How to activate internet connections under Simulator?


I would like to test my apps on simulators, I downloaded from:

but I don't know how to activate internet on them?


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  • Laptop &: how to share internet connection via Bluetooth?


    I recently bought a laptop and I can't find how to share internet via bluetooth from my desktop pc. I can connect using the personal area network (PAN), but I don't know how to send the internet. everything that I said try as much as all have failed.

    I do not know this questions been asked a lot, then I'm sorry to ask again)
    could someone tell me step by step installation?

    (Thank you, it is appreciated)


    It s takes longer to describe the complete installation of the use of BT for internet sharing.
    I found this site with a statement of installation for Windows 2000.
    The dialog boxes for Windows XP may be a little different, but the configuration will be the same.
    However, check it out. It s useful.

  • How to troubleshoot Internet connectivity issues?

    How can - I individual trouble shoot why internet takes so long to accerss. I use windows home vista.

    It happened all of a sudden. No new download. Not knowing how to recognize the windows updates. can I remove updates recent one in time to see if that helps?  ...... John

    Check vista firewall exceptions, see whats access or should not be... In addition, options for internet chk, chk

    Internet connections. You can also, after editing the above, open cmd, type: netsh Winsock reset

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to activate Internet on BES navigation

    Hi all

    I'm trying to activate internet browsing from Blackberry devices. Joana re connect a BES Server version, and I have about 60 users. This is a new server is a new domain. I confirmed that devices are capable, because they are all previously belonging to another area, that was the BES server already configured for internet access.

    My BES connects through a proxy server for internet. I have not fully understood all areas that need to be configured, and I'm getting a "error Http 403: Forbidden" error.

    I already configured the BES as follows - I am I missing?

    Properties of the field of BB
    Create an extraction rule, add group,
    Rules of the user, add users to the Group
    Create a URL schema, http *. *
    The URL scheme rules, check 'allow' for the Group
    Properties of MDS connection service
    HTTP - support HTTP auth = true
    Proxy - direct and other maps

    I found a way to do it now...

    Basically, I got the below appropriate configuration. The problem was that my proxy server has been the traffic stop. I added a new ISA access rule to allow traffic from my BES server on ports 80 and 443, and it works.

    I am not sure that the "HTTP - supported HTTP auth = true' value is really necessary, but I'll play with it later. I hope that everyone in the research on this topic will find this post, then save them from time to time I spent.

  • How to activate bluetooth connect phone Nokia 5130 c-2?

    I don't have a Bluetooth network with windows 7 model p6214y connection. How to activate Bluetooth so I can connect my phone Nokia 5130 c-2?

    Original title: Bluetooth

    If your computer did not come with Bluetooth radio at all (common for budget computers), there is no way that you can download the software to activate Bluetooth as the signal must be sent by the radio. check the list of items on your receipt.

    You can get a USB Bluetooth stick to connect a Bluetooth car radio to your computer. You can or may not need to install additional software, depending on whether or not the manufacturer choose to support generic Microsoft driver.
  • I have a slow Internet connection under Windows 7.

    My son has a new computer and I bought a wireless adapter, but we have problems with the connection. My two sons have computers identical but different adapters. We're working correctly the other seems slower than dial-up!

    Original title: Internet connectivity problem
    When checking its parameters, I noticed it says IPv6 connectivity shows no Internet access, so I was wondering if this is the problem. It is Windows 7 and using an ADD-NWU275v2 adapter. Drivers have been installed on the provided driver disk.
    I can provide any other necessary information and am generally pretty technically good with computers so will be able to follow the advice given.
    Thanks for any help. This is bugging me!


    1. What is the brand and model of your computer?

    2. is the Internet connection works fine using the wired connection?

    3. you receive an error message?

    4. are you using Internet Explorer? If Yes, what version of IE are you using? Find out what version of Internet Explorer you are using

    You can follow the suggestions and check out them.

    Method 1

    You can read the article.

    Why is my Internet connection so slow?

    Method 2

    You can follow the procedure in the article.

    How can I troubleshoot network card?

    Method 3

    Check to see if the problem exists in a clean boot state.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: After a troubleshooting follow step 7: reset the computer to start as

    Method 4

    You can disable temporary of your security software.

    Enable or disable Windows Firewall

    Disable the antivirus software

    Note: A firewall and Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you do not disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network during the time that your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    See also:

    Use Network Troubleshooter event logs to solve network problems

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

  • Homestead sitebuilder does not see internet connection under Windows Vista

    Recently, I switched from Verizon internet home (very bad product) Qwest's high-speed wireless. No problem. However, I discovered that I have a problem with vista.

    First of all, microsoft updates would not download at all. I eliminated the firewall and done everything I could think and one day (had vista sp 1...) Yes, only had not updated in a while) it switched to automatic updates. Then it worked fine.

    My second problem is with my website building program. It is not the internet connection. If I have power of Attorney, the internet connection test is fine. I have no problem with my internet. I can get online every time that and fast. However, it is curious that my homestead sitebuilder program does not recognize. So I uninstalled the sitebuilder and tried to reinstall a clean install. The installation wizard starts and installs the first part, I hit then, and suddenly, I get a message error "Sitebuilder has stopped working; try to find a solution", in which he can never find the solution. So, I go to the site of the farm and download the zip file. I am able to install sitebuilder by these means, but then it takes forever to load on vista and never find the internet connection.

    Someone at - it solutions? It is a program that I use quite often and now I can only update online that allows me a limited capacity. BTW... I use firefox for my browser. Homestead accepts only the browser.



    You may need to contact the support for the site builder from homestead to reinstall.

    Also contact Qwest High Speed Internet connection to inquire the matter with an Internet connection.

  • How long an internet connection to broadband with a speed of 512 Kbps (DSL) should last to download 138 MB?


    I have an internet connection broadband with a speed of 512 Kbps.
    So, I think it means:
    512 KB * 60 seconds (1 minute) = 30720 KB per minute.
    Thus, 30720 KB/1024 = 30 MB
    30 MB per minute
    However, I noticed that the 140 MB in the screenshot below took about an hour until they were completed. It was supposed to take four minutes and a half approximately.
    In addition, there is no other applications running while these downloads above are downloaded

    The storage units in the case of networking is different. Please note the difference between KB and KB. The 'b' indicates bits (8 bits is a byte) and 'B' indicates bytes. In the case of networking, data are sent in form of packages, divided into eight parts, bits is used.

    Therefore, 512 Kbps will achieve a maximum data transfer speed of 512/8 = 64 Kbps. 64 * 60 = 3840 KB per minute which is 3.75 MB per minute. On average, it'll take 45-50 minutes to download a 140 MB file. But we cannot wait for the speed of the network to be stable to always, it varies. So it may take more than an hour also.
  • How to share internet connection between two computers (win7 & win XP)?

    "I plan to get cable internet connection ADSL broadband." And again, I want to share internet from one computer to another. »

    • But I have a question in mind which is lower.

    Before going to answer my Question Please read two notes point-


    A. very important don't ask me what I have installed and what equipment I have in my PC? just give me a simple, easy answer. guess I'm no networking and I have two PCs. You teach me from scratch.

    B. do not use the more technical term. I hate it when someone using the most incredible technical term (its towers the response in the largest number of questions lol). just give me a simple answer.

    If you are eligible to condition or except my EULA :) go further and read my questions give me an answer simple and straight.

    Now please read the question below.

    Issues related to the:

    Q1. Which computer should I connect main internet connection (computer on which will better host win7 or Win XP)?

    Q2. What equipment I mean as a router, hub, NIC etc.? Please specify if these materials will be required for two PCs or for one.

    Q3. What type of Internet connection sharing will be better to be wired or wireless (cost, speed and security wise)?

    Q4. I need two IP address both part of connection to the internet between two PCs?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Zeff,

    You can make Windows 7 the main computer for internet connection and then host the Windows XP computer.

    For more information, see the article:

    Start here to set up a home network in Windows 7

    Networking of computers running different versions of Windows

    With respect to the equipment as a router, hub, NIC depend on the connection (wired or wireless) you want to use. You can also check with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for more information.

    For more information, see the articles:

    What do I need to connect to the Internet?

    Setting up a network home

    Wired and wireless connections have great benefits, but they have also some disadvantages.

    Wired connection:

    > Faster and more robust than wireless connections but not so flexible when positioning of computers and devices because you must be connected to your Super Hub with an Ethernet cable.

    > Safer than wireless connections, but not so convenient for users of laptops and other mobile devices.

    WiFi connection:

    > Wireless! If you can connect when you want. However performance may be affected by walls, electric interference etc.

    > Ideal for users of laptops and other mobile devices, you can connect devices more but slower than wired connections

    > Very safe when used with higher level (WPA) encryption. You can connect your smart phone to your network wirelessly for faster browsing.

    However, unauthorized users could try to use your connection (which explains why security is so important).

    There are two types of IP addresses. external and internal. Both computers have the same external IP address but separate internal IP addresses. Each device in your network will have its own (internal) IP address. The external IP address, who sees the Internet is actually assigned to your router.

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to activate internet on Blackberry Curve 9220?

    BlackBerry 9220 Curve

    Hello Harsharaora29528

    To activate Internet on your device, you will need to contact your carrier Airtel, they can add it to your account. And if you want to enjoy applications BlackBerry like BBM, push e-mail service, Facebook for BlackBerry etc her you must have specific BlackBerry data plan not a generic data plan, you carrier can add it on your account.



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  • How to share internet connection on my desktop to another computer wireless desktop through a router

    my computer has wireless PCI card, and my wife is not wireless, so I will try to share my internet connection the router belkin play wireless I have, but I think I'm doing something wrong because it receives no internet, we both desktop

    You have direct access to the wireless router that you connect first with?

    Most routers should have standard LAN (Ethernet) ports that you can run a cable to the computer of your wife.

    Or you can add almost any USB wireless adaptor for your wife's computer, as long as there are XP, Vista or Windows 7.

  • How to activate the connection with sqlplus / as sysdba?


    I downloaded the virtual appliance of the developer day since that's Developer Day - hands-on data application development

    Connection with sqlplus sys/oracle as a sysdba work

    But for our scripts, I need to connect to sqlplus / as sysdba (os user's oracle).

    If I try to open a session with / as sysdba I get this:

    [[email protected] ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba
    SQL*Plus: Release Production on Tue Nov 3 02:13:34 2015
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2014, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
    ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied
    Enter user-name: 

    How can I activate the oracle user to login with / as sysdba?

    Thank you


    It seems that I found the solution:

    Very funny this TWO_TASK / ORACLE_SID. :-)

    CurrentY I can connect to sqlplus / as sysdba - I'm going to restore the virtual machine and try again if this is really the solution. :-)

  • 6.4 Lightroom > Web Photo Gallery > how to activate "save image under"

    Generated with LR6 Web photo galleries have the feature (especially welcome), that for the user it is not possible (at least not easily) to download the images presented in this gallery. Right-click "Save Image as...". "is not active.

    However, sometimes it can be useful and desired the author, images can be downloaded by users.

    How the LR6 photo library can be configured to enable a right-click ' save the Image under... ". » ???

    Any help appreciated.

    Hi John,.

    Thank you for your quick response, which led me to the solution, I would like to document as follows:

    • The galleries of C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Web file exists and was empty
    • Under C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\Shared\webengines there are 4 folders:

      each containing at least the files


      and records

    • I copied the entire folder LR-Gallery - Boxes.lrwebengine
      C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Web galleries
    • Change title in galleryInfo.lrweb (line 44) of "Square Gallery' to 'Square Gallery RB'
    • Changed id (line 45) of "com.adobe.wpg.templates.html5.boxes" to "com.adobe.wpg.templates.html5.boxes - rb.
    • Now after starting LR times 'Gallery of the Square' and "Square Gallery RB" are in the Style of provision (in upper right).
    • Now make sure, that the development of the browser is kept on the image to activate the download. The corresponding img tag is embedded in
      . In the \assets\css.main.css file (line 400 ff) div.corners is defined. Here a line needs to be added:
      z-index: 10;
    • Hereby all the div tags (with a maximum of z-index 2) is maintained on the top. i.e. clickable.
    • Now on a right-click ' save the image under... ". "is available in the context menu, which is the solution provided by my post

    Thank you!!!

  • Problem with internet connection under Windows XP.

    my mother had a computer of second hand for Christmas.  Windows xp. She has difficulty to connect to the internet. It don't seem to be able to validate the certificate, whatever that means. Much about computers I don't myself and am hoping someone can you please help as to what I can do to solve this problem for her. Thanks for reading and any help will be greatly appreciated.


    I would have you see the support article more.

    Thank you.

  • No internet connection under Windows 7.

    Separated from this thread.

    My Win7 915597 update was installed on June 9, 2015, and as of this date, I have had no internet.

    I am writing on the laptop of my wife who also use Win7, but is not affected.  Internet radio works too, so we can assume that the Modem is not the cause of the problem.  Where the ethernet connection was defective, I bought an ethernet card and installed on my computer.  It has now two connections both works do not. I tried to restore the system to June 9 and 915597 of more listed but still no internet. Our network also does not work.  Both computers use Zone Alarm extreme security which showed a message that it was impossible to update because of HKCS service vsdatant.

    I am 85 and not very computer it would be very grateful for some help.

    What about Peter

    OT: No internet.

    Thanks for your help and your support.

    It happens that the rift had nothing to do with the Win7 update.  It was a fault in the network switch.

    Thanks again and regards Peter

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