip to create a mask for clip B?

Hello. I am having trouble with my project.

I have a video with subtitles and subtitle down background. The subtitle is at 50% opacity, you can therefore still a bit see through it. I want to make it look slick and apply the blur of the main home, but only the part that is covered by the bottom of subtitle. I can't draw the mask manually, because real captions and background are animated, so if I had to draw the mask manually I have to go frame by frame, which would take me literally days.

I hope I did my clear explanation. If this isn't the case, basically, I need to clip one area allows you to create an area of masking to another clip. The clip is also animated, so the mask must adapt accordingly. I tried to find a solution for hours without success.

Thank you in advance.

It is not very clear to me, but you seem to be saying that the subtitle background is animated, somehow? Is this true?

Its size will vary depending on the actual size of the subtitles, isn't it?

And you want the area of the main element which, at one point throws behind this background to subtitle the blur?

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