How to add images and text from a txt file in Adobe Muse?

How to add images and text from a txt file in muse

Hello Tony,.

At you can easily found in your text, copy and then paste in the new text box within the Muse, following a normal copy and paste.

but images can be copied and pasted, so you need to save the images first as normal JPEG or PNG formats, and then you can import them into your file of muse.

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  • Import text from a txt file.

    Hey guys,.

    I'm looking for a way to import text from a .txt file, but I'm totally lost. If someone could point me in the right direction would be great

    Hi Prails
    This script is basically what you asked:

    #target illustrator

    main #targetengine

    function copyText() {}

    text var file is File.openDialog ('select file');.

    If (! textFile.exists | app.documents.length == 0) {}


    }; ("r");

    var txtContent = ();

    textFile.close ();

    var doc = app.activeDocument;

    var textItem = doc.textFrames.add ();

    textItem.contents = txtContent


    copyText ();

    Basically what you need to do is to declare the text file, open, read and close it. Then, you create a new text element in the Illustrator document and write content once caught in the text element.

    You can continue to work with the variable 'textItem' in my example script if you want to set properties such as size, text color, position and so on. Also, if you wish, replace the first line of the function var textFile = new file ("" ~ / Desktop/Test.txt ' "); textFile var = File.openDialog ("select the file"); so the script opens a dialog box asks you the file you want to copy the content.

    Hope to be helped

    Best regards


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  • How to add the Norwegian language to my ipa file in Adobe Flash Professional and AIR settings


    How to add languages Norwegian to my file API in Adobe Flash Professional and the parameters of AIR?

    Norwegian users get my apps in English rather than Norwegian. Desperately need help!

    Cordially Ylva

    If it's a question about location, then this thread: Re: how to locate the name of the application into an air ios app? discusses explains how to add the Danish language, which is not localized to be default.

  • How to find Images and text on different layers

    Hi all

    Is that someone has a script js code that alerts if my images are on my text layer and my text is on my image layer?

    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance

    Like this? This will move the page to the "correct" layer element I don't know if that's what you want, however.

    function main(){
        var doc = app.activeDocument;
        var textLayer = doc.layers.item("Text Layer");
        var imageLayer = doc.layers.item("Image Layer");
        var misplacedImages = 0;
        var misplacedTextFrames = 0;
        var pis = doc.pageItems.everyItem().getElements().slice();
        for(var i=0;i
  • How to change the highlight color, click the button image and text and sound.  are there packages of buttons for use in my project?

    How to change the highlight color, click the button image and text and sound. are there packages of buttons for use in my project?


    Even if the point of things based Web links buttons created using them is of simple images. Captivate uses simple images. If you need to put your creative hat and not to let the fact that you see the word 'web' scared you somehow. An image is an image. Use on the web, use Captivate. Same case!

    If you change the properties of the button, you can activate the legend of success. Fix any sound that you like with the legend of success and it will play when you click the button. If you do not want to see the legend of success, delete the text and configure it as transparent.

    See you soon... Rick

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  • How can I transfer my texts from my iPhone to my MacBook?

    How can I transfer my texts from my iPhone to my MacBook?

    Hello Harelug,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    From your post, I understand that you want to transfer your text messages from your iPhone to your MacBook Pro. I know how it is important to keep a copy of your messages. Currently, there is not a method to transfer your messages to your MacBook Pro from your iPhone. You can, however, set of continuity that will allow your messages will appear on your Mac in the future. This article has measures to implement continuity:

    Continuity of use to connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac

    For messages specifically follow these steps:


    With continuity, all SMS and MMS text messages that you send and receive on your iPhone may also appear on your Mac, iPad, and iPod touch. You can also meet your contacts from any device is closer to you, including your iPad or Mac.

    You can start a conversation in the Messages application or click on a phone number in Safari, Contacts, or calendar.

    Set up SMS and MMS with continuity

    1. You need to iOS 8 or later version on your device iOS and OS X Yosemite or later version on your Mac.
    2. Connect to the iMessage with the same Apple ID on your iPhone, your other iOS devicesand your Mac.
    3. On your iPhone, go to settings > Messages > Send and receive. Add a control to both your phone number and email address. Then go to settings > Messages > text Message Forwarding and activate the device or devices that you want to transfer the messages.
    4. Looking for a code on the Mac, iPad, or iPod touch that you enabled. Then enter this code to check on your iPhone.

    See you soon

  • How can I copy text from a pdf file in firefox?

    I no longer seem to highlight and copy the text from a pdf file, while in firefox 33.0, using adobe to view PDF files.

    How do I activate the selection tool, so I can do this?

    If there is text to be copied (in other words, if the pdf file is not a scanned image of the text), by default, you should see a pointer that will change when you hover over the text to an ibeam.

    If you see a hand tool, click on the double arrow towards the top right of the display screen to get a drop-down list and select "disable the hand tool.

  • Thumbnail images, more large images and text PROBLEM

    Unclear title, with a problem difficult.

    What I am wanting to do is, when I click on a thumbnail image, I want to have the content of the DIV to display the image and the thumbnail information you just clicked the right to change accordingly. I use Dreamweaver CS5 on MAC:

    -J' have a page divided into 2 vertical columns. On the left, I have 6 thumbnails in their individual DIVs, all wrapped together in another DIV container

    -on the right side of the page, I assigned a large DIV to display a large image with a description below what the project was etc...

    I know that you can attach a behavior to the thumbnail to change the big picture on the right, but I have a short paragraph of the text below the big picture too, and I don't particularly want to make the image and text a huge image. I want to keep the text, text.

    How can I do? Is it a simple thing? or y at - there a lot of coding to do this with JQuery, Javascript or something? Is there something to do with the data record sets involved?

    Is it possible to do that when you click on the thumbnail it can charge the relevant image and text in the div on the right?

    Sorry if it did not clearly explain, do not know how do it, so don't know if I'm describing correctly.

    As always, all the help and advice very welcome.

    In the right column, you would-

    Legend legend legend

    Legend legend legend


    The CSS would be-

    {of signs

    display: none;

    / * Add other styles as needed for the caption * /.


    The thumbnails would each of the following behaviors:

    * onclick set the desired right column div to "display: block" using behavior ChangeProperty of DW.

    * also onclick set all the other div of the right column on ' display: no "DW ChangeProperty behavior.

    Be aware that how to apply this behavior for inches is one) first to wrap every inch in an anchor null () and then apply the behavior to the anchoring of the packaging not to the image.  Alternatively, you can apply the behavior to the image and then using the behaviors panel, change the behavior of "onClick" event to " onClick.

  • Os10.11.4 El Captain how to add titles and info in photos?

    Os10.11.4 El Captain how to add titles and info in photos?

    Select the image and go command-i. You can add details in the window that appears.

  • How to extract the text from corrupted pages file

    Really appreciate if someone of you knows a way to extract text from a page files of 9 MB that contains text and images and which does not:

    Error message: file format not valid.

    Change the type of file and opening in various programs (Word, Acrobat, Google doc converter) but nothing I've tried will open it.

    I have a backup at home, but am away for several weeks and done a lot of work on this file since the last backup.

    I hope there is a solution! Thank you


    If it is in fact a v5 Pages document, and it will not open in preview, or open in v5 Pages while holding the SHIFT key, then you're done. The inner content in Pages v5 is in a format that is illegible, indecipherable, scrambled anything able to read except Pages v5.

    If it's a v5.5.2 Pages or a later version of the document, then it is by default in a single file format (file zip compressed/renamed), and no version of Pages thru v5.2.2 on Mavericks v5 was designed to play a single file format documents that are not original Pages ' 09. If it is a document Pages from Yosemite or El Capitan, you will need the v5.5.3 Pages or later to change the type of file to the package format - which can be read by v5 + Pages on the Mavericks.

    If it is a Pages ' 09 document, there is a good possibility that your attempt to open/edit/etc this document with all of the people mentioned applications has damaged the document permanently. Try the preview or the free LibreOffice (v5 or later) which can open documents file format only (not the package files) of Pages ' 09 very simple, sometimes with pictures. No warranty if.

  • Images and text blocks will not stay on-site in a target of composition

    I'm having a problem with the placement of the images and text on a target of composition. What is maddening, it's that I did several times before and it's worked very well. Now, when I place the image, it is still there - even when the user clicks on a new trigger or when the composition is entirely closed. I can provide a link to the site, do not know if this is allowed here. I'm just trying to add a trigger/target more to one of the compositions. All the settings on the images, triggers and targets are the same as they have been for all the previous ones, that I have added in the past. Any help would be appreciated, as the company that I'm running the site is naturally impatient

    Did you try to 'cut' the image, and then select the right target in the nested composition (in the upper left corner of your application window displays the label "target: Normal ') and 'Paste' the image 'in place'?

    (And: are you using the latest version of Muse?) It is a version, which refuses to add several triggers to a composition in designs complex page.)

  • positioning images and text

    I've noticed in muse when you change the size or the leader etc. of a text box, it automatically increases its size to fit the new size of the text (unlike in indesign, photoshop and illustrator)

    It's cool and not only that sometimes repeat sometimes muse grows automatically any block image or text to the bottom of the page to make space for what it

    still very cool

    but then, as does an indesigner, you start dragging images and text on the page around areas and they look very good in design muse, but the preview and the browser sometimes puts higher upwards or downwards more down the page you wanted or expected

    as I muse and I can not look under the hood and don't want to anyway and cannot change any code (thank God) what should I do?

    Muse is not all guess it is

    PS once when I selected the text boxes and tried to move them they stole off the screen in a wild part of the pasteboard and I had to go after them and wrangle that they return to the page

    Short and precise: No... You're confusing Muse for a web version of InDesign, which is not. What you describe is normal behavior because the real positioning of elements on a web page is calculated according to the rules of formatting and how they interact with each other. Some of this stuff is figured correctly at design time, other stuff not because we need to run the scripts or formatting rules to be evaluated first. This has always been the bane of any web - design overview is that a preview is a preview, nothing more. You simply don't know how pages can knock out on light in the wrong browser. In your case, looks like just the typical mistake of beginners to plopping at the root of the page without making good use of layers and groups to determine priorities. This and of course you can apply the padding, wide margins and so on or in the opposite direction does not reset rules rather generous padding and margin a few widgets. So in the end, as much as you can not, you down serious things and work up to at least a basic understanding of how the work of formatting of Muse and how it translates a web page once published. Web design isn't just about 100% WYSIWYG.


  • slideshow of the entire width of the images and text with switch small points

    Hi!, I'm going crazy trying to do something I think should be really easy and simple:

    a full-width or full-screen composition or a slideshow of images and text with little switch points instead of thumbnails.

    I guess everyone nows what I'm talking about... because all of a sudden he's everywhere!

    Something like this QooQee model:

    I tried the compositions, but they cannot be expanded full-width...

    then I tried to slide shows, but they do not have triggers... they have thumbnails...
    I tried to fill points picture slideshow thumbnails too (I know that is not the best way to do this, but...). He did not, the filling will not appear unless I low opacity... Why is this?

    I also noticed that the example of sense QooQee is something complicated... text is displayed as 'on-off', but images do their entry by a transition melted... are you looking for they combining 2 widgets for this?

    Any help is appreciated! : )


    What you're trying to achieve is possible in the Muse by using the Fullscreen Slideshow option.

    I created a video showing how it can be done. Please download it using this link:-

    Please let me know if this worked for you.

    Kind regards

    Rohit Nair

  • Layout in Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Export text from a PDF file

    I am exhibitor of long documents in Arabic, Chinese and Russian. The text was provided in PDF format when I copy and paste this in Indesign, it happens like question marks, boxes and other characters having nothing to do with the text I'm trying to layout.  I put the cast on the Arabic Myriad and Arabic dictionary still nothing that resembles Arabic or any other language. Same thing with the Chinese and Russian. Any suggestions on how to get the text from the PDF file where is the language. Appreciate help with this.  Thank you.

    Thanks for the caption, Ellis

    Thus, KK: you're in for a world of pain. The intials "WP" at the beginning of these policies means that the text is out of WordPerfect. Make presentations multilingual in WP, it was annoying, but possible. It was developed in the pre-Unicode world where every single method of complex script layout was a dirty hack. If you like dirty nerdy details, I can tell you how it worked, but that it is sufficient to say that attempt to harvest the non-latine-script text of: WP and it reuse for use in InDesign is just pure pain. WordPerfect-specific code pages were never really supported anywhere outside WP.

    That being said, I have a script around laying somewhere for the conversion of the WP-Cyrillic in Unicode. (In fact, I think it does Windows CP 1251, but that works as well.) But this is only one of the forty-five languages? And the Chinese has been pixelated? And PDF files were originally generated by Distiller 3? If you have no choice, it is time to leave. If you do not have the choice, I really hope that you charge hourly. My experience in this area (very large) is that it will cost three to five times more to extract the text as it would for a professional translation generate a new key of the text, and and then to have a second professional translation review text rekeyed looking for typos.

    Russian OCR is darn good these days, but Chinese OCR is random. I've never seen good Arabic OCR - doesn't mean it's not out there, but I couldn't help you find it.  But the chances that all 45 languages available reliable OCR, and the result of said OCRing will not have to be reviewed by someone who knows the language, are virtually nil.

  • When you have several layers, move pictures and text from background layer


    I have an image that has about 24 layers, many of them are text.  When you try to move the images and text on the same layer yesterday, I ran into problems, but finally fixed by moving these elements from the bottom layer, using Ctrl\Move.

    It worked well so I thought I'd show my fellow learners at our regular session of Friday on 11 items to SeniorNet.  However when I went to show them I could move easily and freely on the background layer - without using Ctrl, just the move tool.  Elements simply very quickly leave the background layer for the relevant layer with the image or the text (as before?).

    Does not include why I couldn't do that in the first place at home, but I had a lot of testing there.  What circumstances might have been different?

    Jim, in the Interface of PSE11/12 "Auto select Layer" is displayed in the background Tool Options Panel

    See you soon,.
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