How can you delete a mail without opening it?

We have received an email with the subject Zorpia - not-open and do not know how to delete it without opening it


You can right click and select Remove from the context menu. But in truth, I wouldn't worry. Unless you download attachments and run or open, or actively follow the links, it is difficult to get Thunderbird to actually expose you to risks.

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  • How do you delete an account without opening Thunderbird?

    I'm having a problem where whenever I open Thunderbird (38) it freezes. I am convinced that the problem lies with my Comcast email account, I created a new profile and that you have NOT configured the account from Comcast and Thunderbird worked without problem.

    This problem occurs on 2 different PC from Windows using different versions of Windows (8.1 year 10)

    How can I remove the account from Comcast without opening Thunderbird?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I solved this is another way - although I "lost" my emails from Comcast.

    I contacted Comcast and they had apparently changed the ports and it was enough to mess things up for me.

    I got the new server incoming and outgoing of them info.

    Created a new profile and set it to my personal email. Once inside, I created the account of Comcast.

    I think that they also shifted a pop to an imap - or at least that's what I've done with.

    The ports for those who have this problem - 993 IMAP and 587 (different from the default).

    Other than that, it would be always useful to know how to enter the account settings without opening Thunderbird.

  • Hello, how can I delete the photos in "open a recently modified and if possible do more not write in it? Thank you

    Hello, how can I delete the photos in "open a recently modified and if possible do more not write in it? Thank you

    olivierm85470095 wrote:

    Hello, how can I delete the photos in "open a recently modified and if possible do more not write in it? Thank you

    In the editor, go to the Edition/Preferences menu, select the second line (Enregist.desFichiers); to zero the last option: "the list of recent files Contains...". »

  • How can you delete Windows Live, Microsoft Website, your favorite MSN Web sites in Windows Vista Home Premium?

    How can you delete Windows Live, Microsoft Website, your favorite MSN Web sites in Windows Vista Home Premium?

    If the MSN/Bing optimized IE8 or IE9 version is installed, you can do it.

  • How can I delete the Mail connection doctor accounts

    I have specific types of unwanted accounts listed in the physician Mail login screen.

    How can I remove them if Mail don't waste time looking for them when getting mail.

    Mac OS X 1.10.5

    Thank you

    You delete the mail, use the sign less below the list of accounts (no plus sign, this is for adding accounts)

  • How can you delete a book?

    How can I delete a book that I don't want anymore?

    If you have downloaded in the iBooks app and not already done, then you should be able to remove virtual library - does not remember how it was done on iOS 5.0.1 but is there a button change or select the top of the shelf?

    To hide from the cloud (you can't permanently remove any purchase) so that it does not show for redownloading: mask and unmask purchases iTunes or iBooks on your Mac or PC - Apple Support.

  • How can I delete my Playlist without losing my songs on Playlist


    You want to delete the playlist without losing the songs on your computer?
    Follow the given article:
    Create or change a regular playlist in Windows Media Player:
  • How can you delete, El Capitan

    I can't delete El Capitan from my computer, start over with a new software.

    Format the hard drive and restore them from your previous backup.

  • How can I delete my history without being disconnected (e) everywhere?

    Ok. So I updated my Mac to OS X El Capitan and since that time, I have some problems with it. For example, when I clear the history (I use Safari), I am automatically disconnected from all sites and all the deleted data. I constantly have to connect on every single site, just to be on strike a few hours later. It is so annoying! Does anyone know how I can stop this thing of disconnecting me from everywhere?

    What you ask is basically impossible, because it's contradictory.

    You cannot clear history (so clear memory that you visit a site) and at the same time 'to remember' that you were connected to this site.

    Why, I ask, are so eager to delete history all the time?

  • How can you save Windows Mail on your desktop?

    Someone tell me how to save Windows Mail on my counter top? I work under Vista.

    You want to save the messages on the desktop? Create a Windows folder on the desktop. Open WinMail and open a file. CTRL + A to highlight all messages. Left-click on them and drag them to the desktop folder. Messages will still be in WinMail until you remove them.
  • How can you have several pdf files open on an android phone?

    There was a time that each pdf file had its own recent app tab for each pdf file open on an android phone. Now for some reason, these "geniuses" thought it was a good idea to open a single PDF both. To open a file pdf will replace could have all previously opened pdf files. So, what adobe so smart and clever...

    Although the place where you left off in a previous PDF will be saved is still not a good idea. I hope that this (not a smart function) PROBLEM will be fixed soon. I can't get on how dumb, they were. My god.

    Hi new name 1 new 0318,.

    Open multiple PDF files in Acrobat is not available. Please fill out our feature request/Bug Report Form.

    Thank you


  • How can I remove all unwanted without opening?

    My Junk folder has 5 or 6 items in there. Since they are unnecessary, I don't want to open them, I want to just get rid of them. How do I do that?

    CTRL + a to select all. Then press the delete button...

  • How can I delete a mail that does not exist?

    Trying to remove my trash an email that says does not exist. He seems to be now my recycle bin to empty properly. I get this message... The file '153539.emlx' could not be opened because there is no file.

    Please, back up all data. Rebuild the mailbox. Try again to delete the message. If there is no change, and if the account in question is on an IMAP or Exchange Server, see below.

    In the Mail menu bar, select

    ▹ mail preferences... ▹ Accounts

    Select the accounts in the list on the left, then open the behaviors of the box tab, uncheck the box marked

    Store the deleted messages on the server

    Save changes when prompted.

  • I can't delete e-mail wiyhout opening of first aid

    windiws xp... .i have to open email first before I can delete them please help

    Simple. Click the view tab, click the button reading pane and select disabled.

  • How can I delete an application without deleting its data?

    When I try to delete a game, it indicates the data will be deleted with the app. Can I avoid this?

    N ° because the data of an application are contained within the app, removing the application deletes the data also.

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